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'Music Bank' Highlights: Super Junior's Kyuhyun Wins #1 On The November 21, 2014 Episode + Performance Recaps

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Another week of KBS" "Music Bank" is here and featured performances from some of your favorite K-Pop stars. Great stage settings and fan chants were all heard and seen yesterday.

The stars who made their comeback were Hyolyn & Joo Young with "Erase," Apink made their return with "LUV," MAMAMOO are in love with a "Piano Man," GOT7 said "Stop Stop It," Natthew said "Love Will Be OK," ALi is "Crying Hard" for her return, and HALO with "Come On Now."

Your nominees for the night were AOA and Super Junior"s Kyuhyun as they battled for the first place trophy. The winner was Kyuhyun for his single titled, "At Gwanghwamun." Congratulations to him!

This being all said, here are the performance recaps from yesterday

Korean TV, music sweeps Cuba

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Hallyu, the Korean Wave, is now sweeping across Cuba.Many domestic Korean media outlets have recently covered the Cuban people"s great interest in all things Korean. The dailies said that Korean TV soap operas, audition-themed survival programs and pop music are all enjoying great popularity in the Caribbean"s largest country. The Chosun Ilbo said in an article on November 5 that, "When "My Wife is a Superwoman" became the first Korean drama to ever air on Cuban TV last April, it soon became a hit show with a viewer"s rating exceeding 70 percent. Other Korean dramas, such as "My Fair Lady" and "Secret Garden", followed suit, creating a Korean soap opera boom".Such strong interest was reinforced at the 2014 Havana International Fair (FIHAV), which took place on November 2 for three days. According to domestic media outlets, Alex Castro, one of Fidel Castro"s sons, visited the Korean booth at the international fair along with high-profile Cuban officials, including the ministers of energy, agriculture and culture

Korean SBS Drama Pinocchio Episode 2 Recap and Screencaps

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by Dramabean:

Agh, they’re so cuuuuute. Now that our backstory is in place, the second episode actually brings our leads together onscreen, and I’m happy to say that their dynamic is adorable—their bickering relationship is funny and heartfelt, and I really like both characters. It was impossible to tell from the first episode alone if the show would reel me in, but by the end of this hour, they’ve got me. Last-place student Dal-po wins his first round of the TV quiz show, wiping the smirk off of the first-place champion and surprising everyone in their class. As the audience claps and the cameras turn to him, he narrates in voiceover that after suffering those cruel events with his family, he vowed to never set foot in a broadcast station or exchange words with anyone even remotely associated with a network

Korean SBS Drama Secret Door Episode 15 Recap and Screenshots

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by Dramabeans: Yeongjo gives Sun a chance to be reinstated as prince-regent—all he has to do is meet the Qing envoys who are on their way and ready to declare war (over a naval skirmish with a Joseon fishing boat), and stop a war from happening. Oh, is that all?He makes it clear that taking on the task is a double-edged sword because if Sun succeeds, he does get to be regent again, but if he fails, he will forever be stripped of his rights to the regency. That means he’ll never practice politics ever again. Yeongjo makes sure to add that he won’t be lenient on him just because he’s his only son. I’m pretty sure no one here thought you would. But his point stings nonetheless—he’s happy to find a successor elsewhere.The extreme terms of the deal don’t dissuade Sun, and he agrees to take on the challenge to convince the Qing envoys without caving to their demands

[Drama Review] “High School: Love On” – Episode 15

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The two boys in a crazy contest, winner takes all

Woo Hyun shows up on Sung Yeol"s doorstep, asking to be allowed to move in. Sung Yeol and the father leave. Later that night, Sung Yeol enters, falling down drunk. Woo Hyun puts a schnockered Sung Yeol to bed. In the morning, Woo Hyun is on the bed too and is pushed off, injuring his shoulder. Jae Seok"s lackey, Tae Ho, runs into classmate Joo Ah and decides to get revenge on the store owner for firing Joo Ah and shorting her on wages.

