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Kim Jaejoong Has No Time For A Girlfriend

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In a recent magazine interview, Kim Jaejoong confessed that he has no time for a girlfriend.
Because he once said he would not go public with a relationship until he dated someone for over a year, @Star1 magazine asked him if maybe he had a secret girlfriend.
He said no. Not even a secret girlfriend. Even though he confessed to having secret relationships in the past, he said that he simply did not have the time to see anyone.

“A hidden girlfriend,” he told the magazine. “Even if I had one she would run away.”
He has been very busy with his role in the drama “Triangle,” which ends this week. In that drama about three brothers who were separated in childhood, he plays the middle brother, Heo Young Dal. Kim Jaejoong won praise for his performance. His character starts out seeming like a hopeless petty thug but transforms himself into a competent adversary

Hyuna responds to rumors about being PSY’s girlfriend: “It’s an honor.”

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Recently, Hyuna has participated as the latest guest of SBS POWER FM “Escape Untouched Keoltu Show” on Monday, July 28th, where she responded to international rumors of her relationship with PSY.

Previously on July of 2012, Hyuna was known to have starred in PSY’s music video for global hit single “Gangnam Style”, in which she danced in front of him in a subway before participating alongside him to dance the horse-riding dance. As the view streak had passed over two billion views many eyes have seen Hyuna with PSY in the video.

Therefore, rumors regarding their relationship have developed in recent years. Seeing how they had danced in sync so well with each other, viewers could have assumed that they were really close. When she had been told that, “Worldwide fans know you as PSY’s girlfriend, Hyuna had replied, “It’s such an honor [to hear that]

HyunA Likes Being Known as PSY’s Girlfriend

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4minute’s HyunA has expressed her thoughts about responses to her appearance in PSY’s mega-hit music video “Gangnam Style.”

HyunA, who has recently made her solo comeback with “Red”, appeared on SBS Power FM’s “2 o’Clock Escape Call to Show” on July 28.

“My international fans think I am PSY’s girlfriend,” she said. “It’s a real honor. I like being called PSY’s girlfriend. It never makes me feel bad.”

She also talked about her current promotional activities for her latest solo EP “A Talk.”

“Even though people think I would be accustomed to it by now, it’s actually quite tiring,” and “When I am promoting together with my group, it’s nice because we can support each other

Park Gun Hyung yells for his girlfriend on "Real Men"

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Park Gun Hyung cried out for his girlfriend on the latest episode of "Real Men"!

Doing the "trust pole" exercise - where recruits fall backward from an elevated pole, trusting their teammates to catch them - the instructor asked him if he was thinking of anyone special

When Park Gun Hyung replied he was thinking about his girlfriend, the instructor told him to yell a message to her as loudly as he could! 

He gladly obliged, yelling "I love you forever!" at the top of his lungs before taking the leap of faith.

HyunA claims it"s an honor to be thought of as Psy"s girlfriend worldwide + discusses possibility of acting

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On the July 28 broadcast of SBS radio program "Cultwo Show," HyunA, who made her solo comeback with "Red," talked about her solo promotions and being recognized worldwide for her appearance in YouTube"s most viewed video of all-time, Psy"s viral MV, "Gangnam Style."

DJ Jung Chan Woo said, "How do you feel doing solo promotions? It"s already your third time now, so aren"t you used to it?" She said, "People think each time that I would have gotten used to it, but it is actually burdensome. When I"m promoting with the members, each one has their position and I trust my members, so I think that makes it a lot better."

Jung Chan Woo continued, "Fans all over the world think of you as Psy"s girlfriend

Rapper Beenzino Parts Ways with Girlfriend of Two Years

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It has been revealed that rapper Beenzino has broken up with his long-term girlfriend.

A source in the industry shared on July 22, “The two recently ended their relationship due to differences in personality.”

The couple had been dating since the fall of 2012, when they were introduced to each other by an acquaintance. Since then, they had been open about their relationship, enjoying public dates and outings. The girlfriend works as an editor for a successful fashion magazine, and has also worked in the modeling industry.

