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Jung Il Woo shares he’s not worried about his upcoming enlistment and more during a recent interview

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Actor Jung Il Woo (26) opened up about his enlistment next year, "Golden Rainbow", and his upcoming appearance on "Infinity Challenge"s cheerleading squad special in Brazil.

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In a recent interview with MyDaily, Jung Il Woo shared, "Pressure concerning the military? Hmm... When I enlist after consistently doing productions and complete my military service well, I think I will be fine. I don"t want to pressure myself prior to my enlistment. Others might grow hasty doing "Golden Rainbow", and people would ask me the reason for choosing such a long production. But I think of acting as a career I"ll have for the rest of my life. That is why I am not worried. I am doing this with the thought that it"s okay to take my time and experience things little by little

UEE looks flawless in additional photos for ‘H:CONNECT’

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After School"s UEE showed off her long and lean proportions in a new pictorial for "H:CONNECT".

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The fans who miss watching UEE on "Golden Rainbow" were treated with additional photos of UEE for the brand. The idol-turned-actor looked flawless as always in her chic contemporary outfits which are perfect for both the office and a night-out.

The brand"s rep stated, "This summer pictorial shows a romantic white lace look and UEE"s colorful style which give off a fresh and lively yet urban vibe... We anticipate the chic and sexy see-through lace look to be popular for the heat wave expected this summer."

Uee Talks about Graduating from After School and Her Acting Career

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Last month, Uee successfully finished the MBC weekend drama “Golden Rainbow,” where she showed her talents not as After School’s Uee, but the actress, Uee. Recently, Uee had an interview with Daily Sports on the drama and her career with After School.


“I don’t think I’ve ever taken a proper break. After School’s next album is going to come out this year, but until then, I plan on taking some time off. Luckily, my acting and singing schedules have never overlapped. If they had, I think it would have been really hard. Seeing idols nowadays who do both album promotions and acting at the same time, it’s impressive

Actor Jung Il Woo Names “49 Days” Lee Yo Won as Best Kiss Scene Partner

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On the April 13 broadcast of MBC’s “Section TV Entertainment Relay,” actor Jung Il Woo held an interview session through the “Star ting” segment of the show. He appeared with his pet dog, which he received as a gift from his fans in 2010 at a pet café and showed off his barista skills.

The actor was asked, “Which actress lasted the longest at the celebration of the conclusion of ‘Golden Rainbow’?” Jung Il Woo names Uee and Cha Ae Ryun. He said, “Uee is a good drinker. She drinks soju very well.”

Jung Il Woo was also questioned which actress he had the best chemistry with for a kissing scene, in which he answered, “The chemistry with Lee Yo Won noona was the best.” He smacked his lips as he answered and evoked laughter on set. The two acted together in the drama “49 Days

Jung Il Woo Says the Gap Period Became His Flesh and Blood

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After taking a year and six months off, Jung Il Woo made a successful comeback through MBC’s Golden Rainbow.

During the press conference for Golden Rainbow, Jung Il Woo mentioned, “One of the most difficult times for an actor is the gap period.”

In a recent interview with Newsen, Jung Il Woo talked about his gap period saying, “There were some difficult things I went through. But I think those things became my blood and flesh. They also show in my acting without me realizing. People say actors need many different experiences and I think that’s true.”

“As I age, my acting is becoming more mature and stable,” said the actor. “But that doesn’t mean that I purposely want to cause pain for myself.”

Having kept himself busy during the gap period, Jung Il Woo recently graduated from Hanyang University

After School’s Uee Speaks Up on Acting as an Idol

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‘Kim Baek Won’ from MBC’s recently ended drama Golden Rainbow is an optimistic character. Despite all the difficulties she faced, she smiled at the rainbow in the end.

Taking the role of ‘Kim Baek Won,’ After School’s Uee seemed to have learned and felt many things. During a recent interview with Newsen, Uee said, “I still can’t believe the drama is over. I just feel so thankful for all the viewers who watched until the end.”

“When I acted in Jeon Woochi after acting in a longer and slower paced drama, I realized how conceited I was. I was not at all used to the fast paced filming throughout the nights and getting scripts at the last minute. I felt my own shortcomings and it almost led to a trauma in acting. I even avoided mini series for awhile,” confessed Uee

2NE1’s Sandara Park and SUJU’s Donghae Catch Up, CN Blue’s Jung Yong Hwa Takes Selfie with SHINee’s Onew and MBLAQ’s Lee Joon and More

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preview nextview 1/14 preview nextview The celebs took selfie Sunday seriously, sharing photos of themselves all weekend. Read about it all in today’s Twitter Roundup.

Miss A’s Suzy treat fans to a rush of photos on March 30, including the one above with the caption, “I’ll just post some photos.”

She also tweeted the above selfies with the caption, “Squint.”

Lee Hyori update fans with a selfie with Soon Shim on March 30, writing “Good morning~.”

Former Wonder Girls member Sohee popped up on Ha Yeon Soo’s Facebook on March 30, as the actress posted a photo from an agency outing, writing “Again, dinner outing! Everyone in our family is so warmhearted. Like the words itself BH. Be happy.”

