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The Heirs (Inheritors) Episode 6 Live Recap - Korean Drama 2013

The Heirs (Inheritors) Episode 6 Live Recap - Korean Drama 2013

The Heirs (Inheritors) Episode 6 Live Recap


We are back at the school, with ES suddenly getting in between KT and YD. YD whistle, sayings “what’s this, a gift for me?” KT, ” Why are you here without your uniform on.?” CY gets in, telling her to follow. ES and CY leaves. Rachel demands to speak with KT, and they walk away.

Rachel questions KT about whether he knew & had the will to keep ES from transferring to the school. KT remarks he has no choice in any life decision, including his engagement with Rachel.

The Heirs (Inheritors) Episode 7 Live Recap - Korean Drama 2013

The Heirs (Inheritors) Episode 7 Live Recap - Korean Drama 2013

The Heirs (Inheritors) Episode 7 Live Recap
Infront of the convenience store, YD wakes ES up (who pretends she sleeping, groaning at her misfortune)
YD picks up KT’s phone call. Realizes KT is across the street.
(Cue YD rocker theme music)
YD wakes ES up.
ES: “Why are you so loud? to YD. He points to KT, ES eye widens
KT and YD basically talk about why the other is there.
KT cooly says he’s not here for ES and walk away.
ES leaves soon after, leaving YD slightly irritated look.

The Heirs (Inheritors) Episode 8 Live Recap - Korean Drama 2013

The Heirs (Inheritors) Episode 8 Live Recap - Korean Drama 2013

The Heirs (Inheritors) Episode 8 Live Recap

We are back infront of ES’ cafe, with KT irritated and angry at ES for doing YD’s bidding.
KT: Start liking me now. Just as I like you.

KT and ES give each other a long stare.
KT: SO from this point onward, don’t act like you can be easily victimized.
ES: I’m going pretend I didn’t hear that. See you.
KT: Answer me and then go.
phone suddenly rings from KT’s mother.
KT takes the phone away
KT: I’m having important conversation with her, i’ll call back later.
ES: Return my phone! I need to pick up that phone, my life is complicated as it is, why are you complicating this?!
KT suddenly hugs ES.
ES cries.

Kdrama The Heirs (Inheritors) Episode 9 Live Recap [Korean Drama 2013]

Kdrama The Heirs (Inheritors) Episode 9 Live Recap [Korean Drama 2013]

Kdrama The Heirs (Inheritors) Episode 9 Live Recap


Tan is waiting outside the door of his house for ES. He gives her back her phone, and lightheartedly whines that he got hurt and was scolded by JS, wanting her attention. But ES just looks worried. Still, without saying anything, she tries to go in, but Tan stops her. ES pleads, “Don’t hold me and don’t block me. Don’t wait for me from now on.” She tries to go in again, but Tan turns her back. ES pleads again. She doesn’t want to be recorded on the security cam. Tan: “That darn CCTV.” HAHAHAHA! ES reminds him that he is the one who  warned her about the camera. Tan yells, “What I do told you, what I warned you about…Did you ever really listen?”

Kdrama The Heirs (Inheritors) Episode 10 Live Recap

Kdrama The Heirs (Inheritors) Episode 10 Live Recap

Kdrama The Heirs (Inheritors) Episode 10 Live Recap

Outside, Tan and YD talk. Tan: “I’m sorry I thought of you lightly. I didn’t know you’d be this much of a bastard. ” YD: “Now that you know, is all that is left you kneeling in front of me?” Tan: “Is that what you wanted? Then this not a good plan.” Uh Oh, YD sees ES walking up. YD: “I think I set a good plan.” ES also now sees YD and Tan. YD: “ES even comes to your house? I didn’t come for this, but…Jackpot.”

Drama "Secret Love" vs "The Inheritors" Race For the Top


“Secret” is number one among Wednesday/Thursday dramas in terms of ratings.

Neilsen Korea, a ratings research company stated on November 8th, the 14th episode of “Secret” broadcast on the day before rated 17.3%, which was number one. This was 1.5% higher than the last episode at 15.8%, breaking its own record.

SBS “The Inheritors” rated 15.3% which was 1.9% higher than its last episode at 13.4%. Moreover “The Inheritors” is following right up to “Secret” and it”ll be interesting how the game changes. Meanwhile, MBC “Medical Top Team” is still at a measly 3.8%.

Korean drama "The Heirs Episode 11 Preview"

Korean drama

Korean drama “The Heirs Episode 11 Preview”

Korean drama “The Heirs Episode 11 Recap Here”

YD: Don’t listen. And don’t get hurt.

