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Jang Hyuk, Jang Nara, Choi Jin Hyuk and Wang Ji Won Get Ready to Present ‘Fated to Love You’

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preview nextview 1/15 preview nextview Jang Hyuk shows up in stylish golden suit

MBC’s upcoming drama Fated to Love You, starring Jang Hyuk, Jang Nara, Choi Jin Hyuk and Wang Ji Won, held a press conference on June 30 in 63 building in Yeouido.

Photo credit: Kim Byung Kwan

He waves for the camera

MBC’s upcoming drama Fated to Love You, starring Jang Hyuk, Jang Nara, Choi Jin Hyuk and Wang Ji Won, held a press conference on June 30 in 63 building in Yeouido.

Photo credit: Kim Byung Kwan

Here comes the heroine of the drama!

MBC’s upcoming drama Fated to Love You, starring Jang Hyuk, Jang Nara, Choi Jin Hyuk and Wang Ji Won, held a press conference on June 30 in 63 building in Yeouido

T-ara’s Hyo Min Wants to Have Confidence Like Lee Hyori

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As the second member of T-ara to debut as a soloist, Hyo Min shared her thoughts in releasing her first solo album.

Hyo Min attended the press conference for the release of her first mini album Nice Body on June 30 in JBK Convention Hall in Samsung-dong.

Hyo Min said, “I greet you alone for the first time. Like what Ji Yeon said, I am very nervous. I even took some pills to calm myself down, but I am still nervous.”

Going along with the title of her title song Nice Body, Hyo Min showed off her body by dressing in hot pants and a tank top.

She said, “I figured that the most important thing for this performance is confidence. I want to be confident, like Lee Hyori unnie. So I cut my hair short and dyed my hair in the lightest color that I’ve dyed so far

SUJU′s Kim Heechul, Infinite, 2PM and More Top SNS Photos

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preview nextview 1/11 preview nextview We′re talking hair, beards, birthdays and more in this week′s Weekend Roundup, so flip through to check out our favorite SNS photos from the week!

That time Lee Gi Kwang′s bang game was on point

Sandara Park′s peek-a-boo bangs get honorable mention

Blonde is a good look for Jung Il Woo

Choi Siwon′s beard can′t stop, won′t stop

When Kim Heechul′s obsession with Anna from Frozen went from cute to creepy

But Lee Hong Gi still has love for him

Too much Jung Hyung Don, not enough Infinite

To prove Key is fierce all day, every day

Seeing the 2PM members together warmed our hearts

Finally, sending lots of luck your way with Minzy!

MBLAQ’s Lee Joon, B2ST’s Lee Gi Kwang, SISTAR’s Bora, and Ahn Jae Hyeon Talk about Working with K.Will

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After starring in K.Will’s music videos, MBLAQ’s Lee Joon, B2ST’s Lee Gi Kwang, SISTAR’s Bora, and model-turned-actor Ahn Jae Hyeon appeared in K.Will’s Fake Documentary.

In the second episode of K.Will’s Fake Documentary, released on June 26, the stars talked about working with K.Will and what they thought of his handsomeness.

None of the stars could really remember filming for the music video as it happened a long time ago, but they all gave nervous laughter when they were asked about K.Will’s good looks and if they were close with K.Will. Bora hilariously mentioned that they are really close and she was even invited to his house…to film for a program.

Lee Joon appeared on K.Will’s music video for Heart is Beating, Lee Gi Kwang for Gift, Bora for I Need You, and Ahn Jae Hyeon for Please Don’t

Hong Seok Cheon Reveals that Many Celeb Couples Have Secret Dates in His Restaurant

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Hong Seok Cheon’s restaurant turned out to be Pandora’s box among the celebrities.

During recent filming of KBS W’s The Lord of the Ratings, Hong Seok Cheon revealed, “Many celebrity couples enjoy their dates in secret at my restaurant.”

When the MCs asked, “Which couples?” and Hong Seok Cheon answered, “The exemplary couples are Ji Sung-Park Bo Young and Kang Hye Jung-Tablo couple. The other couples break up or come back with a different partner.”

Hoping for more details, Lee Hwi Jae asked, “Which couple came most recently?” and Hong Seok Cheon increased curiosity by saying, “A singer who has been earning popularity recently came with the lover.”

