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RELIVE IT: B.A.P Live on Earth 2014: New York

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On April 13th, the B.A.P boys touched down in New York for their 2nd ever concert in the Big Apple!

One of the staff members told me that there were girls waiting overnight, and I know some people who were there from the crack of dawn to see their boys up close. The doors opened at 6:30, and fans poured into the Best Buy Theater to get as close as they could.

Sadly enough, with so little space to breathe and move comfortably, I saw one girl getting carried out even before the concert started. Throughout the concert, the crowd had to part here and there to allow room for various girls to get carried out. All this even though the staff did their best to cool the audience down by fanning them, cranking up the AC, spraying them with cool water, and handing out water bottles continuously

“1 Night, 2 Days” Former Pet Mascot, Sang Geun, Passes Away

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Many will recognize one of Korea’s most famous dogs, Sang Geun, who previously appeared on KBS’ Sunday variety show, “1 Night, 2 Days,” as its mascot between 2007 and 2011. It has become know that the beloved dog passed away on April 11.

Sang Geun was a Great Pyrenees born in 2004. It’s real name was Huh Bee. He first appeared on “1 Night, 2 Days” on the August 5, 2007 episode with then-member Ji Sang Ryul, who gave him the nickname Sang Geun. Sang Geun continued to appear on the real-variety show until the April 7, 2011 episode. During the four years, Sang Geun became a household name and well-recognized mascot of the show. He not only appeared on the show but also in various commercials and movies.

Sang Geun died April 11 at his home after suffering from cancer

Nichkhun leaves mysterious and sweet Twitter messages for Tiffany?

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The romantic Nichkhun wrote out his very first tweets since his relationship with Tiffany was disclosed to the public. Interestingly enough, the content made people wonder whether these sweet messages were actually directed toward his girlfriend.

On April 6, he tweeted, "The way I felt then and the way I feel now is the same. Always&Forever." Then, on April 8, he wrote in Thai, "It"s warm everyday; make sure you eat well." Of course, it also appears that he could be addressing his sweet fans.

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Regardless, those very fans responded supportively with, "Nichkhun and Tiffany the eye smile couple, be happy~" "Nichkhun and Tiffany, now that it"s out in the open, go on dates while holding hands to eat lots of yummy food and more," and, "Nichkhun and Tiffany, enjoy a pretty love

“Running Man” Members Take a Break from Search for Gold for a Group Photo

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The world’s most beloved giraffe shared through his various social media accounts a photo that relays the love he felt for Australia!

Lee Kwang Soo uploaded of photo of his fellow “Running Man” members and guest Rain standing together outdoors while filming the SBS variety show. “Running Man” filmed in the land down under for their special “Adventures in Australia” episodes which featured guests Rain and Kim Woo Bin. They filmed there for five days and four nights at various locations around the country, producing a three-episode special. The last episode was aired this past Sunday.

In the picture, Yoo Jae Suk, Ji Suk Jin, Kim Jong Kook, Lee Kwang Soo, Haha, Gary, and Rain stand in a line with their arms around each other, dressed as sheriffs in search for gold for the missions they had to complete

UEE dons a bloodied wedding dress for ‘Golden Rainbow’

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UEE put on a beautiful wedding dress for her drama "Golden Rainbow"!

The drama"s coming to a close with its final episode airing on the March 30th, and MBC has released a set of stills to pique curiosity for its finale! UEE"s dressed beautifully in a wedding dress in the first photo, making watchers wonder if her love with Jung Il Woo"s character is finally cemented.

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However, the two other photos show UEE much more disheveled, her arms and hands covered in blood and her dress stained with red. It"s gotten viewers on their toes, wondering if the drama could have a happy ending with such pictures.

Check out the photos below!

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SISTAR’s Dasom’s Successful Journey in Acting

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Dasom’s gaze was extraordinary. She was no longer just a maknae of SISTAR, and was full of lively spirit and confidence. What has happened to the twenty two year old?

A big change took place in Dasom’s life when she knocked on the door to the world of dramas as a new actress. She finally began unfolding the dream she had since she was young that continued even when she promoted as a member of SISTAR.

