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Weekly K-Pop Music Chart 2014 – April Week 2

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Lim Chang Jung repeats as No. 1 for the second week in a row with “Ordinary Song.” In another wide open week last week in which different songs were winning on various music shows, “Ordinary Song” was clearly the most consistent song amongst music charts and was able to win again. Congratulations to Lim Chang Jung.

Moving up three spots to No. 2 is Orange Caramel’s “Catallena.” This song dropped to No. 5 last week and was able to rebound three spots up to second this week, just ten points below “Ordinary Song.” Historically, Orange Caramel’s songs have done well and also fared better than After School’s songs on our chart. This time is no exception. Let see if “Catallena” can move up to the top spot next week.

There are four new songs in the top 10, all by non-idol artists

‘Three Days’ Continues Steady Climb Up

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With the exit of its biggest competitor, SBS’ Three Days has been breathing the fresh air from top.

On Wednesday and Thursday, Three Days recorded the highest numbers with 11.3 and 12.0 percent respectively, hovering over MBC’s Cunning Single Lady and KBS’ new baby, Golden Cross.

Thursday’s ratings aren′t Three Day’s highest numbers, as it has previously recorded 12.9 on March 20’s episode. But this is the drama’s first time returning to 12 percent, and from the looks of things, it certainly won’t be its last.

Thursday, April 10, 2014


1. SBS Three Days 11.3 →12.0

Weekly K-Pop Music Chart 2014 – April Week 1

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There is a major upset on top of the chart this week. Veteran male soloist Lim Chang Jung’s “Ordinary Song” is anything but ordinary as it moves up 20 big spots and leaps over many top idol artists to No. 1 this week. “Ordinary Song” just edged out last week’s No. 1 2NE1’s “Come Back Home” by four points. Congratulations to him.

Lim started his singing career in 1995, and reached a peak in the early 2000′s. Nearly all his album title songs reached No. 1 on the chart back then. He abruptly quit singing after releasing his 10th album in 2003 to focus on his acting career. In 2009 Lim came back to the music scene and released his 11th album. He regained a lot of popularity last year with the song “About Me.”

“Ordinary Song” is the title track of Lim Chang Jung’s 12th album, his first full length album in nearly five years

Will Park Shin Hye Join B1A4’s Baro and Jung Il Woo in Infinity Challenge’s Cheering Squad?

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With MBC′s Infinity Challenge planning on cheering the Korea team at the Brazil World Cup, the cast began looking for recruits, auditioning B1A4’s Baro, Jung Il Woo and Park Shin Hye.

After the March 29 broadcast, Baro and Jung Il Woo were confirmed for participation, even passing the hidden camera test where their managers asked if they would join the cheering the squad or start a new drama with a big production team and SNSD’s Yoona.

Park Shin Hye also auditioned with the Infinity Challenge members telling her she passed upon arrival. Park Shin Hye, like Baro and Jung Il Woo, auditioned, but the episode never revealed whether or not she will be joining the squad.

The cheering squad will head for Brazil in June.

Saturday, March 29, 2014


8:00 PM

Wonderful Days 23

INFINITE’s Hoya revealed to have treated his fans to a birthday dinner

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Happy birthday to INFINITE"s Hoya, who turned 23 (24 in Korea) on March 28!

On the same day as his birthday, he started to gain a lot of attention through online communities as netizens discovered that he already celebrated his birthday with fans two days before on March 26! It turns out that fans hurried early to the filming site of his KBS variety program "Our Neighborhood Arts and Physical Education" on that day to wish him a happy birthday after he finished recording.

To pay them back for this sweet act, Hoya treated them to a dinner of dong tae tang (frozen pollack pot soup) and jokbal (pork hocks)! INFINITE fans took to the internet to brag about his generous act towards his fans. One person who claimed to have been there said that he stayed to eat with the fans, waited until everyone was done, paid the bill, and then left

Kim Woo Bin Makes Surprise Phone Appearance on ‘Happy Together’

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Although he wasn’t officially a guest on the show, Kim Woo Bin surprised viewers by coming out on KBS’ Happy Together.