When Lady Jane asked, “How do you keep the celeb couples’ dates as secret?” Hong Seok Cheon answered, “I empty out the whole floor when a celebrity couple comes

Lee Kwang Soo Will Not Leave ‘Running Man’ Just to Focus on Other Projects

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Having earned the image of being a ‘variety man’ ever since joining Running Man, Lee Kwang Soo expressed his love for the show stating, “I know what people around me are concerned about but Running Man is like family to me.”

Making appearance on variety shows, dramas and movies, Lee Kwang Soo’s new movie Good Friends will be premiering on July 10.

He acted as ‘Min Soo,’ who bets everything in his life for his friend. It is hard to find any trace of his variety image as ‘giraffe Kwang Soo’ in the movie.

Meeting with Newsen for in interview on June 27, Lee Kwang Soo said, “I already watched the movie twice but I’m still not sure. I can only see what I lack in and things I’m regretful about. I didn’t have the room to think about how the overall project came out

2NE1 Sleeps in the Airport, SUJU SIwon Sips on His Favorite Drink, and More

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preview nextview 1/11 preview nextview It′s Friday!!!!

And the stars were feeling it, traveling off to different countries, taking a sip of their favorite drink, and eating their favorite food.

Check out today′s Twitter Roundup!

Infinite′s Woohyun was feeling the love as he tweeted, "The most beautiful messages in the world."

2PM′s Junho tweeted a selca Polaroid of himself, tweeting, "I arrived at home~ Everyone go home and rest up. Good night!"

Block B′s Zico was having fun in the sun, as he wrote, "Garden."

Super Junior′s Donghae was "So so so tired !!" but still in good spirits with his V-signs.

Super Junior′s Choi Siwon was having a good time (responsibly) as he tweeted, "I′m spending time with my favorite beer

(Drama Review) ‘Triangle’ – Episode 16

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Young Dal meets his new employers at Daejung Group. Yang Ha attempts to discredit him in front of the group, but Young Dal handles it with grace, admits to his past life as a thug, promises to do better, and is bolstered by an ovation. His appointment as director is all the buzz at the casino among the dealers and the leaders. Investor Chang Bong introduces Young Dal to Peter Moon, a casino expert who provides the young director with an evaluation of Daejung casino to help him seem intelligent enough to combat Yang Ha"s objections. At a strategy meeting for Daejung Group, Young Dal outshines Yang Ha with his suggestions for increasing revenue. He also visits his mother and finds out she is not living well.

A gang trashes Madame Jang"s casino, and each of them are dispatched Bruce Lee-style by Man Bong

Tablo and ZE:A Hyung Sik Fight the Heat, SUJU Heechul Chows Down on Ramen, and More

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preview nextview 1/11 preview nextview The summer heat is finally settling in as our stars fight the weather with bowls of ramen and apples.

Check out today′s Twitter Roundup!

ZE:A′s Park Hyung Sik tweeted, "It′s hot...! Everyone, watch out for your health! Our people who are working hard, thank you."

Epik High′s Tablo was also feeling the summer heat as he Instagrammed, "It′s gon be a hot summer."

Teen Top′s L.Joe didn′t seem to let the heat bother him, tweeting a hashtag that read, "Smile like me."

Block B′s Zico hit up Miami Florida, enjoying the glorious sun while on a concert tour.

MBC every1′s Weekly Idol delivered some awesome selfies of Jung Hyung Don and Infinite.

Super Junior′s Donghae went to sleep with his beanie, Instagramming, "Too late!! Good night ELF

K.Will Makes Hearts Flutter Again with ‘Day 1’ MV Starring Park Min Woo and Soyou

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K.Will has done it again.

With each song and music video he releases, K.Will manages to make our hearts flutter, and with his latest track, Day 1, there was no exception.

K.Will released his new mini album One Fine Day on June 26, revealing the ever-so-sweet music video for Day 1 featuring Park Min Woo and SISTAR’s Soyou, who created the most heart-fluttering love story in a short span of 4 minutes.

G: K.Will in his own MV!

E: Park Min Woo!
G: my favorite ramen boy after Lee Ki Woo


E: Ooh, I like the beat already

G: He looks SO dorky

E: Oh it′s Soyou
G: hahah these captions are so funny

G: Oh awkwardddd
G: that has happened to me before
E: Omg I HATE when that happens

E: Hey she′s painting and he′s in love with her
G: I′m in love with him
E: why doesn′t that happen to me in art class?

