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10 Female Idols That Rock Snapbacks

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We previously reported on "10 Male Idols That Rock Snapbacks." Now it"s time to see which female idols wear this must have fashion accessory best!

Miss A"s Jia

Miss A"s Jia is one of K-Pop"s underrated fashionistas—shequite possibly has my favorite style amongst K-Pop females. She often rocks street wear and has a simpleyet fashionably edgy and rebellious fashion sense. She is often seen wearing beanies and hats totop off her outfits. Snapbacks add ayouthful image to the mature looking Jia.


SISTAR"s Bora is known to be sporty (she won multiple goldmedals during the "Idol Olympics," which is quite a feat)

10 Male Idols That Rock Snapbacks

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Snapbacks have made an extreme comeback recently in the fashion world, and it"s no surprise that many (if not almost all) idols have been snapped wearing this accessory. So, let"s take a look at which male idols wear this popular look best!

B1A4"s Baro

I first noticed how good Baro looks in snapbacks during B1A4"s "Lonely" promotions. I especially loved how he added his own personal touch with the bandana to this classic look. Baro has a cute baby face, but he also has a deep masculine voice when he raps--he knows how to style the snapback in a way that highlights both of his charms.

EXO"s Luhan

EXO"s Luhan has a perfect face--he almost looks like a porcelain doll. When he wears snapbacks, however, he radiates an edgier vibe

Dara visits long-time friend Donghae at “Super Show 6″

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The ever-charming, 4D 2NE1 member Dara has posted a selfie with her good friend of 10 years Super Junior"s Donghae via her Instagram.

The picture features the two good looking idols flashing peace signs at the camera. While Donghae is decked out with a mic and an outfit ready for the stage, Dara appears to be in her comfy clothes, complete with a Taxi-checkered sweatshirt and black cap.

As the caption reads, "Selfie with @leedonghae #SuperShow6," it looks like Dara attended Super Junior"s world concert tour in Seoul, supporting her long-time K-Pop idol friend and showing fans some more YG-SM love! 

JYJ Members On Performing For International Broadcasts As '2014 Incheon Asian Games' Ambassadors

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(Photo : Facebook) JYJ



















As honorary ambassadors for the 2014 Incheon Asian Games, popular K-Pop idol group JYJ had the opportunity over the weekend to perform the Games"s anthem for the international sports community.

A short while later, the group traveled to Shanghai, China for their "Return of the King" concert tour, where they had a press conference.

JYJ was asked the question, "How did it feel standing on stage at the opening ceremony of the "Incheon Asian Games" the other day as the honorary ambassadors?"

Yoochun said, "I performed without thinking about broadcasting, but my eyes filled up with tears when the staff members told me, "You came out a lot [on TV]

Top 10 Male Idols Who Can Rock Beanies

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You hear a faint beeping sound coming from your phone telling you for the 10th time, that you really need to get up and start your morning. You probably won"t make it to class on time. All that matters now is that you smell decent enough so that the person next to you won"t frown and hope that your hair is left just the way you slept in it -- it"s not. This is where your handy-dandy beanie comes into play. For many of us, beanies are just another way to cover up our mess from tossing and turning in bed, and for us to function throughout the day.

However, these idols listed below have their beanie game on point. It is not just another quick fix for bed-heads or a lazy-way-out, but they show that beanies can also become a fashion statement.

GOT7 BamBam

As the youngest of the GOT7 family, BamBam styles his beanie just like his personality: sweet and simple

Spotlight: Park Yoochun, The Successful Idol-Turned-Actor

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Spotlight: Park Yoochun, The Successful Idol-Turned-Actor Written by Joyce On September 3, 2014

With his boyish grin and smiley eyes, one would have expected Yoochun to always stick to the role of Prince Charming in rom-coms. Compared to thrillers and melodramas, rom-coms are much easier to navigate for an actor coming from the music scene. But instead, Yoochun has taken it upon himself to challenge his abilities beyond that of a mere flower boy, by selecting projects from a variety of genres such as action thriller Three Days, melodrama Missing You, and now, the at-sea film Sea Fog.

