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Lee Seung Gi And Moon Chae Won Reunite For A Realistic Love Story

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It has been a great year for star reunions. Jang Nara and Jang Hyuk, Kwon Sang Woo and Choi Ji Woo, Lee Jun Ki and Nam Sang Mi are just a few of the k-drama actors that opted to work together for a second time. And now Lee Seung Gi and Moon Chae Won are planning an acting reunion.

Lee Seung Gi and Moon Chae Won played boyfriend and girlfriend in the drama "Shining Inheritance," although in the end she did not get to keep him. Her cruel behavior toward her stepsister, played by Han Hyo Joo, cost her the man she wanted.

Now Moon Chae Won will have another chance for romance when the two co-star in "Today"s Love," also called "Today"s Dating."

In the film he plays a man named Junsu. He can"t make his relationships work because he is too giving

Tao reveals he”s a fan of Shin Min Ah and EXO practice their CF skills on “EXO 90:2014″

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Tao revealed his adoration for actress Shin Min Ah, and EXO learned how to be cute on CFs from fellow million-seller artist Jo Sung Mo on "EXO 90:2014"!

Jo Sung Mo recalled how he debuted as a "faceless" artist through his "To Heaven" music video starring Lee Byung Hun and Kim Ha Neul. He also mentioned the other top stars that rose to stardom after starring in his music videos including Lee Young Ae, Bae Yong Joon, So Ji Sub, Kang Dong Won, Shin Min Ah, Kim Seung Woo, and Hwang Soo Jung.

Upon the mention of Kang Dong Won, MC Jun Hyun Moo commented, "Doesn"t he look like Tao?" Jo Sung Mo agreed, and Tao acknowledged it right away, replying excitedly, "Oh, you"re right," surprising everyone on set with his overwhelming confidence

The Lee Jong Suk And Suzy Bae Dating Rumors

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Lee Jong Suk insists that he is not dating miss A singer and actress Suzy Bae. It would be nearly impossible because he never met her.

So, how did this dating rumor happen?

It started with an online post claiming that the Dispatch had photos of the actors together and that they would be released the next day. The rumors naturally spread because the Dispatch is well known for outing dating stars and the celebrities in question are very popular.

But the rumors were not true. The next morning the Dispath denied them saying that they would only be posting photographs of an old photo shoot of Suzy"s.

But now that the rumors existed the agencies of both stars felt it necessary to deny them.

A representative from Wellmade Entertainment said that they had confirmed that Lee Jong Suk did not know the actress personally

Korean movies opening today 2014/08/28 in Korea

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Korean movies opening today 2014/08/28 in Korea: "Night Flight" and "Pick Up Artist"

"Night Flight" (2013)Directed by Lee Song-hee-ilWith Kwak Si-yang, Lee Jae-joon, Choi Joon-ha, Kim Chang-hwan, Lee Ik-joon, Jeong In-gi,...The 15th Jeonju International Film Festival SelectionSynopsisThree teenage boys who were once close friends grow apart when they reach high school: Yong-ju lives hiding his true gender identity, Gi-woong becomes the leader of the school gang, and Gi-taek an obsessive manga fan. Tired of the constant malicious bullying by Gi-woong"s gang, Gi-taek betrays them by disclosing that Yong-ju has loved Gi-woong for years. Surrounded by an insecure boundary of the school and wounded by betrayals, the boys are driven into catastrophe

Lee Seung Gi Deflects Questions About Girlfriend Yoona

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Lee Seung Gi and Girls" Generation"s Yoona may be one of 2014"s celebrity power couples in the Korean entertainment industry, but both choose to remain silent about their relationship.

On August 20, Lee Seung Gi was interviewed by SBS"s One Night of TV Entertainment on the set of a commercial shoot for a rice cooker advertisement that he is endorsing.

During the course of the segment, the actor was asked if he knew how to cook, to which he responded, "I learned a few years before, but I"ve only recently started to learn again."

