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“Pinocchio” unveils first still cuts of Lee Jong Suk + 2nd trailer video

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Lee Jong Suk perfectly transforms into a country boy in first still cuts of SBS"s upcoming drama "Pinocchio".

The still cuts show Lee Jong Suk dressing in school uniform with roll up pants and rubber shoes. In particular the thing that has caught many people"s attention is his hideous messy hair which adds up to his country style.

Lee Jong Suk"s agency revealed that the actor shared his ideas and directly chose the items such as suggesting the hairstyle in order to complete the look of the country boy Choi Dal Po.

The production crew of "Pinocchio" said,"Lee Jong Suk has been filming harder than anyone else on the set, showing his affection towards his character. Please give Lee Jong Suk a lot of your interest as he will show his new charms and a vatiery of transformation through "Pinocchio"".

"Pinocchio" tells the story about social affairs reporters and will be broadcasted on November 12th

SBS Releases The First Trailer For ‘Pinocchio’ Starring Lee Jong Suk & Park Shin Hye

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(Photo : SBS ) The first teaser of Lee Jong Suk and Park Shin Hye in "Pinocchio" has been released by SBS.

The first trailer for “Pinocchio,” starring Lee Jong Suk and Park Shin Hye, was released on October 27. Fans are anticipating the chemistry between Lee Jong Suk and Park Shin Hye, who are pictured together, in the twenty-five second trailer.

The trailer features Lee Jong Suk as Choi Dal Po, a character who was hilariously referred to as “all-zero” by his high school classmates in honor of his lackluster grades.

Park Shin Hye makes her return to K-Drama as Choi In Ha, a character who cannot lie due to so-called “Pinocchio Syndrome” which forces her to hiccup anytime she attempts to lie

First Trailer Released for Upcoming Drama “Pinocchio” Starring Lee Jong Suk and Park Shin Hye

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On October 25, SBS released their first teaser trailer for the upcoming drama, “Pinocchio,” starring actor Lee Jong Suk. In the teaser, Lee Jong Suk could be seen sporting a much disheveled, long hairstyle.

The teaser starts out with the logo, “Challenge! Quiz Champion,” a show where Lee Jong Suk seems to be participating in. His character seems very tacky with the unkempt hair and school uniform. However, he seems to have a mysterious thoughtfulness in his expression, which brings anxious anticipation among fans.

On this quiz show, the MC asks, “This syndrome occurs in 1 in 43 people. It is caused by a defect in the autonomic nervous system, and a symptom of hiccupping occurs to a patient when he or she lies. What is the name of this syndrome?” After this question, the first broadcast date is revealed to be November 12

[Video] “Pinocchio” reveals shocking images of Lee Jong-suk

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A teaser of "Pinocchio" which is being released on November 12, was revealed on October 25.

The teaser showed Lee Jong-suk participating in a quiz program called, "Quiz Champion". His hair is very messy and he is wearing school uniforms.

The teaser shows Lee Jong-suk solving a problem which says, "This syndrome has symptoms of hiccupping when someone is lying".

The short teaser foresees Lee Jong-suk going through a major change in the drama and forming a romance structure with Park Shin-hye.

Meanwhile, "Pinocchio" is about a man who lives a lie and a woman who can"t lie, which stars Lee Jong-suk, Park Shin-hye, Kim Yeong-kwang, Lee Yoo-bi and others.

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[Video] Added new trailer and poster for the Korean documentary “The Way to School”

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Added new trailer and poster for the upcoming Korean documentary "The Way to School"

"The Way to School" (2014)Directed by Lee Kyeong-mookSynopsisMinus 20 degrees celcius, 20 days of self-mortification, icy roads, sleeping outside and heavy shoulders; the story of a father who walks for his child starts now!The Himalayas are covered in snow. Children go to school by crossing the Chaddar, which is an icy road that opens once a year. These children cross the Chaddar in the arms of their father even though it"s dangerous enough that some people die trying to cross it. Once the ice melts he can"t see his children for a year but the father crosses the Chaddar once again for the dreams of his children.Release date in Korea : 2014/11

Park Shin Hye Reveals She Had the Best Compatibility with Jang Geun Suk and Lee Min Ho

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Actress Park Shin Hye recently took part in a photo shoot and interview for the November issue of @star1 magazine, which will be released on October 20.

