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Shin Dong Yup reveals he was slapped 50 times by a drunk senior in the past

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MC Shin Dong Yup revealed an incident where he was unfairly hit by a senior when he was just a rookie on the September 19 edition of JTBC "Witch Hunt."

Shin Dong Yup is one of the top MC"s in the nation and when he debuted 23 years ago, he created quite a stir amongst the comedians because of his sudden popularity. And because of this, he revealed, "There were a lot of mid-leveled seniors who would compete with me."

He also added, "Even when we were at a get-together dinner, I got slapped 50 times on the face from a drunk senior. I was hit unfairly but at the time, it was hard to go against a senior."

Heo Ji Woong lightened up the mood by commenting, "Hey, your red ears are industrially made? I didn"t know

Ailee, Jay Park, and Hyorin join lineup for Michael Bolton special of "Immortal Song 2"

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Ailee has joined the lineup for the Michael Bolton special of "Immortal Song 2"!

A rep from her agency revealed on September 19 that the singer went to filming for the show, which is expected to air on the 28th. Park Jung Hyun, Sohyang, Jay Park, Hyorin, Moon Myung Jin, and Seo Ji Ahn are also set to compete on the special for the American singer.

Look forward to which Michael Bolton songs the idol stars and singers will choose for their performance!

Jo Jung Suk and Shin Min Ah grace the cover of "InStyle"

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Jo Jung Suk and Shin Min Ah revealed their alluring photo shoot with "InStyle" for their upcoming movie, "My Love, My Bride".

As soon as Jo Jung Suk had stepped onto the set, he started to look for "his wife," while Shin Min Ah also took care of the actor.

Shin Min Ah commented, "Jo Jung Suk is a very bright and energetic person, so when I am around him, I feel as though I become a much more fun person as well." Jo Jung Suk also reciprocated the compliment and said, "This is my first time getting to know Shin Min Ah not as an actress, and I think she is a very good person."

The movie "My Love, My Bride" narrates the story of Young Min and Mee Young who take their 4-year relationship to the next level and the journey they spend together during their first years of marriage together

John Park and Park Eun Ji to Make Cameo Appearances on “Plus Nine Boys”

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Singer John Park and announcer Park Eun Ji will be entertaining the viewers of tvN’s “Plus Nine Boys” through cameo appearances.

The representatives of the drama revealed, “Episodes seven and eight, which air this week, will feature cameos by Park Eun Ji and John Park.”

Previously, stars such as Jewelry‘s Yewon, singer Huh Gak, comediennes Park Na Rae and Lee Gook Joo, among others, caught the viewers’ eyes with fun appearances in the drama, and the anticipation is already rising for this week’s episodes.

For episode seven, scheduled to air on September 19, announcer Park Eun Ji will go on a blind date with PD Gu Kwang Soo (Oh Jung Se)

Park Yoochun Has A Library Named After Him

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Singer-actor Park Yoochun, last seen in the political thriller "Three Days" and the film "Sea Fog," now has a library named after him.

The library was opened on Heuksan Island in South Jeolla by one of the JYJ singer"s fan clubs, Blessing Park Yoo Chun. It"s the second library opened by his fan club, as the first was opened in the same province, in Jangsan Myeon last year.

According to Ilgan Sports, the fan club, which consists of fans over the age of 30, raised approximately $10,000 and donated almost 7,000 books to the new library. The new Park Yoochun library will have a study room and a small theater space with a beam projector.

There"s no word on what kinds of books Park Yoochun likes to read when he"s not singing or acting but he is known to be a big fan of manga

Shin So Yul tears up as she recalls being a victim of fraud on two occasions

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Actress Shin So Yul of "Reply 1997" fame revealed on the September 17 installment of KBS 2TV"s "Full House" that she had a rough start to her career.

She said, "I was not always this withdrawn. I debuted when I was 20 years old, but I liked and trusted people so much that for the remainder of my early 20s, I was twice a victim of fraud by agencies. Because of the lawsuit, I was unable to promote and my full-scale debut was late. I thought that I might hurt myself more by liking somebody blindly, so I closed a portion of my heart."

Park Kyung Lim said, "The hurt you receive from people can be treated by people, so I would like for that to happen [to you]

Jo Jung Suk and Shin Min Ah Are a Lovely Couple in the October Issue of InStyle Magazine

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Jo Jung Suk and Shin Min Ah recently took part in couple photo shoot for InStyle magazine.

Both spoke very well of each other. Shin Min Ah said that Jo Jung Suk has a “bright and fresh personality,” and that when she is with him she seems to change into a fun and outgoing person. Jo Jung Suk said he got to know her as a person, not simply as the actress Shin Min Ah. He said she truly has a good character. In contrast to single photo shoots, the atmosphere in the studio became much brighter with the movie costars.

My Love, My Bride,” a movie that will be released in October 8, is a fun yet heart-felt story of the honeymoon and marriage life of a newlywed couple, Young Min (Jo Jung Suk) and Mi Young (Shin Min Ah), who dated for four years

“Roommate 2” Pairs Revealed—Park Joon Hyung-Otani Ryohei and Sunny-Bae Jong Ok to Be Roommates

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The production team behind SBS’ show “Roommate” recently revealed the roommate pairs that will be shown in its new upcoming season.

The first pair will be g.o.d’s Park Joon Hyung, who is often called “frozen human,” due to his unchanging appearance and behaviors, and actor Otani Ryohei. This seems like an unlikely pair because their personalities would seem to be complete opposites—Park Joon Hyung is very outgoing whereas Otani Ryohei seems like he would be very quiet and introverted.

