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Song Kang Ho and Jun Ji Hyun Win Grand Prizes for the Baeksang Arts Awards + Full List of Winners

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It was a night of glamour and celebration as Korea’s hottest actors, actresses along with the staff and insiders of the drama/film industry all gathered together for the 50th Baeksang Arts Awards on May 27.

With Shin Dong Yup and Kim Ah Joong hosting the awards, the Baeksang Arts Awards ran for 150 minutes, announcing this years winners for outstanding performances.

Song Kang Ho was the only “triple crown winner” of the night as he took home three different awards for the Grand Prize, Best Film and Best New Director. Kim Soo Hyun took home two awards for his film “Secretly, Greatly” for Best New Actor and Most Popular (Male). Seol Kyung Koo won the Best Leading Actor for “Wish,” which also won the award for Best Screenplay

EXO-K perform, Kim Soo Hyun, Yuri and more win at ’50th Baeksang Arts Awards’

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Walking away with the Daesang awards were Jun Ji Hyun and Song Kang Ho at the 50th Baeksang Arts Awards 2014 held on May 27.

The awards ceremony is held annually by IS PLUS Corp. to recognize outstanding achievements in the entertainment industry and to garner wide public attention upon the best in Korean films and dramas.

Here are the winners of this year"s awards ceremony:

Movie Category:

-Daesang: Song Kang Ho ("The Attorney")

-Best Film: "The Attorney"

-Best Director: Bong Joon Ho ("Snowpiercer")

-Best Rookie Director: Yang Yoo Suk ("The Attorney")

-Best Actor: Sol Kyung Koo ("Wish")

-Best Actress: Shim Eun Kyung ("Miss Granny")

-Best Supporting Actor: Lee Jung Jae ("The Face Reader")

-Best Supporting Actress: Jin Kyung ("Cold Eyes")

-Best Rookie Actor: Kim Soo Hyun ("Secretly, Greatly")

-Best Rookie Actress: Kim Hyang Ki ("Thread of Lies")

-Scenario Award: Kim Ji Hye & Jo Joong Hoon ("Wish")

-Popular Actor: Kim Soo Hyun ("Secretly, Greatly")

-Popular Actress: Yuri ("No Breathing")


TV Category:

-Daesang: Jun Ji Hyun (SBS"s "You Who Came From The Stars")

-Best Drama: KBS 2TV"s "Good Doctor"

-Best Variety Show: tvN"s "Grandpas Over Flowers"

-Director Award: An Pan Seok (JTBC"s "Love Affair")

-Best Actor: Jo Jae Hyun (KBS 1TV"s "Jung Do Jun")

-Best Actress: Lee Bo Young (SBS"s "I Hear Your Voice")

-Best Rookie Actor: Jung Woo (tvN"s "Reply 1994")

-Best Rookie Actress: Baek Jin Hee (MBC"s "Empress Qi")

-Best Variety Show Star (Male): Shin Dong Yup (JTBC"s "Witch Hunt")

-Best Variety Show Star (Female): Kim Young Hee (KBS 2TV"s "Gag Concert")

-Best Script: Jung Sung Joo (JTBC"s "Love Affair")

-Best OST: Lyn"s "My Destiny" (SBS"s "You Who Came From The Stars")

-Popular Actor: Kim Soo Hyun (SBS"s "You Who Came From The Stars")

-Popular Actress: Park Shin Hye (SBS"s "Heirs")

-Fashionistas: Siwan & Kim Hee Ae

-InStyle Fashionista: Jun Ji Hyun


EXO-K"s "Overdose"

Lyn"s "My Destiny"

G-Dragon Meets Pharrell, EXO’s Baek Hyun Kills with the Cute and More

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The stars were all about showing support for one another as they popped up on their celebrity friends’ SNS accounts. See what we mean in today’s Twitter Roundup.

Fly to the Sky’s Hwan Hee posted a selfie with Brian, writing “Live on the radio right now~ KBS’ Gayo Plaza with Lee Sora nuna~ Listen~.”

G-Dragon was spotted in Paris, schmoozing with Pharrell, as he posted this photo with the message, “@pharrell it′s great to finally meet you capitol P congrats again man hope to see you soon #pharrells_girl_exhibition in #Paris #galerie_perrotin.”

He shared a photo from inside the exhibition as well, including the caption, “Itwassuchabeautifulnightinparis.”

G-Dragon also shared a video of Pharrell performing live with the caption, “That′s what you wanna do #happy

Kim Hyun Joong to Make Comeback in Japan with New Album

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Kim Hyun Joong will be making his return as a singer in Japan.