Another idol actress, Uee, tweeted an update on March 30, posting the above photo with the message, “The last episode of ‘Golden Rainbow’ airs today! Feels weird~

Jung Il Woo Reveals Uee Wanted to Kiss More on “Golden Rainbow”?

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The MBC entertainment news show “Section TV Entertainment News” went to the finale dinner for the weekend drama “Golden Rainbow” where they caught up with the stars of the show, which includes Jung Il Woo and After School’s Uee.

When the reporter commented to Uee, “There were many kiss scenes,” Uee gave a shy smile. In “Golden Rainbow,” Uee and Jung Il Woo’s characters kissed often in various situations, such as when they were happy or sad, or giving a intense kiss or just a peck. Uee explained, “I think there were more scenes where we kissed while crying.” Uee also responded boldly, “I went straight through with the first take,” when asked if there were a lot of NGs.

At Uee’s answer, Jung Il Woo expressed surprise and jokingly revealed that Uee wanted to film the kiss scenes many times, saying, “You did it with one shot? You said you wanted to shoot [the scene] more!”

“Golden Rainbow” aired its final episode yesterday, Sunday March 30

Will Park Shin Hye Join B1A4’s Baro and Jung Il Woo in Infinity Challenge’s Cheering Squad?

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With MBC′s Infinity Challenge planning on cheering the Korea team at the Brazil World Cup, the cast began looking for recruits, auditioning B1A4’s Baro, Jung Il Woo and Park Shin Hye.

After the March 29 broadcast, Baro and Jung Il Woo were confirmed for participation, even passing the hidden camera test where their managers asked if they would join the cheering the squad or start a new drama with a big production team and SNSD’s Yoona.

Park Shin Hye also auditioned with the Infinity Challenge members telling her she passed upon arrival. Park Shin Hye, like Baro and Jung Il Woo, auditioned, but the episode never revealed whether or not she will be joining the squad.

The cheering squad will head for Brazil in June.

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Wonderful Days 23

UEE dons a bloodied wedding dress for ‘Golden Rainbow’

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UEE put on a beautiful wedding dress for her drama "Golden Rainbow"!

The drama"s coming to a close with its final episode airing on the March 30th, and MBC has released a set of stills to pique curiosity for its finale! UEE"s dressed beautifully in a wedding dress in the first photo, making watchers wonder if her love with Jung Il Woo"s character is finally cemented.

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However, the two other photos show UEE much more disheveled, her arms and hands covered in blood and her dress stained with red. It"s gotten viewers on their toes, wondering if the drama could have a happy ending with such pictures.

Check out the photos below!

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Park Min-young to play Kim Myung-min’s leading lady

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After turning down a number of recent projects, Park Min-young has finally chosen her first drama in two years since Dr. Jin. She’ll be joining Kim Myung-min (King of Dramas) in his new MBC law drama A New Leaf as his leading lady. I like Park Min-young in most projects, but Kim Myung-min is totally going to act circles around her, isn’t he?

The new Wednesday-Thursday drama comes from the writer of medical drama Golden Time and the PD of Scandal and I Miss You. Kim Myung-min stars as a hotshot corporate lawyer who ends up with amnesia after an accident. The memory loss motivates him to turn over a new leaf; or perhaps it’s more accurate to say that he gets a personality transplant by virtue of the fact that he can’t remember the heartless shark he used to be

Song Ji Hyo Pins Down Big Bang’s Seungri and Kang Ha Neul on ‘Running Man’

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If Big Bang’s Seungri and Kang Ha Neul thought they could stop Song Ji Hyo from getting where she was going, they were wrong. So terribly wrong.

On March 23’s broadcast of SBS’ Running Man, the Running Man cast went up against the cast of SBS’ new drama, Angel Eyes.

The members of both teams participated in a relay climb, running up the 63 Building in Seoul. As the mission and competition became fiercer, Seungri tried to block Song Ji Hyo from getting where she needed to go.

Too bad for Seungri, Song Ji Hyo didn’t hesitate in pinning him down and hitting his back, pushing him out of her way. Kang Ha Neul came to Seungri’s rescue, only to find himself on the ground within seconds, grabbing onto Song Ji Hyo’s ankles and yelling she couldn’t leave

Jung Il Woo’s Fans Send Over Food Truck to Drama Site Again

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Jung Il Woo’s fans cheered on for the actor by sending a special gift.

Jung Il Woo’s fans from internet community, DC Inside, sent over enoughfood to feed 80 people to the filming site of MBC’s Golden Rainbow on March 16.

The food truck included different kinds of food as well as hot packs and healthy gift sets for the cast and staff members. The hot packs had comical messages that read, ‘Go away cold, you are jealous of Il Woo’s beauty!’

One staff member commented, “I feel so lucky. I’ve received so many good gifts while working with Jung Il Woo. I don’t know how many food trucks they’ve sent so far. We′ve never received so many food trucks while filming. I’d like to work with Jung Il Woo again, if the opportunity comes up.”

Photo credit: Star K Entertainment

‘Running Man’ Continues Its Drop in Australia

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Still running around down under, SBS’ Running Man experienced a decrease for its Australia special.

