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[Spoiler] Added episode 1 captures for the Korean drama “Tomorrow”s Cantabile”

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Added episode 1 captures for the Korean drama "Tomorrow"s Cantabile" (2014)Directed by Han Sang-wooWritten by Shin Jae-wonNetwork : KBSWith Joo Won, Sim Eun-kyeong, Lee Ah-hyeon, Kim Yoo-mi-II, Park Bo-geom, Bae Min-jeong,...20 episodes - Mon, Tue 22:00Also known as "Naeil"s Cantabile"Formerly known as "Nodame Cantabile" (노다메 칸타빌레 최종악장, no-da-me kan-ta-bil-le choe-jong-ag-jang choi-jong-ak-jang) and "Cantabile Romance" (칸타빌레 로망스, Kan-ta-bil-le Ro-man-seu)SynopsisThe Korean remake version of the Japanese drama. "Tomorrow"s Cantabile" is about the passion for classical music and romance between the youth.Broadcast starting date in Korea : 2014/10/13


Donghae thanks his fans for all the support and love!

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Super Junior"s Donghae took to his Instagram, thanking his fans for all the love and support on his birthday.

He wrote on his Instagram on October 15, "Thank you. I"ve only been receiving for nine years. I always feel supported, thankful, and apologetic. My heart flutters whenever I meet you even when I"ve already met you time and time again, I want to meet my ELF, I love you guys! I will spend another heart fluttering day because of ELF."

Donghae also posted a picture below of the nicely organized presents that ELF had sent him thanking his fans for always making his heart warm as he celebrates his 29th birthday.

In addition to the presents, fans took out an ad in the Sports Seoul Newspaper with a picture of the idol with the caption, "When we think of him, the whole world gets brighter

11 female idols who are known to derp

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Our favorite female idols are beautiful. Stunning beings with their sexy eyeliner, beautiful skin, and glorious hair, female idols are bombshells that are here to blow us away with just one look.

Queens. Bow down.

Despite being flawless, however, some special female idols have quite the rep for being unexpectedly, hilariously derpy. Here are some of the derpiest female idols around that often have fans laughing at and falling in love with their array of facial expressions, whether they derp on purpose or not.

Girls" Generation"s Sooyoung

Many people deem Sooyoung"s looks to be "exotic", but some don"t know just how "exotic" her contorted facial expressions can get! Usually a goddess with all her hair-flipping glory, Sooyoung rarely derps by accident, but rather, chooses to derp for a living, entertaining TV viewers and fans alike with her wide-eyed look

9 Female Idols That Pull off Crazy Hair: Pink Edition

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We previously listed 8 male idols that can rock pink hair. Female idols, too, continuously prove that it"s not just men that can sport this flashy and fashionable color. So, let"s take a look at which 9 female idols (yes, 9 rather than 8) can pull off crazy pink hair!

Red Velvet"s Irene

When Red Velvet debuted this year with "Happiness," the girl in the pink hair stood out the most to me. She is none other than the leader, Irene. I think the pink colored tips perfectly complement her feminine features and petite frame--it adds just the right amount of edge to her pretty-girl look.

miss A"s Jia

When I think of pink hair, the first person to come to mind is none other than miss A"s Jia

Sooyoung’s realistic acting captures the hearts of viewers

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Sooyoung of Girls’ Generation is praised for her wonderful acting in the recent Wednesday-Thursday drama, “Spring Days of My Life.”

Recently, Sooyoung’s acting has been receiving a lot of attention for her portrayal of Lee Bomyi as emotions and tensions run high on the recent episode of “Spring Days of My Life.” A writer from TV Report Korea wrote a spotlight on Sooyoung as an actress, complimenting her - “Her acting is real. She is an ‘actress’ rather than an ‘idol who acts.’”

Lee Bomyi, is a woman given a second chance at life. When she meets Kang Dongha, played by Kam Woosung, the two begin to fall for each other, but a tragic secret puts their love in jeopardy when it comes to light. This heartbreaking story of star-crossed lovers is guaranteed to be full of tear-jerking moments that will tug on every viewers heart strings

[HanCinema"s Idol Actors] Lee Seung-gi

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Lee"s first leading role was in 2009"s "Shining Inheritance" as the quintessential prickly male lead, Seon Woo-hwan. Lee showed an affinity for the camera even though he tended to overact, especially during scenes of anger. This habit trended through many of his dramas save for his latest, "You"re Surrounded". The emotions are clear, but seem overwrought, as if geared for the live stage rather than in front of a camera. This is most evident in "Shining Inheritance" and tones down in each subsequent leading role that he landed. Again, it is Lee"s earnest portrayals of his characters that make him so well-liked despite any flaws he may have as an actor. It"s his appeal that keeps the role offers coming."My Girlfriend is a Gumiho" from 2010 was Lee"s real breakthrough as an actor. He worked beside from the very nuanced actress Sin Min-ah from whom he learned a lot

Seo Taiji spotted filming for a variety show for the first time in 10 years

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Seo Taiji was spotted on his way to film for an episode KBS 2TV’s “Happy Together 3.”

