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Nana relays a message to ‘twin’ Lee Jong Suk + talks about being labeled 2nd most beautiful woman in the world

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On the March 20 edition of SBS radio program "Cultwo Show", Orange Caramel made a guest appearance and member Nana revisited some hot topics. She talked about having a doppelganger, actor Lee Jong Suk, and also about being labeled the second most beautiful woman in the world in a global ranking.

In relation to Lee Jong Suk, Nana explained that they went to the same salon to get their hair and makeup done. When the DJs asked how she felt whenever she heard they looked alike, Nana replied, "I like it. He"s pretty successful," making everyone laugh.

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She then relayed a video message to Lee Jong Suk: "Jong Suk oppa, you keep getting more handsome and more popular, so I"m happy

Lee Michelle Addresses Heartbreak and Prejudice in Music Video for “Without You”

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Lee Michelle, former contestant on the first season of “K-Pop Star,” released the music video for her first digital single, “Without You” through the official 1theK YouTube channel.

Lee Michelle had wowed the judges and impressed the Korean audience with her powerful singing voice on the “K-Pop Star” when it aired its first season in 2011. She made it to the top 5 and left the show after becoming a household name. Since then, she has focused on training and appeared as featured voice in other artist singles. Now, she makes her solo debut with “Without You.”

“Without You” is a powerful and empowering ballad about moving on and forward after the heart has been broken. While the lyrics are directed at a singular boy, the music video confronts prejudice and racism in a story about a little girl and her struggles with accepting herself

Review: Who is the “Monster?” The Serial Killer or the Family that Created Him?

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Reading the typical plot synopsis for “Monster,”directed by Hwang In Ho, you might think that it falls under the genre of revenge thriller or horror. While the movie does have some of their elements, it might be better thought of as something else . In fact, at times I found the shifts in tone very jarring and confusing, moving from the overly comical to the horrific and repulsive in a few minutes, leaving me with the impression that the director did not truly respect his material.

Kim Go Eun as Bok Soon

The story concerns two miserable families, one much worse than the other. (It could even be said that it actually involves three miserable families, but I am avoiding spoilers.) In the first family there is Bok Soon (Kim Go Eun), a mentally handicapped young woman who sells produce at a street stall to support herself and her younger sister, Eun Jung (Kim Bo Ra)

Guo Xue Fu lists the concerns she had with ‘marrying’ Heechul for ‘We Got Married – Global Edition’

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Guo Xue Fu revealed her initial concerns with working alongside Heechul for MBC"s "We Got Married - Global Edition" during the press conference on March 20.

She talked about how she prepared beforehand, "Because I was very nervous before coming here, I learned a little Korean from one of my members who knew how to speak it."

And then, she talked about her husband Heechul, "I worried because Heechul did not know how to speak Chinese. Also, I heard he was a very playful person so I wondered if he would bother me. It"s okay now."

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Heechul asked jokingly, "Is this a hidden camera right now? From hereon, I will really show you my scary side," making everyone laugh

SHINee’s Key Talks About ‘We Got Married’ Global Edition

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SHINee’s Key brought up the differences between the Korean and global editions of We Got Married.

During press conference for MBC’s We Got Married Global Edition Season 2 on March 20 at MBC dream center, SHINee’s Key said, “In the Korean edition, I tried to show the funny sides of me, but this time, I will try to be more sincere and show the sides of me that I haven’t shown as a member of SHINee.”

“As the show will be broadcasted overseas, I am glad to be showing Korean culture and the cultural exchange taking between between two countries,” said Key.

He added, “There are also things I need to be mindful about. I don’t think you should worry, since I’ve been having a good married life with Arisa Yagi.”

Key’s virtual wife Arisa Yagi said, “I didn’t know that I’d be married when I’m in high school

Cheska To Leave FIESTAR, Group Will Continue on as Five Members and Release Album in April

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Girl Group FIESTAR has revealed on their official Facebook page today that Cheska would be leaving the group. Furthermore, Jei, Linzy, Hyemi, Yezi, and Cao Lu will continue on as a five member group with plans to release an album at the end of April.

Cheska, who is described as the group’s “cutie pie from the US (Alabama)” is also known for wearing a nose ring. Her last activity with the group will be at a fan meeting on March 29.

The group is managed by Collabodadi,which is a sub division of LOEN Artist.

Full message:

“Hello, everyone. This is Collabodadi.

We would like to make an official announcement related to our label artist FIESTAR’s further plan and its member Cheska’s withdrawal from the team as below

Simon D Opens Up About Ex-GF Lady Jane and Diss Battle

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On the March 19 episode of “Radio Star,” guest Simon D opened up about his ex-girlfriend Lady Jane and also talked about the infamous diss battle involving some of hip-hop’s biggest names in Korea.

Simon D shared that he still keeps in touch and maintains a good friendship with Lady Jane even amongst the ruthless teasing from the “Radio Star” DJs who accused him of still having feelings for her.

