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Korean dramas starting today 2014/11/02 in Korea

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Korean dramas starting today 2014/11/02 in Korea: "Romance Cells" and "Drama Festival - The Diary of Heong Yeong-dang"

"Romance Cells" (2014)Directed by Kim Yong-wanWritten by Cha Hyeon-jinNetwork : NAVER tvcastWith Kim Yoo-jeong, Kim Woo-bin, Park Seon-ho, JiHyun, Baek Seong-hyeon,...Midnight dailyAlso known as "Love Cells"SynopsisI can seduce her? A man who"s born solo attempts to seduce a girl group star!

Broadcast starting date in Korea : 2014/11/02

"Drama Special - The Final Puzzle" (2014)Directed by Kim Jeong-hyeon-IWritten by Lee Joo-haWith Yoon Tae-yeong, Jeong Ji-yoon, Kim Min-sang-I, Kim Min-jae, Yeom Dong-heon, Lee Ah-hyeon,

Weekly K-Pop Music Chart 2014 – October Week 2

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TaeTiSeo’s “Holler” held off two strong challengers to remain on top of our chart for the second straight week. “Holler” was No. 1 on M!Countdown and Music Bank last week. Overall, they scored 12 points more than last week to solidify its hold on to the top spot. Congratulations once again to TaeTiSeo.

Moving up 10 spots to No. 2 is Ailee’s latest hit “Don’t Touch Me.” It is the title track of her third mini-album “Magazine.” Written by veteran hitmaker Kim Do Hoon, this is an up-tempo jazz sytle song that features a powerful piano intro and drum beat. Ailee’s flawless vocal portrays a woman betrayed by her man. “Don’t Touch Me” won on Inkigayo last week. It’s only a matter of time before this song hits the top on our chart

Kim Tae-hee spotted in China

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Kim Tae-hee was seen filming a drama in China.

Chinese actress Tang Wi Mung posted a picture of her and Kim Tae-hee on Weibo.

The two of them are posing together in the set of the Chinese drama. Kim Tae-hee is wearing an elegant and pink Chinese traditional dress and looking as beautiful as usual.

Kim Tae-hee is in the middle of filming the drama, "Wang Ji Hee" which is about Wang Ji-hee, history"s most well-known calligrapher. Kim Tae-hee plays Wang Ji-hee"s wife.

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[Spoiler] “The Night Watchman”s Journal” Jeong Il-woo kisses the antidote to Ko Sung-hee

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Jeong Il-woo kissed Ko Sung-hee.

On the twenty-second episode of the MBC drama "The Night Watchman"s Journal", Lee Rin (Jeong Il-woo) personally fed Doha (Ko Sung-hee) the antidote.

Lee Rin succeeded in finding the atlas in Seokgwangsa, but was in danger of being tracked down by Park Soo-jong (Lee Jae-yong-I) and Sadam (Kim Seong-oh). However, Doha used her supernatural powers to get herself up and saved Lee Rin.

However, she lost consciousness again; she"d drank poison to threaten Sadam. As she was in fatal condition and couldn"t take the antidote, Lee Rin chewed on the antidote himself and fed it to her, mouth to mouth.

As he did so, Moo Seok (U-Know) and Jo Sang-heon (Yoon Tae-yeong) turned their heads and Song Nae-gwan (Lee Se-chang) smiled shyly

[Spoiler] “Secret Door” Lee Je-hoon, shocked to see Kim Tae-hoon dead

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On the eighth episode of "Secret Door", Lee Seon (Lee Je-hoon) was devastated to find that Kang Pil-jae (Kim Tae-hoon), the real culprit whom he finally found, was dead.

Kim Taek (Kim Chang-wan) ordered Kim Moo (Kwak Hee-seong) to kill Kang Pil-jae (Kim Tae-hoon) and to find the secret documents. Then he ordered the Noron to take care of the mess.

Park Moon-soo (Lee Won-jong) told Na Cheol-joo (Kim Min-jong), "Take care of the shadow and find the pipe". Soron Lee Jong-seong (Jeon Gook-hwan) ordered Sin Chi-woon (Baek Seung-hyeon) to pay money to get the secret documents back. When Kang Pil-jae tried to sell Soron the documents, Kim Taek and Park Moon-soo planned on stopping him.

