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HISTORY show off their 'Psycho' dance moves in rehearsal video

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HISTORY released their dance practice video for "Psycho"!

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Perhaps giving a sign that they would be great acting-dols, they boys bring a bit of insanity onto the dance floor with their dance moves as they roll their heads loosely around and even stick their tongues out. They also show off their manliness by flexing their biceps and through charismatic gazes that jump off the screen.

Check it out above!

Tae Wan Releases Music Video for R&B Track “History” Feat. San E

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R&B singer Tae Wan released the music video for his latest track “History” featuring San E through the official 1theK YouTube channel.

Tae Wan debuted in 2006 and made a name for himself as a top Korean R&B artist. He has produced songs for artists such as Rain, Wheesung, Lee Min Woo, and MBLAQ. ”History” is the first track from Tae Wan’s newest mini album, “As I Am.” The song is a strong R&B hip-hop track, featuring Tae Wan’s past stories and future goals. The song, while honest, has explicit lyrics in English.

The music video was directed by Zany BrosLim Sukjin.

“As I Am” will be released on all music stores on July 31

Taewan reveals making of 'History' MV featuring San E

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Talented artist, Taewan, returned to the music scene with a new album for the first time in eight years! After impressing with his MV of "History," featuring Brand New Music label mate San E, Taewan also dropped the behind-the-scenes video.

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In the video, San E shows his support for his fellow artist, saying he wanted to take part because the track was so cool and asking the audience to give a lot of encouragement. Taewan says he had fun with the MV in his own message near the end, so check it out above!

HISTORY reveal the BTS of their fan signing event for 'Psycho' mini-album

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HISTORY have revealed a behind-the-scenes look into their fan signing event for "Psycho"!

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The "romantic psychos" celebrated their third mini-album at Seoul"s Times Square on July 5 and 6th by signing autographs for and interacting with fans. Fans from all over started to gather for the signing event from early in the morning, and although there was a bit of chaos at first, the fan signing ended without any accidents.

Check out the BTS clip above!

HISTORY take you behind the scenes of 'Psycho' recording and 'Desire' album jacket photo shoot

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HISTORY are taking you behind the scenes of their latest comeback!

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The boys portrayed "men crazy in love" for their third mini-album, "Desire", photo shoot, really focusing on their bad boy charm. They also released a BTS cut of their recording session for "Psycho", which features commentary by composer Lee Min Soo and writer Kim Ina

Check out the BTS of the photo shoot above and the recording studio below!

HISTORY releases a 'Psycho' comeback sketch

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HISTORY has released a BTS comeback sketch for "Psycho"!
The group recently released their third mini-album "Desire". The songs all have incredibly catchy beats and even provide a taste of salsa and jazzy flavors mixed in for lovely diversity. 

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The video shows the boys getting ready for the comeback stage, including getting their hair and makeup done. The boys reveal that to look crazy, they put on intense eyeliner for their stages. The boys are also their fun-loving selves in the BTS video, so check it out above!

Park Seo Joon talks about his dating history and skinship skills on 'Entertainment Relay'

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It was no surprise when actor Park Seo Joon revealed that he was the popular boy in school and admitted that he"s good at skinship!

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"Entertainment Relay" sat down with the actor and asked, "You must have been very popular during your school days. Have you dated before?" Park Seo Joon was open about his dating history, sharing, "I"ve done as much [dating] as possible, as much as others do... I"ve received dashes [been asked out or confessed to] from a decent number of people."

During the lie detector game, when asked the "yes or no" question, "I"m on top [these days]," Park Seo Joon answered "no", but even the lie detector determined that was a lie

HISTORY teach you the moves for 'Psycho'

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HISTORY taught guys how to get the girl through their dance tutorial for "Psycho"!

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On their "Let"s Dance" segment, HISTORY went into "bad boy" mode as they broke down their choreography into the "marionette", "come in", and "peek-a-boo" dance which they claimed can win a girl"s heart. They also acted out how they would confess to a girl in "bad boy" style, but couldn"t hold in their laughter!

Check out HISTORY going from bad boys to goofy ones in their dance tutorial!

