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Super Junior’s Heechul Nominates Lee Min Ho and Choi Jin Hyuk for “Best Couple” Award

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Super Junior member, Heechul, suggested a best couple award nomination for the year-end acting awards.

On episode 43 of JTBC’s variety program, “Ssulzun,” the panel discussed the year-end award nominees for the three major broadcasting companies.

The panel on the show especially focused their attention on the highlight of the acting awards, the “Best Couple” Award. Kim Heechul nominated Kim Won (Choi Jin Hyuk) and Kim Tan (Lee Min Ho) for the award. The two actors starred in SBS’ “The Heirs” as half brothers.

Park Ji Yoon, another member of the panel, nominated another same gender couple in the same drama. She said, “The chemistry between Han Ki Ye (Kim Sun Ryung) and the house maid (Park Hee Nam played by Kim Mi Kyung) was great

“Man from the Stars” and “Miss Korea” Show Strong Numbers for Premiere Episode

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A new battle for ratings has started with two new drama premieres from SBS and MBC, “Man from the Stars” and “Miss Korea,” respectively. They go against incumbent, KBS’s “Beautiful Man.”

SBS’s new Wed-Thurs drama “Man from the Stars” has a strong debut getting 15.6% of the viewership according to the Nielson Korean Ratings. This is 4% increase in ratings from the debut of the previous SBS drama “The Heirs” which occupied the same time slot.

MBC’s new drama “Miss Korea” debuted with 7% of viewership, up 1.7% from the final episode of “Medical Top Team” ratings last Thursday.

KBS2′s “Beautiful Man” is still struggling with 3.5% of the viewership

Park Shin Hye Reveals Whether She’d Pick Kim Tan Over Choi Young Do in Real Life

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On December 17, Park Shin Hye attended a press conference for “The Heirs” and talked about how she felt about the drama after it aired its final episode.

When asked who she would pick between Kim Tan and Choi Young Do in real life, she replied, “If you told me I had to pick one between the two? That would be difficult. Wouldn’t you have to think about your future in-laws and stuff related to that? Young Do’s father is scary, but since he won’t ever lay a hand on a woman, I suppose he might be better than the rest. I guess I personally would prefer someone who listens to me, but I still think I would choose Tan.”

When asked to pick between Lee Min Ho and Kim Woo Bin in real life, she joked, “It would be perfect if you could combine half of the qualities from each of them into one guy

“Man from the Stars” Episode 1 Preview

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Man from the Stars” is the drama following the highly popular drama “The Heirs.” Lets enjoy another roller coaster ride together, my friends!Reporter 1: The early historical records state that an unfamiliar shape with a reddish light present was reported to the king.Reporter 2: The record states that it could possibly either be a meteorite or a UFO.Chun Song Yi: I’m Chun Song Yi.Do Min Joon: Do I need to know you?Chun Song Yi: How does he not know me? Is he an alien?Do Min Joon: I said this to people who didn’t know who I am.Chun Song Yi: This *smack.Do Min Joon: Not smack, but arrogant.Chun Song Yi: Geez, shut up!Chun Song Yi: Don’t people all do that and live?Do Min Joon: If this wasn’t a dream, I’d like to see you before I leave

Best Wed-Thurs Drama of 2013

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The drama world kept our eyes glued to the screen all year round, but it’s time to decide which drama stole the show in 2013.

We’ve divided the year’s dramas into categories by timeslot – Mon/Tues, Wed/Thurs and Fri/Weekend – so be sure to check out each category and, of course, vote!

But choose wisely, because the top drama from each timeslot will advance to the final round, where the drama with the most votes from each category will compete for the title of Mwave′s Drama of the Year.

We have been rolling out polls for the 2013 Mwave Drama Awards all month, so be sure to get your votes in over in our poll section before voting ends!

7th Grade Civil Servant

Joo Won had a busy 2013, and it all started with MBC drama 7th Grade Civil Servant, which ran from January to March this year

“Miss Korea’s” Lee Sun Kyun: “It Would be a Lie if I Said I Didn’t Care About ‘Man from the Stars’”

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Wednesday and Thursday nights will be a battle field for dramas. Actor Lee Sun Kyun commented about his drama, “Miss Korea,” battling it out with Kim Soo Hyun‘s “Man from the Stars.”

