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Actress Yoo Sun Becomes a Mom!

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Actress Yoo Sun is now a mom!

On January 29, Yoo Sun gave birth to a healthy daughter at a Seoul maternity ward around 7pm. Yoo Sun’s agency commented “The new mother and her baby are both very healthy. Please congratulate her. She received a huge present before the Lunar New Year.”

Yoo Sun married a man who is three years older in 2001. She dated him for ten years before marrying him in 2011. Last year, Yoo Sun revealed that she was pregnant with her first child after being married for two years.

Earlier last year, Yoo Sun finished her MBC historical 50 episodes drama “The King’s Doctor.” “The King’s Doctor” featured actor Jo Seung Woo and actress Lee Yo Won. “The King’s Doctor” is based on a man who is a low class veterinarian who rises up the ranks to become a physician who is in charge of the king’s health

Kim Woo Bin Tears Up at His Fan Meeting

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On January 27, SidusHQ revealed that Kim Woo Bin held a fan club meeting inauguration for about 3,000 members of “Woori Bin” on January 25 at Sangmyung Art Center in Seoul.

The meeting was held for about 2 hours, hosted by Kim Tae Woo (Kim Ki Soo), and Kim Woo Bin called it ‘a day with fans.’ The first activity of the day was called ‘dizzying profile,’ where Kim Woo Bin’s body measurements were taken, from the width of his shoulders to the length of his legs. They then looked at some of the ‘related search words’ for Kim Woo Bin, looking back on his old works such as dramas “School 2013” and “The Heirs,” as well as movie “Friend 2” and others.

In a question and answer session with the fans, he was asked what word comes to mind when he thinks of his parents, and what he wants to say to the youth of today

Kim Woo Bin Gathers 3,000 for His Fan Club’s Inauguration Ceremony

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Kim Woo Bin held an inauguration ceremony for his official fan club, ‘Woori Bin.’

Kim Woo Bin gathered 3,000 fans to Sang Myeong Art Center on January 25, for the fan meeting.

He spent two meaningful hours with fans that day, enjoying various activities, such as measuring up different parts of his body to create a ‘special profile,’ and having a Q & A session.

When a fan asked the actor what is the message he wants to give to teenagers, he said, “There are many things you can only do when you are a teenager. Many times, things you learn as a student become handy when you go out to the real world. I hope you won’t regret anything when you become an adult.”

He also surprised everyone by choosing CN Blue’s Lee Jong Hyun as his ‘Younger Sister’s Ideal Type,’ beating out Big Bang’s G-Dragon, Park Hyun Sik, Lee Min Ho and more

The drama I found most disappointing in 2013

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I did not watch every single drama that aired in Korea in 2013, but out of the ones I had watched, there was one that I was obsessed with that I already wrote about last week and one that I still don"t know how I managed to finish. For this week, I will finally unveil (I know the week-long wait must have been torture) which drama I was most disappointed with in 2013. Keep in mind once again that I did not watch every drama so this is what I consider the worst drama of 2013 out of the ones I"ve watched (SPOILERS BELOW).

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There was a lot of hype for this drama and honestly... I think the only reason I managed to finish SBS"s "Heirs" was because of the eye candy

Soompi Weekly High Five – January Week 4

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Worried you might have missed out any important news in the week of Korean entertainment? Get comfortable and ready to scroll as we go through the best news and articles of this week in music, drama, variety and fashion.

This is your Weekly High Five (Beta Version)!


1. Kara’s Nicole Quietly Goes to the U.S.A. to Prepare for Solo Comeback

2. Sasaeng Fan Sells EXO Members’ Underwear

3. Puer Kim Refutes Rumors That Her MV Disses YG and SM

4. Actors Cha Seung Won, Lim Yae Jin, and Jang Hyun Sung Sign Exclusive Contract with YG Entertainment

5. Eun Ji Won Worries That There Are Too Many Sexy Concept Girl Groups



13 breakthrough stars of 2013

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The entertainment world sees a bunch of rookies every single year. But it"s not just rookie artists that get to see the light of day - sometimes, entertainers who have been in the game for years suddenly get their big break.

And 2013 sure had a lot of breakthrough stars, ranging from just-debuted rookies to veterans who debuted-15-years-ago. Check out the biggest breakthrough stars of 2013, in no particular order!

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How could we possibly talk about 2013 and leave EXO out? (On a side note: I keep using this picture for my EXO articles because I really like it for some reason.) When EXO debuted in 2012 with "MAMA", they had a lot of fangirls crying at their awesomeness. But then as 2012 rolled on and on, and then 2012 turned to 2013, EXO seemed to simply fade in the background with next-to-zero promotions

Rainbow Blaxx Flaunts the Sexy at Press Conference for Mini Showcase “Lee.Bahl.Show”

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Rainbow Blaxx, the sexy subunit of girl group Rainbow consisting of members Jaekyung, Hyunyoung, Seung Ah, and Woori, held its showcase at Olleh Square Dream Hall in Gwanghwamun, Seoul on January 20 just ahead of its mini-concert with fans.