Beenzino rose to stardom in 2009, when he lent his voice for producer Primary‘s “Daily Apartment.” His first solo album, “24:26,” released in 2012 helped him to establish an even larger fan base. He currently represents 1llionaire Records with Dok2 and The Quiett

Taeyang reveals 'Eyes, Nose, Lips' is about a recent girlfriend

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Taeyang revealed that he got inspiration for his latest solo album "RISE" from a recent relationship.

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During filming for the upcoming "Sketchbook", the Big Bang member discussed his love story and breakup. MC Yoo Hee Yeol asked him if he"s had a girlfriend since he last saw him on the show. Taeyang responded, "We"re broken up now."

He added, "The relationship I had and the separation inspired the lyrics about longing for a past love I wrote for "Eyes, Nose, Lips"." 

Joo Ji Hoon Avoids Questions Regarding Girlfriend BEG’s Gain on ‘Taxi’

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Joo Ji Hoon began to sweat upon receiving questions regarding his girlfriend, Brown Eye Girls’ Gain.

During tvN’s Taxi aired on July 1, Ji Sung and Lee Kwang Soo decided to make a phone call to Joo Ji Hoon, who acted alongside them in film Good Friends.

MC Lee Young Ja and Oh Man Suk said to Joo Ji Hoon, “Lee Kwang Soo and Ji Sung showed a lot of confidence in the movie. Lee Kwang Soo bet all of his money. What are you going to bet?”

Joo Ji Hoon sneaked out of the question saying, “I still haven’t seen the movie. And Lee Kwang Soo doesn’t have a lot of money.”

Then Lee Young Ja suggested, “When the movie sells over 10 million tickets, you should come on Taxi with Gain and kiss her.”

Taken by surprise, Joo Ji Hoon said, “Well… you never know what’s going to happen in life,”

Unwilling to give up, Lee Young Ja said, “You should kiss her if you’re still dating her by then,” and Joo Ji Hoon avoided the question by saying, “Then maybe…I can’t hear you very well” making everyone laugh

So Ji Sub says he'll date openly when he's thinking of marrying his girlfriend

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So Ji Sub talked about openly dating!

So Ji Sub went to Taiwan on the 27th and held a press conference before his fanmeeting. He discussed about visiting Taiwan for the first time and also talked about himself. He started the press conference by saying, "Hello, I am So Ji Sub. It"s my first time in Taiwan, and I"m nervous and looking forward to it. I"m happy many people are cheering me on."

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When asked what he wanted to do and eat in Taiwan, he said, "I want to meet my fans first. As for what to eat, I feel like I should ask you." The reporters recommended mango shaved ice and So Ji Sub replied that he would definitely try it if he had time.

When asked why So Ji Sub was sticking to hip hop, he joked, "It"s because I can"t sing

Super Junior′s Heechul Reveals Why He Never Takes Pictures with His Girlfriend

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Super Junior’s Heechul revealed the reason he never takes pictures with his girlfriend.

During June 26’s broadcast of JTBC’s Ssulzun, the panel talked about the recent outbreak on Girls’ Generation (SNSD) Taeyeon and EXO Baek Hyun’s relationship.

Heechul revealed during the show that he knew about Taeyeon and Baek Hyun’s relationship since a month earlier, saying “Coincidentally, I’m the closest to Taeyeon out of SNSD and Baek Hyun out of EXO.”

He said, “The fans are especially disappointed because Taeyeon and Baek Hyun receive so much love from the fans. If I get involved in a scandal, they wouldn’t care so much, but it’s different in the case of Taeyeon and Baek Hyun.”

Heechul then revealed he has never taken a picture with his girlfriend, reasoning, “I always tell my hubaes never to leave trace when they are dating, so one time my girlfriend asked me if I even really liked her

Jung Kyung Ho is forced to choose between Choi Yeo Jin and girlfriend Girls' Generation's Sooyoung

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On the first episode of SBS"s new variety program "Laws of the Jungle in New York," which aired on June 11, Girls" Generation"s Sooyoung came up during her boyfriend Jung Kyung Ho"s phone conversation with actress Choi Yeo Jin.

