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A Pink and Siwan show off trendy school uniforms for "Skoolooks"

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A Pink and ZE:A"s Siwan looked fresh for their "Skoolooks" BTS video!
The girls and Siwan dressed up in the fall semester school uniforms, looking amazing as always! Even though some of them are much older than the normal age to be wearing school uniforms, none of them looked out of place in the photoshoot.

A Pink and Siwan also talked about how they were when they were in school, so check out the video above!
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Im Siwan and A Pink Are Romantic Students in BTS Videos of Skoolooks Photo Shoot

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School uniform brand Skoolooks shared a making of video of this year’s models, A Pink and Im Siwan.

The making of video shows Im Siwan and the girls of A Pink with bright smiles as they get dolled up for the colorful photo shoot. With their fashion-forward uniforms and energetic poses, these models made the photo shoot atmosphere quite cheery. Through the video you can also see the A Pink members laughing and goofing around with each other.

It looks like Skoolooks picked the perfect models for this year’s theme of “Let’s look prettier.” Watch the video here:

Skoolooks also released the official photos of A Pink and Im Siwan through their website. You can see more photos through this link.

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"Good Doctor" to be adapted

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Moon Chae-won and Joo Won

American network CBS is slated to produce an adaptation of the Korean drama "Good Doctor", according to KBS, which aired the series in 2013. This is the first time a domestic program will be remade by a major U.S. broadcaster, local media reported. It is likely that CBS will air the American version of "Good Doctor" either next year or in 2016, KBS announced, though CBS TV Studios is reportedly aiming to debut the show in August 2015. The remake will be set in a Boston hospital. Korean-born actor Daniel Dae Kim, best known as the star of "Hawaii Five-0" and his role as Jin-soo Kwon on "Lost", has partnered with CBS and its studios for the project, a deal finalized with his company 3AD. CBS TV Studios is reportedly taking full responsibility for the adaptation

Jay Park releases 2nd studio album “Evolution” and “So Good” MV

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Jay Park opens the month of September with the release of his 2nd studio album “Evolution,” unveiling the title track’s music video “So Good” as well.

Featuring a whooping 17 tracks of unheard, remastered and remix songs, “Evolution” is Jay Park’s first full-length album in two years since “New Breed.” Since “New Breed,” Jay Park has been busy producing and releasing singles, busily working to release his best tracks to fans.

Prior to releasing the album, Jay Park teased fans with a pre-release song "The Promise" in August, garnering positive response from fans.

Along with the second album comes the music video of his title track, “So Good,” a fast, exciting, upbeat tempo song inspired by the late Michael Jackson, an artist Jay Park received many musical influences from since his childhood

[Spoiler] "Good Day" Kim Hyeong-gyoo-I gets angry at Jeong Hye-seong

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Hye-seong struggled to catch up with Park Se-yeong.

On the episode of the SBS drama "Good Day", Soy (Jeong Hye-seong) and In-woo (Kim Hyeong-gyoo-I) had a conflict.

Soy was jealous of Da-jeong (Park Se-yeong) for being liked by her father-in-law and claimed she would work at the store, too. She got up but tripped and fell, delaying delivery. In-woo noticed resentment and pity in her tears.

He yelled at her for delaying delivery and Soy was made at him for yelling at her.

Soy asked, "Do you still like Jeong Da-jeong?" then left the house.

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Jay Park’s New Music Video is “So Good”

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Solo star Jay Park has made his long-awaited comeback, releasing the music video for “So Good,” from the album “Evolution.” The album is Jay Park’s second, and follows on from his debut album, “New Breed,” which was released in February 2012.

The new album sees the singer, a former member of 2PM, try his hand at a variety of different music genres, including hip-hop, RnB, dance and electronica. The singer’s Michael Jackson influences can be felt in the new track, and the video shows the star driving around in a convertible car, dancing and playing basketball in an urban setting.

“Evolution” comprises 17 songs, and features collaborations with the likes of Gray, Loco, Swings, Common Ground and others

Jay Park is "So Good" in MV for his 2nd full-length album "Evolution"

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Jay Park has released his 2nd full album "Evolution"!

His 2nd album includes 17 tracks, including "Evolution", "JOAH", title song "So Good", "Let"s Make Up (Remastered)", "Promise", "Secret (Remastered)", "Welcome", "Ride Me", "Metronome", "GGG", "WHO THE F*CK IS U", "1HUNNIT (Remix)", "Success Crazed", "I Like 2 Party (Remastered)", "Hot (Remastered)", "Hot (Remix)", and "Nana".

Check out his MV for title track "So Good" above!

“Plus Nine Boys” Is Off to a Good Start, Number One in Time Slot for Target Audience

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New tvN drama “Plus Nine Boys” has gotten off on a good first foot. The first episode aired on August 29, and turned out to be an excellent combination of an interesting storyline, unique characters, and direction. Viewer ratings for the show were positive, the drama hitting an average of 1.2 percent and peaking at 2 percent. For its target audience (ages 20-49), the ratings were number one for its time slot.

