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Ahn Jae Hyun Reveals He was Asked to Get Plastic Surgery

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Model turned actor Ahn Jae Hyun who is also known for his good looks told that he was asked to get plastic surgery.

When he was asked about how people praise him for his looks, the actor responded jokingly with “I like (how they give praises) because first of all, I really like receiving them. I think I’ll still like receiving it in the future.”

Ahn Jae Hyun went on saying: “I think I’m not a very handsome person but I think I’m nice to look at. I think the really handsome people are Kang Dong Won, Won Bin, Hyun Bin, Cha Seung Won and a lot of other senior actors. Honestly, when I first debuted, a lot of people told me that I should get plastic surgery. They told me to get a double eyelid surgery and to get my nose done as well

Model-Actor Ahn Jae Hyun Talks About Going Through Retinal Detachment Surgery in High School

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In a recent interview with OSEN, model and actor Ahn Jae Hyun revealed that he had previously received retinal detachment surgery in his high school years. Retinal detachment is a critical condition caused by a hole in the retina, and in the worst case scenario, it could ultimately lead to blindness.

On his two years as part of the reserve forces (meaning he finished his military service two years ago), Ahn Jae Hyun shared, “I completed my military service early. At the time of my enlistment, I really didn’t have a lot of work [coming in]. I was a part of public services due to my eye condition. Currently, there are sponges in both of my eyes. At a certain point, I wasn’t able to see people because the brightness of light was too strong, so I had surgery during my second year of high school. The surgery was on July 1, the day of my birthday

Man From China Gets Surgery to Look Like “My Love From the Star” Actor Kim Soo Hyun

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The fascination of Chinese fans with the hottest drama of the year, “My Love From the Star,” has driven one man in China to undergo multiple surgeries in order to look like “Do Min Joon,” the dashing alien played by actor Kim Soo Hyun.

According to a report by Chinese press People on July 30, a reality program on AnHui TV featured a man who looks like Kim Soo Hyun. “Through the broadcast, the popularity of Do Min Joon from the Korean drama ‘My Love From the Star’ was felt,” said the report.

“Although the man didn’t originally resemble Kim Soo Hyun, he watched ‘My Love From the Star’ and had facial surgery done in Korea. In the broadcast, he was introduced as the Taiwanese Do Min Joon, and surprised the people with his before and after photos,” the report continued

Actress Shin Ae Ra Opens Up about Her Surgery on “Healing Camp”

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During a recent appearance on SBS’s “Healing Camp,” actress Shin Ae Ra discussed her hysterectomy surgery.

On July 28, “Healing Camp” broadcast its special three-year anniversary episode. Special guest Shin Ae Ra said “One day, I suddenly started bleeding. It turned out that it was a kind of benign tumor in my uterus… I chose to have a hysterectomy right away so that I could recover quickly. Even though the doctor warned me that I could not become pregnant and that I might experience psychological stress and other side effects, I said it would be okay.”

However, she revealed that her husband and fellow actor Cha In Pyo was opposed to her decision. “He thought his wife would be at a disadvantage after the surgery. Right before the surgery I told him to just let things be

Kim Soo Hyun Slams Plastic Surgery Rumors with Witty Reply

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Because of his extremely good looks, rumors of Kim Soo Hyun having had surgery have been flying around in China where the actor is enjoying extreme popularity nowadays.

Some online media reports in China talk about controversies such as “Kim Soo Hyun’s surgery,” saying that he is a “product of thorough plastic surgery.” They even went as far as to ask Kim Soo Hyun directly, “Korean stars do a lot of plastic surgery. Did you also have it?”

Although it is a sensitive issue that must be addressed carefully, Kim Soo Hyun coolly responded to the question. “Not every star has done plastic surgery. I’m still young so I don’t need it,” said the actor.

Kim Soo Hyun’s curt reply brought laughter to the press. Afterwards, news reported that Kim Soo Hyun is a “bright-natured star” and spoke about his nickname “curiosity baby

Baek Ji Young wins another lawsuit against a plastic surgeon for commercial usage of her photos without permission

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Baek Ji Young has reportedly won another lawsuit against a plastic surgeon for commercial usage of her photos without permission.

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According to media outlet News1, the Seoul Central District Court for civil appeals ruled in favor of Baek Ji Young in the case against plastic surgeon Mr. Song, who runs a cosmetic surgery clinic in Songpagu, Seoul, on July 17. Although the damages were originally estimated to be 5 million KRW (~$4,800 USD), the court ruled for 3 million KRW (~$2,900 USD) in compensation.

The court stated, "We noticed that Mr. Song used Ms. Baek"s photos and name on his plastic surgery clinic"s blog with the goal of attracting visitors to it for promotional purposes

'K-Pop Star 2's Jeon Min Joo releases jacket photos for debut + addresses plastic surgery suspicions

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Jeon Min Joo, who got her name out through SBS survival program "K-Pop Star 2" in 2012 and was affectionately nicknamed "Little BoA", will be debuting with a single!

On July 7, agency Music K Entertainment said, "On July 15, Jeon Min Joo"s debut single "Good Bye Rain" will be released... It gives off a mature vibe as it unravels the subject matter of the pouring "rain" that is lovers" pain."

The agency also released two pictures along with her debut news, but these images have caused suspicions of plastic surgery from netizens who noted her changed appearance from when she was on "K-Pop Star 2."

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The rep stated, "She definitely did not do plastic surgery

Kong Hyo Jin Received Surgery on Her Knee

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Kong Hyo Jin received surgery not only on her arm, but also on her knee.

A rep from the actress′ agency Soop told Newsen on July 3 that "Kong Hyo Jin received surgery on her knee after injuring it in her recent car accident. She is currently in the hospital."