The interviewer asked, "When you were learning, did you do it because you wanted to cook for a special person?" trying to get a juicy answer from him.

However, he averted the question in a witty manner by saying, "I understand what kind of answer you are fishing for, but your timing is a bit off

Winner’s “2014 S/S” Is Fashionably Late, But Still Solid

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Winner’s “2014 S/S” Is Fashionably Late, But Still Solid Written by Gaya On August 18, 2014

In the arms race between K-pop’s big three companies, the launch of a new boy band would be considered a major stage. With SM and JYP already off and running with Exo and Got7 respectively, we finally arrive at the final, anticipated debut as YG Entertainment unveils Winner.

It may feel as though Winner is at a disadvantage with its late start, but the group has been in the public eye for a considerable amount of time even before debut: first in the much disparaged show WIN, which gave Winner its name and right to debut as the first YG male group since Big Bang, and then in their pre-debut reality show Winner TV, documenting their adventures as they toured in Japan with Big Bang

Lee Ji Ah opens up about her former secret marriage with Seo Taiji for the first time on “Healing Camp”

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"Healing Camp" has aired its much anticipated episode with actress Lee Ji Ah, who made her first appearance on a talk show since debut to open up about her former secret marriage with Seo Taiji that left the nation in shock back a few years ago.

If you"ve been a Kpop fan for a while now, you probably know of Seo Taiji and the Boys, a legendary Korean group. So it was no wonder that the nation fell into shock when it was revealed very belatedly that Seo Taiji and actress Lee Ji Ah were once married in secret before she debuted. According to news reports, the two met each other in 1993 in the States and lived together, filed for marriage in 1997, and officially filed divorce papers in 2006 before it became finalized in 2009.

Lee Ji Ah started off, "I learned it"s simply not a matter of hiding behind a rock when you are hiding a secret with a celebrity that the entire nation knows of

Wonderful Days Episode 49 Review: Ok Taec Yeon Introduces Lee Elijah to His Mothers

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Dong Hee brought Ma Ri to Jang So Shim(played by Yoon Yeo Jung) and Ha Young Choon(played by Choi Hwa Jung)’s house and said, “Please be my mothers for 10 minutes. This is my girlfriend, Kim Ma Ri.”

So Shim and Young Choon were surprised by the unexpected announcement and looked at each other. Ma Ri said, “I’m terribly sorry for coming late at night. Hi, I’m Kim Ma Ri.” Dong Hee mothers were pround of their son.

Lee Min Ho reveals he doesn”t have time to date these days

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Good news, fans! It seems Lee Min Ho is currently single as he revealed that he doesn"t have time to date these days.

Lee Min Ho attended the "LG G3" promotional event in Beijing, China on August 8 where he was asked about his love life. Lee Min Ho shared, "I"m so busy that I don"t have time to date... I don"t even think about dating. I have a lot of people around me, but if I get lonely, I think I will want to date. These days, whenever I have free time, I want to rest a lot... I have so much work these days that even if I had a girlfriend, she would probably run away."

He also shared his goal to star in a foreign production, "I think it would be really fun to film a drama in a foreign country

Actor Lee Min Ho Reveals That He Has No Time to Date Due to His Busy Schedule

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On August 8, Hallyu star and actor Lee Min Ho attended a promotional event for LG G3 in Beijing, China.

During the event, the MC asked Lee Min Ho a question in regard to his dating life, which many fans were curious about. In response to the question, the actor confessed, “I’m so busy that I don’t have any time to date. I actually have no thoughts of wanting to at all. I think I will want to date when I start feeling lonely, despite having a lot of people around me. For now, I want to get a lot of rest when I have [free] time.”

Lee Min Ho added jokingly, “I have so much work that, even if I did have a girlfriend, [she] would probably run away.”

The actor also revealed his future acting plans overseas: “I think it would be very fun to film a drama in another country

Jung So Min, Lee Yoo Bi, Min Hyo Rin, and Jung Joo Yeon Cast in “Twenty”

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The ladies of the upcoming film “Twenty” have been confirmed!

