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Sly and Single Again Episode 8 Recap

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Sly and Single Again: Episode 8 recap by Dramabeans

Ae-ra and Jung-woo prepare for the CF shoot, neither overjoyed about working with the other. Jung-woo is worried about rumors starting about their relationship, but Ae-ra says it will be fine if they just shoot the CF quickly and get it over with.

She gives his costume the once-over and says he should act with confidence.He snorts that she’s one to talk, and the implied jab at her costume (and lack of cup size) causes her to cover up with outraged modesty.

When they actually begin shooting they do surprisingly well, prompting the director to comment that they look like they’ve acted together before.Secretary Gil wisely observes that a situation like this would increase their affection for each other even if it didn’t exist in the first place

Three Days: Episode 6 Recap

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Three Days: Episode 6 Recap by Dramabeans

March 7, 5:30 AM. 33 hours, 30 minutes after the sniping.

Cha-young is investigating the tennis court gates at the presidential villa. If the sniper was stationed inside the villa, the gate had to be open to allow a clear shot. But in her interrogation at the end of Episode 5, Cha-young was told that the gates were closed at the time of the shooting.

She times herself running from the gate to the office. Seven minutes. Even if Ham could have made it in 5 minutes, it still wouldn’t be fast enough. The blackout and the shooting were almost simultaneous. There’s only one possible answer: Ham had an accomplice at the tennis court gate — someone else from inside the Secret Service

Emergency Couple: Episode 17 Recap

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Emergency Couple: Episode 17 recap by Dramabeans

After leaving Chang-min’s father’s room, Jin-hee is in a daze as she walks through the hospital alone. She sits in the ER break room, remembering Dad’s last words to her that he can die happy because he’s seen Jin-hee become a doctor. She holds her white coat and badge and finally breaks down.

Ah-reum arrives at work and takes a call from Yong-gyu. She chirps brighty at him, teasing that he’d better come to work today, then suddenly becomes serious and asks him where he is.

The head nurse takes a call, and informs the doctors that Yong-gyu is in an ambulance on the way to the ER after taking a severe beating. When they wheel him in, he’s covered in blood and in a semi-comatose state

Kdrama Age of Feeling: Episode 15 recap

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EPISODE 15 RECAP by Dramabeans

Even after Shinichi receives one of Baek-san’s finishing moves, he continues to fight until a group of Kaya’s henchmen come to fetch him on her orders. Shinichi refuses at first, wanting to finish the fight, but acquiesces immediately when the henchmen show him a mysterious black bag.

Baek-san acts all friendly to Jung-tae after the fight, though Jung-tae’s not too keen on returning the kindness. He promises to repay the debt he owes Baek-san (for saving him from Shinichi), but there’s something darker in that promise—he’s talking revenge.

But Baek-san, none the wiser, tells him that he owes him nothing: “Hwangbang will always protect you.” Oh, you mean when Hwangbang isn’t trying to kill him?

Kaya gets another chance to ask Leader Seol who killed her mother, but instead of answering her directly he tells her about her mother; the way she lived and the way she was loved at Club Shanghai, even though she was the highest female on the yakuza food chain

Three Days: Episode 2 Recap

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Kdrama Three Days: Episode 2 RECAP by Drama Beans

In the woods, a SWAT team sweeps the area with dogs as a man flees for cover.

Inside the presidential villa, Security Team Leader Ham sits with his shirt off after bandaging a wound in his arm. He growls that the suspect in the assassination attempt against the president has been spotted: “It’s Secret Service agent Han Tae-kyung.”

And back in the woods, we see that it’s Tae-kyung who’s being chased by the army of agents. Crud.

90 minutes earlier. March 5. 8:00 PM.

We go back to the moment of the blackout, this time from the Secret Service agents’ perspective from inside the villa. They scramble to get communications back up to check on the president’s status when the shots ring out: one, two, three

Age of Feeling: Episode 11 Recap

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Age of Feeling: Episode 11 recap by Dramabeans

It’s just like the old days with Ok-ryun caring for an unconscious Jung-tae, only this time she’s got the help of Doctor Jung, who I’m guessing just moonlights as a hot water saleswoman/innkeeper.

Since she and Ok-ryun are on an unni/dongsaeng basis, she ribs the younger girl over her pining and waiting for Jung-tae over the past five years. Ok-ryun becomes embarrassed and defends herself, all, Who was waiting? I wasn’t! Mmhmm.

It really is deja vu (in a nice way) watching her wait through the night for Jung-tae to come back to his senses. A tear escapes her eye as she mutters, “Jerk

Age of Feeling: Episode 12 recap

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Age of Feeling: Episode 12 recap by Dramabeans

Doctor Jung and Ok-ryun get an unexpected delivery to the clinic in the form of Daddy Shin’s body, brought there by Jae-hwa’s men.

But it seems like they may not be the only ones behind the body switch, since Jung-tae heeds So-so’s words about where his father’s funeral should rightfully take place and sheds his funeral clothes. So-so beams: “I guess you’re not fake after all. Let’s go.”