The security guard goes to the store where Joo Ah worked and collects her back wages. Sung Yeol"s father goes off and drinks when informed about Ji Hye"s loan that she used to pay for Woo Hyun"s shop

Agency sells 1st web drama

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The new web drama "Love Cells" has sold its copyrights to U.S.-based streaming website DramaFever, according to its producer, Sidus HQ. According to the agency, DramaFever is one of the largest series-streaming websites in North America. Its monthly subscribers number about 22 million."Through this deal, we"ve realized that not only Korean dramas but web dramas have potential", the production company said in a press release. Unlike TV dramas, web dramas refer to short series with a running time of five to 20 minutes for each episode. They are usually streamed on web portals or on video-sharing sites. With the increasing smartphone population, web dramas have caught on among young people. Sidus HQ, which produces classic TV dramas, tried its hand at web dramas for the first time with "Love Cell". The drama is an adaptation of a romance webtoon, or an online cartoon series, of the same title

Korean Drama Pride and Prejudice Episode 3 Episode 4 Recap and Screenshots

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by Couch-kimchi:A few details were revealed, we learned more about Yeol-Moo past. We also met her Mom, who is most likely crazy from grief and we learned the reason Yeol-Moo dropped Dong Chi but we’ll need more to understand why she thinks he’s a murderer. Ratings for this drama are strong, beating outSecret Door and Tomorrow’s Cantabile to remain #1 in its time slot. I’m gonna make a wild guess that part of it is due to the power of Baek Jin Hee again.Those of you who watched Empress Ki with me will remember the Korean audience being very vocal in their adoration of this actress, to the point that the script was changed to extend her part. I’m sure Choi Jin Hyuk is loved as well but the very tiny Baek Jin Hee has become a mighty draw on TV when she’s paired with a great script. All those pieces are falling into place with this drama, at least for now

Korean KBS Drama Cantabile Tomorrow Episode 8 Recap and Screenshots

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by Dramabeans: Much to Yoo-jin’s shock, the S Orchestra’s performance of “Mambo” is good, and so is the new guy Yoon-hoo, who’s acting as their emergency conductor. In flashback, we see him asking the orchestra to give him a chance to conduct, since he’s performed this piece before and has memorized the score. They look hesitant, but they’re out of options so they agree; and as we’ve already seen, the result is a roaring success.Yoon-hoo is playful and expressive up there on the conductor’s platform, performing as much as the rest of them are and leading them like the life of the party. It’s adorable to watch, and in the back of the auditorium, Yoo-jin’s cloud just gets darker and darker.Streseman seems to have been waiting for this reaction, as he simply stands there praising Yoon-hoo. He looks intrigued the minute Yoo-jin retorts that he’s the star today

Web dramas hook Korea”s youth

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Naver, the country"s largest web portal, which claims nearly 70 percent of the market share, has opened a segment for web dramas under its TV Cast service.

And even K-pop groups are appearing in these brand-new dramas, using them as stepping-stones to help them transition into acting careers. Minah of Girl"s Day and Jiyoon of 4Minute both recently appeared in an Internet drama. More than 20 new web shows have poured in since last February. Of these, "See You After School - Drama" and "Aftermath" are two that proved the potential of the phenomenon, becoming the next big thing in the mobile content market. Centering on the story of an after-school club with five handsome high school boys, the fantasy-romance drama begins with a scene in which an introverted girl is invited to join their inner circle

Young K-Drama Actresses To Watch Out For

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A few k-drama actresses under 30, and some even younger than 20, are making a positive impression in dramas and films. You may want to look out for these talented actresses in current and upcoming dramas.

Uhm Hyun Kyung: At only 22 this actress has an impressive resume. You can see her currently acting as Park Si Yeon"s scheming competition in "The Greatest Marriage." But she has also appeared in "Mother"s Garden," "Let"s Eat," "Good Doctor," "Horse Doctor" and a few other dramas. She had a role in the 2013 film "The Unwelcome Guest."