On October 4th, Seo Taiji, dressed in a fashionable knit sweater and cap, was seen entering the KBS station in Yeouido to begin filming for an episode of “Happy Together 3.”

This episode marks Seo Taiji’s first appearance on a variety show in 10 years, and the reunion of Yoo Jaesuk and Seo Taiji for the first time since 1993. The production team previously announced that Seo Taiji will hold a one-on-one discussion with Yoo Jaesuk before the rest of the hosts join them on the show.

In other news, Seo Taiji recently released a collaboration track with IU called “Sogyeokdong” which received favorable responses even though it has also been met with plagiarism suspicions

Winner to make their guest appearance on “Weekly Idol”

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Winner will make their variety debut on MBC Every1"s "Weekly Idol"!

Following G-Dragon, Winner will be the 2nd artist from YG Entertainment to make their appearance on the show. It was revealed that during the recording of the show, Winner showed their unexpected witty sense of humour and variety show skills which captured the hearts from both the MCs Jung Hyung Don and Defconn.

This episode is scheduled to be broadcasted this October.

10 covers of American songs by idols you need to check out!

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Of course, with the ton of talented vocalists out there and the immense respect K-Pop in general has for Western music, there is no surprise that there is a plethora of idols covering American music. So why not compile some of the most amazing, jaw-dropping covers that send shivers down your spines for an earwormy good time?

Check out the ten below--and these idols have many more covers that you should likewise check out!

LEDApple"s Hanbyul - Bruno Mars"s "Gorilla"

This is just one of many awesome covers by LEDApple"s talented vocalist Hanbyul, who sounds like he could go on "Hidden Singer" as a Bruno Mars impersonator. Seriously, I just went back and forth between Hanbyul"s covers and Bruno Mars"s original versions and my friend could not tell the difference

K-Pop Mixtape: Idols Sing For Dramas & Soundtracks

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(Photo : )


Many of us know the title songs from our favorite K-Pop idol"s albums, but every so often an individual from that idol group will make a foray into the world of acting.

Some idols are more experienced in acting at this point while others are still considered rookies. Even so, these acting idols can expect some support from their fellow members, friends, and label mates. How do they express their support you may ask? Why, through song, of course!

Here is a mixtape of popular drama soundtrack songs sung by our favorite idols:

"Stand by Me" by SHINee"s Onew
Drama: Boys Over Flowers

We were graced with Onew"s honey voice throughout almost the entirety of the legendary drama

Roundtable: Sicapocalypse Now

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Roundtable: Sicapocalypse Now Written by Seoulbeats On October 4, 2014

So much has happened in such a short period of time that it’s hard to make sense of our emotions. As the story unfolded, these were our reactions from the time Jessica released her first official statement disclosing her side of the story. What was your initial reaction to reports of Jessica being booted from SNSD? What were your feelings like as more facts were revealed? What’s to become of the Nation’s Girl Group?

Gaya: I actually understand SM‘s decision to drop Jessica: accommodating her promoting just one more album may have been possible, but I get it if SM wasn’t interested in keeping her around for that long. But if that was the case, why have her renew her contract and then dump her weeks later? That just doesn’t sit right with me

“10+ Star” releases individual behind-the-scenes footage of BTS

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"10+ Star" recently released behind-the-scenes footage from their photo shoot and interview with the seven charming boys of BTS.

The series of videos that were released capture the unique vibe that each member carries from mischievous Rap Monster to carefree J-Hope and nostalgic SUGA. The boys were also wearing bright accent colors in each of their outfits to fit the theme, "Colorful Moment," for the photoshoot with "10+ Star."

Meanwhile, BTS released their first ever album "Dark & Wild" with the title track, "Danger," in August, and have been making their mark as an idol hip-hop group.

Watch the behind-the-scenes videos of BTS and "10+ Star" below!

[POP QUIZ] How suited are you to be a K-Pop idol?

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It"s your first free Saturday after weeks of grueling work. What are your plans? Sleep… Please, I"m like a zombie, let me just sleep. ✓ Watch TV! I need to get updated on all of my favorite shows. ✓ I haven"t seen my friends in a while! I need to see what they"ve been up to and catch up. ✓ Time to do all the tasks I couldn"t before--pay bills, exercise, clean the house. ✓ I need some precious me time… maybe take a walk in the park. ✓ What"s your preferred method of dieting? What.. what diet… * nom nom nom * ✓ Exercise away the excess food I ate ✓ Cut down strictly on my food intake! ✓ Dance it all off--yeahhhhh turn up the volume ✓ Maybe I"ll stop eating dinner. Four times a week. Three. ✓ You embarrass yourself in front of your crush. You… Go home and cry… ✓ Shoot him/her a smile and hair flip the next day

Finding Freedom in Song Ji-eun’s “Don’t Look at Me Like That”

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Finding Freedom in Song Ji-eun’s “Don’t Look at Me Like That” Written by Kelsey On October 1, 2014

Over the last three years, Song Ji-eun has made a reputation as a strong solo singer with daring choices in symbolism in her music videos. The main vocalist of Secret isn’t afraid to push the envelope, showcasing themes of crucifixion and murder in her past works. With latest single “Don’t Look at Me Like That,” Ji-eun stays in full form, keeping the dark, somber themes in her visuals.

