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Why Yoon Sang Hyun Decided To Marry Maybee

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Why did Yoon Sang Hyun decide to marry singer and songwriter Maybee? It had something to do with her winning personality but it also had something to do with the fact that she reminded him of his mom. At least that"s what he said on the Nov. 24 episode of the show "Healing Camp."

Fans of the actor, who starred in "I Hear Your Voice," "My Fair Lady" and "Secret Garden" may have been surprised by the announcement that he was dating Maybee. And they may have been even more surprised to learn that the couple had already set a wedding date. They plan to marry on February 8.

According to a report in Donga, the couple has only dated since July. They met on a blind date set up by friends.

But the 41-year-old actor said he knew early on that Maybee was the one

KARA"s Seungyeon and Kim Da Hyun sing for the "Guitar and Hot Pants" OST

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KARA"s Seungyeon and musical actor Kim Da Hyun sang "Letting Even the Stars Hear" for the "Guitar and Hot Pants" OST!

The song by copykumo (Park Sung Il) will get you feeling the love in the air with their sweet duet. In the drama, Seungyeon plays a member of idol group Tinkerbell who is tone deaf and rhythmically challenged. She gets training from guitarist Tae Joo played by Kim Da Hyun.

Feel the love in the air through the sweet duet!

Yang Hyun Suk startles at Yoo Hee Yeol"s question regarding YG" recent controversies in "Healing Camp" preview

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Yoo Hee Yeol asks Yang Hyun Suk a bold question regarding YG" recent controversies in the preview for SBS"s "Healing Camp" next week episode.

Yang Hyun Suk will make his appearance in the December 1st"s episode of "Healing Camp" in which he will give advices to people in their 20s as the head of YG Entertainment.

In particular, the thing that has caught much attention that Yoo Hee Yeol, who was invited by Yang Hyun Suk, threw him off guard by asking him a tough question,"What is your reason to continue remaining silent on YG" recent incidents?", causing Yang Hyun Suk to tense up at the "sudden attack".

If you want to know whether Yang Hyun Suk will speak up on these matters or nor, be sure to tune in SBS"s "Healing Camp" on December 1st.

Yoon Sang Hyun Helps 'Healing Camp''s Rating Viewers Raise Viewer Rating

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It’s so amazing! It Yoon Sang Hyun seems to be is a lucky star of the SBS’s “Healing Camp” as his appearance on the latest episode has helped the viewer rating of the program go up to 6.1 percent. Yoon Sang Hyuk previously confirmed that the songwriter Maybee and he are falling in love with each other, and the couple is planning to get married, drawing attention of viewers to this especial episode of “Healing Camp”. On this episode, Healing Camp also welcomed the participation of Kim Kwang Gyu and Joo Sang Wook.

Yang Hyun Suk to Speak about YG Controversies on Next Week’s “Healing Camp”?

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SBS has aired a short preview video ahead of next week’s episode of talk show “Healing Camp,” which will be featuring YG Entertainment chief Yang Hyun Suk. The episode could see the YG boss speak out about some of the controversies that currently surround some of the agency’s biggest stars.

From the preview, which aired on November 24, it can be seen that Yang Hyun Suk will be appearing on the show alongside Yoo Hee Yeol. Both stars are currently appearing as judges on the current KBS audition program “K-Pop Star.”

As part of the preview, Yoo Hee Yeol was shown directly asking Yang Hyun Suk, “There have been so many problems with YG stars of late. What is your reason for staying quiet about these matters?”

Yang Hyun Suk is not shown making an answer, but it appears he was somewhat embarrassed by the frank question

Yoon Sang Hyun & Maybee set their wedding date for February + the actor reveals more details about their romance

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It was mentioned before that Yoon Sang Hyun (41) and singer Maybee (35) will be tying the knot sometime early next year after revealing their relationship to the public, and now a specific date has been disclosed!

