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Did Song Joong Ki Get Caught Sneakily Eating Cream Cake in the Army?

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It’s only been a little over two weeks since Song Joong Ki’s been in the army and already rumors are floating about the new soldier.

On September 11, Song Joong Ki’s good friend, Lee Kwang Soo tweeted, “Are you having a really rough time?”

He attached a screen capture of a comment someone left about Song Joong Ki.

The comment read, “This is not a lie. My friend is drill sergeant at the training center and Song Joong Ki was caught sneakily eating a Mongshil. Kekekekekekkekeke. He is a human being after all.”

Mongshil is a mini cream pie.

Although it is unknown if the story is true, Lee Kwang Soo still posted it up as his way of supporting his friend while he is in the army, providing a few laughs for his followers.

Meanwhile, Song Joong Ki enlisted in the army on August 27

Two celebrities under investigation for possible evasion of military service through claims of mental illness

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It has now come to public attention that two celebrities, revealed as Mr. Lee (29) and Mr. Son (28), have attempted to evade military service under the guise of mental illness. It seems highly likely at this point that they will receive criminal punishment and enlist in the army after a reexamination.

The Military Manpower Administration disclosed to Dispatch on June 25, "The suspicion that the celebrities in question have purposely evaded military service has been proven. We sent the indictment to the prosecutors. In the future, the level of criminal punishment will be decided in trial."

Afterwards, the two celebrities will be reexamined. The Military Manpower Administration rep said, "Because they violated the military service act, they need to receive the medical examination again

Trends that stood out in 2013

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2014 may have begun more than a week ago now, but people are undoubtedly still writing 2013 on applications, papers, and such, aren"t they? The transition is never as easy, plus it is always nice to look back at the past year and sum it up so you can move onto the next with a fully refreshed mindset.

This is why allkpop writers alim17 and jennywill collaborated to put together some of the biggest trends of 2013. Check them out below!

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Dramas that deal with the supernatural

We think it"s fairly safe to say that 2012 was pretty saturated with time traveling, particularly between the modern era and something more like the Chosun Dynasty