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Who Was "Empress Ki's" Tal Tal In History?

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It becomes obvious in the last few episodes of "Empress Ki," that Seungnyang might not have survived if it was not for the cooperation of Tal Tal, Bayan"s nephew.

Tal Tal, played by Jin Yi Han, has admired Seungnyang since the day he met her and felt that his uncle, played by Kim Young Ho, should have remained loyal to her. While he cannot openly support the empress in favor of his uncle, who raised him, he overlooks some of her undercover operations. And while he knows how cruel his cousin, the current empress, can be, he cannot expose one of his clan.

But the time has come for Tal Tal to take sides as he did in real life. History records that the real-life Bayan became obsessed with power and his ambition hurt the Mongol nation. Tal Tal was responsible for ousting his uncle and did succeed his uncle as the regent

[Spoilers] Gary makes "Running Man" history in a nametag battle with Kangnam

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Gary inadvertently made "Running Man" history on the latest episode during a nametag-ripping event!

One of the mini-games had the couples battle each other, Where the couple with the last person standing would be the winner. On the same team as M.I.B"s Kangnam, Gary struggled valiantly against the power duo of Kim Jong Kook and Park Soo Hong. Things seemed to be going well for Gary, standing his ground against the advancing enemy, but before he knew what happened, he was standing with Kangnam"s nametag in his hands!

Slow-motion replays showed that he had accidentally ripped off his own partner"s nametag while he was trying to protect it from the enemy.

With this embarrassing ouster, Gary became the first person in "Running Man" history to tear the nametag of someone on his own team!

Check out the hilarious clip above

First Generation Artists Make Solid Comebacks Amidst One Of The Most Scandalous Years In K-Pop History

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(Photo : Seo Taiji )

Seo Taiji made a solid comeback with "Sogyeokdong" from the "Quiet Night" album.

2014 has been a rather unusal year for Korean pop music. Popular groups like EXO and Girls" Generation have become the subject of repeated scandals, leading many fans to debate whether K-Pop is in the midst of a decline. While Korean entertainment news has been dominated by negative headlines about younger stars, 2014 has been an excellent year for older artists such as Seo Taiji, g.o.d, and Shinhwa"s Eric Mun. 

Seo Taiji, g.o.d, and members of Shinhwa have made comebacks which could be considered more sophisticated than their former concepts or music. The success of these comebacks has started to plant the seed for other first generation artists who were considering a return to K-Pop

Ha Ji Won Was Happiest While Filming 'Empress Ki'

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Ha Ji Won spoke about her hit drama "Empress Ki" at a recent fan meeting in Singapore.

The actress who played the title role of the real life empress shared her feelings about the drama and her attractive male co-stars.

Despite playing the girl-disguised-as-a-boy Seungnyang before she becomes empress, Ha Ji Won says that in real life she is not a tomboy. Despite her action skills she describes herself as really feminine.

Her "Empress Ki" co-star Ji Chang Wook told enewsworld that he had not expected her to be so feminine before he met her.

"I thought she would be boyish but she"s really feminine and laughs at anything I say," he said.

Her first action sequences took place in the 2003 drama Damo, a full seven years before she played a stuntwoman in the drama "Secret Garden

Jumong: founder of Goguryeo Kingdom is man of legend, history

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Described as the son of the heavens, Jumong was the founding king of Goguryeo, which eventually became the largest dynasty in Korean history. Also known as the Holy King of the East, mythological tales of his origins mostly follow the same basic story. The most widely recognized source of these tales is an ancient stone engraving created by Jumong"s descendents called the Stele of Gwanggaeto the Great. An homage to Goguryeo history, the stone states",Goguryeo"s founder is Jumong, son of the heavens, whose mother was the daughter of the Water God Habaek". A more detailed version can be found in the Samguk Sagi, which gives a full account of the parents. Jumong"s father Hae Mosu was sent to earth from heaven. He met Yuhwa, Jumong"s mother, one day when she was bathing by the river with her two sisters

2NE1"s Dara reveals her beauty history through "Cosmopolitan"

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Dara revealed her "real beauty history" through "Cosmopolitan"!

She showed off various styles, from a chic look that focused on her eyes, a bright look with an orchid pink lipstick, and a sexy biker look emphasized through a bright red lipstick.

She revealed that she usually only puts on natural makeup and said, "[When I see myself in 2NE1], I think, "Is that really the same person?""

“Roaring Currents,” Starring Choi Min Shik and Ryu Seung Ryong, Sets Box Office History

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The movie, “Roaring Currents,” has been obliterating the Korean box office records for the past four days, essentially rewriting its history. On August 1, it set the record of having over one million viewers—two days after it had been released.

According to the box office records kept by the Korean Film Council, “Roaring Currents” had 1,228,751 viewers on August 2 alone. The cumulative number of viewers since its release is 3,505,426 viewers. These are the statistics that were recorded a mere four days after its release.

