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VIDEO: Korean cosmetics brand Tony Moly unveils B1A4’s CF for their “Gold 24K Mask”

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On October 7th, a CF for Tony Moly’s “Gold 24K Mask” featuring B1A4 was released!

The CF is called “B1A4 Gold Story” and is a part of B1A4’s ad campaign with Tony Moly. The short video features the members of B1A4 acquiring gold through strange methods such as gold bars, gold teeth, and even a golden “piano” of sorts!

The video then ends with a composite of all the members together looking suave, but humorous at the same time.

Meanwhile, B1A4 has been touring throughout the U.S., starting off with New York on the East Coast and ending in San Francisco on the West Coast.

Check out their CF below!

Source: Tony Moly’s YouTube

B1A4 advertises "Millionaire Mask Pack" for "Tony Moly" in individual CFs

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As B1A4 members get ready for their upcoming tour in the States, "Toly Moly" released CFs starring the members for the 24k gold mask product called the "Millionaire Mask Pack."

Each member has his own individual cut for the commercial and is in full quirky mode: Baro as the deviant in a trench coat, Jinyoung as the musical genius, Gongchan as the athlete with gold abs, classy gentleman CNU, and Sandeul with the gold smile.

In addition to the unique themes that each member portrays, they also carry their own slogan of, "Surprise," "Melody," Power," "News," and "Smile."

Watch the videos below!

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Masks & the Mask Dance

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*This is the first part in our series, "Masks & the Mask Dance" published in partnership with the National Research Institute of Cultural Heritage Masks & the Mask DanceMasks, the so-called, "other face of humanity", turn the human being into another character, veiling the original face. Throughout the world, masks have been created in a diverse range of forms, embodying each community"s identity and traditions. In Korean, such traditional masks are called tal.

Cheoyong mask from the Canon of Music (1493)

The traditional Korean mask has been used since prehistoric times. They were typically worn during royal court ceremonies, during folk festivals and were used for entertainment across the country in times before modern media. The traditional Korean mask dance, the talchum, is a drama that developed as folk festival entertainment played in an open-air theater

STELLAR makes their comeback with “Mask” MV

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On August 20th, STELLAR released the music video for their latest single, “Mask”! After shocking us with the sexy “Marionette”, STELLAR has returned with the much more toned-down yet alluring video for “Mask”.

The video features the ladies of STELLAR wearing gorgeous gowns and revealing outfits set among a desolate field. The dance scenes show them in matching, flowing, two-piece dresses as they emote the moody vibe of the song with their sensual choreography.

The sound for “Mask” is soothing, but still danceable—making it very easy on the ears just as the music video is on the eyes.

Check out their music video below!

Source: CJENMMUSIC’s YouTube

STELLAR Releases Raunchy “Mask” Video

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Girl group STELLAR has released the music video for comeback track, “Mask.” The song is the follow-up to the controversial “Marionette,” a hit for the act in February this year. The girls’ last track caused something of an uproar with its steamy music video and music show performances. The new video shows that the group has emphatically decided to stick with the “sexy” concept for “Mask,” with yet more raunchy scenes and dance routines.

The group is set to debut the song on the August 21 edition of music show M Countdown.

The track was produced by hit-maker SweeTune, who has previously collaborated with artists such as Nine Muses and Rainbow. It was penned by G-High and Lee Joo Hyung.

STELLAR debuted in 2011 with the track, “Rocket Girl

Stellar release their sultry "Mask" MV

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Stellar return their music video for "Mask"!

Following "Marionette", the four members of Stellar definitely tone things down to bring a more classy sexy charm with a sultry choreography and song.

They"ve teamed up once again with Sweetune"s G-High and Lee Joo Hyung for this song, so give it a listen by checking out the video!

STELLAR Courts More Controversial with Sexy “Mask” Teaser Video

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Girl group STELLAR has dropped a steamy teaser for forthcoming comeback track, “Mask.”

The four-piece act courted controversy with its last single, “Marionette,” released in February this year. The song was held up as an example of all-female K-pop acts taking the so-called “sexy concept” a step too far. The dance moves for the 19-rated “Marionette” video and promotions stoked anger among some K-pop fans, even prompting using overtly suggestive marketing strategy in the track’s promotion.

However, it seems that STELLAR has not attempted to tone down its image with its latest release, as the “Mask” teaser features similarly risqué dance moves, and features member Minhee wearing a monokini.

The “Mask” music video will be released on August 21, and the girls are scheduled to debut the track on music show “M!Countdown” on the same day

STELLAR will release new digital single, “Mask,” and unveils MV teaser

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Girl group STELLAR will be returning to their fans with a new single this month!

The news was revealed by their agency, Top Class Entertainment, who commented, “STELLAR will be making a comeback with the new song ‘Mask’ on the 21st. The song is sexy, but dream-like.”

The music video teaser to “Mask” was also released, revealing STELLAR has continued their sexy concept from Marionette. As the chorus plays, the members are seen in similar white outfits as they dance.

STELLAR will be releasing the digital single “Mask” on the 21st, where they are also scheduled to perform their comeback stage on Mnet M! Countdown.

Source: X Sports News, CJENMUSIC Official, Newsen

Stellar reveal sexy MV teaser for "Mask"

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Stellar have marked the start of their comeback with their music video teaser for "Mask"!

Following "Marionette", the four members of Stellar seem to be continuing the "19+" concept for their upcoming return. With their subtly provocative choreography and breathy vocals, the group are sure to spark attention once again.

Member Hyoeun also teased their comeback with the image below and the message, "Let"s gain strength! #Stellar #comeback #Mask."

Check out the "Mask" MV teaser above, and stay tuned for more details about Stellar"s comeback!

Lee Joon GiSays Sometimes He Wants to Wear a Mask and Party Hard

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Lee Joon Gi expressed his desire to party like other people.

During the press conference for KBS2’s drama Joseon Shooter, which took place on July 22 at the drama set in south Chungcheong province, Lee Joon Gi said, “Life as an actor is not difficult. But I do think that I would be freer if I lived among the people who see me as human Lee Joon Gi, who has the same human desires and drive.”

Lee Joon Gi shared, “There are times when you’re happy and the times when you’re tired, and everyone has the desire to live someone else’s life. Life as an actor is amusing in that sense. An actor has to pull off different characters and each time I take on a new character, I get excited. So it’s not too difficult.”

Then he added, “That makes me forget to live my life as human Lee Joon Gi and I guess that’s when I have the desire to be free

Big Bang’s Faces Meet Glass and Machine to Produce Hilariously Bizarre Results

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In a futile attempt to duplicate their awesome selves, the members of Big Bang enlisted the help of a copy machine, only to produce horrifyingly distorted imitations that one would hope would never see the light of day. Or so a gothic horror novel would read of this image.

But this isn’t a horror novel so we’ll go straight with this photo that just screams for K-Pop memes. G-Dragon uploaded onto his Instagram account an image that should have fans holding their bellies in laughter. The image shows Polaroids of all the Big Bang members’ faces pressed up against a glass, producing hilarious results. The bottom right photo shows exactly how these Polaroids were produced- with each member photocopying their faces through a copy machine! Seungri or V.I. is the only who didn’t want to mash up his pretty face, it seems, only taking a profile copy of himself