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Jungle Entertainment release more pictures of debuting girl group 4TEN

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Jungle Entertainment is raising a lot of interest in their upcoming girl group, 4TEN, which will be sister group to M.I.B and may be pursuing a similar hip hop style.

The girls carry skateboards and dress in matching graphic outfits for a funky look that strongly hints at the type of music fans have to look forward to. It appears one of the photos was taken at the Los Angeles concrete flood control channel made famous by a bike chase scene in Terminator 2. They will be releasing their debut single, "Tornado," on August 26.

JUNGLE ENT / New Artist "4TEN" 2014.08.26 [#4TEN] Debut Single "Tornado" Release !

— 4TEN (@4TEN_Official) August 20, 2014

M.I.B"s agency, Jungle Entertainment, release group picture for upcoming girl group 4TEN

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Jungle Entertainment, which manages hip hop boy group M.I.B, dropped the debut photo for their upcoming girl group, 4TEN!

The four ladies look very pretty and appear to be named TEM, Hyeji, Yoojin, and Hyejin. With their tough black, white, and red outfits with stripes and cool designs, it looks like they might be following in the hip hop style of their label mate.

Stay tuned for more news on this upcoming group, which will debut on August 26!

@4TEN_Official: 4TEN (포텐) DEBUT PHOTO가 공개 14. 08. 26 (화) 낮 12시 데뷔 곡 음원 공개 예정 #TEM #혜지 #유진 #혜진"

— M.I.B (@Official_MIB) August 19, 2014

#4TEN (포텐) DEBUT PHOTO가 공개되었습니다

EXO’s Tao injures foot on coral reef while filming SBS’s “Law of the Jungle”

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EXO’s Tao has injured his foot while filming SBS’s “Law of the Jungle”.

On the 14th of July, the members of “Law of the Jungle” left to film a new episode for the show, in which Tao stepped on a coral reef and was pierced by it.

Immediately after he was injured, Tao was seen to by a native doctor and given temporary treatment, before being moved to a hospital in Singapore and then China.

SM Entertainment revealed on the 28th of July that Tao did not suffer any serious injuries, however just to be safe, Tao visited a hospital in Changsha for another check up and further treatment of his injury.

EXO had been in China’s Changsa for their round of tours there for “EXO FROM. EXO PLANET #1 - The Lost Planet” on the 27th of July, in which Tao had performed in without any problems, as he had performed lightly to keep his injury from getting worse

EXO’s Tao Injures Foot While Filming for “Law of the Jungle,” to Receive Further Treatment in Korea

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EXO-M‘s Tao made the fans worry by returning from his filming of SBS ”Law of the Jungle in Solomon Islands” with an injured foot.

SM Entertainment explained today that Tao was stabbed on his right foot by the coral reefs while filming “Law of the Jungle” on July 14, ultimately injuring it. He received on-site treatment, as well as hospital treatment in Singapore and Changsha, China after filming the show. “Thankfully,” the agency explained, “there were no big injuries.”

Tao expressed his desire to keep his promise to the fans and perform at EXO‘s concert- “The Lost Planet in Changsha“- yesterday despite being injured, and upon having a check-up with the medical team, he still performed, although trying to take it as easy as he could because of his injury

Tao to receive extra treatment in Korea for his "Laws of the Jungle" injury

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Tao will continue to get treatment for his foot injury!

SM Entertainment told OSEN, "Tao was injured while filming "Laws of the Jungle" at the Solomon Islands when he was hurt by the coral reef on his right foot. He got treatment right away by the on-site doctor. He also had examination and treatment at the transfer point in Singapore, and also again in China."

He performed on the 27th for EXO"s solo concert in Changsha, but SM Entertainment said, "He performed on stage without overdoing anything. EXO-M has schedules in China on the 28th, but Tao will be coming to Korea to get more treatment."

Hopefully everything will be fine!

UEE is delighted by her new nickname on "Laws of the Jungle"

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After School"s UEE expressed her satisfaction at a new nickname her fellow co-hosts created for her on "Law of the Jungle"!

"Byung Man oppa and Seung Soo oppa made a new nickname for me and I love it," she said on the latest episode. "They call me bear-gel girl."

The nickname is a play on the phrase "bagel girl", which means a girl with a baby face and a glamorous body. "It sounds like an imitation, but it means something totally different," she explained. "I like it a lot better. There"s a lot of bagel girls, but bear-gel girl is a nickname only for me."

The name comes from the famed survivalist Bear Grylls, and was given to UEE to wish her good fortune in India, the setting of their latest journey.

Uee Feels Sorry for Causing Others to Worry Over Her Injury on “Law of the Jungle: Indian Ocean”

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After School‘s Uee has left a lasting impression on the viewers of “Law of the Jungle: Indian Ocean” with her courageous and considerate nature.

As previously reported, Uee was searching for food with the cast when she was hit by a large wave, causing her to fall down and hit her head against a rock. She suffered a head injury, and an open wound in her scalp begun bleeding heavily. Although she received first aid immediately after the accident, the deep cut caused others to constantly worry over Uee and her health.

Although the cast was surprised and worried over the sudden injury, Uee continued to smile and stayed strong even while receiving a shot to treat her wound. Feeling sorry for causing others to worry, Uee shed a few tears after returning to the base camp

UEE revealed to have sustained injuries on 'Laws of the Jungle'

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On July 18, SBS"s variety program "Laws of the Jungle" (Indian Ocean) revealed that there had been an accident during filming that ended with a bleeding head and shoulder injury for UEE.

