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[Recap] Jealousy Burns in “The Three Musketeers” Episode 5

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Rewind to the end of last week’s episode, where the king declares that he’ll behead Yong Gol Dae himself to show Joseon’s position to the world.

Yong Gol Dae gets word of the King’s order and makes a run for it, and we catch up to Dal Hyang and Yong Gol Dae facing off in the bamboo forest. Dal Hyang tells Yong Gol Dae that he has to capture him since it’s the King’s order, and by the way, he’s not having a very good first day of work, even having been poisoned by a girl. However, since the Prince told him that the King’s order comes first, he’ll hold off on his other mission and take care of Yong Gol Dae.

At the same time, the Prince declares that the 2M (the 2 Musketeers, Seung Po and Min Seo) have to get to Yong Gol Dae first and protect him, setting up our friends for an awkward situation.

Dal Hyang and Yong Gol Dae go at it in the scenic bamboo forest, and Dal Hyang holds his own despite being weakened from the poison

'M! Countdown' Highlights: WINNER Beats SHINee's Taemin And Wins #1 On The August 28, 2014 Episode + Performance Recaps

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Another week of "M! Countdown" is here again that featured some of your favorite K-Pop idols. Fan chants and screams were all heard last night.

The stars who made their comeback on this episode were Zhang Li Yin with "Agape," JJCC flexed their muscles with "One Way," rock band Royal Pirates are in love with "Love Toxic," HIGH4 has a "Headache" for their comeback, LABOUM made their debut with "Pit-a-Pat," beautiful ladies of BESTie came back saying, "I Need You," sexy girls SISTAR returned with "I Swear," and new female group 4TEN are causing a "Tornado" for their debut.

Your nominees for the night were SHINee"s Taemin and WINNER. The artist that took the first place trophy on "M! Countdown" was WINNER for their single titled, "Empty." This is their fourth first place trophy

[Drama Review] “High School: Love On” – Episode 6

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A textbook case of wrist grab

Last episode, we saw Woo Hyun execute that timeless K-drama maneuver, the wrist grab. Seul Bi embraces him, then runs off. Sung Yeol chides him for this, telling Woo Hyun that confessing to someone when they"re not ready is cheating. Ye Na sits weeping, rejected by Woo Hyun, and Sung Yeol comforts Seul Bi. Grandma packs a bag, closes the shop, and tells Woo Hyun she"s going on vacation. Reluctantly, Grandma goes to the hospital to be examined, only to find out she has to be hospitalized. Ji Hye tries to reconcile with Sung Yeol, acknowledging that she"s just a step mom, but will try harder to be a real mom, and agrees to let him see his birth mother whenever he wants

'Music Bank' Highlights: SISTAR Wins Their 2nd Trophy On The August 1, 2014 Episode + Performance Recap

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Another week is here and "Music Bank" featured some of your favorite K-pop idols. Great stage settings and fan chants were all heard and seen on last night"s episode.

The stars who made their comeback and debut were Yenny (HA:TFELT) as she sang her new single titled, "Ain"t Nobody". Red Velvet made their debut as they performed their new single titled, "Happiness".

Your nominees for the night were SISTAR and INFINITE as they battled for the first place trophy. The winner for the August 1, 2014 episode was SISTAR for their single "Touch My Body". Congratulations to them!

All this being said, here are the performance recaps from last night.

Performance Recaps

Red Velvet

The anticipated wait is over regarding SM Entertainment"s new female group

'Music Bank' Highlights: B1A4 Wins # 1 On The July 25, 2014 Episode + Performance Recap

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Another week is here and KBS" "Music Bank" featured some of your favorite K-pop idols last night. Great stage settings and screams were all seen and heard.

Several stars made comebacks this week. SISTAR sang "Ok Go" and "Naughty Hands" while 4Minute"s HyunA made her solo comeback with "Red." Block B performed their new single "H.E.R," and Homme sang "It Girl." Gorgeous female group BESTie are back with "Hot Baby," and young rising star HEYNE returned with "Red Lie." Boys Republic sang "Dress Up" and Cross Gene performed "Shooting Star."

Play the Siren also made their official debut on the program with "Dream Drive."

