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Park Shin Hye Is an Autumn Goddess for Agatha

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On September 1, the new pictorial cuts for French jewelry brand Agatha was revealed, featuring actress Park Shin Hye.

In the first image of the pictorial, Park Shin Hye sports a trench coat that gives the feeling of autumn. She expresses elegance, by emphasizing her attire with bold layered jewelry.

In the second shot, she wears a black off-the-shoulder dress, revealing her delicate collarbone, expressing her seductive charms. The jewelry of choice was the pearl, which expressed elegance.

Park Shin Hye wears a sleeveless pink top and a thin gold bracelet in the last shot. This simple arrangement shows off a lovely atmosphere.

Along with last year, Park Shin Hye is currently on and Asian-wide tour titled “2014 story of Angel.” She has currently concluded her fan meetings in Japan and China

‘It's Okay, That's Love’ Jo In Sung discusses marriage with Gong Hyo Jin

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The romantic comedy SBS Wednesday Thursday miniseries "It"s Okay, That"s Love" actor Jo In Sung discussed marriage with actress Gong Hyo Jin.

On the most recent episode of the SBS Wednesday Thursday miniseries "It"s Okay, That"s Love," which aired on August 27, 2014, detective novelist Jang Jae Yeol, played by actor Jo In Sung, discussed marriage with his girlfriend and psychiatrist Ji Hae Soo, played by actress Gong Hyo Jin. At his radio station, Ji Hae Soo and Jang Jae Yeol talked about marriage. During his radio show, while talking about the topic of breakup, Jang Jae Yeol said he is thinking of his girlfriend as a future wife, saying, "I want to settle down and clear up the life as a wonderer." When it was commercial break time, Jang Jae Yeol said to Ji Hae Soo, "When you like the person, it is natural to think, "Should I marry her?"" However, Ji Hae Soo said, "I don"t plan to marry

Behind-the-Scenes Cuts Revealed of Girl’s Day’s Sojin in “Greatest Marriage”

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Behind-the-scenes cuts of the upcoming September TV Chosun drama “Greatest Marriage” were released, featuring Girl’s Day’s Sojin with actress Uhm Hyun Kyung. In the stills, actress Uhm Hyun Kyung is wearing a patterned mini dress, while Sojin sports a white shirt with gray suit shorts. They seem as if they have gotten very close already, posing with their faces together and making matching peace signs.

“Greatest Marriage” tells a story of single mother, and four different married and unmarried couples around her. The drama will premiere in the middle of next month. Also starring in the drama are actors Park Si YeonBae Soo BinNo Min WooUhm Hyun Kyung, Jo Eun Ji, and Jang Gi Yong

LEDApple sing "Call My Name" for "Marriage Not Dating" OST

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LEDApple crooned "Call My Name" for the tvN weekend drama "Marriage Not Dating" OST!

The "Marriage Not Dating" OST album was released on the 29th along with title track "Call My Name" sung by LEDApple. Viewers got a first listen of "Call My Name" on the 11th episode and now they get to listen to the song in its entirety. "Call My Name" is the work of Wontag and "Polar Bear".

The album contains a total of 15 tracks including Son Ho Young and Danny Ahn"s "One Day" and MAMAMOO"s "Love Lane".

[Exclusive] Soompi Hangs With the Dramabeans Team!

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During the crazy excitement that was KCON, Soompi had the opportunity to sit down with drama blogging superstars girlfriday and javabeans, the lovely ladies behind Dramabeans!

We asked them some really, really hard questions (sorry about that!) but I think you’ll all enjoy their answers! Check out the full interview below.

Okay, first things first, what is your favorite show this season?

javabeans: Pshhhh…. long silence…

girlfriday: Okay that’s really hard…

javabeans: There are a lot of shows I like right now, not one that is my all time favorite… “Joseon Gunman?” It’s not the awesome amazing 100% I wanted, but it’s pretty good

“The Greatest Marriage” Releases Stills of Park Si Yeon and No Min Woo in Bed Together

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“The Greatest Marriage” is giving notice of the birth of a sexy couple between Park Si Yeon and No Min Woo, revealing a shocking bed scene.

