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Why China Spent More On ‘Pinocchio’ Than ‘You Who Came From The Stars’

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"You Who Came From The Stars," starring Kim Soo Hyun and Jun Ji Hyun, was a big hit in China. But "Pinocchio," starring Lee Jong Suk and Park Shin Hye, is expected to become even bigger.

At least that"s the conclusion you can draw from the export price being paid for each of the episodes of the currently running drama. Each episode is being sold for $280,000. "You Who Came From the Stars," which inspired a rush of trends in China, only sold for $35,000. And while the price of exporting k-dramas has risen rapidly since then, even "My Lovable Girl" only earned $200,000 per episode.

Because of its record-breaking price, the drama"s name "Pinocchio, has become the most widely searched word on Chinese search portals.

There are several reasons that the drama may be going for such high prices

Ahn Jae Hyun reveals he thought “You Who Came From the Stars” would be his first and last drama

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Ahn Jae Hyun disclosed to OSEN during an interview on November 3 that he had an extremely hard time acting in the hit SBS drama "You Who Came From the Stars".

He said, "I thought of "You Who Came From the Stars" as my first and last production. It was really hard. I originally had no thoughts about acting. Director Jang Tae Yoo and writer Park Ji Eun sent me a love call, so I was grateful. The director told me everything from the camera moving to the broadcasting system. I didn"t realize this while I was in the production, but after its completion, I wondered if that was why people acted. It was difficult to the point that I thought this production would be my first and last."

The model-actor continued that he didn"t think he could pursue acting as a career

"You Who Came From The Stars" Earns Top Honors At Drama Awards

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Success was in the stars for "You Who Came From The Stars" at the 2014 Korea Drama Awards. The alien-human romance took home five awards at the Oct. 1 event.

Kim Soo Hyun, who played the alien Do Min Joon in "You Who Came From The Stars," won the Daesang or Grand Prize. He won the Daesang over Ha Ji Won of "Empress Ki," Lee Min Ho of "The Heirs" and Jo Jae Hyun of "Jeong Do Jeon."

The drama also snagged the Best Drama Award triumphing over the critical and ratings hits "Wang Family," "Jeong Do Jeon," "Empress Ki" and "A Secret Love Affair."

Two of the supporting actors in "You Who Came From The Stars" even took home an award. Model-turned-actor Ahn Jae Hyun was given a New Actor award for his first-ever drama role playing Jun Ji Hyun"s younger brother

ABC to remake “You Who Came From The Stars,” CBS to remake “Good Doctor,” and more

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Chinese movie "Heirs Who Came From The Stars" aside, it looks like America will likewise be picking up Korean drama "You Who Came From The Stars" as inspiration for a new television series!

According to the Hollywood Reporter, ABC has put out a script commitment with a penalty to remaking this drama, which has received global attention and love. The format will be similar with a supernatural love story following a pop star named Lark and her neighbor, James, who is the alien in this case. Just like Kim Soo Hyun, James tries to distance himself from humans despite the world-saving capability of his superpowers--that is, until he gets a vision that Lark will be put in a perilous and life-threatening position! Following the drama"s storyline, the two fall in love as he is given the chance to return to his planet

“You Who Came From The Stars” receives outstanding drama series award

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"You Who Came From The Stars," which was a smash hit in South Korea and overseas, received the outstanding drama series award at the 9th International Seoul Drama Awards.

The awards ceremony was held on September 4 and this year included a total of 209 works from 50 countries. The International Seoul Drama Awards have been held annually since 2006 and it’s purpose is to promote cultural exchanges through dramas from around the world.

"You Who Came From The Stars," starring Kim Soohyun and Jun Jihyun, received more than 2.5 billion views in China and a 25 percent viewership rating in it’s home country. The drama focuses on the love story of Do Minjoon, a 400 year old alien, and Cheon Songyi, a top Hallyu star.