Kong Hyo Jin was injured in a car crash that occurred while she was returning home on June 19 after a shoot for SBS′ It′s Ok, It′s Love.

The rep added, "Kong Hyo Jin joined the Okinawa shoot for the drama after receiving arm surgery. The staff then gave her time to recover, and on June 30 the actress received surgery on her knee as it had been giving her pain for some time."

"She′s been recovering well," the rep said. "I think she′ll be able to return home within the week. We′re not sure whether she′ll be able to join the shoots next week, though

T-ara′s So Yeon Says She Didn′t Receive Plastic Surgery

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Sometimes selfies can spell some unexpected trouble, especially if you′re a celebrity.

T-ara′s So Yeon had to refute new suspicions that she had received plastic surgery, which followed her recent string of selfies uploaded on Instagram.

After many attempts on July 2, So Yeon finally got her thoughts through by tweeting a photo containing text along with the caption, "Oh no. I don′t know how to tweet long texts."

In the post, she said, "So many people have been misled by my photos. I take about 50, then only pick about one that seems to be the best one. I think this all happened because I only pick the photos that are so good they don′t look much like the real me... I′ll try to be more careful when I try to show you how I′ve been doing...! I hope you all understand now! (Bow)"

She then hoped her fellow member success, saying, "I also hope you continue to support Hyo Min′s solo album too!"

Photo credit: So Yeon′s Instagram and Twitter account

Onew to be absent from 'SHINee World III' concert as he recovers from throat surgery

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Unfortunately for fans of Onew, SM Entertainment revealed that he will not be taking part in SHINee"s third exclusive concert "SHINee World III" in Jakarta, Indonesia due to his throat surgery.

The agency wrote, "For the SHINee concert "SHINee World III" at the MEIS (Mata Elang International Stadium) in Jakarta, Indonesia on June 22, member Onew will not be present. Onew is in the middle of recovery and receiving outpatient for his vocal cords polyp removal as well as vocal cords membrane reconstruction surgery and is taking a break, so it would be impossible for him to take part in the concert as planned considering his current throat condition."

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As a result, it was decided that he will refrain from participating in the Jakarta concert in order to greet the fans sometime in the future in a more healthy state

U-KISS' AJ updates fans with news that he's recovering from heart surgery

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U-KISS" AJ has revealed that he"s currently recovering from heart surgery.

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The last we heard from AJ he was temporarily taking a break from U-KISS to study at Columbia University, and according to NH Media, he enrolled in school for this past January. New member Jun then joined U-KISS for their latest album "Mono Scandal" and track "Don"t Flirt". However, it seems that he"s run into a health issue.

On June 11, AJ tweeted, "After the heart surgery, I am in recovery," along with a photo of what appears to be his arm at the hospital. Not much more about his condition is known at the moment, but hopefully, he"ll recover soon. 

After the heart surgery, I am in recovery

SM Reveals SHINee Onew is Recovering After Throat Surgery

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Following his throat operation, SHINee’s Onew is currently taking a rest.

On June 10, SM Entertainment told Newsen, “On June 3, Onew had a vocal cord polyp removal and vocal fold mucosa reconstruction operation and he is currently resting after being discharged from a hospital in Seoul.”

SM added, “It won’t affect his daily life and he will continue receiving treatment as an outpatient.”

Ahead on June 5, SHINee headed to South America for KBS’ Music Bank in Brazil, and fans grew worried when Onew was the only one who did not come to the airport. SM Entertainment officially revealed afterwards about Onew’s throat surgery.

Meanwhile, the other SHINee members returned to Seoul on June 10 after Music Bank in Brazil

SHINee's Onew recovering after throat surgery

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SHINee"s Onew has been revealed to be recovering after vocal cord surgery.

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SM Entertainment stated on June 10, "On the 3rd, Onew received surgery to remove vocal chord polyps and vocal fold mucosa reconstruction at a hospital in Seoul. After leaving the hospital, he is currently resting," adding, "There is no effect on his daily life, and he"ll be receiving outpatient treatment."

It"s also been revealed that Onew wasn"t unable to join the rest of SHINee for "Music Bank in Brazil" when they departed on the 5th or participate in the musical "Singin" in the Rain" as planned.

Hopefully, Onew will recover soon!

Kim Soo Hyun Coolly Denies Plastic Surgery During Interview in China

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With hallyu star Kim Soo Hyun’s popularity continuing to rise around Asia, he has also become the target of numerous rumors, with one of them being plastic surgery.

Recently, there have been Chinese news reports claiming that Kim Soo Hyun had plastic surgery, with the rumors quickly spreading through online communities. A news report even claimed, “He was a product completely made with plastic surgery.”

With the rumors spreading, one reporter decided to throw the question directly to the actor, asking, “Many Korean celebrities got plastic surgery. Did you get it too?”

Despite the sensitivity of the question, Kim Soo Hyun coolly responded, “Not all celebrities get plastic surgery. I’m still young. So I don’t need it.”

Kim Soo Hyun’s cool response relaxed the atmosphere, which had been tensed up due to the unexpected question, and brought out laughter from the reporters

ZE:A’s Kwanghee Becomes the Spokesmodel for a Plastic Surgery Clinic

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Kwanghee of male group ZE:A has been chosen as the spokesmodel for Korea Plastic Surgery.

Known for undergoing multiple surgeries before his debut, and being rather proud about it, the idol was recently chosen to endorse the medical clinic specialized in plastic surgery.

In his introductory video clip, the idol expresses his support for the professional doctors and helpful staff, and ensures that any worries regarding the safety of plastic surgery can be overcome by choosing a safe clinic. With his bright and energetic voice, he asks the customers of Korea Plastic Surgery for their continuous love and support.

In related news, ZE:A recently made their powerful comeback with their new album “First Homme” and the title track “Breathe