On August 29, the TV Chosun drama revealed stills of Park Si Yeon, playing the role of Cha Ki Young, and No Min Woo, playing the role of Park Tae Yeon, in a bed scene.

The combination of Park Si Yeon, with her alluring and sexy image, and No Min Woo, with his somewhat “gender-neutral appearance,” is raising anticipation for their synergy in the drama.

A representative of C-Story, the production company behind “The Greatest Marriage,” stated, “Writer Go Yoon Hee of ‘Rules of Dating,’ the movie that received a lot of love through its provocative lines, is writing this drama, so there are interesting scenes with truthful dialogue

Lyn and MC the Max’s Lee Soo Pose for InSyle Wedding Photos ahead of September Marriage

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Solo star Lyn and MC the Max member Lee Soo have appeared in a photo spread in the September-October edition of InStyle Weddings magazine. The couple posed in a variety of outfits, ranging from formal dresses and tuxedos to a more daring denim look, and also participated in an interview with the publication.

The news that the musical pair were dating broke in spring this year, and the two are set to finally tie the knot on September 19.

The two musicians are both represented by the Music&New talent agency. A spokesperson for the company explained, “They spoke very honestly about the history of their relationship as part of the interview. Please send your congratulations to the happy couple.”

Meanwhile, Lyn is preparing for the release of her

So Ji Sub Opens Up about Marriage

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Actor So Ji Sub revealed his thoughts on marriage.

During an interview with the Chinese media, So Ji Sub revealed his thoughts on his 18-year long career and his future plans. On releasing his latest hip-hop single “18 Years,” he said, “as an actor, I didn’t have many opportunities to interact with my fans. I wanted to express my experiences in a different way.”

When he was asked about whether he had any plans for marriage, he gave an honest answer, admitting that as a 37 year old unmarried actor, he gets a lot of questions about marriage.

“To be honest, I wanted to get married before I hit 40, but sine I don’t have much time left, I think it’ll be difficult. I personally believe that once you start seeing someone, you have to see them for at least a year before getting married

“Marriage Without Love” Actress Han Groo Shows Her Slim Figure In Leggings Through NYLON Pictorial

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Actress Han Groo posed for the brand Sketchers for the 2014 F/W season for the fashion magazine NYLON. The actress wore several styles of leggings which is what the brand has put their major focus on.

From early age, Han Groo has been doing ballet and modern dance which shows why she has such a nice figure. Apparently she is also a sports fanatic and enjoys working out when she is not working on a production.

Han Groo recently finished starring in the popular tvN drama “Marriage Without Love.” The drama acquired a huge number of fans due to its realistic depiction of love between two young people. More pictures of Han Groo can be seen on the September issue of NYLON.

Park Kyung Lim Transforms Into A Long-Haired Goddess For the First Time, Reminisces “Nonstop” Days With Jo In Sung

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In a recent photo shoot for the poster of her upcoming talk concert, the announcer and DJ Park Kyung Lim made a surprising transformation for the first time in her career.

The MBC show “Section TV Entertainment Relay” caught up with the usually short-haired broadcast personality who has transformed into a long-haired goddess in a photo shoot.

Park Kyung Lim was seen wearing a flowy white dress that matches her wavy, brown hair. She exuded the air of a goddess as she showed her chic and pure side.

The broadcast personality who isn’t used to doing the goddess concept in photoshoots revealed the secret to her transformation. “The photographers told me not to hold my chin up so I definitely didn’t lift my chin up,” she said with a laugh

2AM’s Jinwoon Talks About His Nuisance Character in “Marriage Not Dating” at InStyle Photoshoot

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Jinwoon of 2AM recently transformed into a modern style man in blue in the September issue of fashion magazine InStyle.