Dasom made her acting debut through KBS2’s sitcom Shut Up Family. Acting out the chic and charismatic character in the sitcom, she earned the nickname of ‘acting-dol.’

Then she surprised everyone by being cast as the lead actress in a 150 episode long drama KBS1’s Melody of Love. Despite many skeptical views on an idol taking on the lead role in a drama, Dasom proved them wrong by perfectly pulling off the ‘roller coaster’ emotions of the character ‘Gong Deul Im

Yoo Ah In Receives Posture Training in “Secret Love Affair”

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Yoo Ah In‘s and Kim Hee Ae‘s characters seems to have started to progress their relationship on JTBC‘s “Secret Love Affair,” but it’s not as the drama’s titles suggests, not yet at least. The March 24 episode featured a moment in which Yoo Ah In’s character, Lee Sung Jae, began officially receiving piano lessons from Kim Hee Ae’s character, Oh Hye Won. Guess who introduced the two? None other than Oh Hye Won’s husband Kang Joon Hyung (actor Park Hyun Kwon). The recently released still shots showed Oh Hye Won conveying strict instructions to Sung Jae, molding his posture by straightening his back through the help of a stick. Furthermore, one of the images showed Hye Won’s husband Joon Hyung, watching his wife instruct the possible piano prodigy

Tae Jin Ah Sends Love Call to EXO for Collaboration Performance

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Tae Jin Ah confessed that he wants to do a collaboration performance with EXO.

During press conference for Mnet’s Trot X which took place on March 18, Tae Jin Ah said, “Some people think that trot is music that only older people do. But if you listen to idols’ music these days, the ones with trot elements end up as big hits.”

He said, “For example, EXO’s Growl is actually trot. If Na Hoon Ah, Seol Woon Do or I sang Growl, it would become trot. The same goes for Rain’s LA Song. That’s why those songs became big hits.”

Then he sent a love call to EXO by saying, “My next collaboration performance will be with EXO. EXO, let’s perform together once.”

Meanwhile, Trot X is set to air the first episode on March 21

Lee Kwang Soo and Kim Woo Bin Make a Clumsy Cheating Pair on “Running Man”

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Many fans of “Running Man” suspected that permanent member Lee Kwang Soo and guest Kim Woo Bin would have great chemistry if they were to pair up during the show’s current overseas special, “Adventures in Australia.” They were right, as this week’s episode proved.

Last week, Kim Woo Bin was paired with Yoo Jae Suk, and Lee Kwang Soo with Rain, but this week, partners were switched to turn things up a notch. Lee Kwang Soo and Kim Woo Bin teamed up, while Kim Jong Kook and Rain made another team. Yoo Jae Suk was paired with Ji Suk Jin, and Haha and Gary became another team.

For one of the missions, the pairs were required to protect the water in their cups from spilling. Kim Woo Bin and Lee Kwang Soo tried to cheat by drinking water from another source and holding it within their mouths, intending to add it to their cups when no one was looking if some water spilled on the trip

Kim Soo Hyun Thanks Chinese Fans and TV Station for the Love and Support of “Man from the Stars”

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It was previously reported Kim Soo Hyun would be the first Korean star to appear on Jiangsu Satellite TV’s variety program, “Super Brain.” A rep from Jiangsu Satellite TV also revealed they provided the actor with a private jet in order to invite Kim Soo Hyun on “Super Brain.” It was reported the actor was paid 3 million yuan (approx. $490,000) for his appearance on the show. Kim Soo Hyun along with Chinese top star Cheung Pak Chi (Cecilia Cheung) appeared on the show as special judges.

Kim Soo Hyun’s agency, Keyeast, has released pictures of the star coming off his private jet looking like looking quite composed if not a little surprised by the crowd around him eager to take pictures. According to news reports, around 600 security personnel were employed to secure the safety of the star and the thousands of safety of fans that had started to gather from the night before

‘Hallyu Star’ Kim Soo Hyun Films ‘Super Brain’ in China

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The rising hallyu star Kim Soo Hyun made his way back to Korea after successfully filming a Chinese variety show Super Brain.