But before we dive in, it’s useful to also consider what TS Entertainment teased us with before the single dropped.

In an exclusive tip to Dispatch, the company hinted that “Don’t Look at Me Like That” would explore love not often criticized by society, including homosexual and interracial couples, as well as a relationship featuring an older woman with a younger man

10 Female Idols That Rock Snapbacks

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We previously reported on "10 Male Idols That Rock Snapbacks." Now it"s time to see which female idols wear this must have fashion accessory best!

Miss A"s Jia

Miss A"s Jia is one of K-Pop"s underrated fashionistas—shequite possibly has my favorite style amongst K-Pop females. She often rocks street wear and has a simpleyet fashionably edgy and rebellious fashion sense. She is often seen wearing beanies and hats totop off her outfits. Snapbacks add ayouthful image to the mature looking Jia.


SISTAR"s Bora is known to be sporty (she won multiple goldmedals during the "Idol Olympics," which is quite a feat)

10 Male Idols That Rock Snapbacks

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Snapbacks have made an extreme comeback recently in the fashion world, and it"s no surprise that many (if not almost all) idols have been snapped wearing this accessory. So, let"s take a look at which male idols wear this popular look best!

B1A4"s Baro

I first noticed how good Baro looks in snapbacks during B1A4"s "Lonely" promotions. I especially loved how he added his own personal touch with the bandana to this classic look. Baro has a cute baby face, but he also has a deep masculine voice when he raps--he knows how to style the snapback in a way that highlights both of his charms.

EXO"s Luhan

EXO"s Luhan has a perfect face--he almost looks like a porcelain doll. When he wears snapbacks, however, he radiates an edgier vibe

Dara visits long-time friend Donghae at “Super Show 6″

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The ever-charming, 4D 2NE1 member Dara has posted a selfie with her good friend of 10 years Super Junior"s Donghae via her Instagram.

The picture features the two good looking idols flashing peace signs at the camera. While Donghae is decked out with a mic and an outfit ready for the stage, Dara appears to be in her comfy clothes, complete with a Taxi-checkered sweatshirt and black cap.

As the caption reads, "Selfie with @leedonghae #SuperShow6," it looks like Dara attended Super Junior"s world concert tour in Seoul, supporting her long-time K-Pop idol friend and showing fans some more YG-SM love! 

JYJ Members On Performing For International Broadcasts As '2014 Incheon Asian Games' Ambassadors

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(Photo : Facebook) JYJ



















As honorary ambassadors for the 2014 Incheon Asian Games, popular K-Pop idol group JYJ had the opportunity over the weekend to perform the Games"s anthem for the international sports community.

A short while later, the group traveled to Shanghai, China for their "Return of the King" concert tour, where they had a press conference.

JYJ was asked the question, "How did it feel standing on stage at the opening ceremony of the "Incheon Asian Games" the other day as the honorary ambassadors?"

Yoochun said, "I performed without thinking about broadcasting, but my eyes filled up with tears when the staff members told me, "You came out a lot [on TV]

Top 10 Male Idols Who Can Rock Beanies

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You hear a faint beeping sound coming from your phone telling you for the 10th time, that you really need to get up and start your morning. You probably won"t make it to class on time. All that matters now is that you smell decent enough so that the person next to you won"t frown and hope that your hair is left just the way you slept in it -- it"s not. This is where your handy-dandy beanie comes into play. For many of us, beanies are just another way to cover up our mess from tossing and turning in bed, and for us to function throughout the day.

However, these idols listed below have their beanie game on point. It is not just another quick fix for bed-heads or a lazy-way-out, but they show that beanies can also become a fashion statement.

GOT7 BamBam

As the youngest of the GOT7 family, BamBam styles his beanie just like his personality: sweet and simple

Spotlight: Park Yoochun, The Successful Idol-Turned-Actor

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Spotlight: Park Yoochun, The Successful Idol-Turned-Actor Written by Joyce On September 3, 2014

With his boyish grin and smiley eyes, one would have expected Yoochun to always stick to the role of Prince Charming in rom-coms. Compared to thrillers and melodramas, rom-coms are much easier to navigate for an actor coming from the music scene. But instead, Yoochun has taken it upon himself to challenge his abilities beyond that of a mere flower boy, by selecting projects from a variety of genres such as action thriller Three Days, melodrama Missing You, and now, the at-sea film Sea Fog.

After four years in the acting industry, our resident JYJ actor has finally made his big screen debut in Sea Fog,opposite much lauded veteran actors