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Rainbow"s Hyunyoung motivates herself to hit the gym

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If you"re sitting on the computer reading this right now, Rainbow"s Hyunyoung has a message for you: hit the gym!

The artist spent her Saturday in the workout room getting a good sweat going. "Working out like the fire on Burning Saturday," she posted to her Twitter earlier this weekend.

It looks like all that exercise has paid off as she displays the fruit of her labor - a slim, perfectly proportioned body that wouldn"t look out of place on the cover of a fitness magazine!

[Spoiler] Added episode 1 captures for the Korean drama "Golden Tower"

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Added episode 1 captures for the Korean drama "Golden Tower" (2014)Directed by Min Jin-giWritten by Jeong In-hwan, Jo Seung-heeNetwork : tvNWith Choi Jong-hoon, Lee Yong-joo, Kim Jae-woo, Baek Bong-gi, Hwang Je-seong, Bae Seul-ki,...20 episodes - Wed 23:00SynopsisBased in a farming village, this drama deals with warm and realistic episodes.Broadcast starting date in Korea : 2014/07/23


'Real Men' fawns over Rainbow's surprise appearance

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They say that female idols are worshiped like goddesses at the army, and "Real Men" proved that adage right when Rainbow came to visit on the latest episode!

Performing a slate of popular army hits as well as their own songs, they sent the army into a furor with their sexy choreography and enthusiasm!

Check out their appearance below!

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Rainbow’s Jisook Posts Photos of Birthday Celebrations

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Rainbow member Jisook has been sharing her birthday celebrations online, with a flurry of Twitter activity.

Jisook posted a photograph of a colorful birthday cake and all of the girl group’s index and middle fingers joined together to form the shape of a sun around the sugary treat. She added the caption, “It’s exactly 12 o’clock! I have gathered with all of the members of Rainbow, as well as Jaekyung’s mom! Thank you so much and love you so so much! Let’s keep doing our best together, and keep our spirits high. Keep going! Kiss!”

She also posted a playful selca photo and a picture of herself with the birthday cake.

Earlier, the star, also a member of some-time subunit Rainbow Pixie, had been inundated with birthday wishes on Twitter, not least from the other members of Rainbow

Rainbow’s Jaekyung Congratulates Brother on “Modern Farmer” Drama Role

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Rainbow leader Jaekyung has taken to Twitter to congratulate her younger brother, Kim Jae Hyun on what has been a day to remember for the young N.Flying drummer. Not only was it his birthday on July 15, but he was also confirmed to star in forthcoming SBS drama “Modern Farmer” on the same day.

The Rainbow star posted a collage of photos taken with her brother on her official Twitter page, as well as the message, “Happy Birthday, my brother! Come on ‘Modern Farmer’!”

N.Flying has already enjoyed success in Japan, and has also played with FTISLAND in concert in Singapore. Indeed, Kim Jae Hyun will be among familiar faces when he begins filming “Modern Farmer,” as FNC label-mates Lee Hong Ki (of FTISLAND) and AOA’s Mina will also be appearing in the series, which will begin airing in October

Rainbow's Jaekyung taps into her fangirl side at g.o.d's concert

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Rainbow"s Jaekyung turned into one of thousands of fangirls at the g.o.d reunion concert!

"I"m the happiest girl in the world," she posted earlier today. "g.o.d"s music was by my side during my puberty.... even now, whenever I listen to g.o.d"s music, I"m taken back to the old days and my heart cries! In the past and present, thank you for giving me so much joy!!!!"

We"re glad she was able to tap into her nostalgic side and re-live her childhood! Is there anything you"re nostalgic about?

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Rainbow's Hyunyoung drops 'A Rose of Betrayal' for 'Jo Young Hoon 20th Anniversary Album'

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For over twenty years (starting in 1993), Jo Young Hoon has composed and written countless amount of hit songs in the music industry, which is why a special album "Jo Young Hoon 20th Anniversary Album" comprised of remakes will be released to celebrate his incredible twenty years of success!

The fourth single, as part of the album, has just been released--sung by none other than Rainbow"s talented vocalist, Hyunyoung! She took on Uhm Jung Hwa"s hit song, "A Rose of Betrayal," which was released back in 1997. The genre has been tweaked for more upbeat and trendy EDM (electronic dance music).

Check out her version as well as the original below!

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Rainbow's Hyunyoung lends her voice for the OST of A-JAX's drama 'Vampire Flower'

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Deemed the Korean version of "Twilight," A-JAX"s Naver webtoon-based SNS drama series "Vampire Flower," draws out the romance between a vampire named Louie (played by A-JAX"s Jaehyung) and an ordinary girl, Seo Young (played by Kim Ga Eun).