Having more than a million viewers in one day is the first time in history. The movie that was close to this was “Transformers 3” in 2011, where they gathered 956,500 viewers in a day. In present day 2014, “Roaring Currents” gathered 272,251 more viewers than that.

Not only are they setting the highest viewership rates, they are also breaking their own record day after day

Chicken and beer: a deep-fried history

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International students from Yeungnam University enjoy fried chicken and beer, often called chimaek in Korean, during the second Chimaek Festival held in Daegu last month. Riding on the popularity of chimaek in and outside of Korea, the young event attracted 100,000 festivalgoers alone on the eve of its first day. By Gong Jeong-sik

DAEGU - It was a sweltering summer weekday, but a throng of people began to flock to Duryu Park in Daegu at around 3 p.m. They were there to celebrate the eve of the second Chimaek Festival, a one-of-a-kind event that is dedicated to the combo of deep-fried chicken and beer, often called chimaek for short in Korean. The festival took place between July 17 and 20. In order to enter the world of chimaek, the first thing you do is to pull out your identity card. Once you prove you"re old enough to attend the festival, you can indulge in a whole chicken that some claim has more than 1,000 kilocalories

HISTORY show off their 'Psycho' dance moves in rehearsal video

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HISTORY released their dance practice video for "Psycho"!

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Perhaps giving a sign that they would be great acting-dols, they boys bring a bit of insanity onto the dance floor with their dance moves as they roll their heads loosely around and even stick their tongues out. They also show off their manliness by flexing their biceps and through charismatic gazes that jump off the screen.

Check it out above!

Tae Wan Releases Music Video for R&B Track “History” Feat. San E

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R&B singer Tae Wan released the music video for his latest track “History” featuring San E through the official 1theK YouTube channel.

Tae Wan debuted in 2006 and made a name for himself as a top Korean R&B artist. He has produced songs for artists such as Rain, Wheesung, Lee Min Woo, and MBLAQ. ”History” is the first track from Tae Wan’s newest mini album, “As I Am.” The song is a strong R&B hip-hop track, featuring Tae Wan’s past stories and future goals. The song, while honest, has explicit lyrics in English.

The music video was directed by Zany BrosLim Sukjin.

“As I Am” will be released on all music stores on July 31

Taewan reveals making of 'History' MV featuring San E

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Talented artist, Taewan, returned to the music scene with a new album for the first time in eight years! After impressing with his MV of "History," featuring Brand New Music label mate San E, Taewan also dropped the behind-the-scenes video.

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In the video, San E shows his support for his fellow artist, saying he wanted to take part because the track was so cool and asking the audience to give a lot of encouragement. Taewan says he had fun with the MV in his own message near the end, so check it out above!

HISTORY reveal the BTS of their fan signing event for 'Psycho' mini-album

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HISTORY have revealed a behind-the-scenes look into their fan signing event for "Psycho"!

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The "romantic psychos" celebrated their third mini-album at Seoul"s Times Square on July 5 and 6th by signing autographs for and interacting with fans. Fans from all over started to gather for the signing event from early in the morning, and although there was a bit of chaos at first, the fan signing ended without any accidents.

Check out the BTS clip above!

HISTORY take you behind the scenes of 'Psycho' recording and 'Desire' album jacket photo shoot

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HISTORY are taking you behind the scenes of their latest comeback!

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The boys portrayed "men crazy in love" for their third mini-album, "Desire", photo shoot, really focusing on their bad boy charm. They also released a BTS cut of their recording session for "Psycho", which features commentary by composer Lee Min Soo and writer Kim Ina

Check out the BTS of the photo shoot above and the recording studio below!

HISTORY releases a 'Psycho' comeback sketch

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HISTORY has released a BTS comeback sketch for "Psycho"!
The group recently released their third mini-album "Desire". The songs all have incredibly catchy beats and even provide a taste of salsa and jazzy flavors mixed in for lovely diversity. 

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The video shows the boys getting ready for the comeback stage, including getting their hair and makeup done. The boys reveal that to look crazy, they put on intense eyeliner for their stages. The boys are also their fun-loving selves in the BTS video, so check it out above!

Park Seo Joon talks about his dating history and skinship skills on 'Entertainment Relay'

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It was no surprise when actor Park Seo Joon revealed that he was the popular boy in school and admitted that he"s good at skinship!

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"Entertainment Relay" sat down with the actor and asked, "You must have been very popular during your school days. Have you dated before?" Park Seo Joon was open about his dating history, sharing, "I"ve done as much [dating] as possible, as much as others do... I"ve received dashes [been asked out or confessed to] from a decent number of people."

During the lie detector game, when asked the "yes or no" question, "I"m on top [these days]," Park Seo Joon answered "no", but even the lie detector determined that was a lie