The nominees for the night were Girl"s Day and B1A4 as they battled for the first place trophy

′The Night Watchman′s Journal′ Releases Stills of Jung Il Woo, TVXQ′s Yunho and Seo Ye Ji

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It′s almost time to say goodbye to Triangle, but The Night Watchman′s Journal′s coming up next with its all-star cast.

MBC The Night Watchman′s Journal′s production company released photos from the first shoot of the drama on July 23.

The photos show Jung Il Woo, Seo Ye Ji and TVXQ′s Yunho interacting with each other in their roles.

Jung Il Woo looks bright and humorous as he puts on the role of Lee Rin, a prince who can see ghosts.

In one photo, he′s even shown being tossed into the air with a big grin on his face after he succeeds at getting a piece of cloth from a woman′s hanbok jacket.

Another photo shows Soo Ryeon and Mu Seok staring into each other′s eyes. Soo Ryeon is the daughter of a renowned household in Joseon, and has a crush on Prince Lee Rin

Which K-Pop Star Looks the Hottest with a Tattoo?

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SISTAR made a splash with its recent comeback, but the girl group was in the spotlight for another reason – Hyolyn’s new ink.

As the girls strut their summer bodies in the music video for Touch My Body, fans’s eyes were drawn to Hyolyn’s tattoo, seen peeking out of her clothes throughout the video.

However, idols with tattoos are no novelty, and we’ve gathered a few of our favorite inked idols for this week’s poll. Vote for your favorite below!

SISTAR’s Hyolyn

Known for their toned, bronzed bodies, we would have never guessed that SISTAR’s Hyolyn was insecure about her stomach.

However, with the group’s recent comeback, Hyolyn revealed that the tattoo of a cross on her stomach, which she got to cover a scar, has given her the extra boost of confidence she needs to continue to be sizzling hot

SHINee’s Key, B2ST’s Yoseob, Wheesung, and AOA’s ChoA to star in the musical remake of ‘Zorro’ + posters

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SHINee"s Key, B2ST"s Yoseob, and Wheesung will be your knights in shining armor for the musical remake of "Zorro"!

SEE ALSO: AOA provide another look a their "Short Hair" choreography with silhouette dance version MV

M Music Art stated, "Kim Woo Hyung, Wheesung, Key, Yoseob, Kim Bong Hwan, Lee Hee Jung, Seo Young Joo, Lee Jung Yeol, Jo Soon Chang, Park Sung Hwan, Seo Ji Young, Sonya, Ahn Si Ha, Kim Yeo Jin, and AOA"s ChoA have been cast in "Zorro"."

Key, Yoseob, and Wheesung will be playing the role of the leading man Zorro, while ChoA will play the role of his love interest Luisa. This will be Key"s fourth musical following "Catch Me If You Can", "The Three Musketeers", and "Bonnie and Clyde"

2PM′s Chansung Drinks, Lee Joon Gi Eats, MBLAQ′s Mir Sleeps In and More

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Stars chowed down as the week started to wane with Thursday.

Check out what all these stars were up to on today′s Twitter Roundup!

Chansung jumped on the ′My Bottle′ trend burning through Korea with a bottle of his own named ′Chan Bottle′. "It′s so refreshing, ah, ah," he said as he drank his fill.

After School′s Jungah was given fruit packets as gifts. "I′m easily moved.. Feeling great again today~ Thank you~^^ I′ll be enjoying this♡," she said in thanks to her fans.

The shooter also energized himself with food. Lee Joon Gi tweeted a picture of himself at a restaurant, saying, "A short break in my busy schedule. You′re best healed when you have good food. Thanks for all the love~ This gunner will work harder after this good food~^

(Drama Review) ‘Gabdongi’ – Episode 20 (Final Episode)

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Cha facing the noose

Cha"s begging comes to naught. Ji Wool shows her latest webtoon to Maria and Mu Yeom, and it displays what she"s learned about Cha"s past. Cha is similarly tortured by thoughts of the noose like Tae Oh, who is out of prison thanks to his mother"s legal team. Tae Oh is later summoned by Cha and challenged, mano-y-mano, but laughs and says that he has surpassed Cha. "Now I"m the real Gab Dong," gloats Tae Oh. He resumes his job as a barista, but is killed just as quickly by Cha"s willing accomplices. There can be only one Gab Dong. Maria quits her job at the hospital now that Gab Dong has been caught. Mu Yeom lets Maria know he"s going to have brain surgery--thankfully, he gets through it just fine