After four years in the acting industry, our resident JYJ actor has finally made his big screen debut in Sea Fog,opposite much lauded veteran actors

Casting Drama: Should Idols Act?

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Casting Drama: Should Idols Act? Written by Joyce On August 22, 2014

In recent weeks, drama land has been filled with news of idols being cast in lead roles — Sun-hwa in Rosy Lovers; Rain, Krystal and L in My Lovely Girl; Soo-young in My Spring Day. While idols venturing into the acting field is nothing new, I doubt there’s ever been such a high percentage of lead roles given to idols.

While there are a handful of idols who have successfully proven their worth in the acting world (Yoochun, Rain, Lee Seung-giLee JoonSeo In-guk, etc), it’s not surprising that most idol casting news is met with a healthy amount of skepticism and unhappiness

10 Indie artists you have to listen to before Summer ends

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We"ve hit the last stretch before the dog days of summer officially come to an end. Meaning, good-bye to carefree summer days, good-bye to shorts and sandals, good-bye to summer romances, and (with heavy hearts) good-bye to waking up past noon with neither shame nor remorse.

But we"ve still got a few weeks left, and what better way to keep summer vibes alive than listening to soothing Korean indie music? The following artists fall under the indie genre because they make music that is independent of major entertainment labels or studios.

We"ve included a list of our favorite Korean indie groups and their tracks. They"re perfect reminders of summertime lightheartedness and lazy days spent outdoors with friends or lovers.

Jungkey X "Alone" 

Junkey is a multitalented musician as he"s a lyricist, composer, and producer

'Music Bank' Highlights: SISTAR Wins Their 2nd Trophy On The August 1, 2014 Episode + Performance Recap

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(Photo : Newsen)

Another week is here and "Music Bank" featured some of your favorite K-pop idols. Great stage settings and fan chants were all heard and seen on last night"s episode.

The stars who made their comeback and debut were Yenny (HA:TFELT) as she sang her new single titled, "Ain"t Nobody". Red Velvet made their debut as they performed their new single titled, "Happiness".

Your nominees for the night were SISTAR and INFINITE as they battled for the first place trophy. The winner for the August 1, 2014 episode was SISTAR for their single "Touch My Body". Congratulations to them!

All this being said, here are the performance recaps from last night.

Performance Recaps

Red Velvet

The anticipated wait is over regarding SM Entertainment"s new female group

'M! Countdown Highlights': B1A4 Wins #1 On The 10th Anniversary Episode + Performance Recaps

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(Photo : KpopStarz)

"M! Countdown" is back and this week the music program is celebrating its 10th anniversary. The venue was at the Goyang Gymnasium; which many of your favorite K-pop idols entertained the audience.

On this episode, many of your favorite K-pop idols performed on stage. The stars who made their comeback were gorgeous ladies of SISTAR with "Touch My Body", Block B performed their new single titled, "H.E.R", and INFINITE made their come "Back" last night.

Your winner for the July 24, 2014 episode was B1A4 for their new single titled, "Solo Day". Congratulations to the guys!

All this being said, here are the performance recaps from last night.

Performance Recap


The hot ladies of SISTAR are back as they performed two of their singles last night

Music Core Producer Describes Changed Attitudes by Idols After Lip-sync Ban

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In the beginning of July, MBC announced that it would ban lip-syncing on its weekly music show, “Music Core,” with the show’s chief producer (CP), Park Hyun Suk, stating, “Those who do not sing on stage do not possess the basic qualities of a singer. We will thoroughly check the MR provided by each agency and get rid of the singers who only open their mouths.”

He had commented, “Out of the idol singers, there are times when only 10-20% of them actually sing live. In many cases, they perform to a recorded live version, which deceives the public into believing they are actually singing.”