Flying out of Korea on March 8 via Gimpo airport with a private jet provided by Jiang Su Television (JSTV), Kim Soo Hyun arrived in Nanjing to thousands of welcoming fans. 600 security guards were placed in order to prevent any injuries due to traffic.

Kim Soo Hyun headed to film Super Brain as soon as he arrived in the country, and attended the show which invited over 1,000 people to act as audience members.

Even though the show won’t be airing for another two weeks, JSTV revealed the recording scenes through its SNS accounts, responding to the excited fans and the press. Numerous media outlets also wrote reports on Kim Soo Hyun’s visit in China

Kdrama Age of Feeling: Episode 15 recap

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EPISODE 15 RECAP by Dramabeans

Even after Shinichi receives one of Baek-san’s finishing moves, he continues to fight until a group of Kaya’s henchmen come to fetch him on her orders. Shinichi refuses at first, wanting to finish the fight, but acquiesces immediately when the henchmen show him a mysterious black bag.

Baek-san acts all friendly to Jung-tae after the fight, though Jung-tae’s not too keen on returning the kindness. He promises to repay the debt he owes Baek-san (for saving him from Shinichi), but there’s something darker in that promise—he’s talking revenge.

But Baek-san, none the wiser, tells him that he owes him nothing: “Hwangbang will always protect you.” Oh, you mean when Hwangbang isn’t trying to kill him?

Kaya gets another chance to ask Leader Seol who killed her mother, but instead of answering her directly he tells her about her mother; the way she lived and the way she was loved at Club Shanghai, even though she was the highest female on the yakuza food chain

Don’t Walk, Run! 10 Reasons Why Lee Kwang Soo Is Absolutely Hilarious on “Running Man”

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Chances are, if you’ve heard of SBS variety show “Running Man,” you’ve heard of Lee Kwang Soo, one of the seven principal cast members who is truly one-of-a-kind. From his elaborate antics to shocking betrayals, Lee Kwang Soo proves himself to be a riot – and we have the evidence right here. Read on for the ten reasons why we think he’s just about one of the most hilarious people ever (feel free to add to or disagree with in the comments section below!)

1. Because he looked like this when you first met him

Admit it. You knew he was awesome as soon as he got drenched during his first speech in the opening sequence of Running Man. And don’t get me wrong – you felt bad he was so pitiful, but you can’t help but laugh anyway

Ha Ji Won Shows a Special Love for Horses on “Empress Ki”

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Actress Ha Ji Won was born in 1978, the Year of the Horse, so it’s no wonder that she has a special bond with horses.

Ha Ji Won has spent a great deal of time with horses on MBC Monday-Tuesday drama’s “Empress Ki,” having had many horse-riding scenes in the early part of the drama. She recently got back into the saddle five months after her last horseback ride last September.

On the February 24 episode of “Empress Ki” (Episode 32), Ha Ji Won’s Seung Nyang went on a horse riding date with Ta Hwan (Ji Chang Wook) to practice for a hunting competition. She showed off the results of special horse riding training she had received at a riding club, drawing her bow while riding her horse quite professionally.

Action scenes require quite a great deal of practice, and while actors may sometimes choose to use a stunt double to minimize risk, Ha Ji Won generally prefers to choose her own scenes

Donghae, Nam Ji Hyun, Song Seung Hyun and Others in New Movie Project

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Super Junior’s Donghae, 4Minute’s Nam Ji Hyun and FTISLAND’s Song Seung Hyun will appear in a new movie project, “Youth Project.”

The project is organized by the Korea Creative Content Agency (KCCA) and aims to cultivate creativity among youths. Five young and talented creators were selected and given production sponsorship in order for them to produce, present and commercialize their movies. The movie project will be made up of five episodes.

Film company, InventStone, which produced movies such as “I Love You,” “Grape Candy” and “Aging Family,” was picked to lead the project, with two other film companies, Samgeori Pictures and Little Boy Pictures joining in the planning and development of the project, making this a joint production by the three companies

Yoo In Na Wants to Invite Jun Ji Hyun as Guest on ‘Get It Beauty’

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Yoo In Na sent a love call to Jun Ji Hyun.

Attending the press conference for On Style’s Get It Beauty on February 27 at Conrad Hotel in Yeoui-do, Yoo In Na was asked by the reporters, “Can you name some celebrities you’d like to invite to the program?”

