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Official Poster for “Doctor Stranger” Drama is Released

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The official poster for the upcoming SBS Monday-Tuesday drama “Doctor Stranger” is out.

Actor Lee Jong Suk stars as Park Hoon, a boy who gets kidnapped with his father by the North Korean forces. Upon his arrival in the northern part of the Korean peninsula, Park Hoon is taught to become a doctor by his doctor father and he later on becomes a bright chest surgeon. Park Hoon then flees to South Korea where he begins to work as a doctor in South Korea’s top hospital Dongwoo University Hospital. Despite being recognized as a genius in his workplace, Park Hoon feels lonely due to his girlfriend (played by Jin Sae Yeon) Song Jae Hee being stuck in North Korea. To bring Song Jae Hee to come live with him in South Korea, he does everything and anything to make money.

Other actors who are starring in the drama include Park Hae Jin and Kang So Ra

Jaejoong sheds tears in still cuts from drama ‘Triangle’

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MBC"s upcoming drama "Triangle" released still cuts of Jaejoong singing and shedding tears atop a high mountain as he deplores his difficult life as character, Young Dal. At the age of seven, he lost his parents and separated from his older brother (played by Lee Bum Soo) and younger brother (Siwan). Since then, he has been readily doing anything in order to make money. In these pictures, the sunset paints the sky in the empty background to emphasize his loneliness and endurance of hardships.

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In relation to his character, Jaejoong said, "The man"s lonely inner side is displayed during the process of overcoming the conditions in his desperate attempt to live

Lee Bo Young’s Stunt Double Compliments Her on Her Dedication

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Even Lee Bo Young’s stuntwoman for “God’s Gift – 14 Days” was amazed by the actress’s dedication.

Lee Bo Young’s stuntwoman, Kim Soo Young, said, “We’ve been filming for about two to three months now, and my whole body is covered in bruises. Because the outfits are tight, it’s impossible to wear any sort of padding, so my knees and elbows are always bruised.”

Lee Bo Young commented on this: “I thought it was a bit too much. Seeing not a man, but a delicate woman as a stunt double made me so apologetic.”

Kim Soo Young said, “I get worried because the same goes for Lee Bo Young, and she could get hurt. Her outfit is tight, which prevents her from wearing padding. But her style is to go all out, even though there are other actors who get upset even when they just fall

Lyn and MC the Max′s Lee Soo to Get Married After Three Years of Dating

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Lyn and MC the Max’s Lee Soo will be tying the knot.

Lyn and Lee Soo will be getting married on September 19 in Conrad Hotel in Yeouido, after dating for three years and going public with their relationship last year.

An affiliate of Lyn and Lee Soo confirmed through enews on April 29, “They were planning on getting married this year, but it hasn’t been long since they’ve decided on the exact date. Lyn and Lee Soo will be getting married on September 19 and have reserved a wedding hall.”

Lyn and Lee Soo went public with their relationship last April, becoming one of the representative couples in k-pop world.

Lyn debuted in 2001 with her first album My First Confession and since received a lot of love by singing various OST tracks, including My Destiny from SBS’s You Who Came From the Stars

Lee Bum Soo, Kim Jae Joong, Im Si Wan and More Hold First Script Reading for ‘Triangle’

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The cast members of MBC’s upcoming drama Triangle held their first script reading.

The script reading took place recently in MBC Dream Center in Ilsan, gathering the senior and junior actors of Triangle.

Prior to the reading, chief producer Joo Sung Woo and director Yoo Chul Yong thanked the cast and staff members for riding on the same boat and wished for no accidents throughout filming. Writer Choi Wan Kyu received loud applause from the cast members upon making a promise to deliver no last minute scripts.

Once the script reading started, the cast members transformed into their drama characters, passionately reading their lines.

The reading site was particularly filled with laughter when the director, cast and staff members all started singing along during the part when Kim Jae Joong started singing sadly for his part

‘Doctor Stranger’ PD Reminisces over Working with Lee Jong Suk in His Debut Drama

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Jin Hyuk PD reminisced over the time when he worked with Lee Jong Suk when he was just starting out as an actor.

SBS’s new drama Doctor Stranger held a press conference on April 29 at SBS hall in Mokdong, attended by Lee Jong Suk, Park Hae Jin, Jin Se Yeon, Kang Sora, SISTAR’s Bora and more.

Lead actor Lee Jong Suk made his drama debut through SBS’s Prosecutor Princess five years ago, which was also directed by Jin Hyuk PD.

Still carrying out their relationship, Jin Hyuk PD said, “As a director, it feels the most rewarding when the people I worked with achieve great success later on. I have a desire to always work with young people. That’s what I focused on for this drama’s casting as well. I cast people who have a bright future. In other words, the actors and actresses who can be successful after working with me, so I can also benefit from working with them again in the future

‘Superman is Back’s new father Kim Jung Tae shares adorable photos of his son Jihoo

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Actor Kim Jung Tae had viewers wishing "Superman is Back" gets back on air soon so we could all see the adorable entrance of his son Jihoo with photos!