He shared that he even invited Lady Jane to his birthday party but met with the response, “Are you crazy? Is this Hollywood or something?” This made the studio erupt in laughter.

Later during the show, Simon D and Lady Jane got connected on the phone where the two exchanged a pleasant conversation, with Lady Jane cheering him on for broadcast.

Then, the rapper also opened up about the diss battle that shook up the Korean media

FIESTAR’s Cheska to leave the group

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Unfortunate news has come for FIESTAR fans as Cheska"s leave from the group has been officially announced through the group and agency"s Facebook page.

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Collabodadi updated fans in both Korean and English about the group"s future plans as well as Cheska"s decision, which you can read below.

As the notice mentions, fans will get a chance to say goodbye to Cheska, who has always brought us laughs with her bright personality, through a fan event on March 29.

The group will then continue to promote as 5 members with their upcoming album release in April.

We wish Cheska the best of luck!

KTOWN Night Market Is Coming to Los Angeles!

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It’s only natural that K-Pop and K-Drama lovers become curious about the interesting foods they see in dramas and variety shows. If you’re in the LA-area, here’s your chance to explore some Korean food in a free and non-intimidating environment at the 1st annual KTOWN Night Market.

KTOWN Night Market is a two-day community festival that will feature over 100 food and merchandise booths, including a lot of popular food trucks representing many different ethnicities, as befitting Los Angeles.

Fans of the TV show “The Great Food Truck Race” will be happy to know that the winners of seasons 1 – 3 will all be there – “Grill ‘Em All,” “The Lime Truck,” and “Seoul Sausage Company.” Eat some great food and check out popular local artists, including Korean-American rapper Parker, or Dumbfoundead, as many of us know him from collaborations with Kahi and Epik High

Yoo Seung Jun Celebrates His 17th Anniversary Since Debut with Korean Fans

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Yoo Seung Jun spent a meaningful time with his Korean fans, who flew to China, in celebration of his 17th anniversary since his debut.

On March 16, Yoo Seung Jun, who is currently promoting as an actor in China, posted a photo and a message on his Weibo account expressing his gratitude towards the unchanging support his fans have shown him throughout the years.

He wrote, “The people who have been with me for 17 years. They’re always there, always the same… I can’t go to Korea, so they came to me. They’re tough, and there’s no stopping them. They make it impossible for me to give up being Yoo Seung Jun. Guys, I’m not jealous of Kim Soo Hyun. Thank you, and I love you. West Side.”

The photo Yoo Seung Jun uploaded shows images of him and his fans and the decorated venue of their meeting

Lee Min Ho poses for ‘@star1′ and discusses his popularity as a Hallyu star

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Lee Min Ho met up with star fashion magazine "@star1" and took part in a photo shoot and interview for its April issue.

During the interview portion, he talked about his immense popularity in China. He was asked, "You are very popular in China to the point people call you a god. In your opinion, what"s the secret to your popularity?"

He relied, "The strength of Korean dramas. They sent me a lot of love to the characters in dramas "Boys Over Flowers," "City Hunter," and "Heirs." I think it"s the power of Korean dramas. Also, I think I spread the name Lee Min Ho while often communicating with the fans on-site starting three years ago."

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He also appeared as the very first Korean guest on the Chinese program "Spring Festival Gala

Block B to hold their 1st concert ’2014 BLOCKBUSTER’

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Block B have scheduled their first ever Korean concert "2014 BLOCKBUSTER"!

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The group"s label Seven Seasons Entertainment revealed today that Block B will be meeting fans on May 17-18 at Seoul"s Olympic Park Olympic Hall and from May 23-24 at Busan"s KBS Hall. Fans are currently voting for the performance they most want to see from Block B on their official fan cafe.

Seven Seasons stated, "Block B, who debuted in 2011, have already held a 5000-person concert in Japan, but the members are very enthusiastic for their first Korean concert. Just as leader Zico produced Block B"s entire album, the members are currently coming up with fresh ideas for the concert."

Block B seem extremely excited as they"ve all been posting to Twitter, saying, "Finally a solo concert," "Let"s all have fun," and "We"ll show you what the true Block B is all about

Yano Shiho reveals she fell for Choo Sung Hoon first and her dream for Choo Sarang with ‘InStyle’

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The "Choovely" mother and model Yano Shiho fed fans" curiosity about how her love story with Choo Sung Hoon began and how she wants to raise her daughter Choo Sarang during her interview with "InStyle"!

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Yano Shiho revealed her thoughts on appearing on "Superman is Back" as a family, "I agreed to star in "Superman is Back" because of my faith in my husband Choo Sung Hoon. I am most joyful that we can create many memories together as a family."