The second pair will be Girls’ Generation’s Sunny and actress Bae Jong Ok. Bae Jong Ok is known for her charismatic acting skills on various projects. On the other hand, Sunny is known for her aegyo and cute personality

"My Lovely Girl" releases Part 1 of its OST featuring LOCO, MAMAMOO, and Park Mi Young

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SBS Wed-Thurs drama "My Lovely Girl" released Part 1 of its OST for the viewers who already can"t get enough of the music they heard during the premiere this week!

The drama premiered on the 17th and viewers instantly became fond of the song "Crazy Boy" which f(x)"s Krystal"s character Se Na sang a portion of in the drama to describe Hyun Wook (Rain). "Crazy Boy" is the work of May and Lee Joo Ho, and sung by Park Mi Young.

LOCO and MAMAMOO also collaborated for "This Song" which expresses the feeling of wanting to approach someone you like and is the work of composer team Rebellious Teen.

Get ready for another episode today while you listen to these songs!

John Park to appear in "Plus Nine Boys"

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Singer John Park is appearing in the tvN drama "Plus Nine Boys".

According to a source, John Park is appearing on the seventh and eighth episodes as a music contest judge, which is the same event that Kang Dong-goo (Choi Ro-woon) is participating in.

Other cameo appearances include Park Eun-ji and other stars.

"Plus Nine Boys" is about the romance between four men who live under the same roof and all aged 9, 19, 29 and 39.

John Park is currently preparing for his next single "U".

Source : news.nate.com/view/20...

Shin Bong Sun points out her new nose and reveals she once cried because of Kim Gu Ra on "Radio Star"

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This week"s airing of MBC "Radio Star" featured Rhymer, Shin Bong Sun, and Kim Jong Min.

On this day, as soon as Shin Bong Sun stepped into the studio, the MCs of "Radio Star" carried on with their usual blunt jokes and scolded her for her outfit choices as well as her hairstyle to which Yoon Jong Shin jokingly asked, "Did your dad cut it for you?"

But being the trained comedian she is known to be, Shin Bong Sun brushed off the jokes and instead pointed out her new nose to the MCs, rather than trying to hide it. "No. I had my hair cut at the salon. Now that you mention it, isn"t it the first time you guys saw my new nose?", she commented to reveal that she had gotten re-surgery on her nose.

Having already met the other MCs of Radio Star in different shows, Shin Bong Sun confessed about the time when Kim Gu Ra made her cry back when she wasn"t used to his brute style of speaking

Ryo Hei Otani and g.o.d"s Park Joon Hyung are sharing room in 2nd season of "Roommate"

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SBS "Roommate" reveals the first two who will be sharing room from their new members and they are none other than the Japanese actor Ryo Hei Otani and g.o.d"s Park Joon Hyung.

In fact a friendly photo of the two is released showing they"ve bonded already. While being roommates, the two are expected to show cultural experiences as Ryo Hei is from Japan while Joon Hyung has lived in both America and Korea.

Meanwhile, aside from them, SNSD"s Sunny, KARA"s Youngji, GOT7"s Jackson, Bae Jong Wook, and Lee Guk Joo are also the new members for 2nd season which first episode will be broadcast on 21st.

Let"s look forward for new roommates!

"Roommate" reveals profile cuts for Park Joon Hyung and Otani Ryohei

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"Roommate" season 2 has revealed the profile cuts for g.o.d"s Park Joon Hyung and Otani Ryohei.

As you can see from the photos, new roommate Park Joon Hyung and Otani Ryohei look like they have completely different personalities. On the September 21st premiere, the g.o.d member will be showing his free, childlike qualities, while the actor will show his conservative side.

Are you excited for season 2 of "Roommate" featuring Bae Jong Ok, Park Joon Hyung, Lee Dong Wook, Jo Se Ho, Otani Ryohei, Girls" Generation"s Sunny, Lee Kuk Ju, Heo Young Ji, Park Min Woo, Seo Kang Jun, and After School"s Nana!

Choi Ji Woo and Park Ha Sun share their thoughts on "Temptation"

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Choi Ji Woo and Park Ha Sun shared their thoughts on the SBS Mon-Tues drama "Temptation" as it came to an end on September 16.

Choi Ji Woo shared through her agency YG Entertainment, "I am always sad and disappointed [that it"s over] every time a production ends. It was very fun to reunite and film with Kwon Sang Woo after 11 years, and I think it was a good decision... I hope that I can meet you through my next production soon."

Park Ha Sun shared through her agency SLent, "Since I had an emotional role, it was not easy. I really worked hard to understand Na Hong Joo"s feelings... It was an opportunity to sincerely think about love."

"Secret Door" will premiere following "Temptation" on the 22nd!

"Temptation" Park Ha-seon, gets to think about love once again

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Actress Park Ha-seon made a speech about the end of the drama.

Park Ha-seon played the role of Na Hong-joo in the MBC drama "Temptation" which ended on the 16th. Through her management, Park Ha-seon said, "It wasn"t easy as my character has deep depths in character. I tried hard to understand Park Ha-seon"s character and I thought seriously about love".

At the end of the episode, Park Ha-seon chose the independent life after reconciling with everyone around her. Yoo Se-yeong (Choi Ji-woo) apologized to Na Hong-joo and Kang Min-woo (Lee Jeong-jin) admitted his mistakes and asked her to go to Hong Kong with him.

However, Na Hong-joo was already on "her way". She had become stronger through all the pain and decided what she wanted