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T-ara’s Eunjung Reveals a Special Relationship with Jo Sung Mo

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T-ara’s Eunjung recently revealed a special relationship with singer Jo Sung Mo.

Eunjung appeared on the October 26 Jo Sung Mo episode of “Hidden Singer 2” and said, “If Jo Sung Mo hadn’t succeeded, T-ara would not have existed.”

She explained, “The CEO of the agency that debuted Jo Sung Mo created our team [T-ara] with the money from Jo Sung Mo’s success. Our CEO still misses Jo Sung Mo, and once even cried on a radio program because of it.”

Jo Sung Mo’s past encounter with composer/producer Joo Young Hoon was also revealed. Joo Young Hoon said, “Before his debut, I actually eliminated Jo Sung Mo from an audition for a dance idol group. If he had debuted then, there would have been some weird idol group, so I think it all turned out for the best

Jay Park Introduces New Artist Gray and Their Agency AOMG

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Jay Park recently launched his own independent hip hop label called AOMG. Not too long after the launching, the agency debuted their first artist, Gray, with his first mini album “Call Me Gray.” Jay Park gave a short introduction of the new artist and his agency in a video through the official CJ E&M YouTube channel.

In the video Jay Park introduced AOMG, which stands for “Above Ordinary Music Group,” as an agency that will not produce idols like the other agencies, but focus on promoting r&b and hip hop. Because of that, he felt that underground artist and music producer Gray would be excellent candidate for AOMG’s first artist. He praised Gray as a multi-talented artist. He also mentions that even though he is featured in the main track “Dangerous,” his personal favorite song in the mini album is “Dreamcatcher” featuring Dok2 and Crush

SM Is Closing Its Entertainment Academy

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SM is closing its entertainment academy which discovered idols like Girls’ Generation’s Taeyeon and YoonA, and DBSK’s Changmin.

On October 21, according to officials at IB, an investment bank, SM has proceeded with closing down Starlight, an affiliate of SM that is in charge of operating the SM Academy.

SM Academy, located in Sinsa-dong, has been closed since the 31st of this past August. The number of students who have gone through this academy numbers about 2000. Officials at SM said, “We’re closing the academy to make new preparations for the changes that the entertainment industry is going through. In order to increase our global competence, we’re planning on creating a sort of global training center in the future

LeeSsang’s Gary Beats Kim Jong Kook

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After sparring on SBS’ Running Man, we threw LeeSsang’s Gary and Kim Jong Kook back into the ring for our K-Pop Battle last week, and we’re ready to name the champion.

The two stars battled it out in the polls, where Gary proved to be unbeatable, taking the top spot with 63.3 percent of readers’ votes.

Although Kim Jong Kook is known for his fighting spirit on the variety show, it wasn’t enough to pull him through our K-Pop Battle, as he picked up the remaining 36.7 percent of votes.

This week, two of K-Pop’s craziest idols. are battling it out, so be sure to vote!

MYNAME Thanks Fans for 2-Year Anniversary

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MYNAME celebrated their second birthday!

“Yo’ What’s Up, we are MYNAME!” The five member boy group introduced themselves, as they had for the last two years. MYNAME debuted in 2011 through their single album, “Message.” Under H2 Media, MYNAME first revealed their group through their MTV reality show, “Ta-DAH, It’s My Name,” which started airing on October 25, 2011; the group made their official stage debut on MBC’s Music Core on November 5, 2011.

MYNAME first gained attention back in 2011 when former Fly to the Sky member Hwanhee announced his plans to debut an idol group. Within the last two years, MYNAME’s fame has grown as fans worldwide have fallen in love with the five member boy group.

In the video message posted on MYNAME’s official Youtube channel, the members celebrated their two-year anniversary with a special thank you to their fans

Krystal Donates Quality Beef to Leukemia Patients on Her Birthday

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Krystal of f(x) has proved that she does not only receive love, but also shares it.

