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NU’EST Talks Baekho’s Cheeseball Hair, Playing with Sparklers and More in ‘Good Bye Bye’ MV at Mwave’s MEETGREET

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Back with a new album Re:BIRTTH, NU’EST stopped by Mwave’s MEET&GREET to talk about its comeback, including the dramatic music video for lead single Good Bye Bye.

During the live, online fan meeting on July 21, the boys walked fans through the striking music video, sharing episodes from the set.

Minhyun revealed that the dance scenes were filmed in a ‘one-take’ style – although the entire music video was shot over 26 hours.

The members also teased Baekho, calling his bright orange ‘do in the music video the ‘cheese ball’ hairstyle, before adding that fans have been asking to see the hairstyle on Baekho more.

And what was really going in the fireworks scene at the end? The boys revealed between laughs that there was a lot of shouting “Hey! Stop! Hey! Don’t come near me!”

To learn more about what went down during the music video shoot, check out the clip below!

Jeon Min Ju and Yuna Kim release a performance video of 'Good Bye Rain'

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Jeon Min Ju and Yuna Kim have released a performance video for their duet song "Good Bye Rain"!

The duo from the upcoming girl group The Ark collaborated with Bromance"s Hyunkyu for the song "Good Bye Rain". The girls had already released their MV, and now fans get a bonus "performance video" from the duo! The new MV focuses mostly on the choreography.

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Check out the video above as we wait for The Ark"s debut!

A Pink’s Ha Young Conveys Message of Gratitude on Her Birthday

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A Pink’s maknae Ha Young relayed a thankful message for all of the birthday wishes.

On July 19, Ha Young left a message on A Pink’s official SNS accounts in the early morning of her birthday. Ha Young wrote “Though it may be late, I’m putting this up in case there are any of our fans waiting before going to bed. I’m in a good mood because many people congratulated me on my birthday and I received many meaningful presents. When did you all prepare this? I’m emotional right now.”

Ha Young uploaded a selca and the message continues: “Today is an exciting day no matter what I do and for no reason. I hope today is like this for our fans. My unnies opened the door and brought in a cake and gave me presents. I have read all of the letters from my unnies and from all of the fans, and I am now lying on my bed

A Pink Confirmed as Next Idol Group to Take Over ‘Showtime’

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A Pink has been confirmed as the new idol to take over Showtime.

The production team of MBC Every1’s Showtime announced on July 18, “Following EXO and B2ST, the third group of the show is A Pink.”

Having experience leading a variety show through A Pink News, A Pink will be sharing everything about themselves through Showtime, including their daily activities.

In a pre-broadcast interview with the production team, the A Pink members reportedly showed passion to challenge themselves with various sports and wild experiences in the show and coolly agreed to reveal their bare faces.

A Pink’s Showtime is set to air in August.

Photo credit: MBC Every1

A Pink Confirmed for Third Season of “Showtime”

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According to MBC Every1 on July 18, girl group A Pink has been confirmed for the third season of MBC reality program “Showtime,” to be called “A Pink’s Showtime.”

“Showtime” is a show where idol groups answer direct questions from fans and carry out various missions and tasks. The previous two seasons featured male idol groups EXO and BEAST, respectively.

The production stated, “A Pink on the show will be vastly different from the previous EXO, for whom ‘Showtime’ was their first reality show, and BEAST, who had six years of experience under their belts.”

“A Pink’s Showtime” will air in August of this year.

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KARA's Gyuri to make special appearance as weather girl on 'Morning Wide'

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It"s been revealed that KARA"s Gyuri will be making a special appearance as a weather girl on SBS news show "Morning Wide".

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At the press conference for the show on July 18, PD Yoo Young Suk announced that "Morning Wide" would be reorganized to feature more up-to-date news and will also include a weekly weather segment featuring celebrities. The PD explained, "The biggest reason for the reformat is the change in time slot... We"ve made it so viewers can differentiate between the news of yesterday and today... News will be reported as it comes out."

He added, "KARA"s Gyuri will be hosting the weather portion on the July 21st broadcast. Every Monday, another celebrity will appear." 

Don"t you think Gyuri would make an amazing weathercaster?

A Pink wish happy birthday to member Hayoung

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A Pink"s cutie maknae, Hayoung, has now turned 18 years old!

To wish her a happy birthday, A Pink"s official Twitter uploaded a cute picture as well as a message, "2014.07.19 is Hayoung"s birthday ^^ Everyone, please wish A Pink"s maknae, Hayoung, happy birthday!" and used hashtag, "#1WithHayoun9."

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Make sure you jump on Twitter and make her day by saying a sweet and heartfelt, "Happy birthday!"

[#하영] 2014.07.19 하영양의 생일입니다 ^^) 모두모두 에이핑크의 막내 하영이의 생일을 축하해주세요! #오하영 #에이핑크 #Apink #1WithHayoun9 pic

A Pink’s Jung Eun Ji vs. Seo In Guk

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After stealing the show together on tvN’s Reply 1997, A Pink’s Jung Eun Ji and Seo In Guk have returned to dramaland separately, and they’re facing off in this week’s Battle.

