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Heechul and Lee Soon Jae Share Hilarious Moments during Script Reading for “Flower Grandpa Investigation Unit”

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What may have seemed like an unlikely collaboration turned in to a hilarious moment as Super Junior‘s Kim Heechul shared funny exchanges with veteran actor Lee Soon Jae during the script reading for tvN‘s upcoming drama, “Flower Grandpa Investigation Unit.”

Although Lee Soon Jae is actually much older than the Super Junior member, the plot of the new tvN drama made it so that Heechul had to speak to the veteran actor as if he was younger than the singer.

On April 2, the cast of “Flower Grandpa Investigation Unit” had their first script reading, and the room could not stop laughing at the silly moments. As Lee Soon Jae, Byun Hee Bong, and Jang Gwang act as young detectives who mysteriously turn in to 70-something-year-old grandpas overnight, the three must seek the help of their wiser detective colleague

Jay Park Joins “Dancing 9 Season 2” as a Dance Master

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Singer Jay Park will be joining “Dancing 9 Season 2.” He will be one of the dance masters of the Blue Eye team on the show, which is scheduled to premiere in June.

Already known for his dance skills, Jay Park is a member of the b-boy dance crew, A.O.M (Art of Movement). Just until last year, he acted as the honorary ambassador of the “R-16 Korea World B-Boy Championships.” He also joined his b-boy crew in a spectacular performance at the “One Hip-Hop Festival” held in last September and demonstrated his dance skills through his role in the film, “Hype Nation 3-D.”

“Dancing 9” is the first Korean dance survival show which premiered last year. The Red Wings team took victory winning 500 million won (approx. $470,000) and an opportunity to perform a solo gala show

Lee Jong Suk and Park Hae Jin Attend First Script Reading for ‘Doctor Stranger’

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Photos from the script reading of Doctor Stranger have been revealed.

A set of photos were released on April 1, showing the cast members of SBS’ upcoming drama Doctor Stranger attending the drama’s first script reading on February 11 at SBS′ production center in Ilsan, Gyeonggi province.

The script reading was attended by Jin Hyuk PD, writers Park Jin Woo and Kim Ju as well as the cast members, including Lee Jong Suk, Park Hae Jin, Kang So Ra and more.

Introducing each cast member before the script reading began, Jin Hyuk PD said, “It feels special to be working with Lee Jong Suk again, who worked with me for his debut project. Let’s all work hard together.”

Taking the role of ‘Park Hoon,’ a genius doctor from North Korea, Lee Jong Suk flawlessly pulled off the North Korean accent and acted out the character as if he was filming and further discussed the character with Jin Hyuk PD afterwards

JJCC Reaches for the Top with Jackie Chan

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JJCC - written J-J-C-C and pronounced Double JC - has got world star written all over it - literally.

“JJCC stands for Jackie Chan Joint Culture, so it means, with Jackie Chan, let’s spread K-Pop. And Double JC stands for Double Joy Creative, which means, let’s create double the joy,” explained the group’s leader, Simba, in an interview with enewsWorld.

Borne out of Jackie Chan Group Korea, JJCC is the first K-Pop idol group to benefit from being reared by a true international icon - Jackie Chan himself.

Composed of four Koreans (Simba, E.co, Eddy and San Cheong) and one Chinese Australian (Prince Mak), JJCC was created with the intent to spread K-pop and Korean culture internationally. And though the goals might be lofty, it seems Jackie Chan and his Korea Group have taken pains to rear a group that may manage to reach that longevity that eludes many idol groups

Kim Soo Hyun and Lee Min Ho Are the Korean Kings of CFs in China

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Actors Kim Soo Hyun and Lee Min Ho are leading the Hallyu wave.

The two have seen a meteoric rise in popularity in China following roles in the SBS dramas “The Heirs” and “Man from the Stars.” They are at the forefront of Hallyu’s advancement into China, which is fast becoming the new focus of Korean entertainment companies over Japan.

