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Song So Hee sheds her hanbok for ‘International bnt’ magazine

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You may not recognize her at first glance because she"s not wearing a traditional hanbok, but this is Song So Hee. The singer, who"s been on "Star King", is famous for her talent in the Korean traditional genre of pansori!

Song So Hee showed off her cute charms befitting an idol girl group member for "International bnt" as she looked pure and innocent in a white dress and more vibrant and cheerful for other aegyo-filled pictures!

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In the accompanying interview, Song So Hee said, "It occurred to me that I might not be able to go long just doing traditional music. I am trying to burden myself more with studies."

She then chose trot as the genre she sang most often after traditional music

RELIVE IT: B.A.P Live on Earth 2014: New York

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On April 13th, the B.A.P boys touched down in New York for their 2nd ever concert in the Big Apple!

One of the staff members told me that there were girls waiting overnight, and I know some people who were there from the crack of dawn to see their boys up close. The doors opened at 6:30, and fans poured into the Best Buy Theater to get as close as they could.

Sadly enough, with so little space to breathe and move comfortably, I saw one girl getting carried out even before the concert started. Throughout the concert, the crowd had to part here and there to allow room for various girls to get carried out. All this even though the staff did their best to cool the audience down by fanning them, cranking up the AC, spraying them with cool water, and handing out water bottles continuously

Actor Jung Suk Won Joins JYJ at C-JeS Entertainment

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Actor Jung Suk Won has joined a new home at C-JeS Entertainment.

C-JeS Entertainment announced on April 16, “Actor Jung Suk Won has become one of our family members. As much as he has devoted endlessly and worked hard since his debut, we will do our best to support Jung Suk Won to continue expanding his acting spectrum in the future. Please show him your support.”

Jung Suk Won made his debut through KBS’ “Belle.” He rose to fame in the 2009 SBS drama “Brilliant Legacy.” Since then he has appeared in various dramas including SBS’ “Midas,” KBS 2TV’s “Ojakgyo Brothers,” SBS’ “Rooftop Prince,” and KBS 2TV’s “Iris II: New Generation.”

Meanwhile, Jung Suk Won joins many famous names in the Korean entertainment industry at C-JeS Entertainment including JYJ, Choi Min Sik, Seol Kyung Gu, Lee Jung Jae, Lee Bum Soo, Kang Hye Jung, Song Ji Hyo, and Gummy

G.NA makes a lovely bride in a wedding dress in comeback teaser images

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G.NA is here to surprise you as a lovely bride in the next set of teaser images for her comeback!

This is definitely a change from her first image which showed us a peek at her "Pretty Lingerie", which is the Korean title of her new song. Dressed in bridal gear this time, the singer leaves us to wonder about the concept and who the dashing groom could be!

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According to her latest Facebook post, it seems she"ll be going with the title "G.NA"s Secret" for the international audience. So get ready to learn about her "secret" with her single on April 21!

T-ara’s Jiyeon Spoils 1 Minute 1 Second of MV Shooting for ‘Never Ever’

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Taking her title song literally, T-ara’s Jiyeon released a spoiler video for her upcoming music video for Never Ever (Korean title: 1 Minute 1 Second).

The video was released on April 15, revealing Jiyeon and her back dancers performing on a set that was being rained on. True to the title, the video only showed one minute and one second worth of footage, which include Jiyeon taking a break to eat a meal.

Jiyeon will release her solo song, Never Ever April 30. The next teaser will be released April 18.

Photo Credit: Core Contents Media.

Lim Kim and The Black Skirts Confirmed as New DJs for “After Club”

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SBS Power FM radio program “After Club” earned two new DJs after the company’s spring reshuffle.

The two new DJs are none other than refreshing vocals Lim Kim and indie modern rock representative The Black Skirts.

Regarding the new position, Lim Kim shared, “I listened to the radio since I was very young so I even thought about hosting my own show. I’m really looking forward to ‘After Club’ since the program is pretty lax where one can freely interact with the listeners.”