During the interview, the actress was asked, “There’s a saying that the actors that work alongside Park Shin Hye become Hallyu stars. What do you think the reason is?” to which she responded, “When I hear things like that, it’s also an honor for me because it means that I was able to help my co-star shine that much more.”

She continued, “Those [co-stars] possess enough charms to become Hallyu stars without me. I’m happy that people think there’s even a little bit of my influence there. To be honest, I think I’ve benefitted more from them, if I think about it.”

When asked to choose a male co-star she had the best compatibility with while filming together, Park Shin Hye mentioned actors Jang Geun Suk and Lee Min Ho

Weekly K-Pop Music Chart 2014 – October Week 2

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TaeTiSeo’s “Holler” held off two strong challengers to remain on top of our chart for the second straight week. “Holler” was No. 1 on M!Countdown and Music Bank last week. Overall, they scored 12 points more than last week to solidify its hold on to the top spot. Congratulations once again to TaeTiSeo.

Moving up 10 spots to No. 2 is Ailee’s latest hit “Don’t Touch Me.” It is the title track of her third mini-album “Magazine.” Written by veteran hitmaker Kim Do Hoon, this is an up-tempo jazz sytle song that features a powerful piano intro and drum beat. Ailee’s flawless vocal portrays a woman betrayed by her man. “Don’t Touch Me” won on Inkigayo last week. It’s only a matter of time before this song hits the top on our chart

Will Han Ji Min Reunite With Hyun Bin?

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It has been a year of k-drama reunions with some k-drama stars such as Jang Hyuk and Jang Nara reuniting after more than a decade. Hyun Bin and actress Han Ji Min are considering an acting reunion, but their reunion may take place only months after the last time they acted together.

Hyun Bin and Han Ji Min worked together in the film "The Fatal Encounter," playing a king and a queen. But despite their titles, they were not a royal couple. Nor were their characters nice to each other. Hyun Bin played King Jeongjo, a king under repeated threat of assassination, and Han Ji Min played his grandfather"s queen consort, Queen Jeongsun.

If she takes the role of Hyun Bin"s girlfriend in the upcoming drama, "Dr Jekyl, Mr. Hyde," she will have to be nicer to him

Lee Seon-gyoon and Kim Go-eun-I in “Angry Lawyer”

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"Angry Lawyer" has decided on Lee Seon-gyoon, Kim Go-eun-I, Jang Hyeon-seong and Im Won-hee as its cast and will start filming in mid-October.

"Angry Lawyer" is about a major law firm ace (Lee Seon-gyoon) and investigator (Kim Go-eun-I) who have to solve a mystery case in which there"s a likely criminal but no evidence or a dead body. Byeon Ho-seong is a successful director who believes that winning is justice and is played by Lee Seon-gyoon. He"s landed himself in a "lawful" drama for the first time of his career and is expected to play a completely different character this time. Kim Go-eun-I is an eager investigator who goes head to head with the lawyer sometimes, but goes through with the case right until the end.

Jang Hyeon-seong plays chairman Moon Ji-hoon who enquires about the case

[Spoiler] “Secret Door” Lee Je-hoon, shocked to see Kim Tae-hoon dead

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On the eighth episode of "Secret Door", Lee Seon (Lee Je-hoon) was devastated to find that Kang Pil-jae (Kim Tae-hoon), the real culprit whom he finally found, was dead.

Kim Taek (Kim Chang-wan) ordered Kim Moo (Kwak Hee-seong) to kill Kang Pil-jae (Kim Tae-hoon) and to find the secret documents. Then he ordered the Noron to take care of the mess.