YD: If you give the answer, I can’t ask you anymore.

ES: Is that a conversation to you?

YD: Do you really like Kim Tan?

JS: Let me see that notebook. Give it to me!

KA: What are you doing to our maid (ahjumma)?

JS: You put someone on me!

KA: *gasp*

Kdrama The Heirs (Inheritors) Episode 20 Recap [Korean Drama 2013]

Kdrama The Heirs (Inheritors) Episode 20 Recap [Korean Drama 2013]

Korean Drama The Heirs (Inheritors) Episode 20 Recap by joonni

Tan and Young Do stand apart, but together, looking out into the city. YD finally breaks the silence: “It’s cold.” He’s describing the weather, but it is also how he feels. Tan adds, “It’s cold…and dark.” Silence falls between them again as they each try to fight off the cold and dark feeling hovering over them because of their fathers.

At a cafe, Tan discusses his situation with a woman, who we learn is a lawyer. Tan doesn’t trust the lawyers at Jeguk anymore, and he wants this new lawyer’s help transferring legal proxy rights to Won from JS for his stocks.

Stills of Ji Chang Wook from “Empress Ki” Released

Stills of Ji Chang Wook from “Empress Ki” Released

Actor Ji Chang Wook is currently filming for MBC’s next Monday-Tuesday drama “Empress Ki.” New stills of Ji Chang Wook were released on October 16. Donning the garments of the Yuan Dynasty crown prince, his eyes are filled with defiance, but also reflect a deep sadness within.

Ji Chang Wook plays Soon Je, born as the crown prince, who must hide the anger and sadness of losing his father underneath the veneer of immaturity in order to save his life. The actor was completely immersed in the role of Soon Je, receiving compliments from those on set.

Yoon Eun Hye Expresses Embarrassment Over Acceptance Speech Mistake

Yoon Eun Hye Expresses Embarrassment Over Acceptance Speech Mistake

On October 20, Yoon Eun Hye posted on her Twitter, “News. I’m embarrassed about my mistake. Coming down the stairs, I was so nervous I forgot everything. My mind went blank.. But still, thank you to everyone who supported me. I’ll return it from a more humble place. The love I’ve received.”

At the 10th Anniversary Hallyu Awards that was held in Japan on October 19, Yoon Eun Hye was presented with the Korean Drama Excellence Award for the Female Actor category. While delivering her acceptance speech in Japanese, she completely forgot what she was saying, and was forced to resume reading her speech from her palm.

T-ara Releases Dance Version MV for "Sexy Love" and BTS for Drama Version

T-ara Releases Dance Version MV for

T-ara‘s dance version music video for “Sexy Love” was released today along with their new mini-album “Mirage.” 

Despite all their recent controversy, there has been muchanticipation as their teaser for reached over 325,000 views in twodays. This comeback was originally planned for August, but was pushedback due to all the Hwayoung controversy.

For their title track “Sexy Love,” they worked with popular songwriters Sinsadong Tiger and Choi Gyu Sung, the creators for their previous hits like “Bo Peep Bo Peep,” “Roly Poly,” and “Lovey Dovey.” 

Ahn Jea Mo

Ahn Jea Mo

Profile Name: 안재모 / Ahn Jae Mo Profession: Actor and singer Birthdate: 1979-Sep-20 Height: 177cm Weight: 64kg Star sign: Virgo Blood type: AB
TV Shows King Geunchogo (KBS1, 2010) Freedom Fighter, Lee Hoe Young (KBS1, 2010) Hometown Legends (KBS2, 2009) Innocent You (SBS, 2008) Hometown Legends (KBS, 2008) The King and I (SBS, 2007) Yeon Gae Somun (SBS, 2006) She is Cool (KBS, 2003) Scent of a Man (MBC, 2003) Rustic Period (SBS, 2002) Mina (KBS2, 2001) Tears of the Dragon (KBS1, 2001) Pretty Lady (KBS2, 2001) Magic Castle (KBS2, 1999) March (SBS, 1999) School (KBS, 1999) King and Queen (KBS1, 1998)
Movies The City of Violence (2006, cameo) The Legend of Seven Cutter / Escaping from Charisma (2006) Haan (2005) My Wife Is a Gangster (2001) Humanist (2001) Nowhere to Hide (1999, cameo) Dr. K (1998)
Recognitions 2002 SBS Drama Awards: Daesang 2002 SBS Drama Awards: Top 10 Stars 2001 SBS Drama Awards: Excellence Award
Trivia Education: Danguk University He launched a singing career in 2003.