Yoon Sang Hyun"s agency told OSEN on November 24, "Yoon Sang Hyun and Maybee will be marrying on February 8, 2015. The date was decided on by both families, but the wedding venue has not been chosen yet."

The actor also revealed how he and his wife-to-be first met on his appearance on "Healing Camp", saying, "Honestly, there is someone I"m seeing and we are thinking of marrying around the beginning next year at the earliest. We have not dated for long, but I feel certain

Yoo Hee Yeol asks Yang Hyun Suk the tough question about why he has kept silent about YGE"s recent incidents in "Healing Camp" preview

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Yang Hyun Suk will appear on next week"s episode of SBS" "Healing Camp", and a preview has been revealed to intrigue viewers for the episode to come.

For the upcoming December 1st episode, Yang Hyun Suk held a Q&A session with those in their twenties as the head of YG Entertainment for a special "Healing Camp" recording. He gave his advice, sharing, "[Find or do] what excited you." A member of the audience asked, "How can u keep that excitement alive?" Another person asked, "[What would you do] if you were to switch places with me for a week?", while a young man asked, "Do you have to pour everything into work to achieve success?"

Yang Hyun Suk also brought along fellow "K-Pop Star" judge and close friend Yoo Hee Yeol for the show

Nam Tae Hyun causes controversy over alleged rude behavior toward fans and apologizes

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Recently, WINNER"s Nam Tae Hyun got embroiled in controversy after his behavior during "GS&Concert 2014" on November 22 was deemed rude. After finishing a song, the leader Kang Seung Yoon was greeting the fans when Nam Tae Hyun shouted informally, "He"s speaking!" This caused a portion to throw criticism at him for his informal speech, so he made an apology.

On November 24, Nam Tae Hyun spoke through his agency, YG Entertainment, to TV Report in an exclusive, "I apologize for the situation during the concert last Saturday. At the time on stage, the situation called for comfortably speaking with the fans while joking around. However, if the people who heard were put in a bad mood, I truly apologize. At the time, it was not a situation for me to get angry

Why Korean Fans Upset By WINNER Member Nam Tae Hyun's Informal Language

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(Photo : YG Entertainment )

Nam Tae Hyun has apologized for his informal language at a recent concert.

Nam Tae Hyun of YG Entertainment’s boy band WINNER has issued an official apology to fans, following his use of informal language during a November 22 concert.

On November 22, Nam Tae Hyun performed along with his WINNER bandmates at the GS & Concert 2014 event, which was held at the Jamsil Arena in Seoul. The GS & Concert 2014 featured other artists in addition to WINNER including their label-mate Psy and girl groups Girl"s Day and SISTAR. 

During the stage performance featuring WINNER, audience members reportedly continued to speak loudly as the group’s leader Kang Seung Yoon delivered his introduction

Yoon Sang Hyun Opens Up about Dating Maybee on Upcoming Episode of “Healing Camp”

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Actor Yoon Sang Hyun has honestly admitted his relationship with singer Maybee during the filming of an upcoming episode of SBS talk show “Healing Camp.”

During the filming of the November 24 episode of “Healing Camp,” Yoon Sang Hyun admitted to seeing Maybee, just as reported earlier by the media.

He talked more in detail about their relationship, describing how they met and how he fell for her.

He even added, “We may even get married early next year,” and further explained his decision to consider getting married with Maybee. It will also be revealed on the episode how he proposed to Maybee.

The upcoming episode of “Healing Camp” will also feature Kim Kwang Kyu and Ji Sang Wook

WINNER’s Nam Tae Hyun Sparks Criticism for Speaking Informally Toward Fans

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WINNER member Nam Tae Hyun has been caught up in a bit of a controversy after sparking criticism for shouting informally at fans during a recent event.

This past November 22, the members of WINNER attended the ‘GS & Concert 2014’ that took place at the Jamsil Gymnasium in Seoul, where they performed “Empty” and a number of other songs for fans.