E: Omg he′s so dorky
G: I love itttt

E: This is SO CUTE
G: The song is good too
E: “I′m the best looking out of all the ugly guys”


G: ugh why does K

Lee Seung Gi Gifts ‘You Are All Surrounded’ Team with Pizzas

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Lee Seung Gi gifted the filming site of You Are All Surrounded with a special food truck.

Currently acting in SBS’s You Are All Surrounded, Lee Seung Gi ordered a pizza truck to be delivered to the filming site on June 25, gifting the cast and staff members with Pizza Hut’s taco pizzas, which he is currently modeling for.

Lee Seung Gi posed smiling brightly in front of the pizza truck that arrived at the filming site, which was reportedly enjoyed by all staff and cast members at the site.

A staff member said, “As the drama is heading towards the climax, we often skip meals due to the tight schedules but thanks to Lee Seung Gi’s thoughtful gift, we were able to enjoy a plentiful meal. Always leading positive atmosphere, Lee Seung Gi’s pizza gift has surrounded all of the staff members’ hearts

Voting Opens for 2014 Mwave K-Pop Star World Championship Quarter-Finals

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With the World Cup coming up, we here at Mwave decided that there′s been so many great acts lately in the K-Pop scene - so we′re holding our very own 2014 Mwave K-Pop Star World Championship!

The prelims have all wrapped up and now, Mwave is moving on to the Quarter-Finals of the K-Pop Star World Championship!

We′ve divided the 16 artists into 4 brackets, so choose wisely, vote wisely, and go cheer on your fave K-Pop star!

Bracket 16-A includes Shinhwa, Henry, 2PM and Trouble Maker; Bracket 16-B has Lee Seung Gi, Infinite, BTOB and 4minute; Bracket 16-C includes Super Junior, T-ara, GOT7 and B2ST; and the final bracket, Bracket 16-D has FT Island, Rain, MBLAQ and A PINK.

From June 25 (today) to July 6, you′ll be able to vote for the artist you want to move on to the semi-finals!

The artists who reach 1st, 2nd and 3rd K-POP STAR WORLD CHAMPION will be awarded a special Gold, Silver and Bronze prize and we′ll also be awarding special gifts to 50 random participants!

Head over to the World Championship voting page now toparticipate!

Photo credit: Mwave

(Drama Review) ‘Gabdongi’ – Episode 20 (Final Episode)

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Cha facing the noose

Cha"s begging comes to naught. Ji Wool shows her latest webtoon to Maria and Mu Yeom, and it displays what she"s learned about Cha"s past. Cha is similarly tortured by thoughts of the noose like Tae Oh, who is out of prison thanks to his mother"s legal team. Tae Oh is later summoned by Cha and challenged, mano-y-mano, but laughs and says that he has surpassed Cha. "Now I"m the real Gab Dong," gloats Tae Oh. He resumes his job as a barista, but is killed just as quickly by Cha"s willing accomplices. There can be only one Gab Dong. Maria quits her job at the hospital now that Gab Dong has been caught. Mu Yeom lets Maria know he"s going to have brain surgery--thankfully, he gets through it just fine

2AM’s Lee Chang Min Reveals His Dating Style

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Lee Chang Min revealed his dating style on broadcast.

During June 24’s broadcast of SBS Power FM’s Old School, Lee Chang Min shared, “I act as a dating expert in musical Café-in.”

When DJ Kim Chang Ryul asked, “How are you in real life?” Lee Chang Min answered, “I don’t feel confident when it comes to dating. I don’t think I’m an expert.”

He continued, “In order to be good at dating, you have to express less and have the other person fall for you without showing how you feel but if I like someone, I give my everything. All I think about is that person. When my phone goes off, I anticipate and wonder if it’s that person.”

The 2AM member continued to reveal his dating style by saying, “I like girls who can express their feelings well, because I’m the type that is not good at expressing

Jeon Hye Bin Says Lee Joon Gi Transforms Completely When Filming Starts

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Jeon Hye Bin praised her co-star, Lee Joon Gi.

During June 24’s broadcast of KBS 2TV’s Yeo Yoo Man Man, Jeon Hye Bin said, “I’ve always wanted to work on a project with Lee Joon Gi. To be honest, I had my doubts on whether he would have charisma as an actor because he’s always smiling, but it was no joke.”

