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Lizzy confesses she got double eyelid surgery

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After School"s Lizzy confessed that she got double eyelid surgery!
She was on the 8th"s episode of "The Human Condition", who visited her early in the morning to see how she was. She had absolutely no makeup on and she started laughing at herself on how her face looked. At first, she took out an eyepack, and then started to introduce it but stopped herself, saying, "Why does it say "plastic surgeon"?" and started laughing again, trying to explain herself but ending up with, "I got plastic.. wait, why am I talking about this now? I"m still not fully awake."

While she was putting on makeup, she was doing her eyes, and she explained to viewers what she was doing. She then said, "Since I naturally don"t have double eyelids," but the caught herself and laughed again, saying, "Wait, I do have double eyelids

Police find no evidence that a video of Shin Hae Chul"s surgery exists

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In continuation with the investigation into Shin Hae Chul"s death, Songpa Police in Seoul analyzed the medical equipment used by Sky Hospital and revealed on November 6 that they were unable to find any evidence that the surgery was recorded onto a video.

A rep from the police stated, "With an expert from a server management company, we analyzed the server that was connected to the laproscopic surgery equipment, but we were unable to find proof that footage was recorded during Shin Hae Chul"s surgery nor proof that such footage was erased afterwards."

The police had obtained eight pictures that they believed were allegedly shot during the time of the surgery, and these photos along with what the deceased"s family members heard from various individuals, had prompted the police to look into whether there was a video that was taken of the surgery

Cantabile Tomorrow' Park Bo Gum Refuses Surgery

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In "Cantabile Tomorrow," Park Bo Gum refused getting surgery on her fingers.

On the episode of KBS2 Monday/Tuesday drama "Cantabile Tomorrow" broadcast on November 4th, Lee Yoon Hoo (played by Park Bo Gum) went to the hospital to get her fingers diagnosed.

Before this, Lee Yoon Hoo started to write his bucket list and wrote, "To play the cello as long as my fingers move" as he showed that the infection on his fingers were getting worse.

On this day, the doctor examined his fingers and said, "The infection is deep." With this, he suggested surgery. However, Lee Yoon Hoo said, "Do you mean a surgery? I"m a cellist. If I get surgery on my nerves, I may never be able to play the cell again. Please do me a favor and only prescribe medication

Shin Hae Chul’s Preliminary Autopsy Results Revealed, Cause of Death May Be a Result of Surgery

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The preliminary autopsy results for Shin Hae Chul, who passed away on October 27, have been revealed. According to the National Institute of Scientific Investigation (NISI), the autopsy took place on November 3 from 11 a.m. to 3 p.m., after which the first briefing was held.

The NISI revealed, “Perforation with a diameter of about 0.3 cm was discovered in the pericardium, where a foreign substance was also found. There is a possibility that the perforation is iatrogenic [a result of medical examination or treatment]. The cause of death was peritonitis [inflammation of the peritoneum, the tissue that lines the wall of the abdomen and covers abdominal organs] and pericarditis [inflammation of the pericardium, the tissue that covers the heart], and its accompanying septicemia [also known as blood poisoning]

Hyorin and Bora are stylish in winter wear for "PLASTIC ISLAND"

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Apparel brand "PLASTIC ISLAND" has revealed some shots of SISTAR members Hyorin and Bora looking relaxed and stylish in their winter photoshoot.

In the pictures, fierce divas Hyorin and Bora shed their usually sexy image for a more casual, down-to-earth look. They wear a variety of sweaters, coats, and hats, bundling up for the colder seasons while still looking fashionable. The photoshoot particularly seems to focus on checkered clothing and contrasting gray, dark winter tones with brighter colors that make the overall outfit pop.

Check it out!

Joo Won to donate to spastic cerebral palsy and surgery patients

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Actor Joo Won intends to use his upcoming fan meeting on October 4 to donate to a spastic cerebral palsy patient and a surgery patient.

His fan meeting will take place in the Dongdaemun District at Kyunghee University. The fan meeting will be free of charge for fans as fans will instead have the option to donate for two patients who are being treated at the Gangdong Kyunghee University Hospital.

The first patient is 17-year-old Kim Young Soo, who is suffering from spastic cerebral palsy. The second patient is a young teenager who is receiving vascular surgery and neurosurgery, and donations will go to his multicultural family to aid them in their hardship as well as for his treatment.

Sim Entertainment stated, "Joo Won and his fans" [relationship] has a special meaning; this isn"t just a one-time, long event, but Joo Won will also have good, meaningful events annually

YG Entertainment denies reports of Big Bang"s Seungri undergoing surgery on his liver

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SBS News recently reported that Big Bang"s Seungri was undergoing surgery for his liver due to his recent accident, worrying fans. However, YG Entertainment once again assured that the idol is okay and that his injuries are not severe.

An agency rep stated, "The report that [Seungri] injured his liver and is undergoing surgery for it is false... Although he sustained slight internal bleeding, the medical team made the diagnosis that it"s something that will be fully healed if he takes it easy for a week." 

Another rep added, "It"s true he hurt his liver, but he"s just receiving treatment, not undergoing surgery. We expect him to stay at the hospital for about a week

Ladies’ Code Sojung Making a Quick Recovery, Was Aware of EunB’s Passing Prior to Surgery

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On September 6, Polaris Entertainment revealed to Newsen that Ladies’ Code’s Sojung has been making a quick recovery, following a successful surgery for facial fractures on September 5. Polaris stated that she is able to speak and even get up and move around on her own.