Kim Moo captured Kang Pil-jae and tortured him while Na Cheol-joo got his hands on the pipe

Kim Dong Ryul wins #1 on SBS” Inkigayo” + performances from Bernard Park, Raina, BOYFRIEND, & more

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SBSInkigayo has dropped another great hour of fantastic stages, eclectic sounds, and excitement! Joining us will be hosts Lee Yu Bi, ZE:A"s Kwanghee.

On this episode, Raina made her solo debut with "You End, And Me" featuring KantoBoyfriend came back with "Witch", Red Velvet made a comeback with "Be Natural", Jung Dong Ha made his solo debut with "If I", Mad Town debuted with "Yolo".

As for the winner, the first place nominees were the same as last week -- AIiee, Soyu X Urban Zakapa, and Kim Dong Ryul

Baek Jin-hee cries on the streets in “Pride and Prejudice”

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Baek Jin-hee is starring in the new MBC drama "Pride and Prejudice" as Han Yeol-moo, a law-school graduate and probation officer. She"s bold in a way to think that whoever commits a crime must be punished, while being mysterious and unreadable when she wants to be.

Baek Jin-hee is seen standing in the middle of the street, crying silently and drawing attention. The way she"s looking into the camera as she cries expresses her deep appeal, making those watching her feel drawn. The way that she"s crying also gives an insight on Han Yeol-moo"s tough life. Her woeful, silent tears certainly tells a lot more than a loud one.

Baek Jin-hee"s silent tear scene was taken in Itaewon on the 25th. The filming started in the wee hours of the morning until late at night. Although it was a long time, Baek Jin-hee"s energy never failed to die down until the end

Park Min Young, Ji Chang Wook, Yoo Ji Tae, and more attend script reading for “Healer”

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The cast and staff of upcoming KBS 2TV Mon-Tues drama "Healer" held their second script reading!

Director Lee Jung Seob, writer Song Ji Na, Ji Chang Wook, Park Min Young, Yoo Ji Tae, Park Sang Won, Do Ji Won, Park Sang Myun, Kim Mi Kyung, Woo Hee Jin, Park Won Sang, Oh Kwang Rok, and other actors and staff were present for the script reading held at the KBS building in Yeouido, Seoul on September 29.

After getting past the nervousness that comes with the first script reading, the teamwork between the cast and staff was much better during the second script reading. After the script reading was over, the cast also stood in line to get advice from writer Song Ji Na on their characters, showing their passion and attention to detail to bring out the unique traits of their characters

Rookie Lee Tae-hwan to star in MBC “Pride and Prejudice”

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Actor group Surprise member Lee Tae-hwan is starring in "Pride and Prejudice".

He appears in the drama as a former Taekwondo athlete and Incheon District investigator and pure hearted guy Kang Soo. He"s co-acting alongside Choi Jin-hyeok who plays Goo Dong-chi, an elitist who only finished high school and Baek Jin-hee who plays Han Yeol-moo, a passionate investigator.

Lee Tae-hwan announced through his agency on the 1st, "Even though I am pressured to play such a big role, I"m willing to make it work. I stood on trial and got advice from a real former investigator to understand my character and I"m working real hard. I want to leave a good impression".

Lee Tae-hwan is starring in his second drama since the tvN drama "The King of High School Manners"

Agencies confirm Jo, Kim have split

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Jo In-Seong and Kim Min-hee"s agencies confirmed the couple"s recent breakup Wednesday evening and further warned that they would take legal action against those who spread false rumors about the celebrities or made accusations against them. Ilgan Sports, an affiliate of the Korea JoongAng Daily, quoted insiders from Jo and Kim"s agencies, IOK Company and Soop Management, as saying that the companies feel very "regretful" about the gossip surrounding the stars" breakup. Both companies will take "strong counteractions" against any of those fabricating lies, Ilgan Sports wrote. As to the reason behind the split, both companies reportedly said that Kim and Jo "broke up naturally", as both were too busy with their personal schedules. When the news that they were no longer dating broke Wednesday, some netizens suggested that the cause of Jo and Kim"s breakup was relevant to another celebrity couple"s split - Kong Hyo-jin and Lee Jin-wook - who confirmed last Wednesday that they had "decided to remain as co-workers", according to Lee"s agency, Will Entertainment

Jo In Sung And Kim Min Hee Break Up: But Don't Jump To Any Conclusions

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Days after Gong Hyo Jin broke up with her boyfriend actor Lee Jin Wook, her "It"s Okay It"s Love" co-star Jo In Sung has broken up with his girlfriend actress Kim Min Hee.