Another person on the show, Kim Sung Soo, heard incorrectly that Choi Yeo Jin was going to be a female cast member so he dialed her up. He warned her, "We"re in the middle of recording, so you can"t curse (over the phone)."

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She proved to be good friends with Jung Kyung Ho, saying, "I filmed "Sorry, I Love you" with Jung Kyung Ho." When asked what she thought of him, she suddenly said, "Kyung Ho, I love you."

Kim Sung Soo said, "You know he has a girlfriend, right? You, you know what group his girlfriend is in, right?" bringing up Girls" Generation"s Sooyoung

Nana clarifies that she is not Jo Se Ho's girlfriend in the preview for 'Roommate'

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After School"s Nana and comedian Jo Se Ho went on a date, or at least that"s what Jo Se Ho hoped it would be, in the preview for "Roommate"!

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Jo Se Ho put on another lip-syncing performance in the car, and this time Nana sang along to SoyuXJungGiGo"s "Some". In the preview, Jo Se Ho told Nana, "This is the first time that I visited a rest stop with my girlfriend," to which Nana fired back, "What? I am not your girlfriend." Everywhere they went, Jo Se Ho kept on introducing Nana as his girlfriend, and Nana kept drawing the line on their relationship, "I"m just a girl. Don"t add "friend" [to the word]. [I"m just a] girl."

Will this blossom into another love line? Stay tuned to find out on "Roommate" this Sunday at 4:15 PM KST!

Actor Chun Jung Myung Breaks Up with Girlfriend

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Actor Chun Jung Myung has revealed that the rumors of him breaking up with his girlfriend are true.

On May 27, Chun Jung Myung’s agency stated in a telephone interview, “It is true that Chun Jung Myung has recently broken up with his girlfriend. One week ago, after an article about their dating surfaced, his non-celebrity girlfriend was having a hard time with all of the attention she was getting from people around her. What was especially stressful for her was when her personal circumstances and photos were revealed on the Internet.”

The agency representative added, “Chun Jung Myung thought the two of them could associate more comfortably if they admitted that they were dating, but seeing as how she was a normal citizen, she had a lot of psychological burden. Chun Jung Myung is also hurting from the breakup

Chun Jung Myung’s Relationship with Girlfriend Comes to an End

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A week after going public with his relationship, it’s been revealed that Chun Jung Myung has ended it.

On May 27, Chun Jung Myung’s agency told Newsen, “Chun Jung Myung recently broke up with his girlfriend.”

On January 21, Chun Jung Myung confirmed that he was dating a 21-year old woman. The news was revealed through paparazzi photos, pushing the actor to tell the truth. However, his girlfriend, who is not a celebrity, is said to have received much stress after her private information was leaked to the public.

“Not long after the first dating article, her personal information began to rise here and there on the internet. She had a really tough time and received a lot of pain,” said the agency.

“Chun Jung Myung is currently very sorry because he believes that she got hurtbecause of him

Park Gun Hyung Reveals His Love Story With His Girlfriend on “Real Men”

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Actor Park Gun Hyung revealed the juicy love stories with his girlfriend to the other members on “Real Men“. It’s not easy to officially announce his relationship with his girlfriend since he’s a celebrity, but Park Gun Hyung courageously revealed the love letter and their love story, gaining a lot of attention within the room.

On May 25, MBC‘s “Real Men” was aired where Park Gun Hyung received a letter from his girlfriend before going to sleep.

Park Gun Hyung showed pride in his girlfriend as he received this unexpected letter. The other members asked him to reveal the letter and were able to restrain Park Gun Hyung as he tried to read the letter by himself.

In the end, Park Gun Hyung was persuaded and revealed the letter. In the letter, his girlfriend’s affection could be seen through her pretty handwriting