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B2ST’s Hyunseung reveals who he’d like as his Troublemaker partner if not HyunA

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B2ST"s Hyunseung revealed who he would choose as his Troublemaker partner if 4minute"s HyunA wasn"t in the picture.

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On the April 10th episode of B2ST"s new reality show "Showtime Burning the BEAST", Hyunseung was asked, "If HyunA wasn"t a part of Troublemaker, which idol would you like to join you?" He was given a few choices, like Girl"s Day"s Hyeri, Sunmi, and SISTAR"s Hyorin.

Without even hesitating, Hyunseung responded, "Sunmi for me." The members poked fun at him, saying, "You like her, don"t you," and "You can"t put your personal feelings into it. Think about it from the public"s point of view."

Who would you match up with Hyunseung if HyunA was, unfortunately, not a part of Troublemaker?

B2ST’s Hyunseung reportedly in talks to take on his next musical through ‘Bonnie and Clyde’

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According to multiple entertainment representatives on April 7, B2ST"s Hyunseung is in talks to play the lead Clyde in what would be his second musical, "Bonnie and Clyde"!

Previously, he played the lead in the 2012 musical "Mozart". In addition, it appears he may be quite suited for the role not only due to his great singing skills but also as he played a very similar character in Trouble Maker"s MV for "Now."

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Meanwhile, the musical stars other top names like Kahi, SHINee"s Key, and ZE:A"s Hyungsik and will take place at the BBC Art Center from April 15 to June 29 with a various set of cast taking turns on different days

“Angel Eyes” Unveils Two More Teasers with Gu Hye Sun, Lee Sang Yoon, Kang Ha Neul, and Nam Ji Hyun

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The production of SBS drama “Angel Eyes” decided to drop a couple more trailers as it gets even closer to the day of the premiere.

The second and third trailers were released on March 24. The two narratives are pretty much the same giving the public an idea of the drama’s premise, but rearranged in different order.

Second Teaser

 Third Teaser

“Angel Eyes” is about a man and a woman who are each other’s first loves, but get separated at childhood due to a painful family situation and meet again 12 years later. Gu Hye Sun’s character Yoon Su Wan (younger version played by Nam Ji Hyun) is a passionate emergency medical technician who is known not only by the fire department, but also by the local hospital

My 10 Favorite K-Pop Fashionistas

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Joy-K"s 10 Favorite K-Pop Fashionistas

With so many fashionable idols out there, it was difficult to choose a top ten. But, without further ado, here"s my personal list:


There is something masculine about miss A Jia"s fashionsense—it"s her ability to pull off this look while maintaining a feminine imagethat"s really cool to me. It"s obviousthat she"s a real-life badass and her fashion sense definitely demonstratesthat. Whether she"s wearing an oversizetee, denim jacket, or a simple fresh pair of kicks, she always looks both fabulousand like someone that could kick your ass at the same time, which isn"t easy topull off.


To be completely honest, I"m not 100% sure whether CNBLUE Minhyuk"s fashion sense is on point or whether it"s his stature that makes himlook good in anything he wears

Airport Fashion: SHINee, 4minute, and BEAST Spotted at Incheon

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Seoul’s Incheon Airport was the hottest place to be on February 7 as SHINee, 4minute, and BEAST stopped through to commence or end their overseas schedules. As always, the stars dressed impeccably, proving that sometimes, celebrities are not just like us. Let’s take a look at their fashion!


4minute flew out to Hong Kong for their “Name is 4minute” showcase.

Here, Sohyun steps up her casual black with a red plaid jacket.

Gayoon looks totally eye-catching in round shades and a Joyrich Simpsons sweatshirt.

HyunA accents a classic look with an equally classic Chanel flap bag — and red lips to match.

Even in simple jeans and a striped shirt, Jihyun looks fantastic

B2STs Kikwang and B1A4′s Baro to star in ‘God’s Gift -14 Days’

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Considering Hyunseung"s "Trouble Maker" and Junhyung"s solo debut promotions as well as Doojoon"s starring role in "Let"s Eat", fans have been curious on the whereabouts of B2ST"s Kikwang, and now it has been confirmed that he will also take on acting in the new SBS drama "God"s Gift -14 Days" alongside B1A4"s Baro.

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Kikwang"s agency Cube Entertainment rep told TV Report on January 24, "Kikwang has been confirmed to star in the new SBS drama "God"s Gift -14 Days"." Baro"s agency WM Entertainment also told TV Report, "Baro already completed the script reading yesterday."

Kikwang will play the role of idol rock group leader Snake who becomes a suspect in a murder case after he discovers the belonging of a missing child in his van, while Baro will play the role of a handicapped person who has the mental age of six years old

Top 5 Duos in K-Pop

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Sadly, duo groups are not as prevalent in K-Pop, but they are growing with the help of sub-units and popular collaborations. People love these duos because they can focus on just two people who work admirably well together in their partnership. While showing off an intimate relationship almost like a couple or a pair of best friends, these duos use both members" unique traits and skills to an advantage.