But, say representatives from Kim Min Hee"s agency, that coincidence does not mean you should jump to any conclusions.

Jo In Sung"s agency IOK Company and Kim Min Hee"s agency have both confirmed that the stars ended their relationship. The companies issued a joint official statement.

"This is our official statement concerning the headlines involving Jo In Sung and Kim Min Hee," said a release by IOK Company. "We"ve confirmed that due to their individual activities, schedules and busy daily lives, the two naturally drifted apart and naturally broke up

Dispatch spots Jo In Sung with Gong Hyo Jin, rumored to have broken up with Kim Min Hee

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Actor Jo In Sung has been spotted with his "It"s Okay, That"s Love" co-star Gong Hyo Jin by Dispatch, sparking dating rumors as well as further fueling rumors that he"s broken up with his publicly acknowledged girlfriend Kim Min Hee.


Media outlet Dispatch reported on September 24, "Jo In Sung, Gong Hyo Jin, Kim Ki Bang, and more were photographed having a good time at a cafe in Itaewon, Yongsan-gu, Seoul on the night of the 23rd." Photos of Jo In Sung, Gong Hyo Jin, and their acquaintances were also revealed.

After the news made headlines, Jo In Sung"s agency IOK Company responded, "Jo In Sung, Gong Hyo Jin, Lee Sung Kyung, and other actors from SBS" "It"s Okay, That"s Love" team are very close. On the night the photos were taken, they were all hanging out together

Taeyeon gets eliminated on the 2nd round of her “Hidden Singer” special + performances

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Taeyeon was eliminated on the 2nd round of her "Hidden Singer" episode.
In the first round, she sang "If" with the rest of the challengers. She passed fine in the first round, but in the 2nd round during "Gee", she gained 31 points as the person the least like Taeyeon, getting eliminated. However, because "Gee" was Girls" Generation"s song, and she did have to sing Tiffany"s part instead of her own.

The 3rd round was "Twinkle", and the 4th was once again Taeyeon"s own solo song "Can You Hear Me". In the last round, Taeyeon managed to receive the most votes during "Can You Hear Me", repairing her image, but since she had already been eliminated before, her votes did not count. Instead, the 2nd place Kim Hwan Hee took the prize money for the show

“Yuna”s Street” Yoo Geon and Kim Ok-bin have a meeting

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Yoo Geon appeared in the JTBC drama "Yuna"s Street" last week as Yuna"s (Kim Ok-bin) first love Tae-sik. He appeared messy and untidy with his ruffled hair and unshaved beard, as he was a recent prisoner who"d just gotten out.

Yoo Geon didn"t seem awkward at all with Kim Ok-bin and that"s thanks to the 2006 drama "Hello, God" where they starred as a couple. They used the little time that they had to bring out Yuna"s story.

Yuna is going to end up holding hands with Yoo Geon and getting herself into a dangerous deal. Yuna drew a line with him saying she was only going to help him out once but this act foresaw making things unstable with Kim Chang-man (Lee Hee-joon).

Meanwhile, "Yuna"s Street" is a story about a woman who is a thief, meeting a man who is nicer than no other and embracing each other"s wounds

Kim Tae Woo, Moon Hee Jun, and Lee Hyori discuss H.O.T and Fin.K.L potential reunions

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On SBS"s "Magic Eye" on September 16, g.o.d"s Kim Tae Woo expressed how badly he wanted an H.O.T reunion. It appears he has a severe nostalgia for the older K-Pop!

Kim Tae Woo first revealed that he had a serious tendency to interfere in things. Moon Hee Jun said to him, "Jang Woo Hyuk and Moon Hee Jun fought. Because they are hyungs you are close to, can you meddle in there and settle everything? Then, I will give you money. You"re all we have," making everyone laugh.

