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PSY to Work with the Director of “Gangnam Style” for New Music Video

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World star PSY has begun gearing up for his comeback by recruiting director Cho Soo Hyun for his new music video.

According to sources in the music industry, the singer is currently working on his new album in Korea, and has requested the help of Cho Soo Hyun for the music video for his new song “Daddy.” The director is the mastermind behind “Gangnam Style” and “Gentleman.”

The two are in the midst of discussing ideas for the music video, and after coming up with a concrete vision, they can be expected to start filming.

A source revealed, “The music video for ‘Daddy’ will include PSY’s unique humor and wit. ‘Gangnam Style’ and ‘Gentleman’ became hot topics thanks to the sexy and comical cameos of HyunA, ‘Infinite Challenge‘ members, and Ga In

Psy to work with 'Gangnam Style' MV director once again

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Psy will be teaming up once again with the director who helped launch him into the international spotlight with the "Gangnam Style" music video!

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YG Entertainment told Star Today on July 22, "Psy is currently meeting with director Jo Soo Hyun for ideas. It"s for the music video filming of his new album"s title track "Daddy"." As most of you know by now, the "Gangnam Style" MV made waves overseas, becoming one of the top videos watched on YouTube with over 2 billion hits.

Psy will be joining hands with director Jo Soo Hyun again for the "Daddy" MV after working with director Cha Eun Taek for the "Hangover" MV featuring Snoop Dogg. YGE added, "The details concerning the schedule or appearances aren"t ironed out yet, but the same humor code will be incorporated

Lee Min Ho and fans gift the 'Gangnam Blues' staff in honor of the actor's birthday

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Lee Min Ho turned 28 (27 international age) on June 22 and teamed up with fans to give gifts instead of just receiving them to thank the hardworking staff of "Gangnam Blues"!

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According to his agency Starhaus Entertainment on the 24th, Lee Min Ho gifted all the staff members of his upcoming film "Gangnam Blues" with t-shirts and eco-friendly towels. The "PROMIZ" logo on the t-shirts is a combination of the words promise, Lee Min Ho, and his fanclub MINOZ. It means, "Lee Min Ho and fans gathered our love to share an even greater love." The actor also included cards with words of gratitude and encouragement.

Lee Min Ho expressed, "I would only receive presents on my birthday, but after starting "PROMIZ", I even joined fans in giving out presents

Psy Hits 2 Billion Views with ‘Gangnam Style’ and Plans to Unveil ‘Hangover’ MV on ‘Jimmy Kimmel Live’

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After keeping it under wraps for what feels like years, Psy will finally be unveiling the content of his new music video for Hangover.

According to YG Entertainment on June 1, Psy will release the music video for song Hangover on NBC’s Jimmy Kimmel Live: Game Night on June 8. The music video will feature Snoop Dogg (Lion), who will also appear on the comedy program with Psy.

Psy recently told U.S. media platform, TMZ, that Hangover will have more of a hip-hop vibe. Psy said he will be rapping with Snoop Dogg’s help.

Also on May 31, Psy made YouTube history with the Gangnam Style music video hitting 2 billion views. He wrote on his Twitter, “Very honorable and burdensome numbers With the appreciation, I’ll come back soon with more joyful one!”

Hangover will be released throughout the world on June 9 with plans to unveil the title song for his new album later on

PSY’s “Gangnam Style” MV Reaches 2 Billion Views on YouTube

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PSY‘s enormous hit “Gangnam Style” that took over the world in 2012 has hit two billion views on YouTube.

Although the initial hype has calmed down, the hilarious music video continues to attract viewers. Now, the original music video has reached two billon views on YouTube, which gives a stamp of approval for the unbeatable popularity of “Gangnam Style.”

Being the first-ever YouTube video to record such digits, fans and viewers have shown excited reactions the achievement. To celebrate the occasion, YouTube has added tiny dancing PSY figures next to the view counter.