Kim Soo Hyun and Lee Min Ho’s popularity can be directly measured by their CF work. The two are currently competitive rivals in the Chinese CF market and can be said to be leading the industry. Companies have had to lay down extreme incentives and conduct under the table negotiations in order to sign the two actors. Competition is that intense.

Both actors currently command an appearance fee of around 2 trillion won (~USD$1

Lee Min Ho Offered $470,000 for a Cameo in a Chinese Drama

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You think someone’s popular, and then there’s Lee Min Ho popular. To put things into perspective, actor Lee Min Ho was offered 500 million won (about 470,000 USD) to make a cameo appearance in a Chinese drama. Not bad. NOT. BAD.

Hallyu contents expert Ma Seol said on the March 26 episode of SBS’s “Night of TV Entertainment,” “Lee Min Ho’s per episode pay in China is about 500 million won. But it’s to the point where if he’s not the main character, he can just do a cameo. One place even offered him 500 million won just to make cameo appearance.”

This episode of “Night of TV Entertainment” went on to shed some more light on the sheer scale of Korean drama popularity in China.

In the case of actor Kim Soo Hyun from “Man From the Stars,” one company increased their sales by 40% after using Kim Soo Hyun as a model, and for “Man From the Stars” costar Jun Ji Hyun, the clothes and accessories that she wore instantly became trending items

China Offers Lee Min Ho 500 Million Won for Drama Cameo Appearance

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Lee Min Ho’s popularity in China is beyond what one would expect.

The March 26 broadcast of SBS’ One Night of TV Entertainment featured the popularity of Korean dramas and stars that have struck China.

Lee Min Ho started gaining popularity in the country starting with City Hunter in 2011 and caused a syndrome with The Heirs last year.

Advertisements featuring the actor can easily be spotted around Shanghai, including a street decorated with about 100 meters of Lee Min Ho′s face on both sides.

An expert in hallyu content revealed, “He was offered 500 million KRW (~460,000 USD) to act in each episode of a drama. Even if he can’t appear as the lead actor, they want him to appear as a cameo. Some places have even offered Lee Min Ho 500 million KRW to make a cameo appearance for just one day

Three Days: Episode 6 Recap

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Three Days: Episode 6 Recap by Dramabeans

March 7, 5:30 AM. 33 hours, 30 minutes after the sniping.

Cha-young is investigating the tennis court gates at the presidential villa. If the sniper was stationed inside the villa, the gate had to be open to allow a clear shot. But in her interrogation at the end of Episode 5, Cha-young was told that the gates were closed at the time of the shooting.

She times herself running from the gate to the office. Seven minutes. Even if Ham could have made it in 5 minutes, it still wouldn’t be fast enough. The blackout and the shooting were almost simultaneous. There’s only one possible answer: Ham had an accomplice at the tennis court gate — someone else from inside the Secret Service

Lee Seung Gi, Lim Jeong Hee, Gummy, Yoon Do Hyun Celebrate Lee Sun Hee’s 15th Album Showcase

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March 25 marks the comeback of the legendary singer, Lee Sun Hee, and some of her closest junior artists such as Lee Seung Gi, Yoon Do Hyun, Lim Jeong Hee and Gummy, joined her on stage for her showcase.

Lee Sun Hee threw her comeback showcase for her 15th album “Serendipity” where she performed several of her new songs. Lee Seung Gi, Yoon Do Hyun, Gummy, Lim Jeong Hee and Tacapy also performed some of Lee Sun Hee’s greatest hits throughout the years.

Tacapy started off the night with “Smile for a Spell” followed by Lim Jeong Hee’s “Beautiful Country.” Lim Jeong Hee also stated, “I’m so excited and having so much fun that I’m running out of breath. I picked this song because it was what made me dream of becoming a singer

BoA vs. Scarlett Johansson vs. Emma Stone in April Box Office

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The April Korean box office is going to be a battle between three female powerhouses: BoA, Scarlett Johansson, and Emma Stone.