HISTORY reveal dance practice and self-camera shots for 'Psycho'

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Now that HISTORY has made their return with a catchy tune for "Psycho," they also released a dance practice and self camera video, which shows bits of their dance practice as well as shows them moving around from literally their perspective as the camera is held up from their eye level.
If you want to see more of these cute guys and check out their smooth dance moves, just check out the video below! How are you liking their comeback so far?

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History Obsesses like a ‘Psycho’ in New Mv

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Sending shivers up and down the spine, History unveiled its music video for Psycho.

The music video, which was released on June 23, told the story of psycho stalker, with perhaps multiple personalities, who obsesses over the girl next door, covering an entire wall of her picture and dreaming about her all the time. It’s later revealed that the stalker is actually trapped inside an insane asylum, obsessing over a girl who may not even exist.

Psycho is part of History’s third mini album Desire.

Photo Credit: Loen Entertainment

HISTORY are 'Psycho' for the woman they love in full MV + 'Desire' mini-album

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HISTORY is "crazy in love" in new track "Psycho" as shown in he twisted music video above!

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This thrilling MV shows the boys getting into fights with one another as they tell the girl that all their behavior stems from their love for her, ending with their insistence that she can call them whatever she wants, whether it"s bad or crazy boy, and then a creepy smirk.

Check it out above!

The group has also released their third mini-album "Desire". The songs all have incredibly catchy beats and even provide a taste of salsa and jazzy flavors mixed in for lovely diversity. Check out the rest of the album"s tracks in the playlist below

HISTORY releases track list for upcoming third mini-album 'Desire'

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Boy group HISTORY announced their comeback with the release of an album spoiler, a track list for third mini-album, "Desire"!

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There will be a total of five songs, including "I Got U," "No Sun," "It"s Alright," "Blue Moon," and the title track, "Psycho," which sure sounds like an interesting one to lead with!

Stay tuned for updates on their comeback.

{ Album Spoiler } #HISTORY 3rd Mini Album Coming Soon! pic.twitter.com/mhSkI8ZhTu

— HISTORY (@HISTORY426) June 10, 2014

Jin Yi Han Talks About Acting in “Empress Ki” in bnt International

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Actor Jin Yi Han has been a hot topic for the manly charms displays in his fashion pictorials. He also expressed his thoughts about acting in “Empress Ki” as well as his dancing skills on variety shows.

It’s hard to see the various charms that he has through dramas, but through this photo shoot, he showed a silly side of him as well as a sexy side where his manly charms was revealed.

For this photo shoot, Jin Yi Han wore a loose black shirt with jeans, showing off a natural look. According an official that was at the photo shoot, they said, “Whether he’s eating a lollipop playfully or sitting on a sofa and reading a magazine comfortably, it seemed like this was his everyday life. He was able to express this through his expressions and poses, making it an enjoyable photo shoot

'Empress Qi's Jin Yi Han visits 'Triangle's Jaejoong and Hong Suk Chun

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Hong Suk Chun updated his Twitter on May 7 with a picture of himself alongside "Triangle" co-star Jaejoong and "Empress Qi"s Jin Yi Han. As "Triangle" is replacing "Empress Qi" on MBC, it appears Jin Yi Han went to visit them.

Hong Suk Chun wrote, "During filming of "Triangle," "Empress Qi"s Jin Yi Han made a surprise visit. We are a trio."

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In the picture, Jin Yi Han is still in his "Emperor Qi" getup as if passing the baton onto Hong Suk Chun and Jaejoong, who has on his cute, boyish grin.

Are you enjoying "Triangle" so far?

Lee Seung Hwan talks about his history and relationship with Park Shin Hye

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Singer Lee Seung Hwan appeared on the May 2 edition of KBS radio program "Lee So Ra"s Music Plaza" and talked about his lengthy history with actress Park Shin Hye.

"I selected Park Shin Hye when she was in the sixth grade. She was a pretty and fresh friend," he said in regards to their first meeting when she auditioned for his agency.

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He continued, "For Park Shin Hye"s positive success, her parents moved to Gwangju. Seeing that, I felt a responsibility. I thought to myself that I had to properly raise her."

Lee Seung Hwan said, "I was such an irresponsible producer, who was bad at marketing