Park Moon-soo (Lee Won-jong) told Na Cheol-joo (Kim Min-jong), "Take care of the shadow and find the pipe". Soron Lee Jong-seong (Jeon Gook-hwan) ordered Sin Chi-woon (Baek Seung-hyeon) to pay money to get the secret documents back. When Kang Pil-jae tried to sell Soron the documents, Kim Taek and Park Moon-soo planned on stopping him.

Kim Moo captured Kang Pil-jae and tortured him while Na Cheol-joo got his hands on the pipe

S (Kangta, Hyesung, and Lee Ji Hoon) to join SMTOWN for the upcoming concert in Shanghai

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Fans will be able to get a whiff of the "autumn breeze" during SMTOWN"s upcoming concert in Shanghai with project group S making their return in 11 years!

"90s idols" project group S, made up of H.O.T"s Kangta, Shinhwa"s Hyesung, and actor-singer Lee Ji Hoon, will perform their new song for the first time at "SMTOWN LIVE WORLD TOUR Ⅳ in SHANGHAI" in Shanghai Stadium, China on the 18th.

Fellow "90s idol group Fly to the Sky collaborated with their hoobaes during the "SMTOWN LIVE WORLD TOUR Ⅳ in Seoul" concert in August, so S are expected to be next to perform a special stage

Lee Joon Will Leave MBLAQ To Focus On His Acting Career

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Actor and singer Lee Joon will be leaving the group MBLAQ when his contract ends in November. He will no longer be represented by the agency that he trained under, J.Tune Entertainment.

J.Tune Entertainment released a statement about Lee Joon"s wishes but stressed that he would participate in the MBLAQ concerts scheduled for November 29th and 30th. Beyond that the final details of his departure have not been decided.

"We will take into consideration the other members" wishes and thoughts along with the agency"s decisions to come to an official conclusion," said the J.Tune representative. "Our agency will be working hard to make the best decisions for MBLAQ."

According to the Star News, Lee Joon is quitting the group to focus on his acting career

SECRET’s Sunhwa and actor Lee Jangwoo are “Rosy Lovers” as an upcoming on-screen couple

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On October 13th, Lee Jangwoo and SECRET’s Sunhwa participated in the production press conference of MBC’s weekend drama “Rosy Lovers” as leading actor and actress.

This couple drew attention due to the fact that they both appeared in MBC “We Got Married” individually with other on-screen lovers. The two confessed that they looked up each other’s marriage life in the popular show before the shooting of MBC’s new drama “Rosy Lovers.”

Jangwoo said, “I enjoyed watching Sunhwa in ‘We Got Married.’ As I appeared in it as well, I could really feel that she is an enthusiastic and hard-working actress.” In response to this, Sunhwa also said, “I searched some episodes of Jangwoo in ‘We Got Married

Park Shin Hye Talks About Jang Geun Suk And Lee Min Ho

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When asked which of her co-stars she most enjoyed working with, Park Shin Hye mentioned the two stars fans most liked seeing her act with. She talked about her "You"re Beautiful" co-star Jang Geun Suk and her "The Heirs" co-star Lee Min Ho.

The actress discussed them during an interview she did for @Star magazine. The magazine"s November issue, featuring her interview and photo shoot, will be released on Oct. 20.

The interviewer shared the saying that every actor who works with Park Shin Hye becomes a Hallyu star.

"Why do you think that is," the interviewer asked.

The modest actress said she was honored to hear things like that but she refused to take any credit for their stardom.

"I think it"s because I made the other person stand out," said Park Shin Hye

Park Shin Hye reveals that she had the best chemistry with Hallyu actors Lee Min Ho and Jang Geun Suk

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Park Shin Hye revealed that she worked best with actors Jang Geun Suk and Lee Min Ho during a photo shoot and interview with @Star.

The actress was asked, "There was a saying that every actor who worked with Park Shin Hye becomes a Hallyu Star. Why do you think that is?" She answered, "I am honored when I hear those kinds of things. I think it"s because I made the other person stand out."

