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Lee Joon GiSays Sometimes He Wants to Wear a Mask and Party Hard

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Lee Joon Gi expressed his desire to party like other people.

During the press conference for KBS2’s drama Joseon Shooter, which took place on July 22 at the drama set in south Chungcheong province, Lee Joon Gi said, “Life as an actor is not difficult. But I do think that I would be freer if I lived among the people who see me as human Lee Joon Gi, who has the same human desires and drive.”

Lee Joon Gi shared, “There are times when you’re happy and the times when you’re tired, and everyone has the desire to live someone else’s life. Life as an actor is amusing in that sense. An actor has to pull off different characters and each time I take on a new character, I get excited. So it’s not too difficult.”

Then he added, “That makes me forget to live my life as human Lee Joon Gi and I guess that’s when I have the desire to be free

Big Bang’s Faces Meet Glass and Machine to Produce Hilariously Bizarre Results

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In a futile attempt to duplicate their awesome selves, the members of Big Bang enlisted the help of a copy machine, only to produce horrifyingly distorted imitations that one would hope would never see the light of day. Or so a gothic horror novel would read of this image.

But this isn’t a horror novel so we’ll go straight with this photo that just screams for K-Pop memes. G-Dragon uploaded onto his Instagram account an image that should have fans holding their bellies in laughter. The image shows Polaroids of all the Big Bang members’ faces pressed up against a glass, producing hilarious results. The bottom right photo shows exactly how these Polaroids were produced- with each member photocopying their faces through a copy machine! Seungri or V.I. is the only who didn’t want to mash up his pretty face, it seems, only taking a profile copy of himself