The decision was made, reportedly, so that K-pop could keep up with global standards. While focusing on creating a powerful performance is important, so is the quality of the singing

Shin Dong Yup, Sunmi, Clara, and Hong Jin Kyung are a fierce family on the set of ‘Fashion King Korea 2′

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Shin Dong Yup, Sunmi, Clara, and Hong Jin Kyung looked ready to compete with their fierce expressions on the set of "Fashion King Korea 2"!

SEE ALSO: Shin Dong Yup to be "Fashion King Korea Season 2"s MC

MC Shin Dong Yup was the man of the hour, getting the attention of Sunmi, Clara, and Hong Jin Kyung at the "Fashion King Korea 2" studio in Paju, Gyeonggido earlier this month. The MC and three celebrity contestants looked their best in matching black-and-white outfits and posed playfully for the camera.

Jung Joon YoungClaraBlock B"s Zico and P.OSunmiZE:A"s KwangheeYoon Jin SeoJo Se Ho, and Hong Jin Kyung will team up with designers Go Tae YongChoi Bum SeokHan Sang HyukLogan,Song Hye MyungKwak Hyun Joo, and Yang Hee Min for the fashion survival program

“Weekly Idol” Gathers Total of 100 Idols Including BEAST, A Pink for 3rd Anniversary

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The MBC Every1 show “Weekly Idol” proved its power over the K-pop idols and personally invited 100 of them to come to the show to celebrate its 3rd year anniversary.

On the July 23 episode of the show, “Weekly Idol” has an ambitious project for its 3rd year anniversary wherein they personally invited the “100 Idols Who Graced Weekly Idol.”

In the preview for the episode, the “Weekly Idol” MCs Jung Hyung Don (Dony) and Defconn (Cony), who were the first ones to step on the red carpet, said, “‘Weekly Idol’ that was supposed to be on a six-week, short term show has finally reached three years. We’ve written a new history in idol programs.”

Then, the idols who were invited to the special 3rd year anniversary show--BEAST, CN BLUE, 4Minute, A Pink, Rainbow, BTOB, GOT7, and others popular idol groups–started visiting the program nonstop from morning until night

10 Female Idols Before and After

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Last time, we covered "10 Male Idols Before and After". Now it"s time to talk about our beloved divas of the K-Pop world--the female idols! Sexy, cute, chic, and beautiful, K-Pop female idols keep us on our toes as they change their look on the regular and start stylish trends per comeback. But what were they like before K-Pop dropped a glam-bam bomb on their lives, and how have they changed to become their fabulous selves today?

Check out these 10 female idols before and after pictures and see the differences side-by-side before your eyes. You won"t believe how much they have changed!

I"m a big kid now!

The power of puberty and makeup can do wonders. While Girls" Generation"s Sunny, T-ara"s Hyomin, After School"s Nana, and Girl"s Day"s Hyeri were all innocent-looking cuties with their bare, acne-sprinkled faces, they all have blossomed into beautiful starlets with bombing figures and sexy eyeliner expertise

Mnet’s “M!Countdown” Celebrates its 10th Anniversary This Week with EXO, BoA, SISTAR, Dynamic Duo, and Others

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This July 24 marks 10 years for Mnet’s “M!Countdown,” which started in 2004, and all the hottest stars are rolling out for the 10th anniversary live special, including EXO-K, BoA, SISTAR, Block B, Brown Eyed Girls, Dynamic Duo, Baek Ji Young, INFINITE, and others.

Check out the video below for the idol line-up!

Especially meaningful for the upcoming special is the appearance of BoA, who was the winner on the first episode of “M!Countdown” 10 years ago.

Korean representative rocker Jun In Kwon will also be holding a special congratulatory performance on the show.

Hosting the special will be Jung Joon Young and Ahn Jae Hyun

G-Dragon Sends Wreath for 3rd Anniversary of “Weekly Idol,” Leaves Out Jung Hyung Don’s Name

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The MBC show, “Weekly Idol,” is celebrating its third year anniversary and various idols who have appeared in the show have come again to send their congratulations.