It was also revealed that Sojung was aware of EunB’s passing prior to her surgery. Seeing agency employees and family members around dressed for mourning, and seeing the news on her phone, she had figured out what had happened.

An agency representative said, “She had a really hard time when she found out and cried a lot, but Ashley and Zuny were right there with her. The three are doing their best to cope with the situation, and are a great source of comfort for each other

Ladies’ Code Sojung knew of EunB’s death prior to surgery; RiSe condition remains same after 80+ hours

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Yesterday, we reported that Ladies’ Code member Sojung had completed her facial bone fracture surgery and had repaired injuries received in the tragic car accident that claimed member EunB’s life.

It’s now been revealed that she was aware of EunB’s passing and RiSe’s critical condition at the time of the surgery.

Polaris Entertainment told reporters, “Sojung has received her surgery for a facial fracture on September 5th. The surgery was successful and she is now recovering. She had extreme swelling in her face, but has now started improve in her condition.”

The company went on to reveal that Sojung was aware of EunB’s passing, and RiSe’s critical condition saying, “In truth, Sojung was aware prior to her surgery.”

Sojung Recovering After Successful Surgery, No Changes in RiSe’s Condition

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Ladies’ Code member Sojung is recovering well after a successful surgery for her injuries from the tragic car crash of September 3.

Sojung received surgery on September 5 for the facial fractures she sustained from the accident. A representative from her hospital said reported that she was recovering quickly and said, “The surgery ended well. She is currently in the recovery room.”

Sadly, as Sojung recovers from her accident she will be notified by her family and her agency, Polaris Entertainment, that fellow member EunB passed away during the accident. EunB’s funeral ended on September 5. Ashley and Zuny, who were still recovering from their less severe injuries, were seen at the funeral, mourning for their friend

BREAKING: Ladies’ Code Sojung stable enough for surgery this morning; no longer in critical condition

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In the latest reports coming from Korea, Polaris Entertainment has confirmed that Sojung is stable and not in critical condition.

Finally, some happy news from Polaris Entertainment about Ladies’ Code. In a statement, they revealed that Sojung is finally no longer in critical condition, and has been fully conscious since yesterday.

Siding received her scheduled surgery for a facial fracture and is now recovering. She has yet to be told of fellow member EunB’s passing, to ensure she was ready for the morning surgery. The painful task of notifying her now falls to her family, loved ones and Polaris staff.

Meanwhile, there is still no update on the condition of member RiSe who was in critical condition and has yet to gain consciousness.


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SSTV releases heartbreaking video montage of Ladies’ Code EunB Hospital officials say, “The biggest concern is whether RiSe will survive

EXCLUSIVE: Profile into expert trauma surgeon assigned to Ladies’ Code RiSe surgery

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Ladies’ Code RiSe is currently recovering after being in critical condition and undergoing surgery after a fatal car crash. Koreaboo has taken an exclusive look into the surgeon who is operating on RiSe and his background.

Around 1:20AM at the Singal Intersection of Yeondong Expressway heading towards Incheon, near the 43km point, Ladies’ Code’s van lost a back tire down a slippery road, hitting the expressway’s wall. RiSe and Sojung were reported to be in critical condition, while EunB died from her injuries.

RiSe was immediately rushed to hospital along with Sojung, who also received critical injuries. RiSe suffered from a massive head injury that required immediate attention and underwent three major surgeries. A fourth surgery was scheduled, but was cancelled when her blood pressure rapidly decreased and CPR was applied

RiSe"s surgery revealed to have been delayed due to low blood pressure

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On September 3, while it was reported that Ladies" Code"s RiSe, who was in critical condition after the tragic car accident that took the life of fellow member EunB, had completed surgery, it appears through an update from Polaris Entertainment that her treatment was delayed rather than finished.

A rep from her agency told OSEN, "RiSe is currently in the ICU (intensive care unit). Because her blood pressure fell, the surgery was suspended and she was moved to the ICU. We are watching over her progress."

Another media outlet revealed that the rep stated, "RiSe underwent surgery in a critical condition, but she is still in a severe state. She greatly injured her head and stomach area, so she underwent surgery at Ajou University Hospital in Suwon for a long time

[Update: Rise Out of Surgery] Polaris Entertainment Releases Official Statement with Details Regarding Ladies’ Code Car Accident

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Following the heartbreaking news of the car accident that took the life of Ladies’ Code member EunB, and resulted in the serious injuries of Sojung and Rise, the group’s agency, Polaris Entertainment has offered an official statement with details of the tragic accident:

This is Polaris Entertainment. We are letting you know the current situation concerning Ladies’ Code.

Last night, after completing their schedule in Daegu, the vehicle carrying Ladies’ Code ran into a problem of the rear wheel falling off while on the way back to Seoul, at around 1:30 AM in Suwon. Due to the wheel coming off on the rainy road, the vehicle spun several times before crashing into a guardrail. As a result, member EunB grievously passed away

Ladies" Code"s RiSe reported to have completed surgery + celebrities tweet their condolences and supportive words

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Some positive news has come as various media outlets are reporting that Ladies" Code"s RiSe is finally out of surgery that took over 9 hours to complete.

A few hospital reps told media outlets like Osen and The Fact"RiSe completed surgery and is currently in the I.C.U (Intensive Care Unit)." 

According to reports, it"s said RiSe suffered injuries to the head and had to undergo three surgeries that took more than 9 hours total. No details on the condition she"s in or the extent of her injuries are being revealed yet, but it seems she is in a state where she has to be carefully monitored.

The tragic car accident that occurred took the life of memberEunB, and left Sojung and Rise with serious injuries