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Kim Jung Tae tweeted on the 29th, "You can"t beat sleeping in the early evening", along with a photo of Jihoo, who goes by the nickname "Yakkungi", sleeping like a little angel.

Jihoo and his father have already completed their first filming so stay tuned for their entrance on an upcoming episode!

Lee Jung Jae Drops Out of Cast for Film “Rouge”

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Actor Lee Jung Jae has dropped out of the cast for the new movie “Rouge,” a melodrama about a detective and a woman in a gang.

Lee Jung Jae injured his shoulder during action training for the film “Big Match.” The surgery was put off in order to finish filming, but in that time, the injury worsened.

“He [Lee Jung Jae] had the shoulder surgery on April 17, but it’s worse than we thought. He has to wear a cast, and the recovery time is twice that of what we had initially predicted,” said C-JeS Entertainment. Lee Jung Jae will be out for three months of recovery.

The film “Rouge” is now in a state of emergency, having lost their male lead, and the new actor to take Lee Jung Jae’s place has yet to be determined.

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Lee Jung Jae Undergoes Shoulder Surgery and Steps Off His Follow-Up Project

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Actor Lee Jung Jae underwent shoulder surgery on April 17 and decided to step down from his follow-up movie Rouge.

C-JeS Entertainment, Lee Jung Jae’s agency, told enews on April 29, “Lee Jung Jae was injured while he was training for film Big Match. He underwent shoulder surgery on April 17 and decided to step down from his follow-up project Rouge in order to rest for his recovery.”

Lee Jung Jae took the role of a famous martial artist ’Choi Ik Ho’ who is falsely accused of murder in Big Match. Despite his injury, Lee Jung Jae continued to film and unfortunately, his injury became worse during filming.

A C-JeS Entertainment rep stated, “He had no choice but to step down from Rouge due to his injury

Kim Jaejoong, Kang Ji Hwan, and Lee Jong Suk Go on Monday-Tuesday Drama Ratings War Starting Next Week

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With only one more episodes left to air, “Empress Ki” is almost finished and the quest is now on to find who will be the righteous heir to Ha Ji Won‘s Monday-Tuesday drama throne.

While there are many factors that can contribute to the success of a drama such as a solid and highly captivating story line as well as the actors’ skills, it is the viewers who can really make or break the deal.

Starting next week, May 5, MBC will try to keep its reign of the time slot following “Empress Ki” with “Triangle,” while SBS will play its cards with “Doctor Stranger.” KBS, on the other hand, started earlier in the game with “Big Man” which started airing this week, the same night as the first of the two final episodes of “Empress Ki

‘You’re Surrounded’ director has confidence that the new drama will be as popular as ‘You Who Came From the Stars’

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"You"re Surrounded" cinematography director, who was also behind the cinematography for "You Who Came From the Stars", shared his confidence that his upcoming drama will do as well as its hit SBS predecessor in popularity!

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Lee Gil Bok boldly stated, "I have confidence that "You"re Surrounded" will achieve as much popularity as "You Who Came From the Stars" did."

"Although the director pairings of "You Who Came From the Stars" and "You"re Surrounded" are different, from my perspective from filming both dramas, I feel like they are one production... Especially because it is my seventh time working with Yoo In Sik PD for this drama, it is very special and given this aspect, I think it will do as well as "You Who Came From the Stars" (Jang Tae Yoo PD)

Choo Sung Hoon to Fight Lee Bum Soo and Kim Jae Joong in ‘Triangle’

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Interest has been gathering on Choo Sung Hoon’s special appearance on upcoming drama Triangle.

Following up Empress Ki, MBC’s new drama Triangle has been slowly unveiling itself prior to airing its first episode.

In the upcoming episode, Choo Sung Hoon will be acting as the force behind money that Heo Young Dal (Kim Jae Joong) is going after and will be chased by detective Jang Dong Soo (Lee Bum Soo). Interest has also been gathering on the fight scene between Choo Sung Hoon and Lee Bum Soo.

The second teaser of Triangle hints at Choo Sung Hoon’s upcoming charismatic actions to be featured in the drama.

Meanwhile, Triangle is set to air on May 5.

Photo credit: MBC

Lee Jong Suk Was Surprised to be Recognized in Hungary

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Lee Jong Suk shared a story behind filming in Hungary for Doctor Stranger.

At the end of SBS’s God’s Gift – 14 days Special aired on April 28, the making film for Doctor Stranger and interview with Lee Jong Suk were revealed.

About his character ‘Park Hoon,’ who was born in South Korea but grows up in the North, Lee Jong Suk said, “As the drama combines different genres of romance, medical and intelligence, Park Hoon also has many different traits. I will be able to show different sides of me through this drama.”

The filming site in Hungary was also revealed on broadcast.

Lee Jong Suk said, “I was surprised when girls with blue eyes recognized me when I was filming in Hungary. I asked how they knew me and they said they watched School 2013 and I Hear Your Voice

Actress Lee Young Ae Praises Her Close Friend Jeon Ji Hyun

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Actress Lee Young Ae talked about her friend Jeon Ji Hyun during an interview at a Cartier promotion event in Hong Kong.