Jung Eun Ji

A Pink’s Jung Eun Ji proved she is leading lady material as a rookie in Reply 1997 and she has taken the lead once more in KBS’ Trot Lovers.

The A Pink member takes on the world of trot in the drama as an aspiring trot singer, starring opposite Ji Hyun Woo in his comeback piece since completing his military duties.

Seo In Guk

Seo In Guk, meanwhile, has returned to tvN and slipped back into his school uniform to star in High Schooler King of Life alongside Lee Ha Na

Girls' Generation's Tiffany is pretty in pink for 'InStyle'

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Girls" Generation"s Tiffany once again flaunted her breathtaking beauty for another pictorial, this time with "InStyle" magazine!

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Tiffany donned an outfit in her favorite color pink, of course, and gave a wink to SONEs to make this pictorial a keeper! She was also the definition of sophistication in her black-and-white outfits that added just the right amount of class with edge.

During her interview, the idol mentioned some big names she wants to work with, saying, "I definitely want to collaborate with Lee Hyori unni for a song one day... I want to act with Lee Byung Hun sunbaenim. Although this is quite a big dream, if there is a role in a Hollywood production that suits me, I want to act with him

Go Ara and Ahn Jae Hyeon Say Good-Bye to ‘You Are All Surrounded’

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Go Ara and Ahn Jae Hyeon bid good-bye to You Are All Surrounded.

With SBS’s You Are All Surrounded set to air the final episode on July 17, Go Ara shared her thoughts on ending the drama.

She said, “I was able to smile a lot while filming. I was happy and enjoyed filming with all the staff members at You Are All Surrounded filming site. All the people who worked on You Are All Surrounded worked so hard and I thank you all.”

Ahn Jae Hyeon also shared his thoughts through his agency, saying, “I still remember clearly, running through the streets of the rodeo street in Apgujeong on the first day of filming You Are All Surrounded but it’s already the last day the drama will air

NU'EST release choreography version of their 'Good Bye Bye' MV

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NU"EST gave the best of both worlds with their charismatic close-ups and choreography in the dance version of their "Good Bye Bye" MV!

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NU"EST jumped into your hearts and showed off their synchronized steps in the choreography version. The boys give off a dark and cool vibe in their black outfits and even though they"re dancing in a dark room, their visuals and perfect hairstyles are still able to shine through.

Get a better look at their choreography this time around!

New “Roommate” OST “Good Morning” MV Features Cast Members Having Fun in the Sun

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A new music video for SBS’ “Roommate” OST “Good Morning,” directed by Yoon Jong Shin, has been revealed.

The newly released music video features a highlight reel of the “Roommate” cast members having fun in a water fight and other never before seen footage.

The song is perfect for the summer season, with singer A.T’s refreshing voice, matched with the video clips of the 11 cast members enjoying a pool party, fishing at a river, bungee jumping, as well as having a water gun battle in their backyard.

“Good Morning” was produced and written by Yoon Jong Shin, and arranged by Jo Jung Chi. Additionally, A.T, who earned recognition through KBS 2TV’s “Immortal Song,” lent her soothing voice for the OST

Ji Hyun Woo Kisses A Pink′s Jung Eun Ji in ‘Trot Lovers’

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Ji Hyun Woo and A Pink′s Jung Eun Ji filmed their first kiss scene in the drama.

KBS 2TV’s Trot Lovers released still cuts of Ji Hyun Woo and Jung Eun Ji’s upcoming kiss scene on July 14.

The scene is from episode 7, where Jang Joon Hyun (Ji Hyun Woo) grabs Choi Choon Hee (Jung Eun Ji)’s face to kiss her on a country road, unseen by anyone.

Episode 6 showed Jang Joon Hyun showing his jealousy towards Jo Keun Woo (Shin Sung Rok), who came to attend Choi Choon Hee’s fan club inauguration ceremony, despite the late hours.

Attention has been focused on whether Jang Joon Hyun will realize his feelings for Choi Choon Hee and begin chasing after her.

An affiliate of Trot Lovers said, “We will be revealing the highly anticipated kiss scene between Joon Hyun and Choon Hee today

B2ST to have a special stage to commemorate their 11th music show win with 'Good Luck'

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B2ST has prepared a special gift for their fans!
The boys won their 11th music show trophy for this promotional period on SBS" "Inkigayo" on the 13th. Before their "Good Luck" promotions, the boys even won 3 trophies with their pre-release ballad song. Then the boys won 3 times on KBS 2TV"s "Music Bank", 4 times on "Show! Music Core", and 3 times on "Inkigayo".

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To thank their fans, the boys will have a special stage with the Korean version of their Japanese song "Sad Movie". Their first "Sad Movie" stage will be on the 3rd week of July. Are you looking forward to their gift?

Block B is pretty in pink for 'H.E.R' teaser image

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Block B has officially sounded the alarm for their comeback with their first teaser image!

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Block B will drop their 4th mini-album "HER" on the 24th and will make up for their previous promotions for "Jackpot" being canceled with "very good" music produced by the talented leader Zico

Since "Jackpot" wasn"t officially released due to the Sewol tragedy earlier, the boys will be including it in their upcoming mini-album and it will also be pre-released on the 18th!