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Upcoming Korean movie “The Mutant”

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"The Mutant" (2014)

Directed by Kwon Oh-kwang

With Park Bo-yeong, Lee Gwang-soo, Lee Cheon-hee, Jang Gwang, Lee Byeong-joon, Kim Hee-won,...

Lee Gwang-soo takes on the role of a mutant in "The Mutant", which is about a clinical demonstration centered around rumors that someone"s boyfriend is turning into a fish. Park Bo-yeong is Lee Gwang-soo"s girlfriend who posts the story of her "fishy" boyfriend on the internet. Lee Cheon-hee is the wannabe reporter who digs for the truth.

Release date in Korea : 2015

How Long Does It Take To Recover From A K-Drama Scandal?

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This year two k-drama actors faced major scandals. One of those actors, Kim Hyun Joong, has stepped back from the public eye. Accused of hitting his girlfriend, the actor still faces a police investigation, even though the charges were dropped. The other, Lee Byung Hun, is focusing on his work in the U.S., having lost many advertising deals in Korea. Lee Byung Hun was the victim of a blackmail attempt. While he is the victim in this case, he has apologized for any of his own actions that might have led him to be so vulnerable.

Both actors sustained damage to their careers. But how long will the effects of the scandal last? The only way to guess is to examine past scandals and see how long the negative effects lasted.

Two recent examples are Park Shi Hoo and Park Si Yeon

KBS Drama Cantabile Tomorrow episode 11 Recap and Screenshots

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by Dramabeans: Yoo-jin’s mother hears that her ex-husband is on his way to see Yoo-jin’s performance. Knowing that Dad’s presence is bound to mess with Yoo-jin, she decides to prevent his attendance, no matter what.With several hours till showtime, both Yoo-jin and Nae-il have dress rehearsals to attend. But when the gang drops by the dressing room to check on Nae-il, they find that she’s locked herself in the room and is refusing to perform.Yoo-jin connects the dots, thinking of Nae-il’s outburst about being pushed to play, and asks for some privacy. Once alone in the hallway, he speaks through the door to Nae-il, who’s huddled and shaking inside. KBS Drama Cantabile Tomorrow episode 11 Recap and ScreenshotsYoo-jin explains that he understands now why she was in such an unusually good mood today—that today would be the first time they’re standing on the same stage, even if it wasn’t in the same performance

Lee Kwang Soo To Play Mutant Boy-Turned-Fish

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Lee Kwang Soo is getting good at filling up his schedule. As well as his regular appearances on the variety show "Running Man" the actor and entertainer is penciling in plenty of drama and film roles. He recently finished playing Park Soo Kwang, a character with Tourette"s Syndrome in the drama "It"s Okay, It"s Love," as well as taking on a two-episode role in the drama special "Secret Love." Last year he had roles in two films, "Confession" and "Five Siblings In Deoksu Village."

This year he will play a boy who becomes a fish in an upcoming fantasy film titled "Mutant."

One of his co-stars in this film will be his good friend, actress Park Bo Young, who was last seen in "Wolf Boy." The other will be Lee Chun Hee, who played the "Master" in the recent drama "Dating Agency Cyrano

Korean KBS Drama Cantabile Tomorrow Episode 8 Recap and Screenshots

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by Dramabeans: Much to Yoo-jin’s shock, the S Orchestra’s performance of “Mambo” is good, and so is the new guy Yoon-hoo, who’s acting as their emergency conductor. In flashback, we see him asking the orchestra to give him a chance to conduct, since he’s performed this piece before and has memorized the score. They look hesitant, but they’re out of options so they agree; and as we’ve already seen, the result is a roaring success.Yoon-hoo is playful and expressive up there on the conductor’s platform, performing as much as the rest of them are and leading them like the life of the party. It’s adorable to watch, and in the back of the auditorium, Yoo-jin’s cloud just gets darker and darker.Streseman seems to have been waiting for this reaction, as he simply stands there praising Yoon-hoo. He looks intrigued the minute Yoo-jin retorts that he’s the star today

