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Malhada releases Layback’s “Me” and teases for Hong Yuna’s first digital single “Good bye, Summer”

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Malhada has recently released Layback’s “Me” while also teasing fans with an image teaser for Hong Yuna’s first single, “Good bye, Summer.”

Layback’s “Me” opens with a pitch distortion that suits the somber mood and dark lighting of the video. Featuring lyrics arranged by Layback, the rap highlights his low and steady vocals and rhythmic control.

Additionally, Layback shares that he is excited to be featured in Hong Yuna’s first digital single, “Good bye, Summer,” set to drop on September 1st. Malhada also teased fans with an image teaser, perhaps a still from a music video. The image teaser has a light, neutral tone that perhaps foreshadows the track will have a slightly melancholy mood.

Malhada is home to popular production such as "You’ve Got Mail" featuring Darth Vader and a heartbreaking story between a blind and deaf couple

Hyoyeon, A Pink, UEE, Kim Hyung Jun and more do "Ice Bucket Challenge"

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Rainbow"s Seung Ah, EXID"s Hani, After School"s UEE, A Pink, Girls" Generation"s Hyoyeon, Park Myung Soo, Kim Yoo Jung, MBLAQ"s Mir, Jang Na Ra, Kim Bum Soo, BTOB"s Minhyuk and Ilhoon, 4minute"s Jihyun, Sunmi, Dal Shabet"s Subin, and Kim Hyung Jun also took part in the "ALS Ice Bucket Challenge," expressing that it was an honor to help out with ALS in any way possible and naming the next challengers.

One of the people Seung Ah nominated was INFINITE"s Sungyeol. UEE said she would not be nominating anybody while Hani chose VIXX"s Ken and Kim Hyung Jun chose Sunny.

Hyoyeon called out SHINee"s Jonghyun and SM Entertainment founder Lee Soo Man! A Pink did it as a group and targeted G

KARA Ranks B1A4′s Good Looks, Talks About New Single, “Mamma Mia” in “Ask In A Box”

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KARA, who has returned in eight months with a new member and a new album, has recently appeared in 1theK’s YouTube show, “Ask in a Box” uploaded on August 19.

The now four-member group sang the chorus part of their title single, “Mamma Mia” to open the show and excitedly talked about various topics and fulfilled requests by fans such as showing the key choreography for their title track.

Before they got to answer the questions sent in by their fans, the ladies first fulfilled the request left for them by B1A4 who were the guests in the previous episode of the show.

“Please put the B1A4 members in the order of best looking–from best to worst,” requested B1A4′s Gongchan

San E reveals official poster for upcoming summer concert “Good Bye Summer Party” featuring Loco, Gray, Simon D, Bumkey, and more

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With the release of his latest music video “Body Language” at the beginning of the month, San E has further plans to participating in a summer concert, as revealed through his latest Instagram post!

Joining Loco, Gray, Simon D, Bumkey, DJ Pumpkin, DJ Wegun, and DJ IT, these eight artists will be coming together on Friday, September 12th from 8:00 PM to midnight for an amazing hip-hop and R&B concert for fans to enjoy. It will be held in the Crystal Ballroom of the Lotte Hotel Seoul, located on the 2nd floor of the building. The entrance fee is relatively $66, in which seating seems to be first-come, first-serve due to general prices for the whole crowd.

There will also be an official after party, though further details have yet to be revealed.

Otherwise known as “Memorable Clap & Pulse_Vol

[Spoiler] Added episodes 33 and 34 captures for the Korean drama "Good Day"

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Added episodes 33 and 34 captures for the Korean drama "Good Day" (2014)Directed by Hong Seong-changWritten by Moon Hee-jeongNetwork : SBSWith Lee Sang-woo, Park Se-yeong, Kim Mi-Sook, Son Chang-min, Choi Bool-am, Nah Moon-hee,...50 episodes - Sat, Sun 20:45SynopsisA drama about a mother who raised three daughters, struggling to make sure they marry the right men.Broadcast starting date in Korea : 2014/04/26




A Pink members and fans enjoy #AllForYouEunji birthday celebrations

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A Pink Na-Eun, Chorong, Bomi, Naeun, Namjoo, and Hayoung uploaded a happy-go-lucky greeting to fellow member Eunji in celebration of her birthday!

The footage was filmed backstage at the "SHINZU"I White Concert" held a few days ago. Due to her busy schedule, Eunji was unable ot attend the event, which probably made it a bit easier for her members to film the surprise greetings.

Each girl takes turn sending a birthday message after they sing a cheery verse of Happy Birthday together. Eunji will have to decide for herself which of the members "loves her the most", though it"s obvious she is well loved by them all.

The above photo was posted to A Pink"s official Facebook with the caption, "A Pink"s main vocalist Miss Eunji"s birthday is today, August 18 2014

A Cube Entertainment and A Pink members celebrate Jung Eunji’s 21st birthday!

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Coinciding with G-Dragon’s 27th birthday, A Pink’s main vocalist Jung Eunji celebrates her 21st birthday as well on August 18th, 2014 (KST)!

Her agency A Cube Entertainment has uploaded a personal birthday poster for her via Facebook and Twitter (as seen above), showing her in a pretty pose besides the words “2014, 08.18 HAPPY EUN JI DAY”. And above as a post, a representative has written, “[#Eunji] August 18th, 2014 is A Pink’s main vocalist Eunji’s birthday! Please give all your celebrations towards our multi-talented Eungdee ^_^” with the hashtags “#Apink #JungEunji #JeongEunJi #AllForYouEunji.”