On March 27, Hong Seok Cheon, and other guests appeared in the ‘Bluff Special’ for Happy Together, where the actor said he had a big role in helping Kim Woo Bin come into the entertainment world.

Everyone around him on the set claimed he was lying, saying they don’t believe him and will only believe him if Kim Woo Bin actually confirms it.

Hong Seok Cheon called up Kim Woo Bin, who failed to answer.

However as the recording went on, Kim Woo Bin replied back in a test message, telling Hong Seok Cheon to call him when comfortable.

With the entire cast ready to hear Kim Woo Bin’s voice, Hong Seok Cheon called the actor, who answered with affection

‘Age of Feeling’ Makes the Gap Bigger

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Do we have a winner?

On Thursday night, KBS’ Age of Feeling continued its reign on top with 12.3 percent. It increased 0.7 percent from its previous episode on Wednesday night.

With the rating increase, Age of Feeling distanced itself from its biggest rival, SBS’ Three Days, which unfortunately dropped 0.3 percent to record 11.0.

As the gap continues to grow between the biggest contenders on Wed/Thursday nights, perhaps Age of Feeling can plant itself as the number one drama until the end of its run.

Thursday, March 27, 2014


1. KBS Age of Feeling 11.6 →12.3
2. SBS Three Days 11.3 →11

Super Junior-M’s Henry Says He Has Fake Phone Calls in English to Attract Women

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Spilling his dating secrets one by one on television, Super Junior-M’s Henry shared another method to get girls on KBS’ Happy Together.

Henry appeared as a guest on March 27’s broadcast of Happy Together, where he said that based on his experience, Korean women tend to like men who speak English.

“It comes off a lot more polite,” said Henry. “I would go next to the woman I like and have a fake phone call. I use a lot of big English words on purpose and speak louder than usual.”

He then reenacted the fake phone call in English before wooing the woman by switching back to Korean and asking to get some coffee.

“If I play an instrument at this point, it’s game over,” said Henry.

He also talked about how he had the fake name ‘Yoo Hyun Sung,’ which he used to use to hide his celebrity status

MBLAQ’s Lee Joon Wants to Make Unit Group with ZE:A’s Kwang Hee

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MBLAQ’s Lee Joon sent a love call to ZE:A’s Kwang Hee.

Recently making comeback with title song Be a Man, MBLAQ attending recording for KBS 2TV’s Yoo Hee Yeol’s Sketchbook.

When asked about their potential activities as a cross-group unit, such as Troublemaker and Toheart, each of the MBLAQ members named someone they would like to perform together as a unit.

G.O. named 2AM’s Seulong while Seung Ho named his school junior B2ST’s Yong Jung Hyung. Mir chose g.o.d. since he was a big fan, Cheon Dung chose Big Bang’s G-Dragon and Lee Joon named ZE:A’s Kwang Hee.

Lee Joon said, “Kwang Hee always complains that his part is too small since there’s so many members in ZE:A and I know how he feels like. So I’d like to make a unit group with him so we can sing as much as we want," bringing out laughter from the audience

‘Age of Feeling’ Flips the Chart Again

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See-sawing up and down, KBS’ Age of Feeling stole the number one spot again on Wednesday night.

Age of Feeling recorded a rating of 11.6 percent. Despite the 0.5 percent drop from its previous episode, the drama managed to rise to number one with a 0.3 percent difference from SBS’Age of Feeling.

Three Days saw a bigger drop from its previous ratings, falling 1.6 percent and allowing Age of Feeling to overcome it.

Still swimming around at third was MBC’s Cunning Single Lady received the same ratings as before, the only drama that didn’t fall in numbers.

Wednesday, March 26, 2014



MBC takes the lead in Sunday ratings battle

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The weekly Sunday ratings battle continues among the big three television networks!