When asked about the “Man From the Stars” actress, Lee Young Ae replied, “I watched that drama too. Jeon Ji Hyun and I know each other well and she is the only actress who came to my children’s first birthday. I care for her very much and her acting is very good too.”

The two met for the first time through a commercial shooting and have since become close friends. Jeon Ji Hyun did indeed come to Lee Young Ae’s twins’ birthday back in 2012.

The actress continued, “I live in the suburbs with my husband and kids. My husband and I try to teach the kids the importance of the environment by growing tomatoes and lettuce in our garden

Kim Soo Hyun, “Reply 1994,” “The Attorney,” and “Wish” Lead 50th Baeksang Art Awards Nominations

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The annual award that celebrates achievements in both film and television is back with its 50th edition. The “50th Baeksang Art Awards” has announced its list of nominees in various categories in both film and television through its official homepage.

Actor Kim Soo Hyun is up for two acting awards- Best Actor in Television and Best Rookie Actor in Film. His SBS drama “Man from the Stars” has its name in four award categories. Lee Jong Suk and Lee Bo Young’s “I Hear Your Voice” has the same number of nominations, along with “Secret Love Affair.” ”Reply 1994” has the most with five.

The Best Actor in Television category is dominated by young actors in their 20s, with the exception of Jo Jae Hyun from the sageuk drama “Jung Do Jun

“Big Man” Actress Lee Da Hee Talks About Her Height and Strict Diet

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Lee Da Hee, currently starring in the upcoming drama “Big Man,” recently revealed her alarming diet practice at a press conference.

Originally a model, Lee Da Hee is 176 cm (5’9”) tall, and weighs 49 kg (108 lbs). She said, “As an actress, I don’t think being tall is a good thing. If you’re tall, there’s a preconception that you won’t look as good with actors. When I was a model, I wanted to be tall, but now it’s just the opposite.”

She continued, “Because I’m tall, if I gain weight, I look so much bigger. I diet a lot, and currently I weigh about 49 to 50 kg.” The actress said, “If I gain weight at all, I just stop eating.”

“Big Man,” also starring Kang Ji Hwan, airs its first episode today (April 28), and is about a third-rate lowlife who suddenly becomes the eldest son of a large corporation

Former Member of Big Mama Lee Ji Young Returns with Digital Single

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Lee Ji Young, who was a member of Big Mama, is coming back with digital single Miracle.

Lee Ji Young released her digital single Miracle on April 28 on various music sites, making a return after three years since her last solo album was released in 2011.

Written and composed by Lee Ji Young herself, Miracle is a song about missing the one who has left, featuring slow tempo guitar sounds.

Lee Ji Young’s agency, Music & New, told enews on April 28, “Lee Ji Young has returned with her new song, instead of an OST. Please show your support for her self-composed song Miracle.”

Meanwhile, Lee Ji Young participated in singing the OST for MBC’s Gu Family Book and The Full Sun and more since leaving Big Mama in 2011

Lee Da Hee Says Choi Daniel Wanted to Shoot Kiss Scene Like Pitt-Jolie

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Lee Da Hee brought up her kiss scene with Choi Daniel in Big Man.

Lee Da Hee attended press conference for KBS 2TV’s upcoming drama Big Man on April 28 in Yeouido and shared, “Choi Daniel and I shared ideas before filming our kiss scene and he told me that he wants to film it like Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie.”

She continued “He made a suggestion to film a sexy kiss scene like the one from the movie Mr & Mrs. Smith, where Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie share a sexy kiss and stare into each other’s eyes afterwards. But ours came out rather young and innocent.”

Meanwhile,KBS 2TV’s Big Man is set to air on April 28.

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Kim C, Sweet Sorrow, SuperKidd and More Express Frustrations at Music Festival Being Canceled Last Minute

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While many programs and events were canceled in light of the Sewol tragedy, musicians expressed their anger and frustration at the cancellation of the Beautiful Mint Life 2014 music festival just one day before it took place.

The Beautiful Mint Life 2014 music festival was scheduled to begin on April 26 and continue on April 27, May 3, and May 4, however, the Goyang Cultural Foundation decided to one-sidedly cancel the event a day before to show respect for the victims and their families.

As the notice came just a day before, set list changes, stage installations, sound checks, and rehearsals already took place, leaving artists and staff speechless at the sudden news, especially after the producer of Mint Paper, in charge of the festival, said on April 22 that the festival will take place as a time of a musical healing

Singer Jin Ho Hyun of “Hidden Singer” Releases Teaser for “Love Blinds”

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Singer and songwriter Jin Ho Hyun has released a teaser for his upcoming digital single “Love Blinds,” as he prepares to make a comeback.

The music video teaser, while brief, is still able to successfully portray the sorrowful emotions of Jin Ho Hyun’s voice. The lyrics of this ballad depict a story of being blinded by love but eventually having to face the sadness of separation.

Jin Ho Hyun has written and produced his own songs thus far. However, this upcoming single is gaining interest because he has decided to collaborate with composer Lee Yoon Jae, who has also worked on songs for TVXQ, SHINee, and more.

In related news, Jin Ho Hyun received attention after appearing on the Kim Kwang Suk episode of JTBC’s “Hidden Singer” in December of last year