On December 16, MBC’s “Miss Korea” held a press conference before the drama’s first broadcast. In regards to the drama’s timeslot, Lee Sun Kyun expressed, “It would be a lie if I said that I didn’t care about the other drama. It has distinguished actors, it’s on the same day, and it’s on the same time, so I am worried. Honestly. Our drama has its own merit. I believe our drama is up for the competition. Our actors have really good chemistry, and combined with our team work, we will excel.”

Furthermore, SBS’ “Man from the Stars” will continue after the high ratings of the previous drama, “The Heirs

Answer Me 1994 Recap – Episode 15 “The people who changed me, Part 2″

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Answer Me 1994 Recap - Episode 15 by Dramabeans:

With all the husband hullaballoo, sometimes the secondary characters feel a bit too secondary, but then they’ll step to the fore with something really sweet. It’s easy to get caught up in the Oppa-Chilbongie wars (omg you guys are killing me with them), but this drama has a lot more to offer than fanwars and shipping, which is actually why I think it’s doing itself a disservice to be so coy with the “Who is he?” gimmick. Because when the show is all about the small, revealing character moments, it’s totally got my heart.

EPISODE 15: “The people who changed me, Part 2″

It’s January 1996, and Na-jung is caught in a fierce tug-of-war with Garbage in the front yard… because she’s trying to sneak him into her room at night and he’s resisting

Lee Min Ho Leaves Heartwarming Message to Fans of “The Heirs”

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Actor Lee Min Ho, who recently wrapped up filming of his hit SBS drama “The Heirs,” left a message and video on his official Facebook account, saying goodbye to the drama and his character, Kim Tan, and cheering on his fans.

Lee Min Ho wrote, “I was happy the past four months as Kim Tan. I hope that everyone also gains courage from ‘The Heirs’- forward!” “Forward” was one the phrases that Kim Tan liked to say to Cha Eun Sang (Park Shin Hye) when he was asking her to have courage.

The actor also revealed a behind the scenes video of the last day of shooting of “The Heirs,” which shows Lee Min Ho saying goodbye and thanking the staff of the drama. Though it was a blustery and snowy day in Seoul, the bright smiles of Lee Min Ho and the staff could not be kept down.

In the video at around the 0:13 mark, Lee Min Ho is asked what Kim Tan is to him

Kim Woo Bin′s Past, Present and Future Best Friends

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Everyone needs a friend to lean on when life gets hard, and luckily for Kim Woo Bin, he has several friends (very handsome friends, if we may add) that he can count on.

Lee Jong Suk

Lee Jong Suk is the first person to come to mind when putting the words ‘Kim Woo Bin’ and ‘bromance’ together, since these two really sparked the bromance culture in 2013.

They filmed the KBS drama, School 2013 together, as the on-and-off, on-again best friends, who fought through trials and high school drama together.

Lee Jong Suk and Kim Woo Bin became so engrossed in their roles that they eventually made their bromance public.

While Kim Woo Bin might have a prettygirlfriend by his side, fans still vote Kim Woo Bin with Lee Jong Seok as the best couple

Saying Goodbye To ‘The Heirs’ – Episodes 19 and 20

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“The Heirs” Recap has been written by Soompi Forum moderator laquetahodge for us on a weekly basis. She has her own blog called K-Drama Central with a lot of useful information and advice on what to watch, in case your drama plate isn’t full enough! -soomp

Well the time has come, “The Heirs” has finished. If you want to cry, we’ll have a moment of silence for those going through early withdrawal symptoms. We didn’t get a terrible ending, not everyone got a happy ending, but it wasn’t too open that left me guessing. I don’t like being left guessing after an ending, it feels so unsatisfying. So what were some major moments and some of my favorite scenes from the final week? Let’s find out.