On October 24, which also happens to be her birthday, the idol donated 30 kilograms (~66 pounds, approximately 150 servings) of high quality Hanwoo beef to the Korea Childhood Leukemia Foundation. She personally requested it to be delivered by the same company that her fans used on October 7, when they donated a rice wreath to SBS’ Wednesday-Thursday drama “The Heirs.”

The beef was originally gifted to Krystal by her supporting fans. The wreath was decorated with various messages such as “We were not sure what Bo Na would like, so we prepared Hanwoo” and “Appearance heir, abs heir, glamour heir, the multi-talent heir” along with a large picture of the star

Hwanhee Greets Fans at Military Service Discharge Event

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Hwanhee has finished his military service!

On October 25, the singer appeared in front of his fans for the first time in two years. He served as a public service worker at the Sung Dong District Office in Seoul after completing his four weeks of basic training.

He said at the discharge event, “It still feels a bit awkward. Thank you for waiting. I will release good songs in the future as well, so please anticipate. I could not sleep properly last night, I only slept for three hours or so. It is still difficult to believe I am discharged.”

The star showed up in a simple outfit, wearing a black cap and a coat, and seemed very excited but nervous. Hundreds of fans came to show their support, and welcomed their favorite idol back with flowers and gifts.

Hwanhee is said to soon start working on new music and also help with producing label mate MYNAME’s album

ZE:A’s Dongjun Lands Lead Role in Upcoming Web Drama

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The handsome idol Dongjun has been cast for Internet portal Naver’s new web drama “Aftermath.”

“Aftermath” is said to be a thriller based on a hit webtoon from last year. Dongjun will play the role of Ahn Dae Yong, an invisible high school student that suddenly gains a special ability to see murderers and soon-to-be victims. This will change him from a wallflower to a hero, and interesting events start to take place.

It is not the first time for Dongjun to act in a drama, as he received much love for his professional acting skills in KBS2′s “Crossing Yeongdo Bridge” and OCN’s “Killer K.” The rest of the cast includes Kim Min Seok from “Superstar K3” and “Shut Up Flower Boy Band,” fashion model Kim Ri Ah, and other rookie actors

Teen Top Is No “Lovefool” in New Music Video

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Idol group Teen Top released the official music video for their latest song “Lovefool” through the official Loen Entertainment YouTube channel.

The group had released an unofficial “Real Self” music video version a few hours before, showing their natural and comfortable selves in their apartment. For the official version, the group is dressed up in preppy fall appropriate outfits. The song is very different from their previous promotional song, the energetic “Rocking,” but it still manages to capture the charm of the group. The official music video also allows the cute and fun choreography to be displayed.

“Lovefool” is the new track that was released in the “Teen Top Class” repackaged album. The group also released a video teaser of their repackaged album jacket photo shoot a few days before

Teen Top and Their Dogs Are “Lovefools” in “Real Self” Music Video

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Idol group Teen Top released their goofy “Real Self” music video for their latest song “Lovefool” through their official YouTube channel.

A “Real Self” music video is a video that shows the real selves of the members. This music video has no fancy camera work, special effects, and decorated rooms. Instead, the video shows the members goofing around with each other and their equally adorable dogs (Kkangkkangee and Dust) in their apartment. The Teen Top members were the in control of the entire video and the end credits show Niel as the camera director, Chunji as the sound director, Cap as the martial arts director, Ricky as the lighting director, L.Joe as the publicist, and Changjo as the organizer

Stars Talk About Their Real Life Personalities

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When we watch dramas or movies, we often get the impression that actors and actresses are pretty and elegant in real life just as they are in character. Moreover, we get the feeling an actor or an actress has a good personality when he or she takes on a nice and pleasant role. However, most of the time, it is a misunderstanding because what they portray on camera can be completely different from who they really are in reality.