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Which duos are especially eye-catching with their amazing chemistry and teamwork?

GD & T.O.P

Obviously, it would have been difficult for G-Dragon to pick just one fellow Big Bang member for the first duo, but he eventually went with T

Developer of Smart Phone App Apologizes for False News about HyunA and Hyunseung

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Earlier on January 10, it was reported that Cube Entertainment would be taking action against those who spread false rumors of Trouble Maker duo HyunA (4Minute) and Hyunseung (Beast) being in a relationship, and that HyunA was pregnant. The rumor subsequently spread quickly via other social networking platforms, such as Facebook and Kakao Talk. The developer of the smart phone application from which the original rumor originated has stepped forward to clarify their position.

The rumored scandal and pregnancy had been made to look like an official statement issued by the duo’s agency, Cube Entertainment. The rumor was made to look like a news article using a smart phone application, “I’m a Reporter Too

Trends that stood out in 2013

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2014 may have begun more than a week ago now, but people are undoubtedly still writing 2013 on applications, papers, and such, aren"t they? The transition is never as easy, plus it is always nice to look back at the past year and sum it up so you can move onto the next with a fully refreshed mindset.

This is why allkpop writers alim17 and jennywill collaborated to put together some of the biggest trends of 2013. Check them out below!

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Dramas that deal with the supernatural

We think it"s fairly safe to say that 2012 was pretty saturated with time traveling, particularly between the modern era and something more like the Chosun Dynasty

Cube Entertainment to take legal action against perpetrators behind spreading of malicious rumors about Trouble Maker

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It has been revealed that Cube Entertainment will take legal action against the netizens behind the spreading of malicious rumors concerning their artist duo Trouble Maker.

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Trouble Maker have been living up to their name by stirring attention with their risque concepts, but it seems some netizens took it too far by making false rumors look like facts being reported in an article, creating confusion.

According to Cube representatives, the perpetrator(s) presented the malicious rumors about a scandal between HyunA and Hyunseung and Hyuna becoming pregnant like a news article with the help of a mobile app.

A rep revealed, "We discovered the content containing the malicious rumors about HyunA and Hyunseung this morning

Who’s Currently on Top? Halfway Results for Soompi Awards 2013

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Hey Soompiers,

Can’t believe that Soompi Awards 2013 is more than halfway over!

You want to know who’s currently at the top, right? Scroll down and see the current standings, but don’t fret if your favorites didn’t make the cut. There’s still time left! Voting ends on January 13 (KST) so see for yourself who found favor from our global netizens.

And remember! You can vote via your computer as well as from mobile app LINE for the phone users. The results are equally weighted from pc and mobile platform users so both are important! ^^

Without further ado, the *results…

*there’s a high chance the voting numbers and artist rankings have changed since


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HyunA, Jay Park and Other Korean Artists to Perform at 2014 SXSW Music Festival

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HyunA and Jay Park will be performing at the 2014 SXSW Music Festival (March 11-16) in Austin, Texas. Their names were on the lineup when the third round of artists was announced on January 7.

SXSW consists of a series of film, interactive and music festivals and conferences, and is the largest music festival of its kind. It looks like James Minor, the general manager of the SXSW Music Festival, thought that HyunA would be a good fit after appearing with PSY in the megahit “Gangnam Style.”

The festival includes not just American artists, but also artists and musicians from all over the world, coming together in a showcase-style music festival. Music lovers will get the chance to see over big names and relative unknowns perform at venues throughout the city

Performances from the ’2013 SBS Gayo Daejun’ !

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The star-studded "2013 SBS Gayo Daejun" continues in Part 2 of the superlative K-Pop concert! SBS brought out the best, with performances from EXO, 2NE1, Girls" Generation, and more!

Check out the performances below. [missing performances will be added when & if they become available.]

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[miss A]


[Dynamic Duo + Baechigi]

[Bumkey + San E + Verbal Jint]

[Drunken Tiger + Yoon Mi Rae + Eun Ji Won + Bizzy + Zico + Bang Yong Guk + Rap Monster + Baro]



Top Scandal of 2014

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On a twist on the traditional End-of-Year ′Best of′ lists, we′ve been asking you guys to predict the future instead!

If you haven′t noticed, we′ve been raking in the nominations since early December over in our ′Let′s Talk′ forum for multiple categories.

Some of you guys were a little overenthusiastic in your nominations (we′ve done our best not to count spam posts, and only count legitimate posts), but we′ve got the Top 5 nominees for the Top Scandal of 2014 category!

Read on and vote below!

Trouble Maker is Real

Many of you hoped this troublemaking duo would take their on-stage concept and make it real. Since Hyuna and Hyunseung locked lips and got sexy on stage a lot in 2013, perhaps 2014 will be the year they seal the deal?