Jung-tae claims he has some business to take care of first, which leads us back to the body reveal with Leader Seol and Kaya. Leader Seol is the only one to open the casket and spot the random dead person inside, and closes it before a sudden letter arrives from Jae-hwa informing him of what he’s already confirmed: that they don’t have Daddy Shin’s corpse

I Need Romance 3: Episode 12 recap

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EPISODE 12: “No matter what side of yourself you show, I’ll stay beside you” recap by drama beans

After their argument in the middle of the street, Wan follows Joo-yeon ten steps behind her the rest of the way home. He sighs aloud that the kind of person who’d put her first is right by her side…but she can’t see him.

He regrets his jealous rant earlier about not wanting to lose her to Tae-yoon, realizing that she’s already upset and he just made things worse for her. “I should’ve just smiled, ‘I love you.’”

She eventually stops and tells him not to follow her, though he points out that they live together, so how could he not go in the same direction? She turns to go the other way, and he apologizes for everything, saying it was his fault

Age of Feeling: Episode 8 recap

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Age of Feeling: Episode 8 recap by drama beans

In order to help Jung-tae learn how to fight against swords, Boss Hwang takes him to the gibang to meet Ajusshi Choi. Though Jung-tae’s known him for a while, he seems unaware of Ajusshi’s past as a guard for the Korean Empire (which ended in 1910 when Japan annexed Korea).

So Ajusshi Choi takes Jung-tae under his tutelage, and despite what I thought, Jung-tae isn’t trying to learn how to use a sword, but to fight unarmed against one. Sorry if this is a stupid question, but… why wouldn’t he want to use a sword even just as a shield instead of relying on his squishy human flesh for protection?

But Jung-tae answers that question by learning Ajusshi Choi’s lessons with lightning-quick accuracy, and in the end, wins the fight with his fists

Age of Feeling: Episode 7 Recap

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Age of Feeling: Episode 7 Recap by Drama Beans

The fight between Jung-tae and the bunch of thugs commences, with Jung-tae being smart enough to use one as a human shield against all the would-be blunt force trauma.

Despite being outnumbered, Jung-tae holds his own and even manages to kick some ass. He receives a few blows to the back and one to the back of the head (ouch), but it’s still not enough to keep him down. It’s brutal, but awesome.

While poor Ok-ryun continues to wait for Jung-tae outside the closed restaurant, we see him emerge, stumbling, from the warehouse. He’s covered in blood and barely conscious, but he’s won the fight. I don’t know why I feel like cheering

You Who Came From the Stars / You From Another Star Ep15 Recap

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You Who Came From the Stars / You From Another Star E15 Recap by Softy Starts from when MJ goes into her hospital room and leans over to kiss her forehead. then in the morning her dad is holding her hand. she looks over at him and says dad. she sits up and stares at him.SY: what were you doing to come now. why did you come now (so late). her dad says sorry my daughter. SY: what were you doing for the past12 yrs when I grew up alone. why come now. why? he says sorry again. she says what is this- how can this be? why did my dad’s face get so old. why is it like this. he hugs her and cries.at night they are having chicken and beer but he wont let her drink even though she tries to get in one sip. she reminds him in the past when it snowed and he bought chicken he would say – when are you going to grow up so you can have alcohol with dad? now instead of just one I can drink a lot

“Man from the Stars” Episode 15 Preview

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“Man from the Stars” Episode 15 Preview Translation (via Lulu): Jae Kyung notices that Hwi Kyung who was in a coma has found out his relationship with Yoo Ra. Because Hwi Kyung saved Song Yi there is a report about them being engaged. Min Joon is bothered by Song Yi and Hwi Kyung but could not do anything about it.   epilogue after the kiss, as MJ walks away from her bedside, SY holds his hand and she narrates: I keep having sad dreams   You Who Came From the Stars / You From Another Star E15 my love from the star written preview ep 15 you who came from the star ep 15 preview you who came from the stars15 man from the stars15ep You who came from the stars episode 15 recap by Javabeans who came from the stars recap episode 15 you from the stars recap softy dramabeans ep15 youfrom another star came from the star ep15 you from the stars episode 15 recap You from another stars ep15 recap

Shindong: It’s Easy to Spot Idol Love Lines

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Super Junior’s Shindong spilled the beans on the love lines between idol stars. The longtime idol singer is the MC of the talk show “Beatle’s Code 3D.”

Brown Eyed Girls’ NarshaRainbow Blaxx, and VIXX were guests of the show’s February 3rd episode. During the broadcast, the members of Rainbow Blaxx mentioned the romantic atmosphere among the idol stars during the recording of MBC’s “Idol Star Athletics Championships.”