Baek Jin Hee. The 24-year-old actress had perhaps the most impressive year. She played a poisonous empress in "Empress Ki," Kim Jaejoong"s girlfriend in "Triangle," and now she gets to romance Choi Jin Hyuk in the upcoming courtroom drama "Pride and Prejudice

[Drama Review] “High School: Love On” – Episode 12

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Ji Hye paying her respects

Sung Yeol is devastated by the thought of his step mom being Woo Hyun"s absent mother. Tortured by the implications, he doesn"t show up at school and is ambushed by bullies. Sung Yeol fights back, but nearly faints in the attempt. Seul Bi finds him by now and backhugs him to prevent him collapsing. Jae Seok takes a pic of this and sends it to everyone. Woo Hyun angrily escorts Seul Bi away, misinterpreting as Jae Seok intended. The next morning at school, everyone talks about the text they received re: Sung Yeol and Seul Bi. Seul Bi is once again an outcast, and Young Eun is crushed (she happens to like Sung Yeol). Seul Bi has one ally, classmate Joo Ah, who sticks with her despite her unpopularity

Hyunbin to make a drama comeback after 4 years with “Hyde, Jekyll, and I”!

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The dearly missed actor, Hyunbin, will finally be making a drama comeback after 4 years since his last drama, SBS “Secret Garden”!

Many fans have been anticipating this moment for a very long time and it has finally happened—Hyunbin will be making a comeback in a drama with upcoming SBS “Hyde, Jekyll, and I.”

Although the actor had already starred in a movie, “The Fatal Encounter” earlier this year following his discharge from his 2-year mandatory military service, “Hyde, Jekyll, and I” will be the actor’s first drama since the discharge and his previous drama, “Secret Garden”.

"Hyde, Jekyll, and I" will be a 20 episode mini-series which will be based off of a famous 2011 Korean webtoon titled, "Professor Jekyll is Hyde"

K-Drama OST Roundup: f(x) Krystal Sings For 'My Lovely Girl' Soundtrack

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(Photo : SBS ) Krystal lends her voice to the "My Lovely Girl" soundtrack.

Krystal of SM Entertainment’s f(x) delivers the stirring track “All of a Sudden” which is also Romanized as "On the Verge of Tears" for part two of the “My Lovely Girl” soundtrack.

“My Lovely Girl” is set in the fictitious agency ANA Entertainment. Krystal portrays Yoon Se Na, a unlikely trainee whose deceased sister dated acclaimed songwriter Lee Hyun Wook.

Rain is Lee Hyun Wook, the grieving producer/songwriter who takes on the task of introducing Se Na to the harsh realities of the entertainment industry.

As the drama is set within the entertainment industry, the cast is predominantly comprised of idols. Korean critics have questioned this casting which also includes INFINITE’s L and Hoya

Digital Video Network DramaFever Celebrates Fifth Anniversary with Exclusive Fall Premieres

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Hefty Line-up of the Hottest New Asian Series Includes Romance, High School and Period Dramas – Made Available for the First Time in the U.S. with English Subtitles and within 24 Hours of their International TV Premieres

DramaFever (www.dramafever.com), the top online video destination for international TV series and movies, today announced a fall lineup that includes four exclusive premieres along with a large crop of other highly anticipated Asian drama series. All will premiere on DramaFever within 24 hours of the original international airings, and with professional subtitles. DramaFever began as the North American home for Korean dramas in 2009 – and has since brought this addictive genre to U.S. Millennials of all ethnicities and backgrounds. The network has grown from 2.5 million unique monthly viewers in 2012 to 10 million in 2013 and more than 20 million today

K-Drama OST Roundup: Loco & Mamamoo Sing For 'My Lovely Girl'

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(Photo : SBS ) Loco and Mamamoo appear on part one of the "My Lovely Girl" soundtrack.

“My Lovely Girl” also known as “She"s So Lovable” premiered this week, with part one of the soundtrack featuring the uptempo track “This Song.” “My Lovely Girl” is a musical romance starring Rain and f(x) Krystal, which is set in the world of a fictitious entertainment company.

Rain portrays Lee Hyun Wook, a music producer who is grieving from the death of his girlfriend. Krystal is Yoon Se Na, a struggling musician, who seeks solace from her problems through singing.

INFINITE members L and Hoya also star in “My Lovely Girl” along with Bestie"s Na Hae Ryung and T-ARA"s Dani. The musical drama also includes Clazziquai member Alex Chu.

“My Lovely Girl” airs on SBS in the 22:00 KST Wednesday-Thursday time slot, which was previously occupied by “It"s Okay, That"s Love

Happy September Birthdays K-Drama Stars

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Several k-drama stars will be celebrating another successful year this month. Here are the stars that will sample some birthday cake in September.