In Korea this coming March 26, Scarlett Johansson will hit the big screen as Black Widow in “Captain America: Winter Soldier,” in some tight and sleek black suits, showing off an impressive physique and pulling off some impressive action. Next will be BoA as the dancer Aya in “Make Your Move,” premiering on April 17 in Korea, playing to her strengths as a skilled, charismatic dancer, and experienced live performer. The last to hit theaters will be Emma Stone as Mary Jane Watson in “Amazing Spiderman 2” on April 24 in Korea, the classic damsel in distress, caught between the man she loves and her father’s will

Lee Min Ho Greets 15,000 Enthusiastic Filipino Fans in Manila “Fun Meet”

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Actor Lee Min Ho recently visited the Philippines on March 21 where he was well received by thousands of enthusiastic and passionate fans. The star was attending a special event titled “Fun Meet” where he was meeting fans while also representing the fashion brand Bench. More than 15,000 fans packed the Smart Araneta Coliseum in Manila, and there were many more fans outside the stadium who couldn’t gain admission.

The star last held a fan meeting in the Philippines in 2012, and since then his popularity has soared due to his recent role in the drama “The Heirs.” Lee Min Ho is currently getting ready for his 2014 movie “Gangnam Blues.”

Watch the passionate fans cheer as Lee Min Ho speaks to his Filipino admirers in Korean at the Fun Meet

Hwang Jung Eum and Yeon Jung Hoon in Talks for New Period Drama, “Endless Love”

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Hwang Jung Eum and Yeon Jung Hoon are currently in talks for the upcoming SBS drama, “Endless Love.” Officials at the actors’ respective agencies said to Newsen on March 24, “They’ve received proposals for the drama, and are looking them over. While they are discussing the roles, nothing has been decided yet.”

“Endless Love” will be a period drama set against the background of Korean politics and economics in the 1980′s, and will draw a love story between the two main characters.

The drama will be written by writer Na Yeon Sook (SBS “East of Eden”) and director Lee Hyun Jik (MBCWarrior Baek Dong Soo,” “Lobbyist“), and will air after the end of “Angel Eyes,” which is set to air its first episode in April, starring Gu Hye Sun and Lee Sang Yoon

“K-Pop Star 3,” Who Are the Top 4?

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It’s down to the final four as Han Hee Jun and Almeng were eliminated on this week’s SBS “K-Pop Star Season 3.” The top four contestants are Sam Kim, Kwon Jin Ah, Jjarimongddang and Bernard Park.

The Top 4 finalists were decided by a combination of judges’ scores and text message voting by the viewers.

Sam Kim received top marks from the three judges for his performance of Park Jin Young’s “You’re The One.” He received a score of 95 from YG (Yang Hyun Suk), 97 from JYP (Park Jin Young) and 97 from Antenna Music (Yoo Hee Yeol), achieving a total score of 289

12 Female Celebrities who don’t look their age

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If you paid attention to the "Korean Terms All K-Pop Fans Should Know" article, then you know that there are such things as dongans and no-ans. As a reminder, dongan is used to refer to someone who looks younger than their age - a "baby face." On the other hand, no-an is used to refer to someone who looks older than their age.

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A lot of people, like myself, are shocked when they find out the real age of a certain celebrity whom they presumed to be younger or older. So which female celebrities were you wrong about? Check out the list below.

Crayon Pop

This whole group is older than most people would think and the surprise is partly because the girls are so youthful and energetic and caters more to a younger audience with their bright costumes and catchy songs

Celebrity Chatter of the Week

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There’s a lot of chatter in the Korean entertainment industry every single day, and we’re not just talking about the SNS World. We’re talking about the whole burrito with all of its delicious ingredients inside.

From variety shows to dramas, from Twitter to press conferences, we’ll be snooping around (almost) every corner and digging at (almost) every pothole to see who said what that was meaningful, controversial, or just something to chuckle at during our downtime.

Of course, we can’t cover everything, since that would mean this article would be endless.

So instead, we’ll be posting some of our favorites celebrity quotes from the week.

“Either way, Hyung already smoked, so I say we all just smoke together and call it even.”

