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Heo Jae Hyuk Apologizes for Instagram Photo, Claims He Did Not Know About Ferry Accident

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Model Heo Jae Hyuk recently became the center of heavy criticism from netizens with his recent post on Instagram. At 12:20 AM on April 17, the model posted a photo on Instagram of someone holding his breath in a tub full of water, fully clothed in black, with the caption, “A fun game.”

This was less than a day after the sinking of the Korean ferry off the southern coast of South Korea, which happened on the morning of April 16. Currently, 9 passengers have been reported dead with 179 rescued and 287 still missing. Upon receiving heavy criticism, the model deleted the photo, and posted an explanation on his Twitter and Facebook. He said, “It has been less than three months since I’ve come up to Seoul. While I’m living in Sangsu-dong, I don’t have a computer or a TV, so I didn’t have the chance to see the news

Pianist Yiruma Receives Standing Ovation During Sold-Out Concert in Singapore

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Yiruma, the internationally-renowned pianist-composer from South Korea was in Singapore to perform publicly for the very first time at The Star Performing Arts Center on April 5. All 5,000 tickets were completely sold out. I was so lucky to be able to watch him perform his beautiful melodies; it was even more meaningful because that day was my birthday!

The soft-spoken pianist has a great sense of humor, surprisingly. After opening the concert with “May Be“, Yiruma stood up to greet the 5,000 strong audience.

“Hi Singapore, hi everyone. Wow! This is really wonderful, it’s very scary. It’s scary, but it’s very exciting to be here in Singapore. Are there any Koreans here? Annyeonghaseyo! I’m composer and pianist Yiruma, it’s so nice to meet you. Thank You!”

“Xie xie (Thank you, in Mandarin), I started with the song called ‘May Be

JYP Reveals Teaser for 15&’s Comeback Digital Single “Can’t Hide It”

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On April 9, JYP Entertainment tweeted a mysterious teaser pic with several Korean letters through their official account. No explanation was offered, and many fans wondered what the teaser was for.

Now on April 11, JYP released another teaser, this time revealing what the letters stand for and which of their artists will be having a comeback. According to the teaser, young and talented vocal duo 15& will be making their comeback on April 13 with the release of their digital single, “Can’t Hide It.”

The announcement tweet also revealed that on the same day, 15& will give their comeback performance on a special stage during “K-Pop Star.”

It’s good news for fans, since 15&’s last promotional song was “Somebody” almost a year ago

Is INFINITE’s L dating ulzzang choco-holic Kim Do Yeon?

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The world of K-pop is currently ablaze with dating rumors and scandals. To keep everyone updated, so far Soyeon and Oh Jong Hyuk have confirmed to be dating while Kim Woo Bin and Yoo Ji Ahn have also confirmed their relationship and actor Jung Kyung Ho revealed that he has a girlfriend.

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In addition, there have been rumors about whether Sulli is dating Dynamic Duo"s Choiza. Now, joining the list, is a new rumor that INFINITE"s L is dating ulzzang Kim Do Yeon who is known for her statement of eating 1.2 tons of chocolate over the past 6 years on tvN"s "Martian Virus"

Jin Se-yeon joins Lee Jong-seok in Doctor Stranger

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Confirmations are in for Jin Se-yeon (Age of Feeling), who was offered the lead in SBS’s spring Monday-Tuesday drama Doctor Stranger opposite Lee Jong-seok. She’s signed on to play the heroine (and her doppelganger, naturally), which means the show finally has a leading foursome secured. The casting isn’t terribly exciting, though it makes perfect sense that they went from Park Min-young to Jin Se-yeon, because they’re pretty interchangeable in my mind.

Doctor Stranger is the medical spy melodrama from PD Jin Hyuk of Master’s Sun and City Hunter and writer Park Jin-woo of Conspiracy in the Court. It stars Lee Jong-seok as a North Korean doctor who defected to the South and gets treated as an outsider in the hospital where he works

Near Death Experiences Spark Romance in “Man from the Stars”

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This week brought another fabulous pair of “Man from the Stars” episodes. The unique combination of suspense, romance, and comedy continue to make for excellent entertainment. Min Joon’s role as Song Yi’s protector gets put to the test at many points during these two episodes. From falling fish bowls to runaway cars, Min Joon sure has has his work cut out for him. Thankfully, he has some pretty cool superpowers to help him out. The writer does a wonderful job balancing the nail-biting suspense with laugh-out-loud funny interactions. Be prepared for a roller coaster of emotions when you watch this show!

Min Joon Saves the Day

In the climatic end of Episode 7, Min Joon stretches his powers to the max in order to rescue Song Yi from an immediate death. Be sure to add stopping a car with his bare hands to the list of awesome things Min Joon can do

2NE1 Songs that Make Us Just Get Up and Dance

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While 2NE1 is taking it easy this time with a soft ballad like Missing You, we all know that 2NE1 is known for the fierce and powerful songs that just know what to say to get you all pumped up.

There’s nothing like listening to a 2NE1 song after a long and terrible day to get our spirits hopping again and so we choose some of the energetic group’s that makes us drop everything and just dance.

Go Away

Had a terrible break up? Feel like crawling into bed and never moving?