Japanese sports and entertainment news media outlet Sankei Sports reported on April 28, “Kim Hyun Joong is coming back on June 18. He will be releasing a new song titled Hot Sun after one year since Tonight.”

Title track Hot Sun is a rock song produed by Steven Lee, who also worked on his Japanese debut album. Another track in the album, Timing, will feature Japanese group AAA member Mitsuhiro Hidaka′s rapping.

Japanese media outlet Nikkan Sports also reported, “The new album jacket is shocking.You will be able to enjoy Kim Hyung Joong’s extreme make over.”

Kim Hyun Joong said, “I’m happy to be returning to Japan in a long time

Kim Hyun Joong Set to Release New Japanese Single

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Singer Kim Hyun Joong has confirmed he will release a new Japanese album in June, entitled “Hot Son”, as well as a single of the same name. The new material will be the long-awaited follow up to last year’s “Tonight”, and will mark a much-anticipated musical comeback from the former SS501 star.

The details of the new release were confirmed by Japanese newspaper Sankei Sports.

The new album will also feature collaboration from songwriter and producer Steven Lee. The producer has worked with the star since his SS501 days, and produced “Tonight”, as well as the hit single “Lucky Guy”.

According to Nikkan Sports, another Japanese newspaper, the album sleeve reveals “an exciting new look” for the singer.

Kim Hyun Joong was quoted as saying, “I am really pleased to be going back to Japan

Kim Hyun Joong Talks Love, Relationships and Marriage

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Kim Hyun Joong revealed his views on love, dating and marriage.

In a recent interview that took place in a café near Samcheong-dong, Kim Hyun Joong shared his thoughts on dating and marriage.

As he is getting close to turning 30, marriage is no longer a strange word to discuss for the actor.

When asked about his marriage plan, Kim Hyun Joong said, “I don’t think I can get married. I would be 35 years old if I finish my duties in the army. I used to think that I must get married but I’m not sure anymore. I don’t think I can commit myself to family because I enjoy work too much. I think I would consider marriage if I face a dilemma with doing dramas and concerts.”

Then what are his thoughts on dating?

Kim Hyun Joong gave an honest answer again. “It would be a lie if I said I don’t date

Kim Hyun Joong Says No More to Uniforms and Flower Boy Roles

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Kim Hyun Joong revealed that he wants to act out realistic characters in the future.

In an interview that took place in a café near Samcheong-dong, Kim Hyung Joong shook his head and he claimed that sweet and elegant characters do not suit him very much.

Kim Hyun Joong recently transformed into a macho man ‘Shin Jung Tae’ in KBS 2TV’s The Age of Feeling, setting aside his ‘sugar boy’ image from Boys Over Flowers and Playful Kiss.

When asked if he will take on another ‘flower boy’ role in the future, he answered, “I don’t think I’ll ever wear a uniform. It doesn’t look good on me anymore and I would feel ashamed. I was able to do it inBoys Over Flowers because of the storyline and I looked younger back then, but not anymore

Kim Hyun Joong Talks about Dating and Marriage

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In a recent interview with Newsen, singer/actor Kim Hyun Joong talked about his thoughts on dating and marriage.

The reporter asked Kim Hyun Joong, born in 1986 and inexorably approaching 30, about his plans for marriage. The actor immediately replied that he doesn’t think he will be able to, smiling. He said, “Once I finish my military service, get out, and do this and that, don’t you think I’ll be over about 35? A long time ago, I thought I would definitely get married one day, but now I’m not so sure. I like my work so much I don’t think I could be completely devoted to my family. If, one day, I’m met with a dilemma about acting, singing, and holding concerts, I’ll get married then.”

Then what about dating? Kim Hyun Joong said straightforwardly, “If I said I don’t, it would be a lie

Haru Feels the YG Love, JYJ’s Kim Jae Joong Asks What’s Your Name and More

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From YG Family took over our SNS feeds to top stars kicking back with a few drinks, flip through to see today’s Twitter Roundup.

2NE1’s Sandara Park and Tablo’s daughter Haru made an adorable pair, as Sandara Park tweeted on April 13, Harudara (Haru + Sandara Park)! Our pretty Haru~ With Dara auntie.”

Haru was the center of attention all day as Big Bang’s Taeyang posted a photo with her as well, writing “My superstar #Haru.”

Sandara Park also tweeted a photo with Tablo, writing “Epik High’s Love Love Love~!!! I love that song~ I loved being able to collab with the Epik High oppas at this year’s family concert~!!!”