Four young actresses Jung So Min, Lee Yoo Bi, Min Hyo Rin, and Jung Joo Yeon were cast for the upcoming comedy film “Twenty.”

Directed by rising director Lee Byung Hun, “Twenty” is a movie about three 20-year-old best friends and their navigation through life. In the leading male roles, it stars Kim Woo Bin, Junho of 2PM, and Kang Ha Neul.

Jung So Min will portray the on-and-off girlfriend of Kim Woo Bin’s character Chiho, while Lee Yoo Bi will play the love interest of Junho’s character.

Min Hyo Rin will play a mysterious character similar to her role in “Sunny,” while Jung Joo Yeon will play the love interest of womanizer Chiho

Yeo Jin Goo and Lee Min Ki reveal they”re fans of Taeyang on “Entertainment Relay”

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Yeo Jin Goo and Lee Min Ki revealed that they"re fans of Big Bang"s Taeyang on "Entertainment Relay"!

When trying to find things in common, Lee Min Ki revealed himself to have the blood type A while Yeo Jin Goo was revealed to have the blood type O. When reported Rainbow"s Jisook asked if they have the same taste in music, Yeo Jin Goo shared, "[Lee Min Ki] hyung and I have both fallen into Taeyang"s music [lately]." Lee Min Ki commented, "I"m listening to the entire album." Yeo Jin Goo shared, "We bought the CD." Lee Min Ki competed with Yeo Jin Goo on who"s the bigger fan, adding, "I bought it first." But when asked to give a video message to Taeyang, the two ran away in shyness.

When asked, "If you get a girlfriend, what is the thing that you want to do most?", Yeo Jin Goo shared, "I like amusement parks a lot so I want to go there together

Kim Jaejoong Has No Time For A Girlfriend

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In a recent magazine interview, Kim Jaejoong confessed that he has no time for a girlfriend.
Because he once said he would not go public with a relationship until he dated someone for over a year, @Star1 magazine asked him if maybe he had a secret girlfriend.
He said no. Not even a secret girlfriend. Even though he confessed to having secret relationships in the past, he said that he simply did not have the time to see anyone.

“A hidden girlfriend,” he told the magazine. “Even if I had one she would run away.”
He has been very busy with his role in the drama “Triangle,” which ends this week. In that drama about three brothers who were separated in childhood, he plays the middle brother, Heo Young Dal. Kim Jaejoong won praise for his performance. His character starts out seeming like a hopeless petty thug but transforms himself into a competent adversary

[Drama Review] “High School: Love On” – Episode 1

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An angel decides to save a teen"s life and ends up mortal in this comedy-drama.

The angel, who adopts the name Lee Seul Bi thanks to an amalgam of magazines that she spots, has the thankless task of guiding the spirits of the recently deceased. When she turns mortal (presumably by saving the student), she acts very much like someone unfamiliar with humanity or even with a corporeal form: She doesn"t have a name or address. She doesn"t know about eating. She speaks to everyone in banmal (informal speech). She doesn"t know what it is to be ill. She expresses wonder when being rained on. And she experiences dejection for the first time. She also enjoys K-dramas :D

The boy she saves is Shin Woo Hyun. Woo Hyun is adopted by this angel-turned-mortal and she follows him everywhere

Lee Seung Gi To Romance Moon Chae Won In 'Today's Love'

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Lee Seung Gi will romance Moon Chae Won in an upcoming film that has been described as a realistic love story.

In "Today"s Love," he plays Junsu, a man who can"t make his relationships work because he always gives too much of himself. Moon Chae Won plays Hyun Woo, a witty, talkative meteorologist.

The film has been described as a romance movie that depicts relationships between men and woman as being as delicate and complex as the weather.

As there are all kinds of weather, the couple"s relationship might have to weather tumultuous storms, heat waves or a chilling frost.