2NE1’s Go Away is an instant cure for that kind of situation as the members basically blow off all the dumb things the boys did to break up hearts.

Instead of wallowing in their sorrows (Although some wallowing is still allowed after a breakup), the 2NE1 members basically tell the boys to forget it because these girls aren’t just about to wait around when there’s someone better out there

Song Hye Gyo’s Fans Donate to Museum in Uzbekistan for Actress’ Birthday

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Like actress, like fans. Song Hye Gyo’s fans donated to the State Museum of History of Uzbekistan to celebrate the actress’ birthday.

As the actress celebrates her 32nd birthday on November 22, her fans donated a Korean guidebook to the State Museum of History of Uzbekistan. The donation was not a random choice, as Song Hye Gyo had been continuously sponsoring the development towards a Korean guidebook for the museum.

Korean promotional specialist, Professor Suh Kyung Duk, stated, “Song Hye Gyo’s fanclub voluntarily gathered donations. Instead of a birthday gift, the fans donated 10,000 Korean guidebooks to the State Museum of History of Uzbekistan. Not only did Korean fans participate, but international fans also donated towards the creation of the guidebooks.”

Written in the Korean, the guidebook explains the history of Uzbekistan

Extraordinary General Meeting Approves Merger Between JYP Entertainment And JYP

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JYP Entertainment has published the results of their Extraordinary General Meeting regarding the merger between the publicly listed JYP Entertainment and the non listed JYP on the Korean Financial Supervisory Service’s DART Electronic Reporting System. The report states that the merger has been approved with the merger effective starting from October 17.

There were a lot of big words in that first paragraph so lets break it down a bit because this report has some juicy information, including how much each of their artists make for the company.

First a summary

JYP Entertainment and JYP-Parent used to be separate companies responsible for separate artists They have decided to merge the two companies together under the “JYP Entertainment” banner They held an investor’s meeting to discuss the merger They have revealed that they plan to expand their business to include drama, movie production, tour packages, musicals and actors

Super Junior Holds Special Lecture at Oxford University

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Super Junior members held a special lecture at Oxford University.

Although not in Korea, Super Junior experienced their global popularity in another continent as they held a special lecture at England’s Oxford University. On November 10, through the invitation of Oxford’s Asian Pacific Association and the Korean Student Council, Super Junior members Eunhyuk, Siwon, Kyuhyun, and Kangin guest lectured to a crowd of 400 students.

Despite the cold winter weather, Oxford Union Debating Chamber was packed with students anticipating a lecture on the K-Pop group’s national and international success. The lecture consisted of such topics as highlight videos of Super Junior’s world tour, “Super Show,” explanations of album creations, and the members’ thoughts on K-Pop and Hallyu

Kdrama The Heirs (Inheritors) Episode 10 Live Recap

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Kdrama The Heirs (Inheritors) Episode 10 Live RecapOutside, Tan and YD talk. Tan: “I’m sorry I thought of you lightly. I didn’t know you’d be this much of a bastard. ” YD: “Now that you know, is all that is left you kneeling in front of me?” Tan: “Is that what you wanted? Then this not a good plan.” Uh Oh, YD sees ES walking up. YD: “I think I set a good plan.” ES also now sees YD and Tan. YD: “ES even comes to your house? I didn’t come for this, but…Jackpot.”Tan lies, telling YD that he had a previously promised date with ES today. He apologizes to ES, saying they should go see the performance next time. ES gets the hint, and turns to leave. YD calls after her, but Tan tells her to just go. ES hurries off.YD finds it curious that ES comes to Tan’s house so freely, which is full of secrets- “It only means one thing

Big Bang′s T.O.P Talks About Upcoming Self-Composed Song

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With a second solo single coming up, Big Bang’s T.O.P talked about the concept of his new song.

On October 30, T.O.P briefly talked about the concept of his new song during an interview for his movie, The Commitment, at the West 19th in Samcheong-dong.

“There were a lot of things I wanted to express through music, so with this album, I personally created the music I wanted to express,” said T.O.P. “I’ll be rising to the stage with a self-composed song.”

On the new song, he said, “I wanted the explanation for music to be refreshing. I think it’s very strange, yet very humorous. It’s kind of a combative concept, but I think it will be fun.”

T.O.P shared that he participated in the music video as well.

“Because the music I created is my interpretation of the song, I also gave ideas while making and participated in the directing of the music video,” said T

Clara Expresses Her Thoughts on the ‘Lying’ Issue

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After gaining much negative attention, Clara has finally addressed the lying issue on her own.

On September 10, Clara left a long post on her personal Facebook, addressing the issue that has been growing bigger and bigger over the past couple of years.

She wrote, “I did variety that put humor as a priority. It wasn’t a documentary that secured honesty. I would understand if you said that I was not funny on variety, but if you say that I wasn’t be truthful then….”

“I don’t like chicken and beer, but is it a lie to say I like it between good friends in a good atmosphere? If I’ve never learned yoga but I’m good at it, is that a lie? If I have dated a celebrity before, but didn’t want to say and said I didn’t date one, is that a lie?” wrote Clara.

She continued, “My real name is Clara Lee