MBC"s variety programs had their time in the spotlight this weekend, as "Real Men" took the first-place position with 14.5% nationwide ratings. Meanwhile, KBS"s "1 Night 2 Days" and SBS"s "Running Man" were in a virtual standoff for second and third place, coming in at 13.9% and 13.6%, respectively. "1 Night 2 Days" dropped 1.1% while "Running Man" gained 0.8% from last week.

Meanwhile, an hour earlier in the first timeslot, SBS"s "K-Pop Star 3" beat out MBC"s "Dad, Where Are You Going" and KBS"s "Superman is Back" with 11.0%, compared to its competition with 9.3% and 10.8%, respectively.

Which variety show did you watch this weekend?

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Song Ji Hyo Pins Down Big Bang’s Seungri and Kang Ha Neul on ‘Running Man’

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If Big Bang’s Seungri and Kang Ha Neul thought they could stop Song Ji Hyo from getting where she was going, they were wrong. So terribly wrong.

On March 23’s broadcast of SBS’ Running Man, the Running Man cast went up against the cast of SBS’ new drama, Angel Eyes.

The members of both teams participated in a relay climb, running up the 63 Building in Seoul. As the mission and competition became fiercer, Seungri tried to block Song Ji Hyo from getting where she needed to go.

Too bad for Seungri, Song Ji Hyo didn’t hesitate in pinning him down and hitting his back, pushing him out of her way. Kang Ha Neul came to Seungri’s rescue, only to find himself on the ground within seconds, grabbing onto Song Ji Hyo’s ankles and yelling she couldn’t leave

‘Cunning Single Lady’ Keeps on Swimming Despite Being Last

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Competing against two big-scale productions, MBC’s Cunning Single Lady has been lagging behind on the ratings chart, but the drama hasn’t given up yet.

Cunning Single Lady debuted at an awkward time when SBS’ You Who Came From the Stars was sweeping the charts clean, but the drama continued on, hitting the double digits at one point.

While Cunning Single Lady has been pretty inconsistent, going up and down in numbers, it continued to deliver a light and funny story, as compared to Three Days and Age of Feeling, which both hold serious and somewhat dark premises.

Thursday, March 20, 2014



Girls’ Generation’s Sooyoung wants to work on a drama with Yeo Jin Goo

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On the March 18th installment of KBS 2TV"s "1 Vs. 100", Girls" Generation"s Sooyoung talked about the actors she worked with in the past and actor she wants to work with in the future.

In relation to the actors she"s already worked with, Sooyoung said, "Because Kim Seung Woo sunbae liked baseball, we communicated well like friends. I liked Lee Jong Hyuk sunbae too because he was very considerate."

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She then chose Yeo Jin Goo as the actor with whom she wanted to work someday. The MC said, "Isn"t the age difference too big?" as she"s about 7 years older. Sooyoung responded, "Even if we"re not playing opposite each other [in a romance], I want to at least try working with him as his noona or something

Weekly K-Pop Music Chart 2014 – March Week 3

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Despite strong competition from several new songs, Soyu and Junggigo’s duet “Some” refuses to give up the top spot and repeats as No. 1 for the fourth week in a row. “Some” recorded another win in KBS Music Bank last week and still tops Billboard Korea. It is the first song on our chart to stay at No. 1 for four or more weeks since PSY’s famous hit “Gangnam Style” one and a half year ago. Congratulations.

As mentioned last week, a trio of big name artists released their new albums and they are storming into the top 10 this week right below the top spot. They will again try to dethrone “Some” for the top spot next week.

Moving up 20 spots to No. 2 is CNBLUE’s “Can’t Stop,” the title song from their fifth mini-album of the same name

Actor Yoo Ah In Through the Years

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“A male actor who hasn’t finished his military service has to pick his projects carefully.”

Actor Yoo Ah In’s final drama project before he enters compulsory military service will be JTBC’s new Monday-Tuesday melodrama “Secret Love Affair.”