Ahn Jea Wook

Ahn Jea Wook

Name: 안재욱 / Ahn Jae-wook (Ahn Jae-wuk)
Profession: Actor, Composer, Singer
Date of birth: September 12, 1971
Height: 173cm
Weight: 65kg
Blood type: A
Star sign: Virgo
Family: Younger brother An Jae Hyun (안재현)
Education: Jungduck Elementary School, Sinchang Middle School, Kyungdong High School, Seoul Arts University (Major in Plays)
Hobbies: Golf, Water skiing, watching baseball games and traveling

Drama 1994: Song of Blind Bird (눈먼 새의 노래) 1994-7: Partner/Jjack 1995: Hotel (호텔, 1995) 1995: War And Love (전쟁과 사랑) 1996: Their Embrace(그들의 포옹) 1996: Salted Mackerel(자반고등어) 1996: Three Men Three Women 1997: Star In My Heart(별은 내가슴에) 1998: Revenge and Passion 1998: Sunflower 1999: Goodbye My Love 2000: Mom and Sister (MBC) 2000: Bad Friends (MBC) 2001: 아파트 2003: Fairy and Swindler (선녀와 사기꾼) (SBS) 2004: Destiny (MBC) 2004: O! Pil-seung Bong Sun-yeong (오!필승 봉순영, KBS) 2006: Mr. Goodbye (KBS) 2008: Saranghae-I Love You (SBS) 2011: Light and Shadow (MBC) Film 2009: Triangle (Telecinema) 2003: Garden of Heaven 1998: Tie a Yellow Ribbon 1998: First Kiss 1998: Rub Love


Ahn Kil Kang

Ahn Kil Kang

Name: 안길강 / Ahn Kil Kang (An Gil Kang)
Profession: Actor
Birthdate: 1966-Aug-24
Height: 185cm
Weight: 85kg
Star sign: Virgo
Blood type: A

TV Shows

Lights and Shadows (MBC, 2011)
Gye Baek (MBC, 2011)
Dream High Season 1 (KBS2, 2011)
Coffee House (SBS, 2010)
Chuno (KBS2, 2010)
Queen Seon Duk (MBC, 2009)
Iljimae (SBS, 2008)
The King and I (SBS, 2007)
Invincible Parachute Agent (SBS, 2006)

Ahn Nae Sang

Ahn Nae Sang

Name: 안내상 / Ahn Nae Sang
Profession: Actor
Birthdate: 1964-Jul-24
Star sign: Leo

TV Shows

May Queen (MBC, 2012)
God’s Quiz 3 (OCN, 2012)
The Moon That Embraces the Sun (MBC, 2012)
Man of Honor (KBS2, 2011)
High Kick 3: The Revenge of the Short Legged (MBC, 2011)
Protect the Boss (SBS, 2011) cameo
Royal Family (MBC, 2011)
My Princess (MBC, 2011) cameo
Jo Eun Ji’s Family (MBC, 2010)
Chosun Police 3 (MBC DramaNet, 2010) cameo
Sungkyunkwan Scandal (KBS2, 2010)
Temptation of an Angel (SBS, 2009)
Three Brothers (KBS2, 2009)
Swallow the Sun (SBS, 2009)
A Man’s Story (KBS2, 2009)
Cain and Abel (SBS, 2009)
Tazza (SBS, 2008)
Chosun Police (MBC, 2007)
First Wives Club (SBS, 2007)
Seoul’s Sad Song (KBS2, 2007)
Famous Princesses (KBS2, 2006)
Sharp 3 (KBS2, 2006)
Oh! Sarah (KBS, 2005)
Resurrection (KBS2, 2005)
Love Hymn (MBC, 2005)
18 vs. 29 (KBS2, 2005)
Sharp 2 (KBS2, 2005)

Ahn Suk Hwan

Ahn Suk Hwan

Name: 안석환 / Ahn Suk Hwan (An Seok Hwan)
Profession: Actor
Birthdate: 1959-Nov-01
Height: 178cm
Weight: 78kg
Star sign: Scorpio
Education: Dankuk University