Won and Hyun Joo Break Up

Can’t say I didn’t see this one coming, we had all the signs in what little screen time our Tan/Eun Sang mirrored couple had

Actress Yoon Son Ha Shares Photos from “The Heirs” Cast Get-together

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Actress Yoon Son Ha recently took photos with her younger co-stars Lee Min Ho, Kim Woo Bin, Park Shin Hye and Kim Ji Won from the hit drama series, “The Heirs.”

On December 13, Yoon Son Ha shared the photos taken at a restaurant somewhere in Seoul with the rest of the staff and cast. In the drama, Yoon Son Ha plays the role of Rachel Yoo’s mother, Esther Lee.

It was reported that actors Lee Min Ho, Park Shin Hye, Kim Woo Bin, Choi Won Young, Kim Mi Kyung, Kang Min Hyuk, Cho Yoon Woo, Lim Joo Eun ,Kim Ji Won, Jeon Soo Jin and Kim Sung Ryung attended the dinner get-together.

“The Heirs” aired its final episode on December 12, which garnered over 25.6% of the viewership ratings, knocking out competitors airing in the same slot

Extra from “The Heirs” Stands Out for Resembling Kim Tae Hee

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With the conclusion of SBS’ drama “The Heirs, “ viewers could not help notice something ‘extra’ among the last few scenes.

The last episode of the drama, which aired on December 12, included a moment in which Kim Tan, played by Lee Min Ho, envisioned a future scene in which he holds a party at his house. Being of wealth and status, Kim Tan imagined a future involving luxurious food, people, and atmosphere.

However, viewers could not help but notice a beauty amongst the background extras. Shown for a mere three to four seconds, a waitress walking by offering champagne stood out in the background.

Despite the extra’s brief appearance, the internet buzzed wildly about the unknown beauty as people began to take note of her resemblance to actress Kim Tae Hee. The nameless extra’s ability to stand out in the backgrounds raises questions as to whether we can soon expect to see her in a future drama of her own

WINNER’s Kang Seung Yoon Is the Next Goo Jun Pyo of “Boys Over Flowers?”

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Who knew that WINNER member Kang Seung Yoon used to resemble the ultimate flower boy Goo Jun Pyo?

The idol’s passport picture was revealed on the group’s own reality show MNet’s “WinnerTV” on December 13. The group members were passing time on their way to the airport, and they decided to take turns showing their passport photos. Kang Seung Yoon was the last one to give a peek of his passport after fellow members Lee Seung Hun, Nam Tae Hyun, Kim Jin Woo, and Song Min Ho had shown theirs.

Before letting the camera film the passport page, the members got a preview of the photo. Immediately after seeing the leader’s picture, all of them burst into laughter. Member Nam Tae Hyun said while laughing, “So this is how Kang Seung Yoon can change

ZE:A’s Park Hyung Sik Leaves a Message, “Don’t Forget Myung Soo”

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On December 13, Park Hyung Sik, a member of boy band ZE:A had posted a picture on Twitter.

The revealed photo is of himself with his SBS show “The Heirs” co-actors, Kim Woo Bin and Jeon Soo Jin. Park Hyung Sik had left a long message along with his photo about his feelings about “The Heirs”, “I am grateful for all the staff members of the drama production of ‘The Heirs’. Also, I am thankful that I was able to work with my senior actors. Whenever I went to work, I was in a good mood due to the positive working atmosphere. I enjoyed working with the cast, staff, and production. Lastly, please don’t forget Myung Soo.”

In the revealed photo, Park Hyung Sik, Kim Woo Bin, and Jeon Soo Jin is smiling sweetly and posing affectionately.

The last episode of “The Heirs” was aired on December 12

Top 10 Moments of The Heirs: Episode 19

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SBS′ The Heirs is now wrapping up!! Lots of good moments that were difficult to cut down to ten as usual, but we managed. Check it out!

When Yoon Chan Young threatened to break Lee Bona’s legs for being with another man…who turns out to be her brother.

Kim Tan: Thank you for giving birth to me, Mom.
I hope the moments you lived as Kim Tan’s mom were happy.

Han Gi Ae: Of course. I was so happy. I’m still happy.

