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“Big Man” Producer Explains Why There Are So Many Dramas About Chaebols

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Producer Jung Hae Ryong explained why he thinks there are so many dramas about chaebols (the top tier of Korean society) during a press conference for his new KBS drama, “Big Man.”

During the press conference, held on April 28, Jung said that the targeting of chaebol and the recurring criticism of the economic class system shown in recent dramas reflect the current mindset of the working class.

Producer Jung expressed that the working class is constantly “waiting for new developments and questioning whether the current situation is the best,” and that there are more dramas being released that are trying to cater to such sentiment.

He also talked about how the genre of chaebol drama has started to pay more attention to details, with dramas not just telling a story of a prince falling in love, but focusing on portraying a realistic development of events instead

Ex-Big Mama Member Lee Ji Young Releases New Solo Single

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Former Big Mama member Lee Ji Young has released a single entitled “Miracle”. The song is the singer’s second solo release, and her first since Big Mama was officially disbanded in 2011.

The new release was made available for purchase and online streaming through a variety of Internet-based music sites at 12pm Korean time today. Music&New, the vocalist’s music agency, confirmed that both the lyrics and the music were penned by the singer herself, as was the case with many of the tracks on her debut album.

The new material is the long-awaited follow-up to Lee Ji Young’s debut “Something New”, released three years ago. The singer has remained active since then, however, mostly contributing songs for drama soundtracks, including MBC’s “Gu Family Book” and KBS’s recent “Beyond the Clouds

Interview with Mark Russell, Author of “K-Pop Now: The Korean Music Revolution” + Giveaway!

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If you ever wished you had a handy guide to K-Pop, a textbook for a “K-Pop 101″ if you will, then you’ll want to grab a copy of the new book, “K-Pop Now: The Korean Music Revolution.” Whether you’re new to K-Pop and could use an easy yet thorough guidebook or you’re a K-Pop veteran who needs help explaining to friends and family what K-Pop is and how awesome it is, “K-Pop Now” would be your go-to book.

“K-Pop Now” was written by Mark James Russell, a writer and K-Pop specialist who has written about the subject for Billboard and The Hollywood Reporter, among other publications. With his extensive connections and experience in the Korean music scene, Mark Russell is a reliable authority on what was, is, and will become K-Pop.

The book is full of useful information about K-Pop, and it features 34+ artists (males groups, female groups, and solo artists)

Lim Kim and The Black Skirts Confirmed as New DJs for “After Club”

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SBS Power FM radio program “After Club” earned two new DJs after the company’s spring reshuffle.

The two new DJs are none other than refreshing vocals Lim Kim and indie modern rock representative The Black Skirts.

Regarding the new position, Lim Kim shared, “I listened to the radio since I was very young so I even thought about hosting my own show. I’m really looking forward to ‘After Club’ since the program is pretty lax where one can freely interact with the listeners.”

Singer-songwriter The Black Skirts (Korean name: Jo Hyu Ill) stated, “It’s great that ‘After Club’ has seven different DJs with their own styles.”

“After School” is a radio program that uses music as its basis and has seven different DJs with different backgrounds from hip hop, electronica, rock, world music, among other genres

New Travel Guide Book “Oppa! Take Me to Korea!”

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Travel guide author Littlemisshoo has recently released her second book “Oppa! Take Me to Korea!” after achieving great success to her first book titled “Travel to Korea in KPOP/KDRAMA Style”. K-Drama fans who plan on visiting Korea for filming locations will not only find comprehensive information in the book but also photos and easy-to-follow maps.

Some of the locations listed in this new guide includes Café Illuso, which was featured in the drama “That Winter, The Wind Blows,” the shopping mall in “Master’s Sun,” and the fried chicken shop opened by Jang Hye Sung (Lee Bo Young)’s mother in “I Hear Your Voice,” just to name a few.

 Many scenes in “Love Rain” were shot in Daegu.

Plan a trip to scenic Jeju easily with this guide book

Lee Min Ho Ranks No. 1 in China as ‘2014 Asian god’

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Lee Min Ho ranked number one as ‘2014 Asian god’ in China (as god is a term used to mean a male who seems to have perfect qualities).

According to the ‘2014 Asian god’ poll taken by Chinese entertainment press media, ddyule, between March 7 and April 6, Lee Min Ho earned 10,013,151 votes, being selected as the ‘Asian Male god.’

Kim Soo Hyun, who recently gained fame in China as the new hallyu wave star, took third place by earning 9,963,038 votes while EXO’s Kris, Lu Han, Lay and Tao also ranked their names in the second, fourth, tenth and eleventh spots, respectively.

The ‘Asian god’ poll is one of the most popular annual events in China supported by over 20 Chinese media outlets. The eleven finalists of the poll included two Korean actors, four Korean idols and five male celebs from China, Hong Kong and Taiwan

CNBlue Asks for the “Truth” in New PV!