In response, Shindong said, “I can see everything because I host the show sitting above everyone else.” He explained, “Everyone goes searching for someone. Girl group members walk around with their best friends and linger around a boy idol they like. Then I see the guys giving them eye contact

You Who Came From the Stars / You From Another Star E14 Recap

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You Who Came From the Stars / You From Another Star E14 Recap by Softy http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yhzX6hq5XxU&feature=player_embedded http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_embedded&v=v2chuW4VFmw Starts with previous scenes and MJ saying I came here from another place 400 yrs ago and lived here for 400 yrs. I was the one who rescued you 12 yrs ago. that child from 400 yrs ago - the owner of this hairpin -you resembled her, but if you are just Chun SY, then I have no interest – go! Then SY asks – not even for one moment – didn’t you like me? if your heart fluttered cuz of me. or if you sincerely worried about me- not having anything to do with that girl – didn’t you just like me even once? MJ: no not even once. Then HK asked – do you not like SY or is there another reason? MJ: protect SY from your hyung

Prime Minister and I: Episode 16 Recap

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Prime Minister and I: Episode 16 Recap By DramaBeans

Despite Yul coming to collect her, Da-jung declares that she won’t be going back home with him, and adds for good measure: “Let’s break up.” But Yul refuses to hear it and takes her suitcase before ushering Da-jung into the car by the hand.

It’s a mostly silent ride until Yul pulls over to the side of the road and gets out to finally get some air. When Da-jung follows him, he demands to know her train of thought by having him meet his not-so-dead first wife and leaving them—was it for his sake? Or the children?

“It was for me,” Da-jung answers. The idea of becoming the children’s stepmother had scared her despite her feelings for Yul, and felt it appropriate to step aside now that their mother had reappeared

I Need Romance 3: Episode 8 Recap

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I Need Romance 3: Episode 8 Recap by DramaBeans

EPISODE 8: “It’s a relief that you learned how to cry again”

At the office, Joo-yeon feels another sharp pain in her chest, which tellingly happens right when Tae-yoon walks by. She’s too out of touch to make the obvious connection, of course, and just takes another pill for indigestion.

But then her thoughts float back to what Wan said to her last night, about the pain being caused by heartache because she likes someone. He tells her that he knows it sounds a little preposterous that she doesn’t even know her own heart, but says it’s understandable why she became that way—she spends most of her life at work, and work is not a place where you need a heart

You Who Came From the Stars / You From Another Star E13 Recap

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You Who Came From the Stars / You From Another Star E13 Recap by Softyhttp://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6nAYYbFJ9fs&feature=player_embedded MJ says When I first came here - I wanted to help people who were in difficult situations with the abilities I had. to do that – I had to reveal the truth that I was a different being than them.flashback to joseon when MJ walked by and helped a man whose leg was trapped under a rock. He uses his powers to lift the heavy rock and save the manas MJ walked away the man he saved reported him to the guards claiming he used magical powers and with his eyes he made the boulder lift up -all those strange things that happened at the village is probably because of him. catch him. as the guards go after MJ, he vanishes.MJ says they were thankful for my help for a short time. cuz of the abilities I have – cuz of the truth that I was a different being than them – it made me afraid

Prime Minister and I Episode 14 Recap

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EPISODE 14 RECAP by dramabeans

Yul confesses his feelings for Da-jung and wipes away her tears, apologizing for making her cry again. He takes her hand and vows never to let it go. Oh, swooooon, now that’s romantic.

But their sentimental moment is cut short when little Man-se bursts into the room seconds later, and then throws an adorable tantrum over how Da-jung chose to sleep here with Daddy last night and not him.

Boo, Na-young is still lingering outside the estate—I rather hoped you were just a figment of my imagination last week. A security guard asks her to state her business here, but she leaves without another word.

Looking at Na-young’s photo, Joon-ki wonders if Yul is really the reason behind her death

Song Ji Hyo, Gary, and Lee Jong Suk Form Love Triangle on “Running Man”

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On this week’s “Running Man,” actors Lee Jong Suk, Park Bo Young, and Lee Se Young were guests on the “secret love” themed special episode.

The members and guests were divided into two teams by gender, with Kim Jong Kook and Lee Kwang Soo dressing up as girls to even things out.

Lee Jong Suk and Song Ji Hyo were given the secret task to be “lovers” hiding their relationship from the other members. They would have to complete secret missions to complete during the episode in order to prevent the other members from getting real hints to find out who the secret couple is.

Later, knowing she would’t be paired with Gary this week while none of the members knew about the secret couple, Song Ji Hyo commented, “Today is Tuesday

EXO’s Xiumin Takes a Step Towards Becoming a Barista on “EXO’s Show Time”

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EXO member Xiumin has revealed his interest in becoming a certified barista.

In the upcoming episode of “EXO’s Show Time,” the boys of EXO will challenge themselves to do something new and exciting in celebration of the year 2014. They will study for the driving test, learn and improve their second language, become bakers, and try out other exciting activities.

Xiumin, who has previously confessed to being a huge coffee fan, shared his wish to take his hobby to the next level, “I would like to obtain the barista licence.” Fellow member Chanyeol cheered on the aspiring coffee master, “I could see the back of a barista whenever he brew coffee at our dorm.”

On the filming day, Xiumin paid a visit to a talented barista and received lessons on choosing the coffee beans, roasting them, and finally on how to prepare a hand-dripped cup of coffee