Despite the fact that the photoshoot took place late at night right after their JYP concert, Jinwoon didn’t show is tiredness and focused on the shoot while also taking care of the staff members present.

In the interview afterwards he talked about his character, Han Yeo Reum, in the ongoing tvN drama, “Marriage Not Dating.” His character is one that inconveniently gets in between Joo Jang Mi (portrayed by Han Groo) and Gong Ki Tae (portrayed by Yeon Woo Jin).

When asked, “What do you think about being called the nuisance character in the drama?” he responded coolly, “Even I think he’s a nuisance

Images of Secret’s Sunhwa on the set of tvN’s “Marriage Not Dating” revealed

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TS Entertainment has shared new photos of Secret’s Sunhwa on the set of her latest drama, “Marriage Not Dating.”

Currently, Sunhwa is working on wrapping up the last episodes of tvN’s “Marriage Not Dating” drama, which is set to air its final episode on August 22. The drama first took air on July 4.

Sunhwa successfully crosses over as an idol turned actress in this romantic comedy drama.

In the photos released by TS Entertainment on August 21, Sunhwa show off her beautiful unblemished, milky skin, joining the Goddess idol ranking.

Another photo shows Sunhwa reading her script diligently and with focus. “Marriage Not Dating” is Sunhwa’s second drama this year having previously participated in the SBS drama “God’s Gift - 14 Days,” where she proved her stable acting

Tang Wei and Director Kim Tae Yong Reveal Lovely Wedding Photos and Thoughts on Marriage

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After surprising many people with news of their secret wedding in Sweden last month, the newly married couple—director Kim Tae Yong and Chinese actress Tang Wei—has revealed photos from their wedding shoot.

Following the couple’s private and simple wedding on a farm in Sweden, with the presence of the bride and groom’s parents and family, Tang Wei and Kim Tae Yong have begun a new chapter of their lives with one another.

The two have sent out a message since getting married: “Although there is excitement and fear as we begin a new life together, we are prepared to move forward with one another while holding each other’s hands, through love and respect. We thank everyone who cares for us. We wish you all a life full of love and happiness.”

Director Kim Tae Yong’s agency shared, “As it was a private ceremony, we were not able to share many things, so we deeply appreciate everyone who has been understanding and given encouragement until the end

Noh Min Woo"s Chinese fans gift the set of "Greatest Marriage" with a food truck

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Noh Min Woo"s fans gifted the staff and cast of his drama "Greatest Marriage" with a food truck!

His label revealed a photo of the food truck on set and wrote, "The drama staff all wanted to thank the fan club. We"re so thankful for the interest and support!"

The fan club sent 100 servings of samgyetang (Ginseng chicken soup) for the actors and staff who are all working hard during the hot summer. Noh Min Woo plays the part of star journalist Park Tae Yeon in the drama.

Are you watching "Greatest Marriage"?

[Spoiler] "Good Day" Kim Hyeong-gyoo-I has to get away from this absurd marriage

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Kim Hyeong-gyoo-I must run away from this absurd marriage.

On the SBS drama "Good Day", In-woo (Kim Hyeong-gyoo-I) and Soy"s (Jeong Hye-seong) engagement party ran smoothly.

"Be telling a barefaced lie" is just the phrase to describe it. In-woo and Soy got to the engagement like that thanks to Soy and In-woo"s mother Sin-ae (Lee Mi-yeong). She didn"t care about her son"s opinion.

What kind of a person in In-woo"s mother? Her one and only wish is to have a rich daughter-in-law. She would mind using money to get rid of her first son Jae-woo"s (Lee Sang-woo) fiance Da-jeong (Park Se-yeong) who isn"t from a well-off family. Sin-ae made a promissory note and borrowed a large amount of money in order to make necessary preparations for a wealthy daughter-in-law