In the Hallyu drama segment of the awards, “You Who Came From The Stars” snagged first place while the drama “Heirs” received second place

Comic book writer drops lawsuit against ‘You Who Came From the Stars’ for alleged plagiarism

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The drama behind the hit SBS drama "You Who Came From the Stars" is possibly over as it has been reported that comic book writer Kang Kyung Ok withdrew her lawsuit against the drama"s production company HB Entertainment and writer Park Ji Eun for alleged plagiarism.

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Writer Kang Kyung Ok initially announced her intent to take legal action through her personal blog and later filed a claim for damages against HB Entertainment and writer Park Ji Eun on May 20, asking for a compensatory amount of 300 million KRW (~$297,000 USD) for the alleged plagiarism.

The drama"s production company previously denied the alleged plagiarism and threatened to take legal action against the writer, "The production company and writer Park Ji Eun have evidence and witnesses which prove that this production has been in the works since 2003

Plagiarism Suit Against ′You Who Came From the Stars′ is Dropped

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The plagiarism suit brought against the SBS drama You Who Came From the Stars has suddenly been dropped.

On July 3, it was made known that Kang Kyung Ok, the writer who had filed the suit, had withdrawn it.

Kang Kyung Ok is the author of the book Seol Hee. She had demanded compensation from the screenwriter of the drama and its production company, HB Entertainment, for plagiarising from her book.

The case had first been filed in May.

Kang Kyung Ok′s legal representative said that the decision to drop the case had been made on June 30. He mentioned the case had been settled thanks to a third party.

Photo credit: SBS

′You Who Came From the Stars′, ′I Hear Your Voice′ and More are Nominated for the ′2014 Seoul Drama Awards′

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The Seoul Drama Awards Organizing Committee revealed the nominees for the ceremony this year.

The list shows that You Who Came From the Stars, Empress Ki, Reply 1994, Jung Do Jeon and more popular dramas were entered.

Entries were accepted until May 17.

A total of 209 dramas were turned in from over 50 countries, the biggest turnout in the history of the ceremony.

The list includes such globally renowned series as Walking Dead 4, Sherlock 3 and Orphan Black 2.

It also, of course, contains the hit Korean dramas I Hear Your Voice, Master′s Son, Gapdong, Secret Love Affair, and more.

The most competitive category turned out to be the Mini Series category

Choi Min Shares on Having Let Go of‘You Who Came From the Stars’

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Choi Min shared on having to let go of his role in SBS’s You Who Came From the Stars.

Attending a press conference for KBS1’s new drama There’s the Cat! Meow on June 5, Choi Min said, “It was a regretful experience for me. I had to step off the drama due to my back injury. I was really disappointed.” Choi Min had to let go of the role of ‘Hwi Kyung,’ which was later taken by Park Hae Jin instead.

Choi Min said, “But a new door opened for me. I’m really happy to be acting in There’s the Cat! Meow. I want to focus on acting more than on popularity. I think people will naturally show love if I’m good at acting.”

Choi Min will be acting as ‘Yoon Sung Il,’ who goes abroad to study but comes back to Korea against his parents’ will, in order to debut as an entertainer

‘You Who Came From the Stars’ House Set to be Rebuilt for Public Display

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The house set from SBS’ You Who Came From the Stars will be reborn for all the drama fans to enjoy.

You Who Came From the Stars, starring Jun Ji Hyun and Kim Soo Hyun, is a fiction romance drama that earned the viewership rating of over 30 percent. The drama was a big hit in China as well, making ‘chicken and beer’ a popular menu in the country and selling out tourist products related to the drama.

Due to its popularity, SBS decided to rebuild the original drama set in Dongdaemun Design Plaza (DDP), and open it to the public.

The house set will be designed as it was seen in the drama and will be separated into concepts of coincidence, encounter, yearning, love, and memories, by presenting various displays.

The house will present 3D videos of You Who Came From the Stars, the ‘time slice’ that Do Min Jun used in the drama to stop the time, the car and the wagon that appeared in the scene when Do Min Jun saved Cheon Song Yi and the red carpet on which they realized their love for each other

′You Who Came From the Stars′ Has the Most Nominations at the Baeksang Arts Award

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Will SBS′ You Who Came from the Stars sweep the 50th Baeksang Arts Awards?