Over on Instagram, she postedthe above photo pm April 14 with the caption, “Same beanie, different feel

Kim Hyun Joong Talks About Facing Drama Competition with Kim Soo Hyun

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Kim Hyun Joong revealed his thoughts on having competed with Kim Soo Hyun through the dramas airing on Wednesdays and Thursdays.

In an interview that took place in a café near Samcheong-dong, Kim Hyun Joong confessed how he felt when he compared the viewership ratings of KBS 2TV’s The Age of Feeling and SBS’s You Who Came From the Stars.

About acting as ‘Shin Jung Tae’ in The Age of Feeling, he said, “I did everything that I could. I poured my everything in to the point that I wouldn’t have made it to 25th episode.”

Despite Kim Hyun Joong’s enthusiastic performance, The Age of Feeling recorded a relatively low viewership rating, because it faced You Who Came From the Stars, which reached 30% ratings

Kim Hyun Joong Plans on Enlisting in the Army Next Year

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Recently having starred in a drama as the lead actor, Kim Hyun Joong shared his plans to enlist in the army.

Attending an interview for KBS 2TV’s The Age of Feeling in a café near Samcheong-dong, Kim Hyun Joong revealed, “I’m planning to enlist in the army when I turn 30.”

“I should be enlisting soon since I’ll be in level 1. Some people might not be so fond of the fact that I’m enlisting so late. It’s because of my career as an entertainer, but I still want to apologize. I was waiting for the right time and I will surely be enlisting now. I will be leaving early next year,” said Kim Hyun Joong.

He also shared his thoughts on turning 30. He said, “I think I will feel heaviness. I thought I’d get married when I’m 30. When I was 20 years old, 30 year olds seemed like real adults

Kim Hyun Joong Says He Would Not Have Taken Kim Soo Hyun’s Character in “Man from the Stars”

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In an interview with TV Report, Kim Hyun Joong talked about “Man from the Stars” and his recent drama, “Age of Feeling.” He said, “If I had gotten a proposal for ‘Man from the Stars,’ I would never have been able to do it. Kim Soo Hyun was able to pull off the character of Do Min Joon because he’s a great actor, but if it were me, I wouldn’t have pulled it off.”

He continued, “Honestly, I don’t really like the sci-fi fantasy genre. When I’m choosing between scenarios, I first look for characters that I can understand. Do Min Joon in ‘Man from the Stars’ could teleport and stop time, in addition to other powers, and I didn’t understand that. If I had done the character, I would’ve been really stressed out.”

Do Min Joon in “Man from the Stars” was an alien who fell to Earth during the Joseon era and lived for 404 years on Earth, untouched by time, and with various powers at his fingertips

Kim Hyun Joong Thinks It’s Unlikely SS501 Will Reunite

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In a recent interview with “Star Today,Kim Hyun Joong opened up about the possibility of a SS501 reunion.

He began by saying, “I think it’s a good thing I left (SS501) while we were still receiving a lot of love from the public.”

Kim Hyun Joong continued, “I don’t consider us disbanded. But, in this state (regarding his other members belonging to other agencies now), where we can’t even use our own group name, the situation is hardly ideal.”

He added, “Of course, there’s also the aspect of reuniting and being able to tour together and give concerts, as well as other rewards related to coming together again. To be honest, in my case, I don’t want to utilize cherished memories from the past for commercial gain. It would make more sense to do whatever we want as a group when we’re all ready and we all want it

Kim Hyun Joong Discusses His Plans Before Enlisting Next Year

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Idol actor Kim Hyun Joong recently sat down for an interview with “Star Today ”and talked about his plans leading up to the date of his army enlistment.

He said, “I have plans to enlist in the army next year. Before I officially enlist, I’d like to tackle one more movie or drama if possible. After wrapping up my most recent drama, I just want to be able to blaze through everything and do as much as I can. As though my days were numbered. I think to myself, ‘After today passes, tomorrow will come’ and set out to do everything with great passion. People around me tell me that I should take a break since I have been able to complete many good projects. They told me to look after my body while I still have a good image. But, even if I get criticized, I’d rather just push forward and instead of looking after my image, I’d prefer gaining a ton of experience so I can grow my talents

Kim Hyun Joong Talks ′The Age of Feeling′ with eNEWS

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preview nextview 1/7 preview nextview Kim Hyun Joong takes a break from filming to enjoy the spring weather

Kim Hyun Joong, who currently stars in drama The Age of Feeling, posed for a few photos before sitting down for an interview with eNEWS at an undisclosed cafe in Seoul′s Samcheong-dong on April 4.

