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KBS Drama Cantabile Tomorrow episode 11 Recap and Screenshots

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by Dramabeans: Yoo-jin’s mother hears that her ex-husband is on his way to see Yoo-jin’s performance. Knowing that Dad’s presence is bound to mess with Yoo-jin, she decides to prevent his attendance, no matter what.With several hours till showtime, both Yoo-jin and Nae-il have dress rehearsals to attend. But when the gang drops by the dressing room to check on Nae-il, they find that she’s locked herself in the room and is refusing to perform.Yoo-jin connects the dots, thinking of Nae-il’s outburst about being pushed to play, and asks for some privacy. Once alone in the hallway, he speaks through the door to Nae-il, who’s huddled and shaking inside. KBS Drama Cantabile Tomorrow episode 11 Recap and ScreenshotsYoo-jin explains that he understands now why she was in such an unusually good mood today—that today would be the first time they’re standing on the same stage, even if it wasn’t in the same performance

Lee Gwang-soo to star in “The Mutant”

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Lee Gwang-soo is starring in the movie "The Mutant".

Lee Gwang-soo has been nicknamed the "scene stealer" due to his outstanding performance in the SBS drama "It"s Okay, That"s Love" and movie "Confession" and this time he"s coming back as the lead character.

Lee Gwang-soo role in the movie "The Mutant" is part of a butterfly project in digging up new directors and a collaboration by CJ E&M and the Korean Art School.

It is directed by Kwon Oh-kwang, the scriptwriter for "Safe".

"The Mutant" will be released next year.

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Lee Seung Gi’s Agency Confirms Star is in “Advanced Talks” over “Kill Me Heal Me” Drama Role

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Hook Entertainment, the talent agency that represents singer, actor and television personality Lee Seung Gi, says the star is in advanced talks regarding a role in forthcoming MBC drama “Kill Me Heal Me.”

A representative for Hook announced on November 18, “We are in the final stage of negotiations about Lee Seung Gi’s possible appearance in ‘Kill Me Heal Me.’”

The new series will tell the tale of a relationship between a doctor and a rich society heir who has a personality disorder.

The drama has already hit the headlines in Korea with confusion reigning over whether actor Hyun Bin was or was not offered (and subsequently turned down) a role in the series.

“Kill Me Heal Me” will be broadcast on Wednesday and Thursdays evenings on MBC

Kim Rae-won loses weight for upcoming SBS “Punch – Drama”

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Kim Rae-won is seemingly different.

His first drama in 3 years, SBS "Punch - Drama", is raising expectations on the actor.

Kim Rae-won"s "Punch - Drama" first started filming at the SBS Ilsan production house. Park Jeong-hwan (Kim Rae-won) and his henchmen brainstorm to make Lee Tae-joon (Jo Jae-hyeon) the Public Prosecutor General in the first episode. This scene brings out Park Jeong-hwan"s head-first character where he always gets what he wants.

As a result of working day and night, Park Jeong-hwan becomes an investigator and compromises with injustice for a bigger success, but in the process, he loses many things and gets injured.

Kim Rae-won is said to be very attached to his character already.

Meanwhile, "Punch - Drama" is a bloody drama about an investigator surviving the "jungle-like" world

2014 APAN Star Awards Winners

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2014 APAN Star Awards Winners Written by Adri On November 17, 2014

The 2014 APAN Star Awards at the 2014 Daejeon Drama Festival kicked off the end-of-year awards season with a star-studded red carpet.

You Who Came From The Star further cemented itself as THE Korean drama of the year after taking home four awards. Kim Soo-hyun won Best Actor in a Mini Series, and together with Jun Ji-hyun, he also won the Hallyu Star Award. Best Director went to the drama’s director Jang Tae-yoo. You Who Came From The Star also won in Best Child Actress category with Kim Hyun-soo.