In related news, PSY will be appearing on Jimmy Kimmel Live with Snoop Lion in June. YG Entertainment is yet to confirm the date of his long-awaited comeback, but rumors say that it will take place this upcoming summer

“Gangnam Style” Is Nearing 2 Billion Views on YouTube

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It has been almost two years since PSY unleashed “Gangnam Style” to the world, and now it will soon become the first video for reach two billion views on YouTube.

At the time of writing, he only needs 2.5 million more views to reach this major milestone, and it is likely to happen sometime this week.

Two billion views is also twice as much as the second most viewed YouTube video, “Baby” by Justin Biber.

Following the release of the music video of “Gangnam Style” on July 15, 2012, PSY did have live promotions of the song through Korean music programs, but it was the zany music video that caused it to be a viral hit world wide.

PSY’s followup song track “Gentleman” was also a huge hit

Hyun Bin’s Family Is Currently Building a 10 Billion Won Building in Gangnam

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Actor Hyun Bin (age 32) is currently building a 10 billion won (about 10 million USD) building in Cheongdam-dong, a posh neighborhood in Gangnam District.

On April 16, the Gangnam District Office revealed that the organization Hyun Bin’s family is managing, HB Family Holdings, is allowed to build a 7-story building in the neighborhood of Cheongdam. The total floor space is 1,592.54 meter squared and the area is 362.5 meter squared.

It was reported that HB Family Holdings didn’t take out any loans, but bought the property in cash, which amounts to 4.8 billion won (about 4.8 million USD).

A real estate agent shared, “There are many luxurious houses located where the building is being built. After the building is open, it looks like the area’s value with increase by at least 10 billion won (about 10 million USD)

Lee Min Ho says goodbye to fans in China before leaving for 'Gangnam Blues' filming

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Sad news for fans in China! Actor Lee Min Ho will be leaving the country very soon, but this leaves good news for fans in Korea! He will be returning in order to engage in filming for upcoming movie "Gangnam Blues."

He said farewell to his fans in China on April 11 via Weibo: "Everybody, I"m returning to Korea soon. I"m going to go to Korea and diligently take part in the movie filming. As quickly as possible, I will come back to see everybody. I will miss you. Take care of your health."

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He included a picture of him looking sad to depart as he gives a small pout and a sullen look at the camera.

The movie "Gangnam Blues" will start filming in the middle of this month!

‘Young Do’s Dad’ Choi Jin Ho Confirmed to Join ‘Gangnam Blues’

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Choi Jin Ho, who acted as ‘Young Do’s dad’ on SBS’s The Heirs will be joining the cast members of Gangnam Blues.

Choi Jin Ho has been confirmed to take on the role of congressman ‘Park Seung Gu,’ a power hungry politician who joins hands with a gangster group headed by Baek Yong Gi (Kim Rae Won) to get what he wants.

After reading scenario for Gangnam Blues, Choi Jin Ho said, “The scenario pulls you in as you read it. I’m happy to be meeting with the audience through a good project. I will try by my best to show good acting.”

Meanwhile, Gangnam Blues is an action noir film about the political power joining forces with the dark sides of the society during 1970’s in Gangnam, when the real estate market began growing at a tremendous rate

Eric Nam Gives Out Free Hugs at Gangnam and Myeongdong

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Eric Nam presented special events in Gangnam and Myeongdong to promote his new song Ooh Ooh.

The singer showed up in the bustling streets of Gangnam and Myeongdong on April 5 with pickets that said ‘Ooh Ooh,’ gathering large crowds in the area.

Despite the chilly weather, he gave out handshakes and free hugs for fans and even posed for the selcas.

Along with the album promotions he announced an SNS event where, if fans upload a photo of Eric Nam with the hash tag#EricNamOOHOOH, they will be entered to win a signed CD.

Meanwhile, Eric Nam will be releasing his new song on all major music sites on April 8 and begin promotions.