The last hashtag in particular has been trending on Twitter, alongside #HappyBirthdayEunJi and #HappyEunjiDay. Various fans from all over the world have posted heartwarming messages and photos of Eunji for her birthday, making the topic of her special day go viral

A Pink Uploads Surprise Eunji Birthday Video Message

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A Pink members Chorong, Bomi, Naeun, Namjo,o and Hayoung have uploaded a special edition of “A Pink Mini Diary” to YouTube to celebrate bandmate Eunji’s birthday. The five girls take it in turns to wish Eunji a happy day.

The members first sing “Happy Birthday.” They then tell Eunji that the video is intended as a surprise and say, “Don’t cry when you watch this!” and then, later, a few of them tell the star, “I love you the most!”

Earlier in the day, a photo was uploaded to the girl group’s official Twitter and Facebook pages, along with the caption, “August 18 2014 is A Pink’s main vocalist Miss Eunji’s birthday! Everybody please congratulate the multi-talented Eunji on her birthday

[Spoiler] "Good Day" Kim Hyeong-gyoo-I has to get away from this absurd marriage

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Kim Hyeong-gyoo-I must run away from this absurd marriage.

On the SBS drama "Good Day", In-woo (Kim Hyeong-gyoo-I) and Soy"s (Jeong Hye-seong) engagement party ran smoothly.

"Be telling a barefaced lie" is just the phrase to describe it. In-woo and Soy got to the engagement like that thanks to Soy and In-woo"s mother Sin-ae (Lee Mi-yeong). She didn"t care about her son"s opinion.

What kind of a person in In-woo"s mother? Her one and only wish is to have a rich daughter-in-law. She would mind using money to get rid of her first son Jae-woo"s (Lee Sang-woo) fiance Da-jeong (Park Se-yeong) who isn"t from a well-off family. Sin-ae made a promissory note and borrowed a large amount of money in order to make necessary preparations for a wealthy daughter-in-law

A Pink member greet Eunji on her birthday! #AllForYouEunji

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A Pink members prepare a sweet video greeting for Eunji on her birthday today, August 18.

The girls had their video greeting recorded during the Shinzui White Concert in Jakarta and unfirtunately, Eunji isn"t present. In preparation for her birthday day, here are lovely A Pink who miss the birthday girl.

Watch below:

Gag Concert and Foreigners: Not A Good Mix

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Gag Concert and Foreigners: Not A Good Mix Written by Gaya On August 17, 2014

Gag Concert has a grand history as the longest running comedy show on South Korean television. Beginning in 1999, Gag Concert has managed to keep up with a rotating cast of comedians and new and newer skits. As a sketch comedy show, Gag Concert comprises of “corners” featuring certain scenarios, like Bboom Entertainment and Discoveries of Life. These skits have been retired, though, to make way for new material. And that new material is this (Note: video may not be viewable in your country):

Mansour Corner depicts the life of a rich Arab man by the name of Mansour, who flaunts his wealth by dressing like the king from Aladdin (among other cultural inaccuracies)

A Pink garners more than 8 million views on "Mr. Chu"

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A Pink has gathered more than 8 million views for their "Mr. Chu" MV!

The girls released the cute, bright MV traditional to their usual image back in late March, and they"ve now reached past the 8 million mark! The girls are one of the most watched K-pop girl groups on YouTube, and maybe they"ll soon reach over 10 million with "Mr. Chu", just like with their MV for "No No No".

Congratulations to A Pink!

A Pink Reveals Unrealistically Perfect Skin Without Makeup on “Showtime”

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On the second episode of “A Pink’s Showtime” that aired on August 14, member Yoon Bomi walked around with a self camera attempting to get a shot of the other members after they had washed off their makeup.

Her attempts were not easy, as the other members were hesitant to readily cooperate with her filming. But Bomi did not give up! After various attempts, she finally got a shot of their bare faces.

This episode garnered much attention because their skin was so perfect even without makeup. Their makeup-less faces enhanced their sweet, innocent charms.

Meanwhile, “A Pink’s Showtime” airs every Thursday on MBC Every1. A Pink guest stars for the third season of the show, following EXO and BEAST.

What do you guys think of their bare faces?

"Nine Boys" releases still cuts of A Pink"s Chorong and BTOB"s Sungjae

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Upcoming tvN weekend drama "Nine Boys" releases still cuts of A Pink Chorong"s and BTOB Sungjae"s first meet up.

The two who are going to possibly have a loveline are seen walking down a pedestrian lane with Sungjae holding Chorong"s arm. Is this their first meeting?

Meanwhile, Choroong and Sungjae are playing the character of teenagers Soo Ah and Kang Min Goo, both are 19 years old. "Nine Boys" drama is going to follow the life story of males in 9, 19, 29, and 39 years old.

It will premiere on August 20 at 8:40PM taking over the timeslot of "Marriage, Not Dating".

A Pink have fun at the water park and show off their bare faces on "Showtime"

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The cute ladies of A Pink entertained their fans with another fun episode of "A Pink"s Showtime"!

After spending a fun time playing around at a water park, the girls headed back to their dorm where Bomi carried out the mission given to her by the show - to catch the members without make up! Although the members chased Bomi away, she diligently went after them with the camera until she caught them. Of course, it turned out that they had nothing to worry about as each member looked cute and fresh as always!

Check out the full episode below, or their bare face segment starting around the 36:00 mark.