Singer-songwriter The Black Skirts (Korean name: Jo Hyu Ill) stated, “It’s great that ‘After Club’ has seven different DJs with their own styles.”

“After School” is a radio program that uses music as its basis and has seven different DJs with different backgrounds from hip hop, electronica, rock, world music, among other genres

Z.Hera’s Debut Track Regains Popularity as New Theme Song for Sports Program

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Female soloist Z.Hera (known as Ji Hae Ra in Korean)’s debut track “Peacock” will be the latest theme song for the second season of cable SBS Sports’ show “Baseball’s Real Character.”

The sports program made its premiere last month to match the start of the baseball season, and used a remake version of Z.Hera’s track “Peacock.”

Victory’s Fireworks” is the remake song of “Peacock” and has been arranged into the rock genre. The song is hot among baseball fans to the point that the program’s online forum got flooded by viewers asking more information on the song.

“Baseball’s Real Character” is a real documentary program that sheds light on the world of baseball, its victories, and behind the scenes, and is aired every Sunday at 10pm (KST) through SBS Sports

Teen Top Performs in Hungary, Attracts Fans From All Over Eastern Europe

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Through their world tour, group Teen Top has broadened the reach of K-Pop.

Following their performance in Russia on April 10, Teen Top went to Budapest, Hungary for a performance on April 12, the first Korean artist to hold a solo concert in Budapest. People from all over Eastern Europe flocked to Budapest in order to see the group perform, from Poland, Slovenia, Slovakia, Romania, Croatia, and Austria. Starting the day before the show, the performance area was like a festival, fans having come in advance to wait in line, singing songs by Teen Top and just having a great time.

Even after the end of two encore performances and all the staff had gone home, the fans remained where they were, chanting the group’s name. Eventually, Teen Top came back on stage for an unplanned encore performance of “Rocking,” after which they reluctantly said their goodbyes

Interview with Uprising YouTube Star Megan Lee!

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Some might already be familiar with Megan Lee through her participation on MBC’s audition program “Birth of a Great Star,” or have come across one of her many videos on YouTube. Already active as a YouTube artist, she continually tries to stretch her boundaries as an artist. Currently preparing for her official debut, which is just around the corner, Megan Lee was gracious enough to set aside time from her VERY busy schedule (read the interview to find out) to share with us just her pretty awesome journey.

Here’s a quick bio, and scroll down for the interview. ^^

Name: Megan Lee
D.O.B: September 18,1995 in California, United States
Agency Label: Soulshop Entertainment
Appearances: “Birth of a Great Star” season 1 & 2

OFFICIAL SNS (hover over the links to go to the respective page)
YouTube Channel

* March 2011 – Love, Laugh & Live [Single]
* July 2011 – Destiny [Single]
* October 2011 – Destiny [Single]

* 2008 – Tranquility [Role: Sun Kim] – Short Film
* 2009 – Crush [Role: Jeremy's Sister]- Short Film
* 2010 – The Legend of Beaver Dam [Role: JuJu] – Short Film
* 2010 – The Case Against Jill [Role: Jill] – Short Film

* 2008 – Award of Merit (U

Pianist Yiruma Receives Standing Ovation During Sold-Out Concert in Singapore

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Yiruma, the internationally-renowned pianist-composer from South Korea was in Singapore to perform publicly for the very first time at The Star Performing Arts Center on April 5. All 5,000 tickets were completely sold out. I was so lucky to be able to watch him perform his beautiful melodies; it was even more meaningful because that day was my birthday!

The soft-spoken pianist has a great sense of humor, surprisingly. After opening the concert with “May Be“, Yiruma stood up to greet the 5,000 strong audience.

“Hi Singapore, hi everyone. Wow! This is really wonderful, it’s very scary. It’s scary, but it’s very exciting to be here in Singapore. Are there any Koreans here? Annyeonghaseyo! I’m composer and pianist Yiruma, it’s so nice to meet you. Thank You!”