It’s Okay That’s Love was also another big winner at this year’s awards. Jo In-sung bagged the coveted Daesang (Grand Prize) Award for his portrayal of an obsessive-compulsive writer in the drama

Mnet Casts Several Idols In Music Drama

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More idols are making the transition from the performance stage to the k-drama set. Idols such as JYJ"s Park Yoochun and Kim Jaejoong, Shinhwa"s Eric Moon, Girls Generation"s Yoona and Sooyoung, BigBang"s T.O.P., 2PM"s Taecyeon and Hwang Chansung and miss A"s Suzy Bae boost ratings when they join the cast of dramas and films. And music has even become the theme of dramas such as "My Lovable Girl," which starred singer-actors Rain, f(x)"s Krystal Jung and Inifinite"s L.

As drama producers make script choices based on potential singer star power, that transition may happen even more often in the future. Mnet recently revealed the lineup for its new music drama "Perseverance, Goo Hae Ra. It"s a story about music and the cast features several idols.

 The lineup includes B1A4′s Jinyoung, Super Junior-M′s Henry, Ulala Session′s Park Kwang Sun and Yu Seong Eun

Additional photos of Park Shin Hye with “InStyle” released

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Additional photos of actress Park Shin Hye‘s San Francisco vacation photoshoot for the November issue of InStyle magazine have been released.

Despite her busy schedule, Park Shin Hye took some time off to fly to San Francisco, California for a sweet vacation photoshoot with InStyle magazine. The actress played the role of a tourist as she wandered around the port city, exploring its wonders.

She’s shown eating a colorful scoop of ice cream on a cone, striking a pose in front of artistic street graffiti, examining items from a local food stand, and gazing out into the city landscape.

Shin Hye’s slim, fit figure is covered in fashionable fall attire as she bundles up for the cooler temperatures but still maintains her stylish looks. Her light makeup highlights the beauty of her features in the natural lighting of the photoshoot

The King's Face" Suh In Gook, The Beauty Of Period Drama Is Depth

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Suh In Gook is committing to a period drama for the first time. Describing the difference between a current drama and a period drama, he said the difference was the "depth of emotions."

On November 14th, a production presentation of the new KBS2 Wednesday/Thursday drama "The King"s Face" (script Lee Hyang Hee, Yoon Soo Jung, director Yoon Sung Shik, Cha Young Hoon) was held at the Ambassador Hotel in Joong-gu. "The King"s Face" features the tragic love story and growth of Kwang Hae, who was an illegitimate child that ends up becoming the king.

Suh In Gook who plays the role of Kwang Hae said, "It"s a burdensome role because many superior actors have had this role. Nonetheless, "The King"s Face" is the only role through which you can see Kwang Hae"s different sides from when he was little until when he became king

Korean OCN Drama Bad Guy Episode 7 Recap and Screenshots

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by Dramabeans:Back in the van, Goo-tak assures Tae-soo that they’ll find the guy that killed the pawnshop owner since they’ve found the weapon. But Tae-soo recognizes a fellow assassin’s work when he sees one—an expertly-placed stab wound caused Pawnbroker Im to die from massive blood loss within seconds.The professional they’re dealing with is among the best of the best: a completely emotionless assassin, whose work leaves no trace of evidence, no unnecessary wounds, and lastly, no sense of guilt.Team Crazy Dogs heads back to HQ where Prosecutor Oh is already waiting for them. He’s delighted to meet everyone in person—Jung-moon in particular, to whom he says it’s been three years since they’ve last seen one another. A quick flashback reveals that Prosecutor Oh had chuckled at Jung-moon’s high psychopathy score in the interrogation room years ago

Kim So Eun and Lee Sang Yoon Look Close Behind the Scenes of “Liar Game”

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Actress Kim So Eun and actor Lee Sang Yoon, two of the main stars of tvN’s “Liar Game,” have attracted attention for their friendly interaction in newly released behind-the-scenes photos.

The popular drama recently revealed stills of the stars taking a short break from filming. In the photos, Kim So Eun is gently leaning her head against Lee Sang Yoon’s shoulder as they sit next to each other at the filming location. While both of them appear slightly sleepy, it seems they rely on each other for support when the cameras are not rolling.

Although the two have no romantic feelings for each other in the drama, their chemistry shines through in the photos.

Meanwhile, “Liar Game” airs on Mondays and Tuesdays at 11 p

Henry, Jinyoung, Park Kwang Sun, Yoo Sung Eun to star in new music drama “Perseverance Goo Hae Ra”

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Super Junior-M"s Henry, B1A4"s Jinyoung, Ulala Session"s Park Kwang Sun and "Voice Korea""s Yoo Sung Eun have been casted in Mnet"s upcoming music drama "Perseverance Goo Hae Ra".