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While A-JAX already sang two OSTs for their drama, their fellow DSP singer Rainbow"s Hyunyoung also showed her support by releasing a new song, "I Give Myself To You." Although the drama appears somewhat intense and dramatic, the song itself is lighthearted and sweet, focusing on the blossoming romance between the two main characters.

ZE:A's Dongjun, Jewelry's Semi, Rainbow's Hyunyoung, and VIXX's Ken set for new sitcom

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Four popular idol stars have been confirmed for a new sitcom with a boarding house concept! Such a concept has been often used and very popular in sitcoms before, such as the "Nonstop" series in which a group of friends live together while attending college.

Multiple broadcasting reps revealed to media outlet Star News on June 2, "ZE:A"s Dongjun, Jewelry"s Semi, Rainbow"s Hyunyoung, and VIXX"s Ken will be appearing on cable channel MBC Everyone"s "Boarding House No. 24 (Working Title).""

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According to the rep, the sitcom is still working on its casting. In addition to the four idol stars, there are two others also confirmed for a total of six, who will be acting as college students

'Golden Cross' finale unable to beat 'You're Surrounded' in viewer ratings this week

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Viewer ratings for currently airing Wed-Thurs dramas have been mediocre at best. Nevertheless, "You"re Surrounded" has maintained its steady following at #1 in its time slot this week!

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According to AGB Nielsen Media Research, the June 19th episode of SBS" You"re Surrounded" achieved a 11.0% viewer rating, which is a 0.8% from its previous viewer rating of 10.2%.

The finale of KBS 2TV"s "Golden Cross" achieved a 10.1% viewer rating, which is a 0.9% increase from its previous viewer rating of 9.2%. MBC"s "A New Leaf" dropped 0.2% from a 8.1% to 7.9% viewer rating.

"Joseon Gunman", starring Lee Jun Ki, will premiere following "Golden Cross" on the 25th at 10 PM KST!

VIXX's Hongbin and Rainbow's Woori share a sweet kiss on 'Good Day'

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Two co-stars of the SBS sitcom "Good Day", VIXX"s Hongbin and Rainbow"s Woori, took their on-screen relationship to the next level with a sweet surprise kiss!

Although it was only for an in-universe drama filming, Woori looked surprised at her co-worker"s kiss. Where do you think their relationship could go in the future?
Check out the sweet moment below.

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'Dirty Talk' cast bring up past photos of Rainbow's Jisook + compare her to Jung Kyung Mi and Taeyeon

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Past photos of Rainbow"s Jisook were revealed on the June 5th installment of Mnet"s "Dirty Talk"!

Jisook was clearly taken aback at the sudden surfacing of her past pictures, and then her physical similarities to comedian Jung Kyung Mi came up. She replied, "I hear that a lot."

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However, Lee Sang Min added, "You also look like Taeyeon," and Jisook burst into laughter at the suggestion she was the collaboration of Jung Kyung Mi and Taeyeon.

Do you think she looks like them?

Rainbow's Jisook says it's a shame Hyosung has to cover up for her performances

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The topic of SECRET"s Hyosung came up on Mnet"s "Dirty Talk" on June 5 with special guests, Rainbow"s Jisook and Seung Ah.

Both members said, "Girl groups can"t give up the sexy concept. As a result, we also monitor and assess the performances of our fellow singers." When asked which singer they thought was the best right now, they chose Hyosung, who was promoting with "Good-night Kiss" at the moment.

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Jisook said, "Her stage and everything is good but I don"t know why her outfits are being regulated... Even from a woman"s point of view, I think it"s a shame because she keeps coming out covered up."

Looks like there"s no denying Hyosung"s great figure and sexy curves even for a fellow female singer!

Rainbow's Jisook says she mistakenly judged f's Krystal to be a cold person

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On the June 5 installment of Mnet"s "Dirty Talk," Rainbow"s Jisook brought up one instance when she misjudged somebody"s personality, hence the term "wearing colored lenses."

She said, "I thought Krystal would be a cold person, but I ran into her at a bingsoo (shaved ice dessert) shop in a department store and she greeted me first cheerfully. Seeing her like that, I wondered if I had looked at her through colored lenses."

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This had previously been discussed by both Krystal and Jessica on their reality program, but most fans seem to know by now that the two are actually the sweetest, just a little bit shy!

′Golden Cross′ Sees the Light with ′A New Leaf′s Not Airing

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With MBC′s A New Leaf out of the way, it was KBS′ Golden Cross′s turn to shine.

On Wednesday night, due to the Korea versus Tunisia soccer match, which started at 7:45PM (KST), A New Leaf was unfortunately cancelled for the night.

With that, Golden Cross able to rise to 9.2 percent from the 7.2 percent of the previous episode. It recorded its highest ratings so far.

SBS′ You Are All Surrounded stayed on top with 13.6 percent, which was an increase from last episode′s 13.2.

Meanwhile, Korea lost to Tunisia, 0:1.

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