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Who Was "Empress Ki's" Tal Tal In History?

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It becomes obvious in the last few episodes of "Empress Ki," that Seungnyang might not have survived if it was not for the cooperation of Tal Tal, Bayan"s nephew.

Tal Tal, played by Jin Yi Han, has admired Seungnyang since the day he met her and felt that his uncle, played by Kim Young Ho, should have remained loyal to her. While he cannot openly support the empress in favor of his uncle, who raised him, he overlooks some of her undercover operations. And while he knows how cruel his cousin, the current empress, can be, he cannot expose one of his clan.

But the time has come for Tal Tal to take sides as he did in real life. History records that the real-life Bayan became obsessed with power and his ambition hurt the Mongol nation. Tal Tal was responsible for ousting his uncle and did succeed his uncle as the regent

Kdrama Empress Ki: Eps 27 Recap

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Kdrama Empress Ki: Eps 27 Recap by thetalkingcupboard

Seung-nyang was ordered to drink the tonic but Empress Dowager dropped by, ordering her not to do so since the tonic contained infertility medicine. Tanashiri said that she did it for the sake of the Imperial family (yeah, RIGHT) and Seung-nyang suddenly took the bowl. Instead of drinking it, she poured it onto the floor. Muahahahaha…what a rebel! Seung-nyang told Tanashiri that if she took it, then she won’t be able to conceive in the future. The Dowager was satisfied with the outcome.

The other concubines were angry that they were tricked into drinking the tonic and Seung-nyang was the only one who was able to escape

Ha Ji Won Reveals Funny Portrait of Herself and Ji Chang Wook from the Set of “Empress Ki”

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Pictures of Ha Ji Won from the set of “Empress Ki” have been released.

She publicized the photos herself on her instagram account on December 10. The two photos show her taking a break from filming. The first picture shows her smiling and laughing in the role of the maiden Ki Seung Nyang, and covering up from the cold with a blanket. She is sitting next to a drawing which depicts the emperor Ta Hwan (played by Ji Chang Wook) standing behind Seung Nyang. The word “ugly” is written above Ta Hwan with an arrow pointing to him, and the word “tearful face” written next to Seung Nyang.

The second photo shows Ha Ji Won outdoors staring intently at her tablet while draped in a fur coat, bringing an interesting mixture of history and present to the photo.

Ha Ji Won is currently playing the love interest of the emperor Ta Hwan of the Yuan Dynasty and Wang Yoo (played by Joo Jin Mo) of the Goryeo Dynasty on “Empress Ki,” which airs Mondays and Tuesdays on MBC

“Empress Ki” – Recap Week 5 (Episode 9-10)

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“Empress Ki” – Recap Week 5 (Episode 9-10) by Couch-Kimchi:

Ah, the holidays – it’s when family descends on your home and interrupts your drama viewing. (LOL) Not that I don’t love my family and turkey but how to explain how important it is to watch this weeks episodes of Empress Ki? I described the plot and our baby Emperor finally seeing Ki so they would allow me some time alone with my computer. At least until the pie is ready. Must have pie. *hee*

As Ta Hwan makes his way to the concubine quarters, he runs into Ki and orders her to look at him. He stares into her face and mutters that she looks really similar. *facepalm* Dowager Empress shows up to try forcing him to visit Lady Park. He’s not interested in her dancing and gets angry with Dowager Empress. He storms out, passing by Ki and glancing at her again

Empress Ki: Episode 1 – 2 Recap

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Empress Ki: Episode 1 - 2 recap by daebakdramas

Empress Ki/Hwatu/기황후 started last week after MBC’s previous sageuk drama (and sadly snooze-fest) “Goddess of Fire Jung Yi”. I consider this a one-off recap for now since Empress Ki will be 50 episodes long and I don’t know if I can hold out that long… Sageuks in general tend to lose me after the first 16 episodes

Ha Ji Won and Ji Chang Wook Are Majestic Royals in “Empress Ki”

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On October 27, actress Ha Ji Won and co-star Ji Chang Wook were recently revealed in breathtaking stills for the upcoming drama “Empress Ki.”

The stills, shot during a royal ceremony scene, show the two actors in beautiful headpieces, and red and black royal dress, with majestic gold embroidery.

Shot against the backdrop of imperial China, these scenes were filmed with absolute care, down to each individual prop, and gave the feel of an authentic royal ceremony.

The producers commented, “As important as the scenes were, the whole cast and crew worked that much harder on them. Even during the extended shooting hours, Ha Ji Won and Ji Chang Wook didn’t let on that they were tired. They really lit up and energized the set, tossing jokes around, and because of it, we were able to successfully create some great scenes

Stills of Ji Chang Wook from “Empress Ki” Released

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Actor Ji Chang Wook is currently filming for MBC’s next Monday-Tuesday drama “Empress Ki.” New stills of Ji Chang Wook were released on October 16. Donning the garments of the Yuan Dynasty crown prince, his eyes are filled with defiance, but also reflect a deep sadness within.