She then added, "They have the right charms to become Hallyu stars without me. I am happy to know that people think that I have some kind of influence over this. Honestly, I was the one who received more of an advantage because of them."

Park Shin Hye also talked about working with little prince Jang Geun Suk and said, "When filming for SBS" "You Are Beautiful", we worked really well together

Lee Min Ho makes 10,000 fans swoon during his “RE:MINHO” tour in Japan

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Actor Lee Min Ho made 10,000 fans swoon during his two-day concert in Japan!

Lee Min Ho held the Japanese leg of his "RE:MINHO" tour at Tokyo International Forum on October 12-13 with 10,000 fans who came despite the recent typhoon.

The actor opened up the concert with "Painful Love" from the "Heirs" OST and greeted fans, saying, "It"s been a long time, right? I missed you." He also crooned "My Everything" and shared a behind-the-scenes clip from his Asia tour last year as well as the making-of film for "Song For You".

He then went on to perform all of the songs from his second album "Song For You" including the title track, "Paradise In Love", "Stalker", "Burning Up", and "Travel" with a live band

[★VIDEO] Park Shinhye shows off her beauty in “Star1” photo shoot

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Actress Park Shinhye and Star1 magazine come together for a pictorial.

The actress shows off her elegance and charms, while striking poses in Star1"s recent behind-the-scene video. Park Shinhye can be seen switching between a few different outfits, and wearing a natural make-up look.

Park Shinhye, in the meanwhile, has been busy preparing for her upcoming drama “Pinocchio,” which she will star alongside Lee Jongsuk.

Check out her photo shoot below!

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S (Kangta, Hyesung, and Lee Ji Hoon) to provide an “Autumn Breeze” with their comeback this month

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"90s idols" project group S, made up of H.O.T"s Kangta, Shinhwa"s Hyesung, and actor-singer Lee Ji Hoon, confirmed the earlier reports of their return with the news of their upcoming mini album "Autumn Breeze"!

According to Kangta"s agency, SM Entertainment, S have set their album release date for the 27th. This marks their 1st comeback in 11 years since the release of their 1st album "Fr.in.Cl." in 2003.

"Kangta was in charge of the writing, composing, and producing for all of the tracks on this album... Music lovers will be even more thrilled by Kangta"s unique color of music and the emotional ballad with the trio"s beautiful harmony," a rep revealed

[Spoiler] “Drama Special – The Suspicious 7th Ward” Shin-ee and Kim Jung-min

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Shin-hee and Kim Jeong-min underwent a pregnancy treatment for an investigation.

Soo-jin (Shin-ee) and Ji-hoon (Kim Jeong-min) started the "7th Ward Investigation" to capture a criminal named Dong-seok.

Investigator Soo-jin is a whiz at undercover investigations. She successfully managed to clean up a gang organization, dressed up as a coffee shop woman. Her chief Lee (Lee Byeong-joon) then told her to undergo a pregnancy treatment with her husband Ji-hoon. He wanted her to get close to Seo-hee (Shim Eun-jin), Dong-seok"s girlfriend who was hospitalized in the 7th ward. He emphasized it was something only Soo-jin and Ji-hoon could do.

Soo-jin didn"t react well to this. She said, "What is he asking us to do? Is he crazy? Why does the squad plan our family?" Lee went to Ji-hoon and persuaded him

Project group S (Kangta, Hyesung, and Lee Ji Hoon) to reportedly return with MV starring Girls” Generation”s Yuri

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Girls" Generation"s Yuri is reported to be starring in an upcoming MV for the return of "90s project group S, which is made up of H.O.T"s Kangta, Shinhwa"s Hyesung, and actor-singer Lee Ji Hoon!

Multiple music insiders told Star News on the 11th, "Yuri has been chosen as the female lead for S"s upcoming MV."

It has been reported that Yuri will show her support for labelmate Kangta through the cameo, and will showcase her acting skills as previously seen in SBS" drama "Fashion King" and the movie "No Breathing".

S are reportedly putting their all into their 1st comeback in 11 years since the release of their 1st album "Fr