SBS′ You Who Came From the Stars, which swept the nation earlier in 2014, is currently gaining much attention to how many awards it will take at the 50th Baeksang Arts Awards, which will be held on May 27 at the Kyung Hee University Grand Peace Palace.

Even ahead of its broadcast, You Who Came From the Stars was much talked about it as it was Jun Ji Hyun′s comeback project after many years of her drama hiatus. The drama recorded ratings in the 20 percent range and received much love and popularity.

At the Baeksang Arts Awards, You Who Came From the Stars has a total of nine nominations, with Jang Tae Yoo PD for theDirecting Award, Park Ji Eun writer for the Scriptwriting Award, Kim Soo Hyun for the Actor Top Excellence and Actor Popularity Awards, Jun Ji Hyun for the Actress Top Excellence and Actres Popularity Awards, Park Hae Jin for the Actor Popularity Award, Lyn′s My Destiny for the OST Award, and You Who Came From the Stars for the Drama Series Award

‘You Who Came From The Stars’ responds to $600,000 suit for damages by comic book writer claiming plagiarism

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And the plagiarism controversy and lawsuit continue! The comic book writer, Kang Kyung Ok, has not yet given up plagiarism accusations against SBS"s "You Who Came From The Stars" for allegedly copying her graphic novel, "Sul Hee." She has sued the production company for 600 million won (~ 600,000 USD) in damages to which HB Entertainment responded in an official statement on May 22, saying that they will be taking firm legal action.

The production company, HB Entertainment, said, "HB and Writer Park will mobilize all methods, such as criminal and civil suits, in order to firmly handle this issue. Taking this chance, we will handle this wrongful behavior that arose through thoughtless defamatory actions and lawsuits to gain unreasonable profit.

Through Writer Kang"s one-sided remark about copyright violation, Writer Park became the victim of severe defamation

Indonesian ‘You Who Came From The Stars’ revealed to be plagiarism, not a remake

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It has come to light that new Indonesian drama "Kau Yang Berasal Dari Bintang" is not a remake of the Korean hit series, "You Who Came From The Stars" but rather a plagiarized version.

A rep from SBS Contents Hub revealed to media outlet TV Report, "The drama was created without the obtainment of legal publication rights. You could view it as plagiarism."

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The Indonesian television network RCTI aired a drama entitled "Kau Yang Berasal Dari Bintang," which was very similar to SBS"s "You Who Came From The Stars," grabbing a lot of attention. According to a Chinese media outlet, the drama aired its first episode on April 28 and followed practically the exact set up and storyline of the Korean drama

‘You’re Surrounded’ director has confidence that the new drama will be as popular as ‘You Who Came From the Stars’

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"You"re Surrounded" cinematography director, who was also behind the cinematography for "You Who Came From the Stars", shared his confidence that his upcoming drama will do as well as its hit SBS predecessor in popularity!

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Lee Gil Bok boldly stated, "I have confidence that "You"re Surrounded" will achieve as much popularity as "You Who Came From the Stars" did."

"Although the director pairings of "You Who Came From the Stars" and "You"re Surrounded" are different, from my perspective from filming both dramas, I feel like they are one production... Especially because it is my seventh time working with Yoo In Sik PD for this drama, it is very special and given this aspect, I think it will do as well as "You Who Came From the Stars" (Jang Tae Yoo PD)

‘You Who Came From the Stars’ Jun Ji Hyun stuns with her photos from China’s ‘Harper’s Bazaar’

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After releasing the cover, China"s edition of "Harper"s Bazaar" has revealed more photos from stunning actress Jun Ji Hyun"s pictorial!

If you haven"t heard, the "You Who Came From the Stars" fever is very strong in China at the moment, so much so that the actress as well as Kim Soo Hyun are even starring together as CF models. So naturally, they"d be in hot demand for photoshoots as well.

Jun Ji Hyun effortlessly struck various poses to flaunt her fabulous figure in her pictorial for "Bazaar", leaving fans in awe with her classy and timeless beauty.