Photo credit: Hea Jung Min

Kim Hyun Joong smiles between some greens

Kim Hyun Joong, who currently stars in drama The Age of Feeling, posed for a few photos before sitting down for an interview with eNEWS at an undisclosed cafe in Seoul′s Samcheong-dong on April 4.

Photo credit: Hea Jung Min

Kim Hyun Joong gets into brooding actor mode

Kim Hyun Joong, who currently stars in drama The Age of Feeling, posed for a few photos before sitting down for an interview with eNEWS at an undisclosed cafe in Seoul′s Samcheong-dong on April 4

JYJ’s Kim Jae Joong Announces Marriage Plans, Toheart Makes Onew Sandwich and More

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preview nextview 1/10 preview nextview Happy April Fool’s Day. To see what the stars were up to in the SNS world, check out today’s Twitter Roundup.

SNSD’s Sunny posted a photo with Yoona from their recent date on Instagram, writing “Had some time while shooting, so ate out with Yoona. Deliciously at Seok Cheon oppa’s restaurant. Abundantly. Gaining strength after eating and again gogo.”

Meanwhile, Jessica and Seohyun cozied up with some ice cream, as Jessica posted the above photo on Weibo, writing “It′s getting warm. How about some ice cream?"

Taeyeon was spotted squatting again, as indicated by this photo she posted on Instagram on April 1.

Secret’s Han Sunhwa, who is currently starring in God’s Gift – 14 Days updated fans with a set of selfies on March 31

Kim Hyun Joong Sings for ‘Age of Feeling’ OST

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Adding more emotion to his drama, Kim Hyun Joong participated in the OST for KBS’ Age of Feeling.

On March 26, Kim Hyun Joong’s song, When Today Passes was broadcasted through episode 21 when his character Shin Jung Tae shared a tearful goodbye kiss with Gaya (Lim Soo Hyang).

When Today Passes was produced by Kim Chang Chang Rak, who has worked on OSTs for The Moon That Embraces the Sun and Lim Kwang Wook, who participated in albums for Kim Hyun Joong, EXO, TVXQ and more.

Kim Hyun Joong’s When Today Passes will officially be released on April 2.

Photo Credit: KBS

Actress Park Soo Jin Has Joined Kim Soo Hyun’s Agency

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Actress Park Soo Jin has officially become the new family member of fellow actor Bae Yong Joon‘s entertainment agency, Keyeast.

With her porcelain-skinned pretty face added with a touch of elegance, Park Soo Jin first made her entrance into the world of entertainment through a girl group called “Sugar.” Two of the members of the group were actress Hwang Jung Eum and Ayumi Lee. After mediocre success, the group disbanded and Park Soo Jin made her acting debut through the 2007 SBS drama “Get Karl! Oh Soo Jung!” by playing Uhm Jung Hwa‘s teenage character.

After that, Park Soo Jin appeared in various other dramas including the Korean adaptation of “Boys of Flowers” playing Kim Bum‘s first love, and the jealous character of Eun Hye In in the SBS drama “My Girlfriend Is A Gumiho,” and in tvN’s “Flower Boys Next Door

Park Soo Jin Joins Kim Soo Hyun, Kim Hyun Joong and Others at Keyeast

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Park Soo Jin will be joining the other top stars at Keyeast.

Keyeast Entertainment stated through a press released on March 11, “Park Soo Jin has signed a contact with Keyeast.”

Building her acting career with Get Karl! Oh Soo Jung in 2007, Park Soo Jin has appeared in numerous dramas, including KBS’s Boys Over Flowers and SBS’s My Girlfriend is a Nine-Tailed Fox.

Park Soo Jin has also been active in variety shows, hosting the show Tasty Road since 2010, broadening her career to other fields.

The actress’s new agency, Keyeast, also currently houses Bae Yong Jun, Choi Kang Hee, Im Soo Jung, Jung Ryeo Won, Joo Ji Hoon, Kim Hyun Joong, Kim Soo Hyun, Hong Soo Hyun, So E Hyun and more

Jin Se Yeon Gets to Pat Kim Hyun Joong’s Butt

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The lucky actress.

Actress Jin Se Yeon had the best kind of “naughty hands” and was able to give Kim Hyun Joong a nice pat on the booty.

On March 6, the KBS drama “Age of Feeling” released picture of Jin Se Yeon and Kim Hyun Joon as their characters from the drama. In the photos, Jin Se Yeon playfully and happily pats a laughing Kim Hyun Joon on the butt. The two are dressed nicely, as if getting ready for a party.

This scene appeared on the 16th episode of “Age Feeling,” which aired on March 6 at 10pm.

Again, what a lucky girl! Who wouldn’t want to be in her place?

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