Korean SBS Drama Birth of a Beauty Episodes 1 Episode 2 Recap and Screenshots

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by Dramabeans:It’s a grand entrance for a gorgeous woman, whom we’ll come to know as SA-RA (Han Ye-seul), who walks down a street and turns heads left and right with her stunning appearance. Everywhere she goes she attracts admiring glances and drops jaws; she explains that she’s an actress who’s just come back to Korea after working in the U.S. This makes sense to everyone who sees her, and she gets the royal treatment.She gets her fortune told by a face reader, who is awed by the interesting combination of fates she holds in her hands (er, face): Not only is she an uncommon beauty, she also has the fortune of a military general and might even save the nation. That is, if she steers clear of her two pitfalls: the need to get involved in matters, and bad guys.Sa-ra starts to clue into the uneasy feeling that she’s being followed, and this is how we get our introduction to HAN TAE-HEE (Joo Sang-wook, whose combination of dorky and heo-dang antics I have really missed, and love to see back in action here)

Korean OCN Drama Bad Guys Episode 5 Recap and Screenshots

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by Dramabeans: Today’s cold open: On a sunny day at the park, a man approaches a woman sitting alone from behind. Reaching into his jacket pocket, he slowly extends his other hand towards her…She jumps in alarm and breathes a sigh of relief, recognizing him. It turns out the man was reaching for a small box—namely, a diamond ring. His girlfriend (?) simply asks him to ask nothing before walking away.At the same time some distance away, a masked man in a hat loads his rifle. He fires the weapon and the woman falls, dead. Another shot rings out, followed by another, and then another.Elsewhere, a peddler puts in a panicked call to the police to report some “strange men” who broke in and beat up him and his men. Those so-called “strange men” are none other than Team Crazy Dogs, and the peddler hands the phone over so that Goo-tak can tell the dispatcher that all is well here

Will Han Ji Min Reunite With Hyun Bin?

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It has been a year of k-drama reunions with some k-drama stars such as Jang Hyuk and Jang Nara reuniting after more than a decade. Hyun Bin and actress Han Ji Min are considering an acting reunion, but their reunion may take place only months after the last time they acted together.

Hyun Bin and Han Ji Min worked together in the film "The Fatal Encounter," playing a king and a queen. But despite their titles, they were not a royal couple. Nor were their characters nice to each other. Hyun Bin played King Jeongjo, a king under repeated threat of assassination, and Han Ji Min played his grandfather"s queen consort, Queen Jeongsun.

If she takes the role of Hyun Bin"s girlfriend in the upcoming drama, "Dr Jekyl, Mr. Hyde," she will have to be nicer to him

[Spoiler] “Drama Special – The Suspicious 7th Ward” Shin-ee and Kim Jung-min

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Shin-hee and Kim Jeong-min underwent a pregnancy treatment for an investigation.

Soo-jin (Shin-ee) and Ji-hoon (Kim Jeong-min) started the "7th Ward Investigation" to capture a criminal named Dong-seok.

Investigator Soo-jin is a whiz at undercover investigations. She successfully managed to clean up a gang organization, dressed up as a coffee shop woman. Her chief Lee (Lee Byeong-joon) then told her to undergo a pregnancy treatment with her husband Ji-hoon. He wanted her to get close to Seo-hee (Shim Eun-jin), Dong-seok"s girlfriend who was hospitalized in the 7th ward. He emphasized it was something only Soo-jin and Ji-hoon could do.

Soo-jin didn"t react well to this. She said, "What is he asking us to do? Is he crazy? Why does the squad plan our family?" Lee went to Ji-hoon and persuaded him

[Spoiler] “Jang Bo-ri Is Here!” Lee Yoo-ri and Oh Yeon-seo find their places at last

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The good triumphed over evil in the end.

On the final episode of the MBC drama "Jang Bo-ri Is Here!", Yeon Min-jeong (Lee Yoo-ri) stayed with Do Hye-ok (Hwang Yeong-hee) and Jang Bo-ri (Oh Yeon-seo) at Bisulchae, teaching students and living happily with Bi-dan (Kim Ji-yeong).

Min-jeong and Bo-ri took the long way round to get to their places. Min-jeong ran a soup house with Hye-ok after her sentences was over. Min-jeong curled her hair to look like Bo-ri and started delivering food all over the market. Hye-ok didn"t recognize Min-jeong but Min-jeong took care of her in terms of washing away her sins.