Kim Tae Woo said, "After g.o.d reunited, the first person I called was [H.O.T"s] Moon Hee Jun. As an H.O.T fan, I am really yearning for a reunion. My dream is for us to do a collaborative concert at the biggest venue

Upcoming Drama “Healer” Holds First Script Reading with Yoo Ji Tae, Ji Chang Wook, and Park Min Young

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On September 11, KBS’s upcoming drama, “Healer,” held its first script reading. Present at the scene were directors Lee Jung Sup and Kim Jin Woo, writer Song Ji Na, and actors Ji Chang Wook, Yoo Ji Tae, Park Min Young, Park Sang Won, Do Ji Won, Woo Hee Jin, Kim Mi Kyung, Park Won Sang, and Oh Kwang Rok along with the rest of the staff members of the production team.

The reading lasted almost four hours, with only a five minute break in between. Despite the long hours they put in for this reading, the actors did not show any signs of tiredness, with each doing their best with their individual characters. Behind stories also reveal that despite the fact that it was their first reading, the actors showed perfect chemistry with their acting

Uhm Tae Woong, Lee Si Young, and Lee Soo Hyuk in Talks to Star in New tvN Drama

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Actors Uhm Tae Woong, Lee Si Young, and Lee Soo Hyuk are currently considering offers to star in a new tvN drama titled “Valid Love” (tentative English title).

On September 15, a representative of Uhm Tae Woong’s agency told TV Report, “He is in the stages of making final adjustments to his casting.” Lee Si Young’s agency also revealed, “Lee Si Young received an offer to star in ‘Valid Love.’ She is currently looking it over.”

If confirmed, Uhm Tae Woong will be acting as the lead male character named Jang Tae Hee, a 41-year-old marine laboratory researcher, while Lee Si Young will be taking on the lead female role of Il Li (Illy). Also in talks of being cast in this drama as a carpenter named Kim Jun, is model-actor Lee Soo Hyuk

2014 Korean Drama Awards Nominees Announced, Kim Soo Hyun, Jun Ji Hyun, and Lee Min Ho for Grand Award

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Popular actors Kim Soo Hyun, Jun Ji Hyun, and Lee Min Ho will be up against each other for the “Best Actor Award” at the upcoming 2014 Korea Drama Awards.

In its seven years, the Korean Drama Awards considers dramas from all three major broadcasting networks KBS, SBS, and MBC, along with cable dramas.

In the Best Actor category, Kim Soo Hyun and Jun Ji Hyun were both nominated for their work in “My Love from the Star,” while Lee Min Ho was nominated for “The Heirs.” Ha Ji Won was nominated for “Empress Ki” and Jo Jae Hyun was nominated for “Jeong Do Jeon.”

In the Best Drama category, “King’s Family,” “Empress Ki,” “My Love from the Star,” “Jeongdojeon,” and “Secret Love Affair” were nominated

G.NA and Kim Tae Woo to collaborate for a duet

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G.NA and g.o.d"s Kim Tae Woo will harmonize for upcoming digital single "Us"!

According to Cube Entertainment, the two"s duet "Us" is a love song that couples can relate to with its lyrics about cute, everyday quarrels in a relationship. G.NA previously collaborated with the likes of Rain and Wheesung, and will continue to make listeners feel the love in the air with her vocal chemistry with the talented Kim Tae Woo.

"Us" will be released on the 18th at noon KST!

“Saint Wang Xizhi” Director Reveals Kim Tae Hee’s Acting Secrets

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Chinese drama “Saint Wang Xizhi” director Zhou Xianglin felt he was too lucky to cast Kim Tae Hee as the lead female character in his drama because of her excellent acting skills.

At the press conference held on September 2 in China, Director Zhou Xianglin talked about some untold stories that happened behind the scenes when they were filming “Saint Wang Xizhi.”

Director Zhang Xianglin revealed that the filming atmosphere was very light and bright, and that they were “like family.” He also added that all the cast members are very skilled and were devoted to their roles and that they contributed to the high quality of the project.

One of the actors he praised is the drama’s female lead, Kim Tae Hee. “When I first saw Kim Tae Hee, her looks were so outstanding that I wondered whether it could be a disturbance to the project