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Check out more photos below!

‘You Who Came From the Stars’ Shin Sung Rok introduces his brother Shin Jae Rok in a sibling pictorial

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Shin Sung Rok from "You Who Came From the Stars", who has been receiving attention for his role as a charismatic and spine-chilling villain as well as his emoticon-like expressions, introduced his younger brother Shin Jae Rok through his pictorial for "Styler Housewife Lifestyle"!

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Shin Sung Rok"s dongseng Shin Jae Rok is a former Changwon LG Sakers basketball player who currently owns a naengmyeon (Korean cold noodle dish) restaurant in Apgujeong, Seoul. Fans were also surprised to learn that basketball skills run in the family as Shin Sung Rok previously trained as a basketball athlete but quit the sport following his injury.

When asked if he regrets giving up basketball for acting, Shin Sung Rok shared, "I would regret it if I was living a duller life than when I was playing basketball, but because I am living a more glamorous and unpredictable life now, I think that I found a career that I can continue to work hard and devote myself to as I age

‘You Who Came From the Stars’Reaches Over 2 Billion Views in China

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SBS’s hit drama You Who Came From the Stars, starring Kim Soo Hyun and Jeon Ji Hyun, earned the highest number of hits for any drama on a Chinese streaming site.

Prior to holding his fan meeting in Beijing on April 6, Kim Soo Hyun received an appreciation plaque from a Chinese streaming website, iqiyi, which holds the copyrights to You Who Came From the Stars VOD, for earning 2 billion hits on his drama, the highest number recorded for any drama on the website.

You Who Came From the Stars currently records having over 2 billion hits on iqiyi’s Pay Per Series service, setting the highest number for any dramas serviced by the website.

Iqiyi prepared an appreciation plaque for Kim Soo Hyun and the actor was presented with the plaque in front of hundreds of Chinese media outlets during his fan meeting press conference

Park Hae Jin compares Jun Ji Hyun and himself to their ‘You Who Came From The Stars’ characters

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Recently, actor Park Hae Jin of "You Who Came From The Stars" went on a trip to China where he took part in an interview. During this interview, he compared his co-star Jun Ji Hyun with her quirky character Chun Song Yi, saying that the two were actually very similar.

He said, "They"re nearly the same. Jun Ji Hyun and Chun Song Yi"s synchronization is incredibly high." He then talked about the more specific similarities and differences: "In the beginning, Chun Song Yi has a slightly supercilious air, but Jun Ji Hyun is not like that. Still, she is really similar to Chun Song Yi in that she expresses herself assertively and is direct and honest."

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He then compared himself to his character, Lee Hwi Kyung, who experienced a one-sided love for Chun Song Yi that spanned 15 years

MV for Kim Soo Hyun’s ‘In Front of Your House’ for ‘You Who Came From the Stars’ OST released

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The music video for Kim Soo Hyun"s "In Front of Your House" for the "You Who Came From the Stars" OST has finally been released!

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Kim Soo Hyun"s theme song, "In Front of Your House", is a ballad track composed and written by producer team Wasabii Sound. It expresses the longing for a lover after a breakup. Fans already know of Kim Soo Hyun"s singing skills, and it"s just one more thing on his list of talents that make him the ideal type for many.

Relive Do Min Jun (Kim Soo Hyun) and Chun Song Yi"s (Jun Ji Hyun) romance in the MV above!

‘You Who Came From the Stars’ to Sign Publication Rights Contracts with 15 Countries

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Still gathering popularity after it’s over, You Who Came From the Stars has caught the attention of countries around the globe.

Earning over 30% in viewership rating throughout its episodes, You Who Came From the Stars became a big hit across the country, which even led to the fashion and makeup in the drama becoming the center of attention.

The popularity has carried onto Asia and beyond, as countries around the continents have been sending their love calls to sign a contract for the drama publication rights.

An affiliate of SBS’s contents herb, which is in charge of overseas exports and publication rights, told Newsen, “We’re still talking with some countries, and have already signed with others, and that adds up to 15 countries