Bo-ri started teaching and continued to raise Bi-dan. She called Kim In-hwa (Kim Hye-ok) to Bisulchae and said, "I"ve found my mother at last"

[HanCinema"s Idol Actors] Lee Seung-gi

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Lee"s first leading role was in 2009"s "Shining Inheritance" as the quintessential prickly male lead, Seon Woo-hwan. Lee showed an affinity for the camera even though he tended to overact, especially during scenes of anger. This habit trended through many of his dramas save for his latest, "You"re Surrounded". The emotions are clear, but seem overwrought, as if geared for the live stage rather than in front of a camera. This is most evident in "Shining Inheritance" and tones down in each subsequent leading role that he landed. Again, it is Lee"s earnest portrayals of his characters that make him so well-liked despite any flaws he may have as an actor. It"s his appeal that keeps the role offers coming."My Girlfriend is a Gumiho" from 2010 was Lee"s real breakthrough as an actor. He worked beside from the very nuanced actress Sin Min-ah from whom he learned a lot

Five Fun Facts About No Min Woo

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No Min Woo plays the very pretty but quirky father of Park Si Yeon"s baby in the drama "The Greatest Marriage." Before that he played a coldhearted and decidedly evil looking-pop star in "God"s Gift - 14 Days." His pop star character was the reason that Lee Bo Young"s young daughter ran away. While trying to meet her favorite star, she was kidnapped.

His character in "The Greatest Marriage" is a little goofy and a lot more likeable.

According to No Min Woo, his "Greatest Marriage" food writer character Park Tae Yeon is a "free spirit," someone who lives life on a dare.

Here some more facts you may want to know about him.

1. He"s a romantic. In an interview with Kpopstarz, he was asked what he considers the "greatest marriage

Six Reasons To Watch 'Boarding House #24'

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(Photo : MBC Every1) "Boarding House #24" is a quirky, idol-driven show that is worth checking out.

“Boarding House #24” is a twelve episode idol drama which stars Tiny-G’s Dohee, VIXX Ken, ZE:A Dongjun, BIGFLO High Top, Rainbow Hyunyoung, and Kim Sa Eun.

The experience of the idol cast varies but the format of the program allows for unseasoned actors. Tiny-G’s Dohee previously won over viewers through her role as Jo Yoo Jin in “Reply 1994.” ZE:A member Dongjun has previously appeared in Korean dramas and variety programs including “Let’s Go Dream Team.” “Boarding House #24” marks the K-Drama debut for VIXX Ken.

Rookie actress Kim Sa Eun became the focus of media attention last week, after she publicly announced her relationship with Super Junior member Sungmin

Jo In Sung And Kim Min Hee Break Up: But Don't Jump To Any Conclusions

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Days after Gong Hyo Jin broke up with her boyfriend actor Lee Jin Wook, her "It"s Okay It"s Love" co-star Jo In Sung has broken up with his girlfriend actress Kim Min Hee.

But, say representatives from Kim Min Hee"s agency, that coincidence does not mean you should jump to any conclusions.

Jo In Sung"s agency IOK Company and Kim Min Hee"s agency have both confirmed that the stars ended their relationship. The companies issued a joint official statement.

"This is our official statement concerning the headlines involving Jo In Sung and Kim Min Hee," said a release by IOK Company. "We"ve confirmed that due to their individual activities, schedules and busy daily lives, the two naturally drifted apart and naturally broke up

Dispatch spots Jo In Sung with Gong Hyo Jin, rumored to have broken up with Kim Min Hee

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Actor Jo In Sung has been spotted with his "It"s Okay, That"s Love" co-star Gong Hyo Jin by Dispatch, sparking dating rumors as well as further fueling rumors that he"s broken up with his publicly acknowledged girlfriend Kim Min Hee.


Media outlet Dispatch reported on September 24, "Jo In Sung, Gong Hyo Jin, Kim Ki Bang, and more were photographed having a good time at a cafe in Itaewon, Yongsan-gu, Seoul on the night of the 23rd." Photos of Jo In Sung, Gong Hyo Jin, and their acquaintances were also revealed.