Ji Chang Wook plays Soon Je, born as the crown prince, who must hide the anger and sadness of losing his father underneath the veneer of immaturity in order to save his life. The actor was completely immersed in the role of Soon Je, receiving compliments from those on set.

Revealing his strong ambitions, Ji Chang Wook stated, “Since I am the youngest, I was really nervous, but this made me more focused on doing well. I will do my best to follow and learn from my seniors and enjoy filming the show.”

“Empress Ki” is a 50-episode epic series, telling the story of the love and struggles of Goryeo-born Empress Ki of the Yuan Dynasty

Korean Drama Pride and Prejudice Episode 3 Episode 4 Recap and Screenshots

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by Couch-kimchi:A few details were revealed, we learned more about Yeol-Moo past. We also met her Mom, who is most likely crazy from grief and we learned the reason Yeol-Moo dropped Dong Chi but we’ll need more to understand why she thinks he’s a murderer. Ratings for this drama are strong, beating outSecret Door and Tomorrow’s Cantabile to remain #1 in its time slot. I’m gonna make a wild guess that part of it is due to the power of Baek Jin Hee again.Those of you who watched Empress Ki with me will remember the Korean audience being very vocal in their adoration of this actress, to the point that the script was changed to extend her part. I’m sure Choi Jin Hyuk is loved as well but the very tiny Baek Jin Hee has become a mighty draw on TV when she’s paired with a great script. All those pieces are falling into place with this drama, at least for now

K-Drama Actors Who Once Had Other Career Plans

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Viewers who saw the episodes of "Fated To Love You" that Wang Ji Won dances in, might wonder if the drama"s producers had to use a body double. But it"s actually Wang Ji Won dancing in those scenes. She trained as a ballerina with the Royal Ballet School in England, studied dance at the Korea National University of Arts and was a member of the Korea National Ballet in 2009.

She did not start acting until 2012 when she appeared as Kim So Yeon"s frenemy in "I Need Romance 3."

Many k-drama actors began their careers as singer or models. But Wang Ji Won is one of the few actors who really had no idea they would become entertainers.

Lee Jin Wook, who will play a prince in the upcoming drama "Three Musketeers," attended college with a view toward becoming an engineer

′You Who Came From the Stars′, ′I Hear Your Voice′ and More are Nominated for the ′2014 Seoul Drama Awards′

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The Seoul Drama Awards Organizing Committee revealed the nominees for the ceremony this year.

The list shows that You Who Came From the Stars, Empress Ki, Reply 1994, Jung Do Jeon and more popular dramas were entered.

Entries were accepted until May 17.

A total of 209 dramas were turned in from over 50 countries, the biggest turnout in the history of the ceremony.

The list includes such globally renowned series as Walking Dead 4, Sherlock 3 and Orphan Black 2.

It also, of course, contains the hit Korean dramas I Hear Your Voice, Master′s Son, Gapdong, Secret Love Affair, and more.

The most competitive category turned out to be the Mini Series category

‘God’s Gift’ Sends Viewers on a Gut-Wrenching Roller Coaster Ride

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Although MBC’s Empress Ki is still kicking butt with ratings over 25 percent, SBS’ God’s Gift – 14 Days has viewers growing with its gut-wrenching story getting more and more intriguing.

Mondays’ episode of God’s Gift had viewers gasping with each scene, never letting them stop to take a breath of relief. Although the murderer of innocent women was under custody, there was no moment to let guards down with the next conflict, also wrapped in mystery, rising for the protagonists.

By the end of the episode, Kim Soo Hyun (Lee Bo Young) realizes that although she might have altered history a bit, what’s destined to happen will happen no matter how hard she tries to fight it.

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Cha Seung Won Likely to Join “You’re Surrounded”; “Unprecedented” Shelved Indefinitely for “Dae Jang Geum”

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Actor Cha Seung Won is apparently considering offers to join SBS Wednesday-Thursday drama “You’re Surrounded.”

“You’re Surrounded” is expected to follow after “Three Days,” which will begin airing in February. Cha Seung Won had planned to work on MBC Monday-Tuesday sageuk drama “Unprecedented,” but with production being postponed indefinitely, he’s had to reconsider his next move.

According to a representative, he’s said to be “positively considering the offer.” The representative added that, “If he decides to join the project, it’ll definitely help move casting along.”

“You’re Surrounded” will tell the story of new police recruits in their 20s, with the main characters detectives known as the “Youth Gang of Four