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CNBlue is back in Japan with more music! Fresh from the success of their latest Korean single, “Can’t Stop,” the boys have just unveiled the music video for their upcoming Japanese release, “Truth.”

“Truth” is a pop rock track that reminds listeners of the band’s previous Japanese singles such as “One More Time” and “In My Head.” Taking off from their dapper looks in the “Can’t Stop” music video, the boys are sleek and sharp in their dark suits.

“Truth” will hit music stores on April 23. The single will come in different editions and will contain three new tracks including “Truth.” Meanwhile, the boys are currently promoting “Can’t Stop” in Korea.

Watch the music video here and follow us on Soompi for more updates!

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‘Angel Eyes’ Releases New Photos of Big Bang’s Seungri

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With just a week to go before the first episode, SBS’ Angel Eyes unveiled new still cuts of Big Bang’s Seungri in uniform.

On March 31, Angel Eyes released new photos of Teddy Seo, Seungri’s character in the drama.

The first shoot took place on March 18 in Paju with the new recruitment ceremony, including Seungri’s character. Seungri easily received the okay sign from director Park Shin Woo for his flawless acting, speaking Konglish (Korean+English) mixed with a Chungchung-do accent.

Seungri plays a gyopo (Korean American) from Texas, who dreamt of being an EMT. Teddy Seo is a passionate and energetic young man, who grew up in the hands of his grandmother in Chungchung-do. He will be acting as Ku Hye Sun’s partner in the drama

10 Korean Celebrities with Very Small Faces

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A couple days ago, MBC’s “Section TV Entertainment News” aired a segment where a reporter told actress Yoon Seung Ah that she has a very small face- one that’s even smaller than actor Kang Dong Won. It is one of many features Koreans use to judge a person’s beauty and fans can easily hear reporters, the public, and even celebrities mention or gasp in awe complimenting how small one celebrity’s face can be.

I decided to compile a list of some of the smallest faces in Korean entertainment. There might be some celebrities you already know to have small faces, while there are some you probably never realized were small. I’m sure there are some more out there so please feel free to leave a comment below with additional small faces!


Eric Nam Gets Playful in New Comeback Teasers

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With his comeback coming up soon, Eric Nam, an old finalist of MBC‘s audition program “Birth of a Great Star,” just released some super cute and playful teasers, following up on the first teaser that was released on March 24.

After the release of the first teaser, there was a lot of speculation about Eric Nam’s new song, but with the addition of the two new teaser images, which look almost like an SNL parody, we’re getting a better look into the concept of the comeback. The images feature bold lettering that spells out “Making Me Crazy,” the singer posing with goofy and playful expressions against a bright, eye-catching background. We’re getting a better idea, but we’ll just have to wait and see what the Korean-American singer has in store for us!

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Guo Xue Fu lists the concerns she had with ‘marrying’ Heechul for ‘We Got Married – Global Edition’

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Guo Xue Fu revealed her initial concerns with working alongside Heechul for MBC"s "We Got Married - Global Edition" during the press conference on March 20.

She talked about how she prepared beforehand, "Because I was very nervous before coming here, I learned a little Korean from one of my members who knew how to speak it."

And then, she talked about her husband Heechul, "I worried because Heechul did not know how to speak Chinese. Also, I heard he was a very playful person so I wondered if he would bother me. It"s okay now."

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Heechul asked jokingly, "Is this a hidden camera right now? From hereon, I will really show you my scary side," making everyone laugh

Kim Woo Bin Predicts CN Blue’s New Song Will Win First Place

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Another round of stars’ responses to CN Blue’s new songs has been revealed.

SBS’s CN Blue comeback show Can’t Stop posted a video of Kim Woo Bin, Park So Hyun and ZE:A’s Kwang Hee listening to CN Blue’s new title track Can’t Stop and sharing their feedback.

“This hasn’t been released right? The beginning has a good feel to it,” started Kim Woo Bin. “It’s really good. I think they will definitely win the first place when they make their comeback.”

Park So Hyun commented, “I really didn’t expect this. It’s the style of music I like. It’s a title track that only CN Blue can pull off and I expect to get many requests for this song on my radio program.”

Finally, ZE:A’s Kwang Hee gave his response saying, “Both the melody and the lyrics have been written well

SM and YG Become First Entertainment Companies to Join the Federation of Korean Industries

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SM Entertainment and YG Entertainment have become the first entertainment companies to join the Federation of Korean Industries (FKI).

On February 11, FKI held a board meeting at the FKI Tower Conference Center in Yeouido, Seoul. During the meeting, they announced that 54 companies, including SM and YG, have been approved as members of the respected organization.

Considering that the number of new members has usually been between 8 and 9, the requirements for applying have seemingly been lowered, but despite this, SM and YG were the only entertainment companies to make the final cut, confirming that it is still challenging for firms representing the music industry to join.

SM and YG are also both listed on Korea’s stock market KOSDAQ

Big Bang’s Daesung to Make Solo Korean Comeback

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Daesung of Big Bang will be making a solo comeback in Korea after four years.