The four members quickly appeared on stage with their black and white sexy office outfits after the hall lights were dimmed, and performed their title track “Cha Cha” off of special album “RB Blaxx” for the first time. The retro disco track is the result of respected composer Yoon Sang and East4A’s collaboration. The lyrics “I hate it. I like it” in particular conveys the thoughts and feelings of confident women

Vote for Mwave’s Star of the Week for the 1st Week of February

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It’s hard to believe we’re closing in on the end of the first month of the New Year, but it’s time to select Mwave’s first Star of the Week for the month of February.

We’re giving a few past nominees who lost out in previous polls another chance at the title, so read on and cast your votes!


B1A4 may be singing Lonely, but the boys are feeling the love on the music charts, having taken the number one spot upon the song’s release in January.

The group’s talented leader Jin Young, who composed and wrote the lyrics to the chart topper, is set to show off his acting chops in upcoming film Miss Granny.

Girl’s Day

Girl’s Day has already proved to be the girl group to watch in 2014, sweeping the music charts and taking the top spot on music programs with its latest single Something

Park Hae Jin of ‘You Who Came From The Stars’ looks stylish for ‘SURE’ + dishes on his dating style

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Actor Park Hae Jin, who is receiving a lot of attention for hit SBS drama "You Who Came From The Stars", transformed into a romantic prince for his photo shoot with fashion magazine "SURE".

The pictures revealed on January 17 show him looking stylish in a patterned white-and-black suit in one and a white fur jacket in another. He gives off a cute, playful vibe like his naive character in the drama.

In the interview, Park Hae Jin said, "It is my first time playing a character like Lee Hwi Kyung, who is bright, straightforward, and only likes Chun Song Yi foolishly . . . If Sang Woo from my last production "My Daughter Seo Young" was just like me, then Hwi Kyung is the complete opposite of me."

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He said, "I don"t diligently pursue someone like Hwi Kyung nor do I make someone"s heart flutter with sweet words

Win Free Tickets to Rainbow Blaxx Showcase!

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Hey Soompiers!

We previously announced that Rainbow’s sexy sub-unit Rainbow Blaxx is confirmed as the first artist of 2014 for ‘Lee.Bahl.Show” and that this will be their showcase.

Soompi is giving away four pairs of tickets to “Lee.Bahl.Show”! The fun event will take place this Monday, January 20 from 8:30~9:30pm (KST) at Olleh Square in Gwanghwamun, Seoul.

What makes “Lee.Bahl.Show” (shortened in Korean for “This Month’s Discovery) special is the intimate 150 seating and several planned events for the fans like a Q&A session with the artists.

Soompiers in Korea are in for a treat as only a lucky few will be able to watch the girls perform tracks from the new mini album live before the rest of the world!

So, how do you get in on this sweet deal? Check out the easy details below!

To enter the contest all you have to do is::

Follow us on Twitter (@soompi), Leave a comment below with your Twitter username, Tweet: “@soompi is giving away free tickets to Rainbow Blaxx’ showcase! Click here for more info! http://bit

Rainbow Blaxx Confirmed as First Artist of 2014 for “Lee.Bahl.Show”

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Great news for Rainbow fans!

Sub-unit Rainbow Blaxx (Jaekyung, Hyunyoung, Seung Ah, Woori) is confirmed as the first artist for “Lee.Bahl.Show,” which is held monthly at the end of the month at Olleh Square Dream Hall in Gwanhwamun, Seoul. It will take place on Monday, December 20 at 8:30pm. (Please take note of the time change!) Jjust like 2AM’s show a couple months back, this will be another showcase format.

Here are the girls telling you to attend and show them some love!

Video streaming by Ustream

Jaekyung: Yes, we’re Rainbow Blaxx and we are the artists to appear on ‘Lee

‘Full Sun’ cast goes to Thailand in exciting stills + teaser

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"Full Sun" raised the bar of expectation with its overseas filming in Thailand and released still cuts and a teaser of the thrilling and romantic scenes that await!

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As previously mentioned, the cast, including Yoon Kye Sang, Han Ji Hye, Jo Jin Woong, Kim Yu Ri, Song Jong Ho, Kim Young Chul, Kim Sun Kyung, Jung Won Joong, Lee Dae Yeon, Woo Hyun, and Lee Sang Hoon, departed to Thailand on January 8.