He said, “I went back to being a proper actor, discarding any ulterior motives I had and chose this project.” The traces of maturity revealed in his worries run counter to his baby-faced appearance. Yoo Ah In is clearly a unique character.

He has been described as having a normal existence, noted for his eye smile and youthful looks, called a ‘sensitive boy,’ and has displayed his spunk by speaking out on Twitter. He has clearly developed a distinct personality over his 11 years as an actor.

Yoo Ah In debuted in 2003 on KBS 2TV’s “Sharp 1” at the age of 17, and has steadily built up his resume with a diversity of roles that have allowed him to cultivate his acting chops

Girls’ Generation, CN Blue, and 2NE1 to Appear on Yoo Hee Yeol’s Sketchbook

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Almost a must if you have a comeback, Girl’s Generation, CN Blue, and 2NE1 will appear on KBS’ Yoo Hee Yeol’s Sketchbook once again.

On March 11, SNSD and CN Blue appeared at the recording of Yoo Hee Yeol’s Sketchbook, performing their latest hits for the audience.

Yoo Hee Yeol poured his affection for the groups, especially SNSD, unable to stop smiling during the recording.

The day’s recording also set a new record for the live broadcast ticket, which had the competition rate of 42:1, presumably because two big groups were performing on the same program on the same day.

According to YG Entertainment on March 13, 2NE1 will also be visiting Yoo Hee Yeol’s Sketchbook as well, filming the show on March 18

“Man from the Stars” Shin Sung Rok Has a KakaoTalk Doppelganger

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Actor Shin Sung Rok made an appearance on KBS 2TV’s “Entertainment Weekly” for an interview on March 8.

He was asked if the real Shin Sung Rok shares any similarities with his villainous character Lee Jae Kyung from “Man from the Stars,” and surprised the interviewer with his answer.

The actor replied, “Yes. Not in the way that we think, but we have similar expressions. I think I have unconsciously made some of his facial expressions before. I’d be in big trouble if I had the same personality as him.”

Shin Sung Rok added, “When I get angry, my eyes resemble that of a comic character.” He demonstrated several expressions, drawing comparison to a popular KakaoTalk dog character.

Shin Sung Rok recently wrapped up filming for SBS drama “Man from the Stars,” and is currently rehearsing for a musical “Le Roi Soleil,” which opens in April

Weekly K-Pop Music Chart 2014 – March Week 2

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Even though it cannot repeat the perfect score of last week, the duet “Some” between Soyu and Junggigo is No. 1 for the third straight week. This song just keeps piling up music show wins. Even before very strong competitions, this week “Some” still wins on KBS Music Bank. Odds don’t favor this song to be No. 1 again next week since we have a trio of major artists coming back and eyeing the top spot (more on that below). But “Some” has been incredibly durable in popularity and may surprise again next week.

We have five new songs in the top 10 this week. Just below “Some” is our highest new song. Moving up 17 spots to No. 2 is Sunmi’s new hit “Full Moon.” Last year, Sunmi successfully came back as a solo artist with the chart topping hit “24 Hours

Jang Hee Jin

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Name: 장희진 / Jang Hee Jin (Jang Hui Jin)
Profession: Actress
Birthdate: 1983-May-09
Height: 170cm
Weight: 47kg
Star sign: Taurus
Blood type: B
Talent agency: SidusHQ

TV Shows

Big (KBS2, 2012)
What’s Up? (2011)
Myung Wol the Spy (KBS2, 2011)
Hometown Legends (KBS2, 2009) ep 3
Tae Hee, Hye Kyo, Ji Hyun (MBC, 2009)
Seoul Warrior Story (MBC DramaNet, 2008)
Banjun Drama (SBS, 2005)
Hello My Teacher (SBS, 2005)
Land (SBS, 2004)


The Showdown (2011)
Rough Cut (2008) cameo
The Longest 24 Hours (2008)
Gangster High (2006)
Marrying the Mafia III (2006) cameo
A.P.T (2006)