(Drama Review) ‘Triangle’ – Episode 11

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Young Dal and his friends are in prison and beaten daily for stealing the money, which we find out belonged to boss, Man Bong. Young Dal then resolves to meet with him so they can strike some sort of deal. Dong Soo finds out Yang Ha is now in cahoots with Chairman Go, which Yang Ha"s father is also unhappy about. Meanwhile, Dong Soo"s former police squad is being led in an investigation by Shin Hye to help Dong Soo take down Daejung Group. Dong Soo breaks into the Daejung Casino safe in order to find ledgers and other information he can use to take them down. Chairman Yoon meets with Dong Soo and tells the former detective he knows who he is. Dong Soo assures him that Daejung Group will crumble and he will be the cause

(Drama Review) ‘Gabdongi’ – Episode 16

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Mu Yeom hands Section Chief Cha his discarded copy of Crime & Punishment, urging him metaphorically to stop being Gab Dong. Tae Oh is shocked to find that his psych eval comes back completely normal. Section Chief Cha is arrested, but convicting him is hard. The statute of limitations is up and a DNA sample is taken so the cops can match it with any unsolved cases. Mu Yeom interrogates the section chief, and later discusses the case with Chul Geon. Tae Oh looks defeated, tells Maria he can"t trust her anymore, and tears up his evaluation. He asks to see Ji Wool and begs her to "teach me how to feel like you do." Maria interrogates Chief Cha next, speaking to him contemptuously in banmal (informal speech)

(Drama Review) ‘Triangle’ – Episode 10

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Young Dal aims to cheat at the Daejung Casino, but the presence of Jung Hee as the dealer stops him as well as a call from Dong Soo warning him that Yang Ha knows about his plans to cheat and intends to arrest him. Young Dal plays an honest game and wins big. After the game, Jung Hee texts Young Dal, "Gambling is scary to me," and asks him to stop doing it. Shin Hye asks Dong Soo about joining Daejung and the former detective informs her that he intends to destroy them from the inside. Young Dal confronts Madame Jang and Lady Kim about their disclosing to Daejung that he would be cheating and warns them not to provoke him. Yang Ha makes a deal with Chairman Go to give him shares in Daejung and a stake in the resort if he gets rid of Young Dal

(Drama Review) ‘Triangle’ – Episode 8

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Young Dal wins the high-stakes poker game, stunning Yang Ha, who admits to Jung Hee that he wanted to crush Young Dal in front of her. Young Dal goes about gathering what he needs to take over Madame Jang"s casino. He asks her to raise the minimum bet, plays a game of baccarrat (using hidden video cameras and ear pieces to cheat) and breaks the bank -- the casino owes millions. Since they cannot cover the debt, Young Dal now owns the casino. A former worker at the mine informs Dong Soo that Chairman Yoon crushed the strike at the mine by hiring Chairman Go to kill the father of our trio of brothers. Meanwhile, Dong Soo meets with Chairman Go. Since Dong Soo has resigned, Chairman Go thinks he"s powerless. Dong Soo proves him wrong by beating him to a pulp; Go, from his hospital bed, vows revenge

SISTAR, miss A, AoA, and more take part in the cheerleading portion of ‘Idol Futsal World Cup’

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While the male idols competed away in MBC"s World Cup special, "Idol Futsal World Cup," the female idols took on another sport for the program: cheerleading!

A total of four teams formed with 13 to 15 girl group members in each one. Team A had Sunmi, miss A"s Jia and Min, Ladies" Code, TINT, and NC.A with SISTAR"s Soyu as the center. They put on a simultaneously cute and sexy performance that made the male fans go wild!

Meanwhile, Team B had some of the taller girls from Jewelry, Nine Muses, and Dal Shabet. Although Jewelry were of shorter stature than Nine Muses and Dal Shabet, they made up for the difference, especially as member Jooyeon showed her amazing fighting spirit as the oldest of all the girl group members that took part in the competition

Choi Min Shares on Having Let Go of‘You Who Came From the Stars’

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Choi Min shared on having to let go of his role in SBS’s You Who Came From the Stars.

Attending a press conference for KBS1’s new drama There’s the Cat! Meow on June 5, Choi Min said, “It was a regretful experience for me. I had to step off the drama due to my back injury. I was really disappointed.” Choi Min had to let go of the role of ‘Hwi Kyung,’ which was later taken by Park Hae Jin instead.