She continued, “Lee Joon Gi is usually like an oppa next door. But once the director gives the cue, he completely changes into a ′shooter.′ I realized that there is a reason why Lee Joon Gi is so loved by fans around the world.”

She also said, “We film frequently in the countryside and it’s been fun eating at various restaurant in the areas. Lee Joon Gi gathers everyone for group dinners and takes us to famous restaurants.”

Photo credit: KBS 2TV

Lee Min Ho Gifts Movie Team with T-Shirts and Towels for His Birthday

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Lee Min Ho gave out special gifts in celebration of his birthday.

Currently filming Gangnam Blues in Suncheon, Lee Min Ho gifted the staff members with t-shirts and environmentally-friendly towels on June 22, as he celebrated his birthday. The Pt-shirts have been specially made with Promiz’s birthday special design.

Lee Min Ho also expressed his gratitude and words of encouragement in the cards as well.

In the picture, Lee Min Ho is holding a sign that says ‘Gangnam Blues Daebak’ along with text ‘We’re halfway finished already. I hope that we can finish well without any trouble, fighting!’

Lee Min Ho said, “I have always received gifts on my birthday but after I started project Promiz, I decided to give away gifts, backed by the fans’ participation

Big Bang Parodies 2NE1, Amber is Left Hanging, Megan Lee Chills with Got7 and More

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preview nextview 1/10 preview nextview The weekend is over, and it′s a rainy Monday in Seoul, but there′s nothing that can′t cheer us up like Today′s Twitter Roundup.

Kicking off Block B’s live showcase in New York, Park Kyung uploaded a picture of the Block B members all fancied up for the show during the press conference.

ZE:A’s Kwang Hee posted a video of him, smoldering his baby with kisses on Instagram, writing “Good night, my Mocha~ from the front yard to the garden behind.”

A Pink’s Jung Eun Ji transformed into a panda for unknown reasons as A Pink’s official Twitter told fans to watch Trot Lovers on June 23.

B2ST’s Lee Gi Kwang updated fans with a selfie, writing, “The rain and thunder are going crazy

(Album & MV Review) AOA – ‘Short Hair’

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After releasing a slew of singles, AOA has finally cut their first mini-album, "Short Hair." AOA is short for Ace Of Angels, a girl group formed in 2012. According to FNC, the mythology is that they are angels that fell in love with our music and visit earth on occasion. It"s a fun concept, and I remember the American group GWAR doing something similar with the alien barbarian angle, so I"ll go with that. The group is actually an octet, except one of their members, Youkyung, plays drums and is not an idol. Therefore, she"s only half-angel, and so they refer to their group as consisting of "7+1." Yeah, I don"t get it either.

The mid-tempo intro track "Fantasy," clocking in at 1:17, begins with breathy vocals and what almost sounds like the strings of a harp. Thankfully, there are no rap parts in it. The style of song doesn"t really lend itself well to that, and it ends largely as it began

SISTAR’s Soyou Names Gong Yoo and Lee Je Hoon as Her Ideal Type

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Soyou brought up her ideal type on broadcast.

While filming KBS 2TV’s 1 vs. 100 to be aired on June 24, Soyou was asked, “Who is your ideal type?” and she answered, “An older man who can control me,” and named Gong Yoo and Lee Je Hoon as her ideal type.

Soyou said, “I don’t think age is that important. I want to feel that he is older than me when I’m with him and even if the age gap is big, I don′t think it matters as long as he has a young mind.”

Photo credit: KBS

(Drama Review) ‘Gabdongi’ – Episode 18

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Maria informs Tae Oh that she"ll help him, but only if "you agree to pay the price for your crimes." The police get ready to bring Section Chief Cha to trial. Mu Yeom brings the section chief and Tae Oh together for a meeting between the two Gab Dongs to gain information. Tae Oh prevaricates, appearing to help Mu Yeom in one instance and the section chief the next. Ji Wool visits Tae Oh and attempts to shame him -- it appears to work. At his trial, Section Chief Cha goes nuts, leaping to his feet and snarling, "Yeah, I am the real Gab Dong!" He also claims that one of his personalities is a lackey that does what he wants and staggers drunkenly after his fit ends.

The med professionals diagnose Section Chief Cha with multiple personality disorder, but there is something in his testimony that bugs Maria: he called himself Gab Dong before the second woman died, yet the name was not given by the police until the 3rd murder