Choi Young Do: I didn’t lose my mom because of you.
She just left first.
For that resentment, I needed you. And… yeah.

Kim Tan: I know.

Pretending to be in pain after a light touch to get approval from Eun Sang’s mom

Top 10 Moments of the Heirs: Episode 20

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The end has finally come and it’s time to let SBS’ The Heirs go. All the characters have provided us with some sweet moments in the past several weeks and we’re a bit sad that we must part ways with them.

So here is our last set of top moments.

Thanks for reading all 16 episodes’ worth!

Moon Joon Young: Why are you here? Are there things left to torture me with?

Choi Young Do: It’s not like that.
I came to say I’m sorry.
I’m sorry. Sincerely. I apologize. I’m really sorry.

Moon Joon Young I’m surprise you’re a person who apologizes,
but if you’re really sorry, then live the rest of your life in guilt

Teasers for upcoming Season 3 of I Need Romance

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It’s only a short teaser, but we get a ten-second look at the characters of tvN’s upcoming I Need Romance 3, which looks to carry the same breezy rom-com feel of the first two series. This round has my favorite cast so I’m hoping it’ll stick (I enjoyed what I saw of the other two seasons but didn’t finish either), because how can you resist Sung Joon in a romantic comedy and Kim So-yeon allowed to be that odd combination of sexy, sultry, and goofball that makes her so appealing?

Based on the preview, it looks like the trio of best friends in this round will be played by Kim So-yeon, Yoon Seung-ah (Empire of Gold), and Park Hyo-joo (The Chaser). There are a few other ladies in the cast, but they’re being set up more as rivals than buddies; Wang Ji-won (most recently Won’s fiancée in Heirs) will have a loveline with the other leading man, Namgoong Min

“Beautiful Man” Ratings See Slight Improvement

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Beautiful Man” ratings have seen a slight uptick.

According to Nielsen Korea, the episode of KBS 2TV Wednesday-Thursday drama “Beautiful Man” broadcast on December 12 (Episode 8) recorded a nationwide rating of 3.1%. This was a 0.2% improvement from the previous day’s viewership rating of 2.9%.

In Episode 8 of “Beautiful Man,” Dokko Ma Te (Jang Geun Suk) was ordered to get into a scandal with Myo Mi (Park Ji Yoon in a cameo role), a hot celebrity with a lesbian controversy. So began their fake relationship, and an awkward date ensued. Myo Mi finally reveals her hidden secret at the end of the episode.

Meanwhile, both SBS’ “The Heirs” and MBC’s “Medical Top Team” aired their final episodes, recording 25

Lee Min Ho and Kim Woo Bin′s Fashion Items in ′The Heirs′ Continue to Sell Out

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Even though the drama has ended, SBS The Heirs’s two stars Lee Min Ho and Kim Woo Bin’s drama fashion remains a hot trend.

Kim Tan (Lee Min Ho) and Choi Young Do (Kim Woo Bin) acted opposite each other as childhood friends, who became rivals due to a twist of events and competed for the love of Cha Eun Sang (Park Shin Hye).

The two showed contrasting fashion styles throughout the drama, reflecting their different characters.

Lee Min Ho’s coats and Kim Woo Bin’s leather jacket and sneakers have been listed as the top searched words on internet sites and the stores are continuing to sell out those items.

One rep from the fashion industry said, “Lee Min Ho and Kim Woo Bin’s fashion in the drama became an interest to many. The golfwear that the two actors wore also earned a 280% increase in sales

‘The Heirs’ Say Good-Bye with Highest Ratings

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We say good-bye to SBS’ The Heirs as the series came to an end on Thursday night.

Loose strings were tied up as each character tried to find a reason to smile. Of course, not everyone found happiness and tears were spilled for some who would have to carry the burden of the crown they carried.

Overall, theseries ended on a light and fluffy note, leaving viewers in good moods, allowing the drama to record 25.6 percent, its highest since its first episode.

MBC’s Medical Top Team also concluded its run with 5.6 percent.

Thursday, December 12, 2013


1. SBS The Heirs 24.3 →25.6

2. MBC Medical Top Team 5.3 →5.6