When asked about her "beauty and the beast" love story, she shared, "To be honest, I liked Choo Sung Hoon first, so I asked our mutual acquaintances to introduce us. Two years later, we were finally introduced to each other by acquaintances and after two years of dating, we got married

Weekly Ramblings: Idols Are Not Superheroes

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The last couple weeks have been pretty miserable for most of the Soompi team. We pretty much had everyone on the team get sick with something or another. You name it, someone on the team probably caught it. A few of us are still a bit sick but we shall persevere. But this got me thinking, what about idols? They seem to get sick quite a bit and yet I don’t think it’s discussed enough. So for this week I’m going to once again remind everyone that idols are not superheroes immune to the strife that us mere mortals have to face.

Only celebrities could sleep so comfortably on a plane

Would you like a serving of exhaustion with that popularity?

 I’m sure we can all mostly agree that the work of an idol/celebrity is rather grueling. We can also agree that there has been a few(?) celebrity related health scares over the past couple years

Girl’s Day, Dal Shabet, and Tint Headline First K-Pop Concert in Myanmar

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The first K-Pop concert in the Republic of the Union of Myanmar is about to happen, according to local news source MBN. The government run television station of Myanmar MWD TV will be sponsoring the “The 1st Korea-Myanmar Friendship K-Pop Concert” taking place on April 30 at the Thuwana National Stadium. This will be the frist time that K-Pop artists have officially taken the stage for a concert.

Groups Girl’s Day, Dal Shabet, and Tint will be performing at the concert, as well as singer Jung Il Young, who is know for his 2001 “Autumn Fairytale” OST song “Prayer.” Popular Myanmar artists will be taking the stage as well.

The proceeds from the concert will go to help children of families without parents

AOA Cheers On Korea for the Upcoming World Cup in MV

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With the World Cup happening this summer in Brazil, the AOA members put on their red to support the Korean soccer team in song.

On March 19, AOA released the music video for Spread Your Wings Towards Victory, which will be included in the fifth Red Deviils, Korea’s national soccer team supporters, album We Are The Reds

“We’re very happy to be able to participate in cheering on our national team. We hope that many people can listen and sing along with us. AOA will also be supporting them!” said AOA.

Check out the music video!

Photo Credit: FNC Entertainment.

Jackie Chan’s K-Pop Group, JJCC , Releases Candid Video and Teasers for Debut

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JJCC (pronounced Double JC), world action star Jackie Chan‘s very own K-Pop group, will soon be making their debut!

The five members are SimBa, E.co, EDDY, San-Cheong, and Prince Mak. The first four members are Korean, while Prince Mak is a Chinese Australian citizen. The leader is SimBa, and both he and E.co used to be models. They will be in charge of rap. EDDY has already made his TV debut through the cooking survival audition program “Master Chef Korea.” In addition to his cooking skills, he also boasts completion of Jackie Chan’s stunt education. San-Cheong is the youngest and is from Daegu, and Prince Mak placed first on a Chinese music survival audition program. All members are in their 20s and are over 180cm tall. The group is managed by The Jackie Chan Group Korea

The group has released teasers and a candid video through its official Youtube channel

Which Star Hasn′t Aged At All Over the Years?

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As we mere mortals must deal with the pain of getting older each year, some celebrities seem to be immune to the aging bug.

We don’t know what kinds of potions these stars are using to stay looking young, but it’s working. And we want to know which star you think doesn’t look his/her age, so read on and vote below!

Jun Ji Hyun

After stealing Korea’s heart in You Who Came From the Stars, Jun Ji Hyun made headlines again when photos of the actress from 14 years ago resurfaced and proved the woman refuses to age.

Compare Jun Ji Hyun now at age 34 (Korean age) and then at age 20.

Vampire. That is all.

Won Bin

Won Bin is like a fine wine - he only gets better with age, as is proven by the fact that the actor is closing in on 40 but is as handsome as ever

BoA’s movie ‘Make Your Move’ confirmed for April 17th release in Korea & USA + Korean poster release

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BoA"s movie "Make Your Move" has been confirmed for an April 17th release!
It"ll be released in Korea and in USA at the same time. The movie"s BoA"s first Hollywood venture, and fans have been looking forward its release for a long, long time. The official Korean poster for the movie has been released as well.

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BoA plays a character who is the leader of the dance group COBU. Derek Hough will be playing her romantic partner. The movie is directed by "Step Up"s writer Duane Adler, and Joel C. High will be the music director.

Are you looking forward to the movie?

7 male actors who don’t look their age

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If you paid attention to the "Korean Terms All K-Pop Fans Should Know" article, then you know that there are such things as dongans and no-ans. As a reminder, dongan is used to refer to someone who looks younger than their age - a "baby face." On the other hand, no-an is used to refer to someone who looks older than their age.

A lot of people, like myself, are shocked when they find out the real age of a certain celebrity whom they presumed to be younger or older. So which male actors (some acting-dols) were you wrong about? Check out the list below.

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Ahn Jae Hyun

I first encountered this guy when I watched "You Who Came From The Stars" in which he - very convincingly - plays a high school student! I thought, "Hey, here"s a fresh new face