Playing a role that is different from their personality goes to show what great actors they are, and it is what gets viewers curious about an actor’s real life and personality. Continue reading to find out what stars have revealed about themselves.

“Hot-tempered Sang Wook,” Joo Sang Wook is actually a mood setter in real life.

Joo Sang Wook, who played pediatric surgeon Kim Do Han on the drama “Good Doctor” gained the nickname “hot-tempered Sang Wook” because he often snarled at his junior colleagues in the drama

ZE:A’s Heechul Joins SBS Variety Show, Filming in the US in November

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SBS’ variety show “World Challenge – Here We Go” will soon be getting a new member, as it was recently announced that Heechul of ZE:A has decided to join the program!

On October 22, the producer of “Here We Go” revealed to news outlet Star News that the idol will be taking the place of actor Baek Sung Hyun, who had to leave the show due to conflicting drama schedules. A representative of the show also stated that the addition of Heechul will finalize the fixed cast for the time being, but depending on the situation they might add more new members.

The ZE:A member will be joining Jeon Hyun Moo, Park Hyo Jun, Lee Ji Hoon, and Lee Jong Su on their exciting adventures around the world

G-Dragon Says He Got Lucky and Hints at New Big Bang Duo at ‘2013 SIA’

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G-Dragon, Korea’s leading idol star in music and fashion beat out his fellow Style Icons at this year’s Style Icon Awards to take home the Style Icon of the Year Award.

After giving his acceptance speech on stage, G-Dragon met with reporters for a brief Q&A session, where he stated, “I personally like the words Style Icon, so accepting the award is even more meaningful. It was all so sudden, so I couldn’t say this earlier, but I’m also thankful to my fans and YG Family”

When asked what influences his performances, the ever original idol star said, “I’m not influenced when it comes to the stage, although I have influences when it comes to music. I just think have in mind that this is the kind of performance I’d like to do.”

He also stated, “Awards are awards and music shows are music shows, and watching the same show gets boring, so it’s more fun when the audience can see different stages and I enjoy putting on different performances as well

Former F.Cuz Member LeeU to Join M.Pire as Lumin

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F.cuz’s former member LeeU, now known as Lumin, joins the idol group M.Pire.

Previously known to fans as LeeU of F.cuz, Lumin (real name Lee Seung Hyun) prepares to make a comeback through group M.Pire. Benjamin Entertainment commented, “Lumin, F.cuz’s former member and popular for being Seol Woon Do’s son, has joined M.Pire as the seventh member.”

Lumin debuted in 2010 with the stage name LeeU through the group F.cuz, and up until recently was known as LeeU until changing his name to Lumin while focusing on his solo promotions. Being the son of famous trot singer Seol Woon Do, Lumin previously expressed much desire to create an identity in the music industry apart from his father. Thus, in the music field, the singer experienced working with other artists such as with JYJ’s Kim Jaejoong, co-producing the song “Kiss B,” as well as producing former U-KISS member Kibum’s Japanese single album

G-Dragon Accepts ‘2013 Style Icon Award’ From Good Looking Friends Lee Soo Hyuk and Hong Jong Hyun

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G-Dragon, who is arguably one of the most influential idol stars, was named a Style Icon at the 2013 Style Icon Awards (SIA).

SIA brought out the Korean entertainment industry’s hottest stars, where they celebrated at the CJ E&M Center in Seoul on October 24.

G-Dragon’s fashionable friends Lee Soo Hyuk and Hong Jong Hyun presented the award to the idol star, and upon receiving his award, G-Dragon said, “I feel even better receiving this award from Lee Soo Hyuk and Hong Jong Hyun.”

He continued, “I was happy promoting this time, and I will become a G-Dragon who continues to meet everyone with good music.”

G-Dragon conquered the K-Pop world once again this year with his second solo album Coup d’Etat .