Kim Byung Man narrated, explaining that he thought it was so picturesque where the ocean waves crashed into the rocks and sprayed upwards that he wanted to film over there. Gradually, each of the other members came over as well to enjoy the view. He explained that he had not expected the waves to reach them at all, except that he had been wrong.

At one point, a huge wave went crashing onto the rocks, covering the entire cast members until it disappeared, leaving all but one standing. The others were shocked to find UEE lying on the rocks somewhat unconscious, so filming halted at that point

After School’s Uee Hurt During “Law of the Jungle: Indian Ocean” Filming

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After School member Uee has been hurt while filming the latest episode of SBS reality show “Law of the Jungle: Indian Ocean.”

The star has been taking part in the show, whereby celebrities are sent to remote islands in the Indian Ocean and divided into “tribes.” These tribes are then asked to complete challenges and fend for themselves in often hostile surroundings.

During the filming of the most recent episode of the show, however, there was a frightening moment for Uee, which followed a day of drama for the star. The tribe was beset with problems during the entire day of shooting, as their plastic shelter seemed in danger of being washed away by the tide. They were also running low on food.

After a foraging trip, the tribe managed to find some fruit growing on trees, and were enjoying their find when a huge wave swept through their camp, knocking the After School member off her feet

'Laws of the Jungle' Indian Ocean edition reveals a hot teaser!

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The Indian Ocean edition of SBS" "Laws of the Jungle" teased a few of the hot scenes from the upcoming broadcasts!

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After School"s UEE, TEEN TOP"s Niel, Royal Pirate"s James, and more will join the Kim Byung Man tribe to explore an island in the Indian Ocean. Niel previously was in talks for the Borneo edition but declined it, and James is expected to be the handsome helper with his height and strength. 

Check out the teaser above, and stay tuned for the premiere on July 11 KST!

B2ST's Kikwang and Kim Tae Woo to join EXO's Tao in 'Laws of the Jungle in Solomon'

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EXO"s Tao won"t be the only idol headed to the Solomon Islands for SBS"s "Laws of the Jungle" as he will be joined by B2ST"s Kikwang!

According to a rep, Kikwang has been added to the finalized cast members for the Solomon portion. He will be among the first to leave alongside Kim Byung Man, Ryu Dam, Park Jung Chul, Kwon Oh Joong, as well as Kim Tae Woo! Then, Tao and actor Lee Jae Yoon will join them afterwards.

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CP Baek Jung Ryul told TV Report, "After Kikwang and Kim Tae Woo leave the country first and become active on the Solomon Islands, EXO"s Tao and actor Lee Jae Yoon will join later."

They will be leaving in July to take part in filming and then replace the Indian Ocean part in August

Dana and EXO′s Tao Considers Appearing on ′The Laws of the Jungle′

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It looks like Dana and EXO′s Tao will be joining SBS′ The Laws of the Jungle.

On June 25, several broadcast affilates stated that Dana and Tao are currently in talks to join The Laws of the Jungle for the Solomon Islands episode.

Tao is a member of EXO, one of the hottest idol groups of 2014. EXO member Chanyeol already appeared on The Laws of the Jungle and received much love for his innocent charms. Viewers are waiting to see if Tao will also be showing a different side to himself as well.

Dana is also being anticipated for the show. Focusing mostly on musicals, Dana hasn′t appeared on variety programs for the longest time, making excited to see if she will be heading to the jungle.

Meanwhile, along with Dana and Tao, g

EXO's Tao to join 'Laws of the Jungle'

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Here"s some good news for fans among all the craziness this week!

EXO"s Tao will be joining SBS variety program "Laws of the Jungle in Solomon." Now that he"s been confirmed to take part, he is preparing to leave South Korea as the second EXO member since Chanyeol, who participated in the Micronesia portion.

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"Laws of the Jungle in Solomon" will again be directed by Producer Kim Jin Ho of the Borneo season. Currently, the production crew is exploring the area of Oceania, Solomon Islands. To suit the summertime, the cast members will take part in swimming and other appropriate activities at the beach.

Park Jung Chul and Ryu Dam, known as Kim Byung Man"s right and left hands, will likewise be joining Tao on the Solomon Islands

Super Junior's Kangin and VIXX's Hyuk take on 'Laws of the Jungle'

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Super Junior"s Kangin and VIXX"s Hyuk have taken the baton from Minwoo and SHINee"s Onew as they appear on SBS"s "Laws of the Jungle in Brazil"!

Their first episode on the show aired on June 6, showing that Kangin did not seem like a new member as he showed off his expertise with ease, surprising everybody else. He also proved to have great stamina, causing Kim Byung Man to say, "Kangin seems like someone who was here for a few days already."

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Meanwhile, Hyuk joined the cast as the youngest member to date as he was born in 1995. This caused Ye Ji Won, who was older by 22 years, to quickly assert that he call her noona while the other members said it should be "aunt

Still of Super Junior’s Kangin and VIXX’s Hyuk in “Rules of the Jungle” Revealed

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Super Junior’s Kangin and VIXX’s Hyuk have joined the “Rules of the Jungle in Brazil” team.

In the episode that was aired on June 6, Lee Min Woo and SHINee’s Onew, who were in charge of survival in the Amazon, left the show. The team’s second survival location is the Lencois Desert, where Kangin and Hyuk’s first attempt at survival will be shown. Kangin has previously revealed that he was a big fan of “Rules of the Jungle,” and because of that, he was able to adapt to everything quickly, as if he was an original member. He also showed his undying strength in the difficult desert. Seeing this, Chief Kim Byung Man said, “It seemed like Kangin was here a couple of days ago