According to Osen News, YG Entertainment announced, “Daesung, who last had the solo single ‘Cotton Candy‘ in 2010, will be releasing a solo album in Korean to his fans. Along with the solo album, he will be releasing a solo album in Japan and doing an arena tour to hone his skills as a vocalist in both countries.”

The arena tour in Japan will begin this coming June and end in July. He will kick off the tour on June 11 at the Yokohama Arena and move on to the Fukuoka Convention Center, Zebio Arena Sendai, Hokkaido Sports Center, Nihon Kaishi Hall, and finish at Nippon Budukan on July 17. During this tour Daesang will perform for 125,000 fans and show them an improved performance since his last tour

KBS, MBC and SBS Cancel Tuesday Night’s Dramas and Variety for Olympics

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With the Olympics going on, KBS, MBC and SBS will be canceling their dramas and variety shows for Tuesday night.

On February 11, it was announced that the three major broadcast stations will be holding off the next episodes of dramas and variety shows to highlight the 2014 Sochi Olympic events.

This means that SBS’ A Warm Word and My Heart Beats, KBS’ new drama, The Full Sun and Our Neighborhood Variety and Sports, and MBC’s Empress Ki will be not broadcast on the night of February 11.

Instead, the broadcast stations will be focusing on Olympic events, such as Speed Skating Women’s 500m event, in which Lee Sang Hwa, previous gold medalist in the event, will be participating in

ZE:A’s Im Siwan and B1A4′s Jinyoung Are 2014′s Rising Idol-Turned-Actors

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The year 2014 has barely kicked off, but two talented male idols have already caught the public’s eye on the big screen.

These two young men are none other than ZE:A‘s Siwan and B1A4‘s Jinyoung, who have successfully transferred from the music shows to movie sets.

Known for his statue-like looks, Siwan made his conclusive breakthrough as Jin Woo in the box-office hit “The Attorney.” Even though his role as the son of a poor mother running a restaurant was not the leading one, he touched the viewers’ hearts with his realistic and emotional acting, earning praises from critics.

Despite being a fairly new face in the scene, Siwan managed to match the level of industry seniors Song Kang Ho, Kim Young Ae, Kwak Do Won and others

10 Predictions for 2014 in K-Pop

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2014 is already off to an explosive start - from Girl"s Day overtaking TVXQ and Rain on the charts to members of Girls" Generation confirmed to be dating, it looks like we"re in for an eventful year! Today, jennywill and contagion are here with our guesses and open ended questions for what else 2014 might just have in store for us! Remember, this is all just speculation!

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1. What"s in store for the Wonder Girls?

Even though JYP Entertainment has reassured fans that Wonder Girls will not be breaking up, it"s also true that the girls" future plans are pretty uncertain right now

SM Reveals the Singers and Tracklist for “SM The Ballad” New Album, “Breath”

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SM‘s ballad project called “SM The Ballad” will be releasing their second album, “Breath,” on February 13.

On February 4, according to SM, the artists participating in this album are TVXQ!’s Changmin, Super Junior’s Yesung, Girls’ Generation’s Taeyeon, SHINee’s Jonghyun, f(x)’s Krystal, EXO’s Chen, Super Junior-M’s Zhoumi, and Zhang Li Yin.

This album will consist of 6 songs with a theme of ‘separation,’ organized like a story.

1. “Dear…” (intro)


Kim Kang-woo’s thriller shows the dark side of tabloid news

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I hope this movie is good, because the subject matter is so fascinating. Kim Kang-woo’s next project, Tabloid: Dangerous Rumor, is due out in theaters in a few weeks, and it’s about the real story behind celebrity scandals and who gets paid to release said stories at just the right time, all in an effort to turn the public’s attention away from something else.

The teaser introduces the subject of scandalous gossip, which in the Korean press is always headlined “Miss A caught doing this or that,” or “Mr. B revealed as such and such.” But the omniscient narrator tells us: “It’s not who A or B is that you should be curious about, but who made the rumors, how, and for what reason. And most importantly, why they were released.”

Kim Kang-woo stars as the manager to an actress who becomes the target of a gossip scandal

205 Idols to Gather for ‘Idol Star Athletics Championship′ New Years Special

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MBC will be airing a lunar new year’s special for Idol Star Athletics Championship, gathering 250 idols.

Broadcasting on January 30 and 31, Idol Star Athletics Championship will feature 250 idols competing against one another in four areas of sports, including running, archery, futsal and curling.

Celebrating its 8th episode since airing the first one during Korean thanksgiving in 2010, Idol Star Athletics Championship will feature numerous idols divided into teams to measure up against each other on their athleticism.

It has been reported that after spending many hours at practice, the idols showed off lively and fast paced matches during filming.

The futsal game involved a match between ‘the Strongest team’ (SHINee, EXO and Infinite), ‘the Former Gold Medalist team’ (B2ST and BAP members) and ‘the Mighty team’ (ZE:A’s Kim Dong Jun and others)