Of course, Jung Joon Young would say something like this on March 16′s broadcast of KBS′ 1 Night, 2 Days as the members tried to think of a punishment to give to Kim Joo Hyuk, who was caught smoking during the program′s ′No Smoking Special

Song Joong Ki’s Latest Spotting in Military Uniform Wows Fans

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Song Joong Ki, who is currently serving in the military, was recently spotted in uniform.

On March 20, one of Song Joong Ki’s Chinese fan sites collected and uploaded many photos taken of the celebrity when he went to China for a performance.

The couple photos below were captured when Song Joong Ki was waiting on the side of the stage while the military officers performed.

Song Joong Ki still has to sport the mandatory buzzed cut, but it’s a surprise to see him in a red uniform. He looks more thinned out than the previous photos, which is a mixed reaction from fans. The photo on the right shows his cute side as he leaves out his tongue.

He arrived in Beijing, China on March 16 to emcee for The Ministry of National Defense’s “The Korean Army Forces Culture and Arts Festival

Lee Michelle Addresses Heartbreak and Prejudice in Music Video for “Without You”

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Lee Michelle, former contestant on the first season of “K-Pop Star,” released the music video for her first digital single, “Without You” through the official 1theK YouTube channel.

Lee Michelle had wowed the judges and impressed the Korean audience with her powerful singing voice on the “K-Pop Star” when it aired its first season in 2011. She made it to the top 5 and left the show after becoming a household name. Since then, she has focused on training and appeared as featured voice in other artist singles. Now, she makes her solo debut with “Without You.”

“Without You” is a powerful and empowering ballad about moving on and forward after the heart has been broken. While the lyrics are directed at a singular boy, the music video confronts prejudice and racism in a story about a little girl and her struggles with accepting herself

Review: Who is the “Monster?” The Serial Killer or the Family that Created Him?

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Reading the typical plot synopsis for “Monster,”directed by Hwang In Ho, you might think that it falls under the genre of revenge thriller or horror. While the movie does have some of their elements, it might be better thought of as something else . In fact, at times I found the shifts in tone very jarring and confusing, moving from the overly comical to the horrific and repulsive in a few minutes, leaving me with the impression that the director did not truly respect his material.

Kim Go Eun as Bok Soon

The story concerns two miserable families, one much worse than the other. (It could even be said that it actually involves three miserable families, but I am avoiding spoilers.) In the first family there is Bok Soon (Kim Go Eun), a mentally handicapped young woman who sells produce at a street stall to support herself and her younger sister, Eun Jung (Kim Bo Ra)

Hip Hop Group Baechigi Releases Mysterious “Dduraeyo” Teaser

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Hip hop group Baechigi has released a mysterious new teaser for their new single “Dduraeyo“!

The track is produced by the duo Lee Gi and Seo Yong Bae, who also composed Ailee’s “Heaven” with Wheesung. It’s been revealed to have a disco rhythm with a “Korean melody.”

In the teaser, Baechigi is no where to be found, only showing entertainer Kim Heung Gook on the drums exclaiming “Dduraeyo” and “Baechigi.” It is a mystery as to what we can expect from the track and full music video.

“Dduraeyo” drops March 24, and Baechigi’s first comeback stage will be on Mnet’s “M!Countdown” on March 27.

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Lee Min Ho poses for ‘@star1′ and discusses his popularity as a Hallyu star

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Lee Min Ho met up with star fashion magazine "@star1" and took part in a photo shoot and interview for its April issue.

During the interview portion, he talked about his immense popularity in China. He was asked, "You are very popular in China to the point people call you a god. In your opinion, what"s the secret to your popularity?"

He relied, "The strength of Korean dramas. They sent me a lot of love to the characters in dramas "Boys Over Flowers," "City Hunter," and "Heirs." I think it"s the power of Korean dramas. Also, I think I spread the name Lee Min Ho while often communicating with the fans on-site starting three years ago."

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He also appeared as the very first Korean guest on the Chinese program "Spring Festival Gala