The cast is seen getting into action on the streets of Thailand, hinting on the crime involving diamond theft and murder that will unfold in the drama. But there is light among the darkness of corruption with Yoon Kye Sang and Han Ji Hye"s innocent star-crossed love as shown in the teaser

Looking Back at “Reply 1997″ and “Reply 1994″

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Warning: Contains Spoilers

1. Introduction

Last year, tvN scored a smash hit with “Reply 1997,” transporting us to a much simpler decade infused with nostalgia, growing pains, 90s pop culture and fan girls. The drama premiered with little hype, but gained recognition through word of mouth, becoming a sensation and breaking the 6% ratings barrier, considered to be high for a cable drama, and that’s not even counting the rebroadcasts. In fact, Episodes 15 and 16 of “Reply 1997” was broadcast on tvN, Olive, Mnet, OCN, Onstyle and Ongamenet simultaneously. Set in 1997 Busan, “Reply 1997″ was the coming-of-age story of a group of high schoolers who grow through their own share of teenage troubles

Trends that stood out in 2013

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2014 may have begun more than a week ago now, but people are undoubtedly still writing 2013 on applications, papers, and such, aren"t they? The transition is never as easy, plus it is always nice to look back at the past year and sum it up so you can move onto the next with a fully refreshed mindset.

This is why allkpop writers alim17 and jennywill collaborated to put together some of the biggest trends of 2013. Check them out below!

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Dramas that deal with the supernatural

We think it"s fairly safe to say that 2012 was pretty saturated with time traveling, particularly between the modern era and something more like the Chosun Dynasty

Go Ara voted as the most anticipated female star born in the year of the horse

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Go Ara was voted as the #1 female star, born in the year of the horse, to look forward to in 2014!

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In celebration of the year of the horse 2014, online community site "DC Inside" conducted a poll titled, "Which female star born in the year of the horse do you anticipate most in 2014?" It ran from December 31 through January 7 and calculated a total of 15,071 votes.

Go Ara came in 1st place with 52.5% (7915 votes), which is not a surprise to most fans who have witnessed her rise in popularity through the hit drama "Reply 1994". Park Shin Hye, who also had great past year with popular drama "Heirs" which surpassed the 20% ratings mark, came in 2nd place with 26

Joo Sang-wook and Rhee Min-jung to become co-stars in New TV Romcom

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Korean actors Joo Sang-wook and Rhee Min-jung have confirmed to take on the lead roles in MBC’s upcoming drama series.

The two stars will each portray the male lead and female lead of MBC’s new Wednesday and Thursday drama series “Devious Divorcee” (translated title), set to hit air after current series “Miss Korea” ends its run next month

The Way Rain Poured Down into the Acting World

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preview nextview 1/6 preview nextview We already knew from his debut that Rain was going to go places with his excellent singing and dancing skills, but we never knew how talented this man was when it came to acting.

To our surprise, Rain casually transitioned into the world of acting like it was nothing and perfectly fit into all the characters he′s been given in both dramas and movies, earning much praise, tagged along by trophies as evidence.

The adventures into the acting world still continues for Rain, but we jump into the past and see what this star has done to make himself a household name.

Sang Doo, Let’s Go to School!

Appearing in your first drama as a rookie is rough, but it’s even rougher to be the main lead. Somehow, Rain managed with flying colors

“I Hear Your Voice” and “The Heirs” Sweep Awards at the 2013 SBS Drama Awards

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Lee Bo Young has been having a great year, and she was the undisputed star at yesterday’s 2013 SBS Drama Awards.

She took home the Daesang Award, the highest award given to an actor or actress, for her outstanding performance as public defender Jang Hye Sung in the drama “I Hear Your Voice.” This is her first Daesang Award since she made her acting debut in 2003.

Lee Bo Young also walked away with the Producers’ Award and the Top 10 Stars Award.

She was emotional in her acceptance speech, holding back tears as she said, “There were many outstanding nominees tonight so I’ll think of this as an award for the ‘I Hear Your Voice’ team. I never thought I’d be able to win a Daesang, but I got a little greedy since this was such a good drama

Super Junior attract 80,000 fans to their “Treasure Island” during ‘SMTOWN WEEK’

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Super Junior invited ELF to their "treasure island" for "SMTOWN WEEK"!

Super Junior concluded "SMTOWN WEEK" with a bang during their concert "Treasure Island", held at KINTEX, Ilsan on December 28-29, which is also Heechul"s first domestic concert since his discharge.

Super Junior opened the concert with the Korean version of their new Japanese single "Blue World" and went on to perform a total of 28 songs including "Mr. Simple", "Sexy, Free & Single", "BONAMANA", "Sorry Sorry", "Miracle", as well as Super Junior-M and Donghae and Eunhyuk"s unit stages.

The boys are also known for their variety skills and brought laughs with their parody of "Superstar K" titled, "Super Island"

2013 Best KPOP Superlatives

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Goodbye 2013

As the year is coming to a close, it is time to reflect back on what happened throughout 2013. Some people made a name for themselves through an awesome hit song or charismatic drama appearance while others established special relationships and made newsworthy comments. Which celebrities stuck out this year? Here are a few superlatives summing up how certain people particularly caught everyone"s eye!

BEST FRIENDS OF THE YEAR Bora + Tiffany, Suzy + IU

It was hard to just pick one set of best friends. IU and Suzy are famously known to be extremely close to the point that when IU was asked how Suzy described their friendship on another show, she knew the exact answer word by word. They are magnets--they stick together and pull each other around