TV Shows

I Love You (SBS, 2012)
Shut Up Family (KBS2, 2012)
Big (KBS2, 2012)
Bridal Mask (KBS2, 2012)
Tasty Life (SBS, 2012)
Rooftop Prince (SBS, 2012)
Warrior Baek Dong Soo (SBS, 2011)
Paradise Ranch (SBS, 2011)
Special Crime Squad MSS (KBS2, 2011)
King Geunchogo (KBS1, 2010)
Dae Mul (SBS, 2010)
Fugitive: Plan B (KBS, 2010) cameo
Personal Preference (MBC, 2010)
Chuno (KBS2, 2010)
Hometown Legends (KBS2, 2009)
Ja Myung Go (SBS, 2009)
Partner (KBS2, 2009) cameo
Cinderella Man (MBC, 2009)
Kyung Sook’s Father (KBS2, 2009)
Boys Before Flowers (KBS2, 2009)
White Lies (MBC, 2008)
The Painter of the Wind (SBS, 2008)
Hometown Legends (KBS2, 2008)
The Secret of Keu Keu Island (MBC, 2008)
Spotlight (MBC, 2008)
Before and After: Plastic Surgery Clinic (MBC, 2008)
Hong Gil Dong (KBS2, 2008)
Capital Scandal (KBS2, 2007)
Witch Amusement (SBS, 2007)
Sunok (KBS, 2006)
Special Crime Investigation (KBS2, 2006)
The Invisible Man (KBS2, 2006)
Banjun Drama (SBS, 2005)
My Girl (SBS, 2005)
The Bizarre Bunch (KBS1, 2005)
Single Again (SBS, 2005)
Wind Flower (KBS1, 2005)
Delightful Girl Choon Hyang (KBS2, 2005)
Beijing My Love (KBS2, 2004)
Good Person (MBC, 2003)
Punch (SBS, 2003)
Girl School (KBS2, 2002)

Ahn Yong Joon

Ahn Yong Joon

Name: 안용준 / Ahn Yong Joon (An Yong Jun)
Profession: Actor
Birthdate: 1987-Nov-22
Birthplace: South Korea
Height: 175cm
Weight: 56kg
Star sign: Scorpio
Blood type: A
Education: Myongji College (Drama major)

TV Shows

Monster (jTBC, 2012)
Can’t Lose (MBC, 2011)
Hair Show (KBS2, 2011)
God’s Quiz (OCN, 2010)
Comrades (KBS2, 2010)
Gourmet (SBS, 2008)
I Am Happy (SBS, 2008)
Get Karl! Oh Soo Jung (SBS, 2007)
Capital Scandal (KBS2, 2007)
90 Days, Falling in Love Days (MBC, 2006)
The Book of Three Han (MBC, 2006)
My Lovely Fool (SBS, 2006)
Secret Campus (EBS, 2006)
Love and Ambition (SBS, 2006)
Sharp 3 (KBS2, 2006)

Lee Sun Ho - Andy

Lee Sun Ho - Andy

Name: 앤디 / Andy
Real name: 이선호 / Lee Sun Ho
Profession: Singer and actor
Birthdate: 1981-Jan-21
Height: 176cm
Weight: 62kg
Star sign: Aquarius
Blood type: O
Talent agency: Good Entertainment
Education: Hankuk University of Foreign Studies
Kpop group: Rapper in Shinhwa
Religion: Christianity

TV Series

Two Wives (SBS, 2009)
Lovers in Prague (SBS, 2005)
Banjun Drama (SBS, 2005)
Nonstop 4 (MBC, 2003)

Ahn Sun Young

Ahn Sun Young

Name: 안선영 / Ahn Sun Young (An Seon Yeong)
Profession: Actress
Date of birth: February 24, 1976
Height: 168cm
Weight: 50kg
Blood type: B
Education: Kyung Sung University

TV Series

Color of Women (Channel A, 2011)
Dream High Season 1 (KBS2, 2011)
I Live Without Anything (MBC, 2010)
Obstetrics and Gynecology Doctors (SBS, 2010)
The Tale of Janghwa and Hongryeon (KBS2, 2009)
2009 Alien Baseball Team (MBC, 2009)
Who Are You? (MBC, 2008)
Kimcheed Radish Cubes (MBC, 2007)
Get Karl! Oh Soo Jung (SBS, 2007)
How to Meet a Perfect Neighbor (SBS, 2007)
What’s Up Fox? (MBC, 2006)
Mr Goodbye (MBC, 2006)
Secret Campus (EBS, 2006)
Wolf (MBC, 2006)
Banjun Drama (SBS, 2005)
My Rosy Life (KBS2, 2005)
Save the Last Dance for Me (SBS, 2004)
Long Live Love (SBS, 2003)
Orange (SBS, 2002)



Name: 에일리 / Ailee
Profession: Singer, Actress
Birthplace: New Jersey, USA
Birthdate: May-30

TV Drama

Dream High Season 2 (KBS2, 2012)


On 13/Sep/2011, Singer Wheesung and trainee Ailee held a smoothperformance on the MBC’s Chuseok special episode of “Singer and Trainee”