Lee Min Ho and Park Shin Hye Date

Clearly, The Heirs had a huge impact in 2013, since many of you hoped that Lee Min Ho and Park Shin Hye would just date in real life too

“Radio Star” Kyuhyun: “From Now On, I’m Going to Obsess Over HyunA”

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Radio StarKyuhyun recently suggested to HyunA that they do a duet together.

The December 18 episode of MBC’s “Radio Star” was a special about ‘obsessive guys,’ and on the episode, Kyuhyun said, “You say I obsess over non-celebrities? From now on, I’m going to obsess over celebrities. HyunA, instead of Hyunseung, how bout a duet with me?” and he did a little dance. Kyuhyun had gotten a reputation for only liking to date and flirt with non-celebrities from a previous episode of “Radio Star,” and alluded to this in this latest episode.

However, his fellow hosts shot down his hopes, saying, “compared to Hyunseung, your dancing is dull. It’s like a non-celebrity is imitating Hyunseung,” making the studio erupt with laughter

Super Junior’s Kyuhyun Wants to Do a Duet with 4minute’s Hyuna

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Trying something new, Super Junior’s Kyuhyun sent out a lovecall to 4minute’s Hyuna.

On December 18’s broadcast of MBC’s Radio Star, the MC panel started off the show with their witty openings as always.

Kyuhyun’s for this episode began with, “You say I’m obsessed with non-celebrities? Well from now on, I’m going to obsess over celebrities!”

He then called out Hyuna, saying, “Hyuna, instead of Hyunseung, how about you and I do a duet?”

Kyuhyun then began to do a Troublemaker dance, but proved to be a little lacking, causing the other MCs to scowl at Kyuhyun’s lackluster dance skills.

Photo Credit: MBC

Dazed Digital’s Top 10 K-Pop Picks of 2013 Dominated by YG Entertainment Artists

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Big Bang members G-Dragon, T.O.P, and Taeyang as well as 2NE1’s CL scored positions with solo tracks on Dazed Digital’s top ten K-Pop picks of 2013, earning YG Entertainment artists four out of ten places on the list. Dazed Digital is the website of English fashion magazine Dazed & Confused.

Dazed Digital posted their “Top Ten K-Pop of 2013” article on December 11, highlighting ten K-Pop tracks which had enjoyed much popularity this year.

Big Bang’s T.O.P came out on top, proving that it is better late than never with “Doom Dada,” while G-Dragon took third place with “Coup D’Etat,” and Taeyang’s “Ringa Linga” was ranked fifth

BEAST’s Yoseob Keeps His Promise and Will Have a Duet With “Voice Kids” Winner Kim Myung Joo

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Earlier this year, when he was a coach on “Voice Kids,” BEAST’s Yang Yoseob wholeheartedly agreed when his team member and winner, Kim Myung Joo, asked personally asked for a duet piece with Yoseob as her debut song.

Although it has been nine months since their run on “Voice Kids” as mentor and mentee, they have been keeping in touch and Yoseob has been giving his all to support Kim Myung Joo in her debut song..

Eight years apart, Kim Myung Joo born in 1998 and Yang Yo Seob in 1990, they are taking a shot at a remake of Park Sun Joo and Kim Bum Soo’s “A Man and a Woman.” Interesting to note is that Park Sun Joo and Kim Bum Soo were also mentor and mentee. The remake of the song will be released in the beginning of December

Trouble Maker’s Couple Hoodie Causes Trouble

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Trouble Maker is causing quite a bit of trouble with their couple hoodies, with netizens being inflamed by what looks to be an image of the Japanese imperialist rising sun. Their agency apologized, stating, “We apologize for not exercising more caution.”

A representative from Cube Entertainment spoke to OSEN on November 27, “The picture on Trouble Maker’s hoodies is not of the rising sun flag but supposed to be of flower buds. However, we understand why there might be misunderstandings, and we are sorry for not being more careful and meticulous about it.”

The trouble started when SBS MTV “The Show” uploaded a picture of the duo in couple hoodies on November 26, tweeting, “Purify your eyes with a picture of Trouble Maker, who showed us a wild stage on today’s ‘The Show

Go Behind the Scenes of Trouble Maker’s “Now” MV

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Cube Entertainment recently released a behind-the-scenes video of Trouble Maker’s “Now” music video on Youtube.

Giving their all filming in cold weather, we see a candid version of the duo: Hyunseung happily dancing between shoots, and HyunA being adorably amazed at the airborne camera during an outdoor shoot, telling the person shooting the video to capture the airborne camera, “as if they were doing something amazing!”

The video really displays the chemistry and friendship between Hyunseung and HyunA, making each other laugh between shoots, and taking polaroid photos for each other.

Near the end, Hyunseung, still on the set, leaves a cute video message for HyunA, who finished early and had already gone home: “I hope you, for my share too, take a nice hot shower, climb under thick warm blankets, stretch out, and sleep well