Lee Seung Gi has previously said he is very fond of acting in romantic comedies and the bigger the challenges a fictional couple faces, the better

Park Gun Hyung Reveals His Love Story With His Girlfriend on “Real Men”

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Actor Park Gun Hyung revealed the juicy love stories with his girlfriend to the other members on “Real Men“. It’s not easy to officially announce his relationship with his girlfriend since he’s a celebrity, but Park Gun Hyung courageously revealed the love letter and their love story, gaining a lot of attention within the room.

On May 25, MBC‘s “Real Men” was aired where Park Gun Hyung received a letter from his girlfriend before going to sleep.

Park Gun Hyung showed pride in his girlfriend as he received this unexpected letter. The other members asked him to reveal the letter and were able to restrain Park Gun Hyung as he tried to read the letter by himself.

In the end, Park Gun Hyung was persuaded and revealed the letter. In the letter, his girlfriend’s affection could be seen through her pretty handwriting

Lee Yoo Bi in Talks for a Role as Kim Woo Bin’s Girlfriend in “Twenty”

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Actress Lee Yoo Bi has been offered a role in the upcoming film “Twenty.”

A representative of her agency sidusHQ revealed to MyDaily on May 26, “Lee Yoo Bi is considering the role in the movie ‘Twenty.’ She is looking over the offer positively, and her appearance will be confirmed soon.”

The film talks about the infinite possibilities of three young adults in their twenties. The three men will be played by actors Kim Woo Bin, Junho of 2PM, and Kang Ha Neul.

In addition to Lee Yoo Bi, actress Jung So Min is being considered for the role of So Min, the girlfriend of Kim Woo Bin’s character Chiho.

Last year, Lee Yoo Bi left a lasting impression on the viewers with her strong performance on “Gu Family Book

Lee Ji Yeon Selected to Model for LG with Lee Min Ho

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Actress Lee Ji Yeon has been selected as the new face of LG Electronics along with Lee Min Ho.

Lee Ji Yeon previously starred in drama Vampire Prosecutor Season 2 and recently acted as Jung Gyu Woon’s girlfriend in 2014 KAFA (Korean Academy of Film Arts)’s project film The Legacy.

Lee Jin Yeon acts opposite Lee Min Ho in the LG commercials already being aired in China, showing off her innocent charms and graceful charms.

Lee Ji Yeon said, “I’m happy and feel responsible to be selected as the model of Korea’s representative company in China and I will work hard to return this honor with good work.”

Meanwhile, Lee Ji Yeon is currently in the process of choosing her next project.

Photo credit: screen capture of LG commercial

Jung So Min to Star as Kim Woo Bin’s Girlfriend in ‘Twenty Years Old’

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Jung So Min will be making her big screen debut as Kim Woo Bin’s girlfriend.

According to many movie affiliates on May 12, Jung So Min is currently adjusting the final conditions for acting in film Twenty Years Old.

Twenty Years Old will depict the love and friendship of three twenty year old friends, by realistically showing what young people experience and feel as they enter their 20’s. Kim Woo Bin, Kang Han Neul and Lee Jun Ho have been cast for the lead roles.

In the film, Jung So Min will be acting as ‘Chi Ho’ (Kim Woo Bin)’s girlfriend, ‘So Min.’

Smart and easy-going, So Min receives attention from all three friends since her school days and will continue to be at the center of their love and friendship even in their adulthood

Honey Lee Cast in New tvN drama “Marriage, Not Dating”

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Actress, Honey Lee, has been casted as the lead female role for the new tvN drama, “Marriage, Not Dating.”

On May 1, according to an official of the program, Honey Lee has been casted for the lead female role, Park Chan Bi, who’s originally from the countryside but works at a luxury brand store. It has been known that this drama will be aired after “Gapdong.

Actor, Yeon Woo Jin, has also been casted as the lead male role, Gong Ki Tae, who graduated from an Ivy League college and is an expert in plastic surgery. A romantic relationship will be developed between the two characters as they bicker with each other throughout the drama.

According to an official from tvN, they said, “At the moment, Honey Lee is coordinating with the staff regarding the role of Park Chan Bi