“Xie xie (Thank you, in Mandarin), I started with the song called ‘May Be

Teen Top Successfully Completes First K-Pop Concert in Hungary

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Following a successful concert in Russia, Teen Top finished off a concert in Hungary, for the first time for a K-Pop singer.

On April 12, Teen Top continued the Teen Top 2014 World Tour – High Kick in Europe, holding an exclusive concert in Budapest for the first time ever for a Korean singer.

Fans from Poland, Slovenia, Slovakia, Romania, Croatia, Austria, and more gathered in Budapest to see Teen Top for the first time in Hungary. Fans lined up the day before the concert, singing Teen Top songs to get through the long waiting periods.

Despite the finish of the concert after two encore performance, fans didn’t leave the stadium, urging Teen Top to rise to the stage again to perform one more song, which was unscheduled.

In an interview with Hungary MTV, Teen Top stated that Teen Top is the first Korean group to perform in Hungary and hopes that K-Pop will continue to have success in Europe, making it recognized as another music genre

‘K-Pop Star’ Names Its Third Winner

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After a long season of talented singers being cut off each week, SBS’ K-Pop Star finally selected its third winner.

The final battle was between Korean Americans Bernard Park and Sam Kim with Bernard Park taking the honorable title of being the third K-Pop Star after Park Ji Min and Akdong Musician.

Due to a new rule in the third season, Bernard Park had the choice to pick which of the three agencies he wanted to be signed with. The judges made their appeals, and Bernard Park ended up choosing JYP Entertainment

Meanwhile, SBS’ Roommates will begin on April 20 in the same time slot.

Saturday, April 12, 2014


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SBS Inkigayo Releases EXO-K “Overdose” Comeback Stage Teaser

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Continuing the excitement over EXO‘s comeback, weekly music show SBS Inkigayo has released a comeback stage teaser during its April 13 episode.

The teaser, however, only shows EXO-K, confirming that only the Korean unit of EXO will be performing at the comeback stage. Despite earlier reports that EXO will be promoting as twelve for at least a couple of weeks before splitting up into EXO-K and EXO-M, it seems the two sub-units of EXO will start off its “Overdose” promotions separately.

 MBC’s weekly music show, Music Core, and KBS’ Music Bank also released a teaser for EXO’s comeback on its April 12 and 11 broadcast, respectively, showing only EXO-K.

EXO-M will be holding its comeback stage on the Chinese weekly music program, “Global Chinese Music,” on April 19

Who is the Winner of “K-Pop Star 3” and Which Agency Did He Choose?

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The final competition of SBS’ “K-Pop Star 3,” which aired on April 13 consisted of two rounds: the first round was a mission round assigned by the judges and the second mission was a free selection round. 60% of the judges’ scores and 40% of the viewers’ votes were compiled in order to determine the final score.

The first contestant to take the stage was Sam Kim. He reinterpreted BIGBANG’s “Lies.” His mission was to “perform a song that would allow the audience to focus on your voice.”

After his performance Park Jin Young commented, “Sam Kim proved his performance abilities during the live shows. I wanted to know, as a composer and a producer, what his recorded voice would sound like, but I wasn’t able to hear his voice as much as I wanted to. However, the arrangement was amazing

Teen Top Turns Up the Heat in Russia for “2014 HIGH KICK World Tour”

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The members of Teen Top made sure they had their fill of Korean food before heading off to Russia for the European leg of their “2014 HIGH KICK World Tour.”

On April 10, Teen Top performed for many dedicated fans in Moscow, Russia. Despite the sub zero weather, fans patiently waited before they were let in the concert venue. Bystanders and pedestrians were able to witness the passion of many young fans as they sing Teen Top’s songs in Korean by memory while waving the South Korean flag during their wait outside the building. Industry insiders were surprised by the fans display of passion and affection since, despite the growing awareness of K-Pop in various countries, Russia didn’t have many K-Pop artists come to perform.

Teen Top members got to show different sides through different genres including dance, hip hop and ballad

Lyn Appears on Chinese Variety Show for the First Time

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Lyn has been fairly busy in recent times. She has appeared on various variety shows such as “Radio Star” and “Immortal Song 2.” Now she is expanding her activities overseas, appearing on a Chinese variety show for the first time.