Choi Min said, “But a new door opened for me. I’m really happy to be acting in There’s the Cat! Meow. I want to focus on acting more than on popularity. I think people will naturally show love if I’m good at acting.”

Choi Min will be acting as ‘Yoon Sung Il,’ who goes abroad to study but comes back to Korea against his parents’ will, in order to debut as an entertainer

VIXX’s Leo and A Pink’s Eunji Take a Picture Together After Last Performance of Musical “Full House”

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VIXX’s Leo and A Pink’s Eunji revealed a proof shot of their last musical performance of “Full House.”

The photo of the two singers was posted through VIXX’s official fan cafe on June 3. Leo and Eunji can be seen posing closely together in their musical character attire.
In another picture, Leo is seen posing in front of a waiting room door with a sign that says ‘Lee Young Jae,’ which is the name of his character in “Full House.”

Starting in April, Leo took on the lead male role of Lee Young Jae, a famous child actor turned Hallyu star, who has trouble expressing his feelings. Eunji, along with Kwak Sun Young and Jung Min Joo (singer Joo), played the main female role of Han Ji Eun, an aspiring author who ends up falling in love with Lee Young Jae

‘K-Pop Star 3’s Lee Chae Yeon and Lee Chae Ryung join Bernard Park as trainees under JYP Entertainment

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Get ready for the possible debut of another "K-Pop Star" sibling duo because "K-Pop Star 3"s Lee Chae Yeon and Lee Chae Ryung have joined JYP Entertainment!

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Multiple music insiders told Joy News 24 in an exclusive, ""K-Pop Star 3" sisters Lee Chae Yeon-Lee Chae Ryung will prepare for their debut with J.Y. Park."

A JYPE rep confirmed the new recruitment to several media outlets, saying, "Lee Chae Yeon-Lee Chae Ryung signed on as JYP trainees late May. They will prepare for their debut with J.Y. Park."

Although Lee Chae Yeon and Lee Chae Ryung didn"t make it to the live broadcast finals, J

Doctor Stranger Ep 10 recap

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Drama Doctor Stranger Ep 10 recap by chrissy96 JH and Hoon are united in Hoon’s house and they hug and they’re both teary eyed with happiness then they do the touchy-touchy with each others faces and then they start doing the kissy-kissy dayum the drama is just like “please enjoy this before we rip apart your feels lol” Cha is in his car in front of Hoons house and then bodyguard shades come and ask him if he’s on guard and its time to start stage 2 of their plan and Cha says don’t worry, the southerners will be shaking in fear by morning PM goes to work and he’s getting attacked by all these reporters about relations with the north he goes to a meeting and he doesn’t know whats going onthey watch the NK news about the north doing a nuclear testing???? PM gets a call from the blue house-presidentand president tells PM to come to him NOWpresident is mad PM in the car and notes that the NK are rushing things bodyguard shades is afraid that things will go just like it did 20 years agoPM says theres nothing to worry about – the US didn’t do anything 20 years ago SeungH sees the news while driving to work WAIT BUT HOON IS AT HOME WITH SEUNGH/JH AND THEY EAT CURRY scene cuts to when JH “died” in Hungary Hoon wakes up at the gunshot he looks for JH “jaehee! jaehee!”he goes outside and sees SeungH coming in her carhe hugs her as soon as she gets outSH: whats wrong?H: nothing! Hoon picks her up bridal style and they’re so happy and 360 camera and everything H and SeungH holding hands at Dunkin Donuts(?) SH: when did you know?H: when i saw you for the first time

Weekly K-Pop Music Chart 2014 – May Week 5

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The top two songs exchanged place from last week, with Junggigo’s “Want You” moving up a spot to No. 1 and EXO-K’s “Overdose” dropping to second. It was another close battle between these two songs as they were separated only by nine points this week. Junggigo was able to win it this week as “Want You” has stronger showings on all independent charts, despite “Overdose” sweeping the music shows for the second week in a row.

Junggigo becomes the first artist to have two No. 1 songs on our chart in 2014. His duet “Some” with Sistar’s Soyu spent four weeks on top in February and March. “Want You” is his first solo No. 1 song. Congratulations to Junggigo.

K-Pop promotions are back at full swing as there are many changes in the top 10 this week