The drama will tell the story of a girl named Goo Hae Ra whose dream is to get the work of her posthumous father to be well-known around the world. She will be involved in a triangular relationship with the twins brothers Kang Sae Jong and Kang Sae Chan while trying to join in "Superstar K2".

Henry will be playing as a 4-dimensional musical genius and is a cute character. His character will have the same name as himself.

Jinyoung will be playing as Kang Sae Chan. His composing and writing skills have been proved as he has produced previous albums for his group B1A4. His acting skill has also been acknowledged through movie "Miss Granny".

Park Kwang Sun will act as Jang Goon who suffers from mysophobia while Yoo Sung Eun will portrait Lee Woo Ri who has a complex with her look

Model-actor Kim Young Kwang dresses up for fall shoot with “bnt”

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Model-turned-actor Kim Young Kwang dresses up for autumn with bnt news. His tall height and gentle smile have melted the hearts of many girls. In this photoshoot, Kim Young Kwang models four different concepts, some of which are difficult for many others to pull off as well as he does!

For the photo shoot, Kim Young Kwang tried on different styles, including a white knitted sweater and bold red pants, a brown coat perfect for fall weather, a black and white houndstooth patterned coat, and an all-black gentleman’s suit.

It is well known that the handsome models, including Kim Young Kwang, Lee Soo Hyuk, Kim Woo Bin, Sung Joon, Hong Jong Hyun, and others are very close friends. Kim Young Kwang mentioned their long lasting friendships, “We are together almost 350 days out of 365 days in a year

“Pinocchio”, Lee Jong Suk’s Stunning Style Evolution

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Pinocchio”, Lee Jong Suk surprised fans with his new head-to-toe style transformation!On November 17th, SBS’s drama “Pinocchio” has dropped a few stills featuring Lee Jong Suk.Through the pictures, Lee Jong Suk is seen making his bushy hairstyle’s transformation into new neat hairstyle, which unveiled his naturally charming look.However, the main character expressed reluctance to this transformation.Meanwhile, veteran Byun Hee Bong played the role of a stylish gentleman, who is always outstanding with his luxurious fedora and cane. This man shows his satisfaction to Lee Jong Suk’s new style.The production crew shared that, “Having kept his ‘bushy hair and rubber shoes’ style, Lee Jong Suk will be transforming in to a city man and there is a heart wrenching story and a special helper behind his transformation

Lee Yoo Bi Poses with EXO’s Suho, Baekhyun, and ZE:A’s Kwanghee at “Inkigayo” Farewell Party

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Actress Lee Yoo Bi recently revealed a photo from her surprise “Inkigayo” farewell party.

On November 16, Lee Yoo Bi posted on her personal Instagram account, “Kwanghee (oppa), Suho, and Baekhyun who threw me a surprise party for my last day [on ‘Inkigayo’] <3 I lo…like you all^^ Also, good luck to [Kim] Yoo Jung. ‘Inkigayo’ forever!!” Along with this message, the actress uploaded a photo with her fellow music show MCs.

In the photo, Lee Yoo Bi can be seen standing in between EXO’s Baekhyun and Suho, as well as ZE:A’s Kwanghee, who is holding up a cake, as all of them pose and smile for the camera. It appears that all four stars have become close friends while hosting for the SBS music show together

Behind the Scenes of Park Shin Hye’s Bruno Magli Fashion Shoot

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The production team of the Italian fashion designer brand Bruno Magli"s fashion shoot shared pictures of actress Park Shin Hye from the filming scenes. Actress Park Shin Hye in the photo shoot wore the new items from Bruno Magli, including a black two piece dress that accentuated her skinny waist, and the new styles of bags. In related news, the SBS Wednesday Thursday drama "Pinocchio," which is produced by director Park Hye Ryun, tells a story of entry-level reporters working for a newspaper company. Actress Park Shin Hye plays the main character called Choi In Ha, who is a reporter who hiccups whenever she lies to other people. Actor Lee Jong Suk plays the other main character Choi Dal Po, also known as Nam Da Reum, in the drama, who is an attractive, smart reporter.