On April 10, Lyn appeared at a recording at the Chinese channel “Zhejiang TV” for their show “I Love to Remember the Lyrics” as a Korean representative. The show first started airing 2007 and since that time, it has been a popular music show featuring various famous guests. Korean guests have also frequented the show in past years, with actor Jang Geun Seuk and Miss A appearing on the show during the last couple years.

Lyn has seen her popularity surge in recent months thanks to the success of the SBS drama “Man from the Stars,” for which she provided the popular OST song “My Destiny

JYP Reveals Teaser for 15&’s Comeback Digital Single “Can’t Hide It”

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On April 9, JYP Entertainment tweeted a mysterious teaser pic with several Korean letters through their official account. No explanation was offered, and many fans wondered what the teaser was for.

Now on April 11, JYP released another teaser, this time revealing what the letters stand for and which of their artists will be having a comeback. According to the teaser, young and talented vocal duo 15& will be making their comeback on April 13 with the release of their digital single, “Can’t Hide It.”

The announcement tweet also revealed that on the same day, 15& will give their comeback performance on a special stage during “K-Pop Star.”

It’s good news for fans, since 15&’s last promotional song was “Somebody” almost a year ago

Mad Clown and Eddy Kim’s Songs Ruled Unfit for Broadcast

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KBS recently ruled some of rapper Mad Clown and singer Eddy Kim’s songs unfit for broadcast.

Mad Clown’s “Gum,” “Kkeng Cost,” and “Stalker,” and Eddy Kim’s “Slow Dance” were banned.

Mad Clown’s “Gum” was banned because the lyrics include the brand name ‘Mercedes,’ and “Kkeng Cost” because the title and lyrics include the word ‘kkeng cost,’ a slang expression referring to someone overplaying an injury for money. His song “Stalker” was banned for its slew of heavy profanity, both in Korean and English.

The ruling for Mad Clown’s “The Scent of Skin” was temporarily postponed due to the absence of one of the judges. That leaves one song from Mad Clown’s new mini album that is currently allowed on KBS: his title track “Without You” featuring Hyorin

Eric Nam Breaks Out of the Mold with ′Ooh Ooh′

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After 15 months since his last single, Eric Nam is finally back - not that it ever seemed like he was really away.

Appearing on television every week, interviewing top international stars, and greeting overseas fans through various programs, Eric Nam has been working hard, and working a lot - but not quite in the capacity that he wanted.

“I think last year was a very difficult and trying year for me personally and professionally, on many levels,” said Eric Nam, in an interview with Mwave’s enewsWorld. “And part of that came from the fact that I came and signed as a singer and .. I wasn’t singing. To be releasing one song a year, and this song 15 months after that song - as a singer, it’s very depressing in a way. It’s disheartening.”

But thankfully, Eric Nam’s latest single, Ooh Oohhas already been garnering a positive response, despite, or perhaps, because of, the different direction he’s gone since releasing his soft ballad, Heaven’s Door

Buzz Will Return and Make Their Comeback Soon!

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Yes, you’ve read correctly! It was recently announced that popular band Buzz has reunited and will be making their comeback with all five original members. Fans will soon be able to hear music produced by members Min Kyung Hoon (vocal), Shin Joon Ki (bass), Son Sung Hee (guitar), Yoon Woo Hyun (guitar), and Kim Ye Joon (drum).

On April 8, Min Kyung Hoon wrote on his fancafe a post titled, “Buzz Reunited Part 1.” In the post, the vocalist wrote, “Finished Joon Ki hyung’s wedding, and while we were preparing for the ceremony, all five of us got together and performed. We performed the song Joon Ki hyung composed and sang when he proposed. J K H (Korean initials) does not stand for remarriage.” Previously on April 2, the vocalist had wrote on his fancafe, “This year we will bring good news, with Joon Ki hyung getting married and there will be J K H