Sept. 6: Kim So Eun turns 25 this month. The actress who shippers paired with Kim Bum in "Boys over Flowers" appeared in the film "Mourning Grave" this year, co-starring with actor Kang Ha Neul. Together with f(x)"s Victoria, she will host the variety show "Glitter."

Sept. 14: Lee Jong Suk stayed in the A-list in 2014. He appeared as the medical genius and North Korean defector Park Hoon in "Doctor Stranger," as well as having roles in two films. He starred in "Hot Blooded Youth" with Park Bo Young and in "No Breathing" with Seo In Guk. A rumored appearance in an upcoming comedy that co-stars Park Shin Hye has both their fans excited and hopeful

K-Drama OST Roundup: TVXQ Changmin Sings ‘Because I Couldn’t Say I Love You’ For ‘The Night Watchman’s Journal’

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(Photo : MBC, tvN) Changmin appears on "The Night Watchman"s Journal" original soundtrack.

TVXQ’s Max Changmin lends his voice to the part three of the original soundtrack for “The Night Watchman’s Journal” with the stirring love theme “Because I Couldn’t Say I Love You.”

“The Night Watchman’s Journal” also known as “Diary of a Night Watchman” is a fantasy historical drama starring Jung Il Woo (The Moon Embracing the Sun) and TVXQ’s Yunho.

EDEN also appear on part three of the original soundtrack with the soulful track “Come to Me.”

“The Night Watchman’s Journal” airs on MBC on Mondays and Tuesdays in the 22:00 time slot

Joseon Gunman, Episodes 5-14: Gunning for Revenge

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Joseon Gunman, Episodes 5-14: Gunning for Revenge Written by Joyce On August 20, 2014

Joseon Gunman is practically synonymous with Lee Jun-ki, serving as an extension of his action-filled resume. The more I watch, the more amazed I am how how far he has come since his My Girl days, carving a niche for himself as an action thriller star.

Disclaimer: Spoilers ahead.

After the first four episodes laid the groundwork for his revenge motive, the darker plot and tone starts to really kick in from there onwards. Yoon-kang (Lee Jun-ki) doesn’t disappoint as a lead character, bringing to the plate an intricately woven transformation from a carefree nobleman to a gunman full of vengeance, equipped with a occasionally questionable moral compass

Park Hae Jin Cast for Lead Role in Korean-Chinese Drama “Nan Ren Bang 2″

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Actor Park Hae Jin has been chosen as the male lead for the sequel of Chinese hit drama “Nan Ren Bang 2.”

A representative of CJ E&M revealed on May 15, “Park Hae Jin has been cast for the lead role in ‘Nan Ren Bang 2,’ a Korean-Chinese co-production between CJ E&M and two famous Chinese production companies.”

After wrapping up “Man from the Stars” in February, the actor has been enjoying great popularity in China. This will not be his first time to act in a Chinese drama either, as he starred in “Qian Duo Duo Jia Ren Ji” and “Another Kind of Splendid Life” in 2011 and 2012 respectively.

In “Nan Ren Bang 2,” Park Hae Jin will be joined by top stars Xinbo Fu and Liang Zhang

Park Hae Jin to star in the Korean-Chinese drama sequel ‘Nan Ren Bang 2′

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Park Hae Jin (31), who has been rising up the ladder of top actors with his roles in "You Who Came From the Stars" and "Doctor Stranger", will soon take on the lead role in the upcoming Korean-Chinese drama "Nan Ren Bang 2" (also known as "Men", "Secret Society of Men", and "Men"s Group")!

SEE ALSO: Fans throw a birthday party for Park Hae Jin on the set of "Doctor Stranger"

A CJ E&M rep stated on May 15, "Park Hae Jin has been chosen for the lead role in the Korean-Chinese drama "Nan Ren Bang 2"."

As there has been a "You Who Came From the Stars" craze going on in China, Park Hae Jin was one of the more obvious choices to go with for "Nan Ren Bang 2". The series is the sequel to the hit Chinese 2011 drama "Nan Ren Bang", which is the male version of "Sex and the City" starring three men who juggle work and love