[★FEATURE] K-Drama Reviews: 10 reasons to watch SBS’s “Pinocchio”

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This week, Koreaboo brings you a review of SBS‘s new drama Pinocchio. Here are 10 reasons why you should check this new drama out!

Pinocchio stars Lee Jong Suk as Choi Dal Po and Park Shin Hye as Choi In Ha. The series follows young reporters around as they seek to broadcast the truth. The twist to this story and the reason why it’s titled Pinocchio is that in this world there are people diagnosed with the “Pinocchio Syndrome.” These people cannot tell a lie because every time they do, they hiccup. Choi In Ha has the “Pinocchio Syndrome,” and it makes viewers anticipate the antics that she will perform while being a reporter who can only tell the truth.

After watching the first episode, Koreaboo gives Pinocchio a rating of :


[Drama Review] “Pinocchio” – Episode 2

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"Pinnochio" - Episode 2 This episode was a lot more light-hearted than the previous one, which was a definite plus for me. Seems like when it comes to cute and fluff, this drama can definitely deliver.

Before I start my review, I would just like to clear something up. Some readers seem to think that I was a pure hater of this drama with my review of the first episode, and I would like to say that I"m not. As I"ve stated in the intro of my previous review, I"m a fan of both the actors and the premise. The only con for me were moments in the drama in which I thought characters were being too illogical for my enjoyment. I understand that K-Dramas are not supposed to reflect real life completely and can even be cartoony at times, but there"s a difference between portraying a more exaggerated version of life and just showing unconvincing behavior

Breaking News: Plenty Of K-Drama Stars Playing Reporters

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Which k-drama stars will play the best reporters? Currently three dramas focus on the lives of reporters and all three have cast skilled and appealing k-drama actors in such parts.

Already airing are "Pinocchio," starring Lee Jong Suk, Park Shin Hye and Lee Pil Mo, and "The Greatest Marriage," starring Park Si Yeon, Bae Soo Bin and No Min Woo. Up soon is "Healer," starring Park Min Young, Yoo Ji Tae and Ji Chang Wook.

In "Pinocchio," viewers have so far only seen the dark side of broadcast journalism. It was a newswoman"s desire for a good story that led to the disgrace of an innocent man and the break-up of his family. Lee Jong Suk plays the son of a firefighter wrongly accused of betraying his men. Park Shin Hye plays the daughter of the newswoman who helped seal the wronged firefighter"s fate

Which Lee Min Ho Drama Was Considered The Best In Japan?

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If you guessed that "The Heirs" or even "Boys Over Flowers" was the most popular Lee Min Ho k-drama in Japan last year, you might have to guess again.

It wasn"t his character in "The Heirs," the conflicted heir Kim Tan that drew the most viewers. Nor was it his character in "Boys Over Flowers," the spoiled but conflicted heir Gu Jun Pyo.

The character favored by Japanese audiences was the general he played in "Faith: The Great Doctor." Lee Min Ho"s historical fantasy drama was selected as the best Korean drama viewed in Japan last year.

On Nov. 10, the 2012 SBS drama received the first prize in the Korean drama section of the 2014 GAYO Entertainment Awards.

The winning drama was selected based on the yearly sales of the GAYO Store

Korean tvN Drama Liar Game Episode 8 Recap and Screenshots

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by Dramabeans:Everyone seems to think Woo-jin is preparing to use physical force to break up the human shield blocking the voting booth, but all he does is raise his hand……So that Actor Gu can high-five him. That’s right, Woo-jin already secured his allegiance by having Sung-joon sneak a letter to Actor Gu during the Bulldog/Dal-goo kerfuffle.And without a fourth person to block the voting booth, Assemblyman Kang’s plan fails. Dal-goo gets elected president, and fulfills his promise to distribute the funds from the treasury to his supporters. Korean tvN Drama Liar Game Episode 8 Recap and ScreenshotsBut there’s a reason Do-young doesn’t look at all worried, which is likely because Dal-goo opens the safe to find it empty. Oh no. This is baaad.Naturally, Actor Gu and Bulldog turn on Team Dal-goo thinking they’ve been betrayed