On Sunday night, Running Man continued its overseas special in Australia with Rain and Kim Woo Bin, but failed to rake up the ratings, compared to the large-scale episode.

The members participated in a variety of different recreational sports and enjoyed the Australian landscape and cities as missions with a large crowd of fans following, but the viewers not impressed, choosing to watch KBS’ 1 Night 2 Days as the members on that show tried to last two days without smoking.

1 Night 2 Days recorded 15.0 percent, followed by MBC’s Real Man at 13.5 and Running Manat 12.8 percent

Anticipated drama ‘Hotel King’ releases still cuts of Lee Dong Wook and Lee Da Hae in character

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New MBC weekend drama "Hotel King" has released still cuts of main actors Lee Dong Wook and Lee Da Hae, who have reunited once again after their "My Girl" days!

The rep said, "The enthusiasm the production team and actors have for the drama is amazing. This will be a drama of abundant spectacles as the actors" showy fashion and the production crew"s cinematography match well with the hotel as a background."

In the revealed pictures, Lee Dong Wook shows off his perfected look in a suit to fit his character of general manager while Lee Da Hae either looks more casual in everyday wear or pretty in a party dress as she is the hotel"s heiress.

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The first episode is on April 5 after "Golden Rainbow"! Are you excited for the drama?

New Stills of Lee Da Hae and Lee Dong Wook for “Hotel King” Released

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New stills of Lee Da Hae and Lee Dong Wook for the upcoming MBC drama “Hotel King” have been revealed!

On March 13, photos of the two leading actors were released, showing their perfect visuals. Lee Dong Wook has transformed into Cha Jae Wan, a cold hotel manager while Lee Da Hae turned into Ah Mo Ne, a hotel heiress. While the stills showed Lee Dong Wook looking dapper in suits, Lee Da Hae is seen in both a casual look as well as a party look.

Reactions for this upcoming drama have been very hot since it will be Lee Da Hae and Lee Dong Wook’s drama reunion after the huge hit, “My Girl.”

According to sources, the “Hotel King” staff and actors held several meetings regarding the styling even before the filming began

Hello Venus’ Yoo Ara Joins Cast of “Golden Rainbow”

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Hello Venus’ Yoo Ara joined the cast of “Golden Rainbow.”

Yoo Ara will be playing the secretary to Young Won (played by Park Sun Ho) who is the youngest brother of Baek Won (played by Uee). This will be Yoo Ara’s first time acting in a traditional drama.

Park Sun Ho is a model-turned rookie actor. He will be playing the role of Young Won, who has gone missing as a child but recently returned. Young Won is the character that was the subject of conflict between Baek Won and Man Won (played by Lee Jae Yoon), since Baek Won believed that it was Man Won’s fault that Young Won got lost.

In the drama, Young Won got adopted by an American family after he was lost but has returned to Korea. Yoo Ara plays his secretary from America

Kim Woo Bin and Rain Fail to Make ‘Running Man’ Number 1

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Despite going all the way to Australia, despite getting dressed up in kangaroo suits, even Kim Woo Bin and Rain weren’t enough to make Running Man become the number one variety show watched on Sunday night.

On March 9’s broadcast of SBS’ Running Man, the cast welcomed Kim Woo Bin and Rain as the special’s guests. The group was split into three teams to fulfill various missions, some of which included the cast diving deep into the ocean and dressing up in kangaroo suits.

While great efforts were made, the program only brought 13.0 percent, a mere 0.1 percent increase from the previous episodes.

The winner of the night turned out to be KBS’ 1 Night 2 Days, which began a new trip for its cast members with one rule: no smoking. Although the concept was simple, it provided much laughter and the comedians began to lose their senses, not being able to smoke

Song Ji Hyo and Konkuk University Students Cross Han River in Boat Made of Blankets

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Don’t think it’s impossible until you try.

On March 2’s broadcast of SBS’ Running Man, the Running Man cast teamed up with students from Sogang University, Korea University, Chung Ang University, Kyung Hee University, Sungshin Women’s University, and Dong Guk University for the new school year special.

Depending on how well they did, each team received materials, ranging from water bottles to cans, to create a boat for the final mission of crossing the Han River.

Song Ji Hyo and her two Konkuk University students came second to last, choosing blankets over plastic bags . To everyone’s surprise, however, the folded blankets, wrapped in plastic, ended up being the best floating device, allowing Song Ji Hyo’s team to cross the Han River in less than 17 minutes

UEE models contemporary looks in additional photos for ‘H:CONNECT’

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UEE showed off her chic charms and sleek silhouette in additional photos for "H:CONNECT"!

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UEE perfected "the new contemporary emotion" concept for the pictorial with her expressions and poses. She showed that well-tailored pants is the key to making one"s legs look long and lean, as well as various ways to combine pieces that you wouldn"t have thought to put together.

A rep commented, "UEE brought out a modern, romantic, sexy, and sensual aura for the spring pictorial... We predict that a black-and-white modern style in contrast to the typical bright spring fashion will be popular for this year"s S/S season."

Check out the additional photos below while you wait for another episode of "Golden Rainbow" this weekend!

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