Photo credit: Hea Jung Min

Park Ji Yoon, 16 Years After Her Debut

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Singer Park Ji Yoon is now 31 years old. In 1997, she began as an innocent student, singing “Sky Dream,” and when she suddenly came out with the song “Coming of Age Ceremony” (“I’m No Longer a Little Girl”), everyone praised her surprising yet sensational transformation. She continued to challenge herself with transformations even after this. Eventually, she came out from under her mentor Park Jin Young’s wing, and started to meet indie musicians from Hongik University, singing and writing her own songs. Park Ji Yoon recently announced a new change. She has joined Yoon Jong Shin’s company, Mystic89, and released on October 21 her first single, “Mr.,” with her new agency. This is her first in a year and 8 months since her album in February of last year

FT Island’s Lee Hong Gi vs. Super Junior’s Kim Heechul

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It’s the battle of the crazies as we pit 4D idol stars FT Island’s Lee Hong Gi and Super Junior’s Kim Heechul against each other in this week’s K-Pop Battle.

Lee Hong Gi and Kim Heechul may be close friends in real life and members of Chocoball, K-Pop’s crazy club, but we want to know which idol star you think is simply out of this world. So read on and vote for your favorite star below!

Lee Hong Gi

From his nail art obsession to his off the wall energy, Lee Hong Gi is definitely one of a kind.

On or off the stage, Lee Hong Gi is not afraid to be himself, as his sometimes bizarre, occasionally creepy Twitter updates of talking oranges and skeletons indicate.

There’s no denying that Lee Hong Gi the idol star and Lee Hong Gi the human are entertaining to watch

Lady Jane’s Fangirl Fantasy Fell Apart When She Met H.O.T’s Tony

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As a huge H.O.T fan in the past, Lady Jane shared a moment when the fantasy she built of her idol oppa broke down completely.

On October 23, Lady Jane appeared as a guest on MBC’s Radio Star, where she talked about meeting Tony An in person.

“I was having a house party, and I heard Tony was coming. I was a huge fan for a very long time, so I was really excited to see him in person before I died,” explained Lady Jane.

But then the fantasy about her idol started to break down one by one.

“He became really drunk at one point and said he wanted to eat ramen. So I made him ramen, but because he was so drunk, he couldn’t even eat it properly,” said Lady Jane. “The noodles never made it into his mouth but just kept slipping out

Shinhwa Opens Up New Chapter of ‘Shinhwa Broadcast’

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Searching for unsung heroes around them, Shinhwa opened up the second season of jTBC’s Shinhwa Broadcast.

On October 24, the Shinhwa members, minus Kim Dong Wan, gathered together at the Hangang Park near Yeouido to film the opening for the second season of Shinhwa Broadcast.

The Shinhwa members talked a little about coming out of their five month hiatus and the new concept of the show, which is to find unsung heroes that are hidden all around Korea.

“The world we’re in still is still worthy of living in,” said Shinhwa. “Since we showed our wild sides up until now, we thought this new format for Shinhwa Broadcast fit well with us in our 30s.”

The new season begins on November 3

“Model-dol” Ahn Jae Hyun Cast in “My Lover From The Stars”

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“Idol among models” Ahn Jae Hyun has been cast in the new SBS Wednesday-Thursday drama “My Lover From The Stars.”

According to the drama production company HB Entertainment on October 21, Ahn Jae Hyun will play the brother of Hallyu goddess and top star Cheon Song Yi (played by Jeon Ji Hyun).

“My Lover From The Stars” is a “faction” romance drama, taking the sighting of an unidentified object in 1609 recorded in the annals of the Joseon dynasty, as the true historical background on which the writers layer on the whimsical and absurd. It tells the miraculous love story of Do Min Jun (Kim Soo Hyun), an alien who landed on earth 400 years ago during the Joseon dynasty, and rude Hallyu top star Cheon Song Yi.

In the drama, Cheon Song Yi’s younger brother Cheon Yoon Jae is an extremely cynical high school “iljin