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Actress Kim Ji Soo to Make Onscreen Comeback in New Film, “Gangnam Blues”

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Actress Kim Ji Soo will be making her first onscreen comeback in eight years through her role in the film, “Gangnam Blues.”

According to the actress’ agency, Namoo Actors, “Actress Kim Ji Soo has decided to make a special appearance in the film, ‘Gangnam Blues.’”

“Gangnam Blues” is set in the development district of Youngdong, Seoul during the 1970s, which makes up today’s Gangnam area. The film portrays the story of how political authorities and dark societal figures conspire to gain foothold in the real estate development of the area. The film shows off an impressive cast, which includes actors Lee Min Ho and Kim Rae Won.

In the film, Kim Ji Soo will be playing the role of Min Sung Hee, the “Madam” of an adult entertainment establishment who introduces helps Jong Dae (Lee Min Ho) and Yong Gi (Kim Rae Won) open their eyes to investing in real estate

g.o.d reunite in wedding pictorial for 'Gangnam Style' choreographer Lee Joo Sun

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g.o.d reunited in a wedding pictorial for their former choreographer, who is also the mastermind behind the "horse dance" for Psy"s "Gangnam Style", Lee Joo Sun.

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Park Joon Hyung, Son Ho Young, Danny Ahn, and Kim Tae Woo were spotted with the bride and groom in the wedding pictorial unveiled on March 27. The members looked happy, and fans were also happy to see them together again.

The "Wise Wedding" director stated, "The atmosphere on set became more energetic when the g.o.d members, who they"re normally close with, walked in."

Lee Joo Sun was the choreographer for an impressive list of stars including g

Kim Rae Won to Make Screen Comeback through ‘Gangnam Blues’

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Kim Rae Won has confirmed his return to the big screen through upcoming movie Gangnam Blues.

HB Entertainment, Kim Rae Won’s agency, stated on March 18, “Kim Rae Won has finalized his decision and decided to make his screen comeback through Gangnam Blues. As it is his first movie in a long time, he is currently focusing on analyzing the project and his character, as well as shaping his body to show manly traits in the movie.”

Traditionally having taken dandy and soft characters, Kim Rae Won will be taking on a strong and charismatic role for Gangnam Blues, and is working hard to portray the character from inside and out.

Gangnam Blues is a new movie directed by Yooha and will depict the story of conspiracy between political power and dark sides of the society during 1970’s when real estate started developing at a rapid pace around Gangnam area

Singer Park Ji Yoon Names Fellow Members of “Five Beauties of Gangnam”

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“The Five Beauties of Gangnam” became a topic of conversation when singer and actress Park Ji Yoon appeared on show on the March 7 episode of JTBC talk show “Witch Hunt.

She appeared on the show’s “Turn Off the Green Light” corner, being introduced by MC Shin Dong Yup as one of the “five ulzzangs of Gangnam.”

Park Ji Yoon commented shyly, “Lee Min Jung talked about it on a broadcast, so that is how the five ulzzangs of Gangnam came to be. The other four are Song Hye Gyo, Jun Ji Hyun, Han Hye Jin, and Seo Ji Young.”

“Witch Hunt” then brought out graduation photographs of the five celebrities. They had clear, distinct features and looked beautiful back then even without makeup

Girls' Generation's Jessica thanks Chinese fans for their LED advertisement in Gangnam

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Jessica took to Weibo to thank all of her sweet Chinese fans for putting up an advertisement on a giant LED video board in Gangnam for her.

She wrote, "Thank u to all my china fans! Just saw the led in gangnam. I am extremely grateful for your support. With much love, jess [sp]," with cute animated emoticons. She also attached a picture of herself wearing a studded hat and holding up a V sign.

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Netizens replied, "Jessica is sweet to acknowledge her fans" present," "Jessica"s fashion sense in wearing a black Fedora is amazing," "Jessica has her unique charm as usual," and more.

Check out footage of the ad over Gangnam Station below