A total of 100 artists including G-Dragon, IU, BEAST, INFINITE, and EXO were invited to “Weekly Idol” for the special project in celebration of its third anniversary.

G-Dragon even sent a congratulatory wreath to the show which was posted on the official Twitter account of “Weekly Idol.” The show sent its gratitude to the singer and said, “TO. G-Dragon. We received the wreath you have sent to congratulate the third anniversary of ‘Weekly Idol.’ We would like to convey Cony’s sincerest gratitude and Dony’s sincerest jealousy. Thank you, loyal G-Dragon! May you be blessed

Big Bang G-Dragon Gifts ‘Weekly Idol’ with Flower Wreath with Only Defconn’s Name On It

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Big Bang G-Dragon gifted Weekly Idol with a flower wreath.

On July 15, MBC Every1’s Weekly Idol revealed the flower wreath that G-Dragon sent over through its official Twitter.

Weekly Idol tweeted, “To. Honorable G-Dragon. We’ve received the Weekly Idol third year anniversary flower wreath that you sent over. We send over Conny (Defconn)’s sincere thanks and Doni (Jung Hyung Don)’s sincere jealousy to you. Loyal G-Dragon! Thank you! May God bless you.”

The picture shows G-Dragon’s flower wreath, which only shows ‘I love you Defconn, G-Dragon.’

It brings out laughter as it seems like G-Dragon left Jung Hyung Don’s name out on purpose, after G-Dragon and Jung Hyung Don ′broke up′ after they worked together on Infinity Challenge

ZE:A’s Im Si Wan Gifts ‘Triangle’ Staff with 100 Jackets

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ZE:A’s Im Si Wan presented generous gifts to the drama staff members.

Currently acting in MBC’s Triangle, Im Si Wan presented 100 sun-blocking jackets to the staff members who have been filming under the hot sun.

The surprise gift was backed by an outdoor brand that Im Si Wan is currently modeling for. Im Si Wan also personally picked out the designs and colors of the sun blocking jackets.

An affiliate of the outdoor brand M Limited stated, “We heard that Im Si Wan wanted to prepare meaningful gifts for the staff members who have been spending busy days filming the project under difficult circumstances. So we decided to support it. We cheer for Im Si Wan’s passion, gaining recognition for his acting ability despite the fact that he’s an idol. We will continue to give our support for him

Tablo Says Haru′s Prenatal Music was Dok2′s Songs

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Concerning his daughter′s musical background, Epik High′s Tablo shared a bit about the music Haru grew up with.

On June 25, Mnet′s Show Me the Money 3 held its press conference at the 63 Building in Yeouido, where Tablo shared that Haru′s prenatal songs were Dok2′s songs.

"[Kang] Hye Jung really likes hip-hop. After seeing her listening hip-hop at a high volume, I thought, ′I can marry this girl,′" said Tablo. "Even when my mother-in-law is in the house, she plays hip-hop at a loud volume. Haru even listened to Uncle Dok2′s songs as her prenatal songs."

On his daughter, Tablo added, "Haru gets happy and tells me, ′Daddy, you go out often to do music these days,′ She′s sad that I don′t have a lot of time to play with her, but she′s very understanding since her daddy is enjoying his work

Jung Hyung DonDefconn Gift Infinite with Meat Buffet on ‘Weekly Idol’

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MBC Every1 Weekly Idol’s MCs Jung Hyung Don and Defcann decided to present Infinite with meat buffet for the first time on the show.

Being the first idol group to guest on Weekly Idol’s ‘this week’s idol’ corner, Infinite set the record by guesting on the show for the tenth time, living up to its name of being Weekly Idol’s ‘family-dol.’

When Infinite guested on the show for the 9th time, the MCs promised to present them with a meat buffet if they appear on the show for the 10th time.

Keeping their promise, the MCs set up a table full of meat for Infinite, and upon their arrival at the studio, the members said, “We are touched by Weekly Idol’s sense of loyalty.” Then the Infinite members started chowing down the meat all throughout the opening of the show, causing everyone to laugh