“If I can, I’d like to go visit all the actresses around me to get their beauty advice,” answered Yoo In Na. “I would like to get help from Jun Ji Hyun, Hwang Jung Eum and IU, who I worked on the same drama with.”

Yoo In Na currently acts as Yoo Se Mi in SBS hit drama You Who Came From the Stars, starring Jun Ji Hyun and Kim Soo Hyun.

Get It Beauty is a show that launched in 2010 that provides practical beauty tips to women. The upcoming season will be co-hosted by Yoo In Na and Rainbow’s Jae Kyung

Kim Hee Sun and Lee Seo Jin’s “Wonderful Days” Off to a Successful Start with Ratings Over 30%

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KBS2TV’s latest weekend drama “Wonderful Days” has quickly proven to be a hit.

According to ratings agency Nielsen Korea, the second episode that aired on February 23 at 8pm recoded viewer ratings of 30.3% (Seoul area). This is a 6.5% rise from the first episode, which attracted 23.8% of the viewers.

“Wonderful Days” starring popular actress Kim Hee Sun is currently the leading weekend drama with a large margin, and is rapidly becoming one of 2014′s most viewed dramas, charming the viewers with its thrilling story and skillful acting.

Other dramas airing on the same day did not manage to record ratings as high. Left behind “Wonderful Days” were MBC’s “Golden Rainbow” (15.3%), SBS’ “The Woman Who Married Three Times” (14

Lee Dong Wook, Lee Da Hae and Others Get Together for ‘Hotel King’ Script Reading

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MBC’s upcoming drama Hotel King brought together the cast members for its script reading.

The PD and the cast members, including Lee Dong Wook, Lee Da Hae, 2AM’s Seulong and others got together for two rounds of script reading, which took place at MBC’s Dream Center in Ilsan and Lotte Hotel in Sogong-dong in the middle of February.

Before the script reading took place, Kim Jin Min CP (chief producer) said, “We’re going to put our full trust in the staff and writer,” and Kim Dae Jin PD said, “I hope we can all enjoy our start. I’m going to do my best.”

Lee Dong Wook commented, “I will try to do well, instead of working hard,” while Lee Da Hae said, “I usually don’t get nervous, but I’m nervous here now. I think I can film comfortably thanks to my senior and junior actors

kdrama Emergency Couple: Episode 8 recap

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On the bus, Chun-soo is dead asleep as Jin-hee positions his head back on her shoulder. Chang-min pulls up next to the bus in his car at a stoplight, but neither Chang-min nor Jin-hee see each other. The bus jerks Chun-soo awake and Jin-hee feigns sleep. He nudges her awake, with an “Asleep already?” and she makes a big show of yawning and stretching.As the two order breakfast, Chun-soo tells Jin-hee that she should go do medical volunteer work on an island somewhere. “I think that’s the best fit for you,” he says. Jin-hee replies, “I’d like that. But I’d like to finish my internship first.” She hesitates for a moment before asking, “What’s going to happen to me now?” Chun-soo’s answer is noncommittal, and not particularly comforting: “That depends on your fate.”When the restaurant ajumma mistakenly assumes that Jin-hee is Chun-soo’s “pretty wife,” both Jin-hee and Chun-soo share an awkward moment

Lordbordem’s Weekly Ramblings – Not Enough Feel Good in My K-Pop

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Recently, I’ve been watching a lot of Shirokuma Cafe, also called Polar Bear’s Cafe in good olde English. It’s one of those daily life snapshot shows, one that doesn’t have some sort of complex or deep overarching story plot. Instead it tells the tale of a town where talking animals and people live together in relative harmony.

I bring this up because the show has given me two interesting thoughts to dwell on.

That AOA sort of reminds me of the seven Penguin sisters in the anime (Maybe it’s because of AOA’s miniskirt album photo?). There is quite a lack of “Feel Good” content in the K-Pop music world.

Obviously can’t discuss both items so lets pick the most important one to ramble on this week.

Very Important Disclaimer Stuff: The writer is not really an expert at anything much and is just a mere casual fan of pretty much everything