After the news made headlines, Jo In Sung"s agency IOK Company responded, "Jo In Sung, Gong Hyo Jin, Lee Sung Kyung, and other actors from SBS" "It"s Okay, That"s Love" team are very close. On the night the photos were taken, they were all hanging out together

Actor Jin Goo Gets Married To Non-Celebrity Girlfriend

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Actor Jin Goo, 34, who currently stars in the blockbuster hit "Roaring Currents," was married this weekend in a private ceremony.

He and his non-celebrity girlfriend married at a closed-door ceremony in the Gangnam district of Seoul. His bride is an office worker, who is four years younger than he is. There was no press conference.

Jin Goo met his new bride a year ago but it took him a while to work up the courage to express his feelings and ask her out.

He first mentioned his prospective bride in Dec. 2013 when he appeared on the variety program "Infinite Challenge." At that time he said that he cared for someone but it was a one-sided crush.

"Actually, I"ve had a crush for a while, but I wasn"t able to confess my true feelings to her

Upcoming Korean movie “Hwang Gu”

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"Hwang Gu" (2014)

Directed by Park Yong-jib

With Ji Min-I, Kwon So-hyun, Lee Hyeon-kyeong, Oh Soon-tae, Park Hee-geon, Park Hyun-bin,...

Han-goo (Ji Min-I) was born between a Phillippino father and a upcoming Korean mother. His dream is to become a national Taekwondo athlete and he"s usually very bright and cheerful. Maybe his dream was too fantastical; he always fails to make it to the final round and it"s not just because of his talent. However, Han-goo doesn"t give up and doesn"t show any sign of exhaustion. He challenges himself to become the national Taekwondo athlete for the sake of his family and his girlfriend.

Release date in Korea : 2014/10/16

Brown Eyed Girls’ Ga In to Make Cameo Appearance in Lee Seung Gi and Moon Chae Won’s Movie “Today’s Love”

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Brown Eyed Girls member Ga In will be making a cameo appearance in the new movie “Today’s Love,” starring singer-actor Lee Seung Gi and actress Moon Chae Won as the lead characters.

It is being reported that Ga In is set to take on the role of Lee Seung Gi’s ex-girlfriend in “Today’s Love,” which is scheduled to open up in theaters at the beginning of next year.

The director of this upcoming movie, Park Jin Pyo, has previously directed other well-known productions including “You Are My Sunshine,” “Voice of a Murderer,” and “Closer to Heaven.” As Ga In has worked with director Park Jin Pyo for “Closer to Heaven” in the past, the Brown Eyed Girls member willingly accepted the cameo offer

Lee Seung Gi And Moon Chae Won Reunite For A Realistic Love Story

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It has been a great year for star reunions. Jang Nara and Jang Hyuk, Kwon Sang Woo and Choi Ji Woo, Lee Jun Ki and Nam Sang Mi are just a few of the k-drama actors that opted to work together for a second time. And now Lee Seung Gi and Moon Chae Won are planning an acting reunion.

Lee Seung Gi and Moon Chae Won played boyfriend and girlfriend in the drama "Shining Inheritance," although in the end she did not get to keep him. Her cruel behavior toward her stepsister, played by Han Hyo Joo, cost her the man she wanted.

Now Moon Chae Won will have another chance for romance when the two co-star in "Today"s Love," also called "Today"s Dating."

In the film he plays a man named Junsu. He can"t make his relationships work because he is too giving

Tao reveals he”s a fan of Shin Min Ah and EXO practice their CF skills on “EXO 90:2014″

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Tao revealed his adoration for actress Shin Min Ah, and EXO learned how to be cute on CFs from fellow million-seller artist Jo Sung Mo on "EXO 90:2014"!

Jo Sung Mo recalled how he debuted as a "faceless" artist through his "To Heaven" music video starring Lee Byung Hun and Kim Ha Neul. He also mentioned the other top stars that rose to stardom after starring in his music videos including Lee Young Ae, Bae Yong Joon, So Ji Sub, Kang Dong Won, Shin Min Ah, Kim Seung Woo, and Hwang Soo Jung.

Upon the mention of Kang Dong Won, MC Jun Hyun Moo commented, "Doesn"t he look like Tao?" Jo Sung Mo agreed, and Tao acknowledged it right away, replying excitedly, "Oh, you"re right," surprising everyone on set with his overwhelming confidence