During the concert, in between songs, the group’s leader, Kang Seung Yoon started off talking by first greeting the crowd. However, when fans did not quiet down, member Nam Tae Hyun yelled out, “He’s talking right now!” in informal speech, causing Kang Seung Yoon to hesitate before continuing on.

Following the end of the concert, videos of Nam Tae Hyun yelling informally at fans made its rounds on various online communities, quickly becoming a hot topic

Nam Tae Hyun stirs up controversy with his rude speech towards fans

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The article about WINNER"s Taehyun "informal" speech towards fans is currently a debate on various Korean websites.

WINNER were among the performers of "GSConcert 2014" which was held on November 22 at Jamsil Stadium in Seoul and was also attended by their seniors Girl"s Day, SISTAR, Ailee, and more.

After few performances, WINNER"s leader Kang Seung Yoon started the introduction and greeted fans. However, unlike other"s calm introduction, Taehyun seemed to be rather more excited and overly shouted his introduction.

Unfortunately, the awkward moment didn"t stop there. When Kang Seung Yoon was talking, the fans started to get noisy prompting Taehyun to break out and shouted, "He"s talking!" using informal speech.

For a moment, Kang Seung Yoon was surprised and the audience remained silent. Fortunately, the leader who looked embarrassed for an instant, managed to break the cold ice and started to talk again

Yang Hyun Suk Explains the Secret to IU’s Popularity

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Yang Hyun Suk, the CEO of YG Entertainment, has shared his opinion on the popularity of female soloist IU.

On the November 23 episode of SBS’ “K-Pop Star 4,” contestant Park Yoon Ha impressed the judges with her promising singing skills. Yang Hyun Suk, one of the three judges of the show, said, “You have said that you like clean and pure singers like IU, Younha, and Akdong Musician. I have figured out why IU is so popular.”

“IU’s is able to express appropriately. Instead of singing like a singer, she gives the impression of your ex-girlfriend singing,” Yang Hyun Suk explained.

“Park Yoon Ha, if you polish your skills a bit more and find your own style like IU, you will be able to sing with a much more charming voice,” the judge advised the contestant

Girl’s Day’s Yura Falls Into Hong Jong Hyun’s Jealousy Trap on “We Got Married”

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On the November 22 broadcast of MBC’s variety program “We Got Married,” Girl’s Day member Yura unknowingly fell into the intentional trap set up by her virtual husband, model-actor Hong Jong Hyun, to purposely stir up jealousy in her.

During this episode, Yura asked Hong Jong Hyun, “Why are you so on fire for exercise these days?”

In response, the model-actor admitted, “I have to expose [my body] in the movie [I’m filming]. I have to carry the female lead…At the beach, I have to wear a swimsuit and do a kiss scene.” Hong Jong Hyun is currently in the middle of filming for a new movie alongside actress Jin Se Yeon.

Surprised, Yura stated, “Oh my. So that’s why you’ve been working out so hard?” After seeing her cute, jealous reaction, Hong Jong Hyun continued to stir up jealousy, saying, “Of course

Lee Soo Hyuk and Others Spill Beans on Hong Jong Hyun’s Dating Experience

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On the November 22 broadcast of MBC’s “We Got Married,” Hong Jong Hyun‘s friends Lee Soo Hyuk, Kim Young Kwang, and stylist Kim Se Joon appeared as guests and met their friend’s on-screen “wife,” Girl’s Day’s Yura.

On this episode, the on-screen couple of Hong Jong Hyun and Yura met with the three friends and had an enjoyable time chatting with them. The three guys asked the couple some questions and also revealed a couple of things about their friend, Hong Jong Hyun.

“When we first knew that Hong Jong Hyun will be on ‘We Got Married,’ I thought that an older partner would be better suited for him,” said Kim Young Kwang. Yura was quite taken aback by Kim Young Kwang’s statement but she managed to make a joke out of it when Lee Soo Hyuk pointed out how she took her fork and stabbed her food