The drama introduces three brothers and their uncle, all ten years apart, and all at the fateful ‘nine’ age: nine-year-old cutie Kang Dong Woo (played by Choi Ro Woon), 19-year-old judo boy Kang Min Goo (BTOB Yook Sungjae), 29-year-old tour planner Kang Jin Goo (Kim Young Kwang), and 39-year-old variety producer Goo Kwang Soo (Oh Jung Sae)

'Good Doctor' Remake To Be Shown On CBS

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The American remake of "Good Doctor" has found a home on the CBS television network. It"s the first time that a major U.S. broadcaster has taken on the challenge on adapting a k-drama for a U.S. audience.

The adaptation will be a co-production of CBS Studios, 3AD and Entermedia. 3AD is the newly launched company founded by Korean-American actor Daniel Dae Kim. The actor, who appeared in "Lost" and "Hawaii Five-O," wanted to bring "Good Doctor" to American audiences.

Kim told the Hollywood Reporter that he thinks the time is right for k-dramas to cross over.

"It"s all about the timing and confluence of different events," Kim told The Hollywood Reporter. "K-pop is bigger than ever, there is awareness in the U.S. of an international market, there is interest in intellectual property such as basing TV and film on books and foreign content

A Pink’s Eunji introduces her younger brother on MBC Everyone “A Pink’s Showtime”

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During a recent broadcast of MBC Everyone “A Pink’s Showtime,” A Pink’s Jung Eunji introduced her brother, who is 8 years younger than her.

In the episode aired on August 28, Eunji’s brother Jung Minki visited A Pink’s house where the members prepared a welcoming party for him. Bomi showed off her cooking skills, creating a delicious but diffucult dish using duck and chives.

Eunji personally picked up her younger brother from Busan, showing her delight to seeing him after such a long time. From the Gyeongsang Province, Jung Minki is a slightly brusque male, a typical characteristic of men from the region.

When A Pink members asked Jung Minki who he wanted to see the most, he responded that he wanted to see Bomi as she caught his eye with her activeness

A Pink and comedian Lee Kuk Ju team up for another "G9" CF

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A Pink and comedian Lee Kuk Ju have released another hilarious CF for "G9"!

While in the previous CF, A Pink and the comedian danced to "Mr. Chu", the girls jam out in an airplane and act like mannequins in the latest commercial for the shopping service. Lee Kuk Ju does her trademark jokes, while A Pink make sure to stay steady and follow her lead.

Check it out above!

US Remake of “Good Doctors” to Air on CBS

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After almost four months since news of a US remake for “Good Doctors” was released, more details regarding the program have been finalized.

On August 29, KBS confirmed that the KBS 2TV drama series, “Good Doctors,” will be remade by US broadcast station CBS. This is the first time that a major US broadcast company will remake a Korean drama.

KBS also revealed that the US remake of “Good Doctors” has a high possibility of airing between 2015 or 2016. CBS Studios, 3AD, and Entermedia have pitched for next year’s season lineup on August 8 and CBS has decided to push through with the production of the drama, “Good Doctors.”

All production aspects of the US remake will be taken care of by CBS Studio

Actor Song Seung Hun Proves His Unchanging Good Looks by Revealing His High School Photo

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Actor Song Seung Hun recently revealed a photo of his younger, high school self—proving that his handsome looks have remained the same since then.

On August 28, the actor posted on his own personal Weibo account, “High school boy~~SH,” along with his high school picture.

In the unveiled picture is a copy of his ID photo that was taken during his school days. You can see Song Seung Hun’s distinct trademark: his dark, thick eyebrows and pronounced facial features. The picture also shows off the fact that there is almost no different at all between the actor’s high school and current appearance.

After being cast in a new Korean-Chinese joint production titled “Third Love,” Song Seung Hun is currently in the middle of filming in Shanghai.

A Pink Members Take Eunji’s Brother Around Seoul, He Chooses His Ideal Type

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On the August 28 broadcast of MBC Every1’s reality program “A Pink’s Showtime,” member Eunji’s younger brother travelled to Seoul from Busan in order to visit his sister at A Pink’s dorm.

Following a delicious ‘welcome dinner’ that was personally cooked by the A Pink members themselves, they all went out on the streets of Seoul, and stopped by a clothing store to buy Eunji’s brother a ‘date outfit.’ After buying matching outfits for herself and her brother, they continued on to Cheonggyecheon, a popular tourist area in downtown Seoul.

Eunji, known for having a very close relationship with her brother who is eight years younger, did not hesitate to hold hands with her brother as they walked out and about in Seoul with the rest of the members

Eunji"s little brother reveals which A Pink member he wanted to see the most on "A Pink"s Showtime"

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Eunji"s little brother appeared on the August 28th episode of "A Pink"s Showtime" and revealed which A Pink member he wanted to see the most.


Eunji and her younger brother Jung Min Ki, who have 8 years between them, spent some much-needed time together. They hung out with the A Pink members at their dorm, where they cooked for him and had fun. Min Ki was asked which A Pink member he wanted to see the most, and he responded, "I wanted to see Bomi noona. She sticks out because she"s so lively."

However, when he was asked who his ideal type was, he answered, "My noona"s #1." 

Isn"t that cute? Watch the episode below!