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Highlights: “Pinocchio” Episode 6

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Episode six of “Pinocchio” sees all of our main characters starting their journalism careers in earnest. As such, it’s a busy episode, as they battle each other and the clock, desperately trying to get any scoop to relay back to their impatient, strict sunbaes.

These were the my five favorite scenes of “Pinocchio” episode six:

1. Song Cha Ok gives good parenting advice

Honestly, I would not have anticipated that In Ha’s mother would have anything valuable to say on the subject of parenting. That was my bad. I forgot that even though she’s cold and completely without ethics, Cha Ok is still a very smart woman, as she proved when she went to visit Dal Pyung. Her advice that he allow In Ha to work at MSC was so spot-on—and we saw just how thrilled In Ha was when her father announced that he wouldn’t stand in the way of her dreams

'Liar Game' Shin Sung Rok Expresses His Feelings Ending Drama

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Actor Shin Sung Rok wrapped up the filming for tvN Monday/Tuesday drama "Liar Game" (script Ryu Yong Jae, director Kim Hong Sun) and expressed his feelings about his affection towards the series.

On November 26th, through HB Entertainment, Shin Sung Rok said, "I was very thrilled to have played the role of Kang Do Young and I"m very happy that I have gotten a lot of love out of this."

Moreover, he said, "From a while ago, I"ve been wanting to be in a genre drama and this dream was fulfilled by "Liar Game." In particular, the character of Kang Do Young is perfect for that of a genre drama, as I was able to feel his charisma. I will cherish these moments of having been in a good piece and having been loved for such roles" as he expressed his affection for the drama

[Spoiler] Added episode 7 captures for the Korean drama "Mister Baek"

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Added episode 7 captures for the Korean drama "Mister Baek" (2014)Directed by Lee Sang-yeob-IWritten by Choi Yoon-jungNetwork : MBCWith Sin Ha-gyoon, Jang Nara, Lee Joon, Park Ye-jin, Jeong Seok-won, Hwang Bo-ra,...20 episodes - Wed, Thu 22:00SynopsisA hotel owner in his 70s, who has known nothing but money all his life, suddenly turns into a young man in his 30s.Broadcast starting date in Korea : 2014/11/05


[Spoiler] Added episode 3 captures for the Korean drama "The King"s Face"

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Added episode 3 captures for the Korean drama "The King"s Face" (2014)Directed by Cha Yeong-hoon, Yoon Seong-sikWritten by Lee Hyang-hee, Yoon Soo-jeongNetwork : KBSWith Seo In-guk, Jo Yoon-hee, Lee Seong-jae, Sin Seong-rok, Kim Gyoo-ri-I, Lim Ji-eun,...Wed, Thu 22:00SynopsisGwang Hae, a crowned prince born as the child of a concubine who struggled from dethronement and death threats for 16 years, overcomes his destiny by physiognomy and becomes king.Broadcast starting date in Korea : 2014/11/19


Mnet releases teaser for the first episode of Starship"s trainee survival show, "NO.MERCY"

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Mnet has released another teaser for the upcoming first episode of "NO.MERCY," a survival audition program with Starship Entertainment trainees.

In the teaser, the 12 trainees are under pressure to the point of spilling tears as mentor and judge SISTAR"s Hyorin states at the end of the video, "I came here determined not to say any biting remarks, but I can"t hold back."

The trainees will be collaborating with some big names in the entertainment industry and competing against each other in order to become members of Starship"s new boy group. Their mentors will include SISTAR, K.Will, Wheesung, San E, JungGiGo, Giriboy, Genius Nochang, Rhymer, and Mad Clown.

"NO.MERCY" will premiere on December 10 at 11 PM KST and will air every Wednesday for a total of 10 episodes

[Spoiler] Added episode 5 captures for the Korean drama "Pinocchio"

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Added episode 5 captures for the Korean drama "Pinocchio" (2014)Directed by Jo Soo-won, Sin Seung-wooWritten by Park Hye-ryeonNetwork : SBSWith Lee Jong-suk, Park Shin-hye, Kim Yeong-kwang, Lee Yoo-bi, Lee Pil-mo, Kang Shin-il,...Wed, Thu 22:00SynopsisA green drama of reporters who chase after truth and those who spend 24 hours with them while sharing the war together.Broadcast starting date in Korea : 2014/11/12


A Pink are back with final episode of "Oven Radio"!

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A Pink have wrapped up their run on the "Oven Radio" series!

The girls gave fans an extra treat with 5-minute clips each day, and it"s already the final 5th episode. A Pink went wild with selfies this time, covering all their bases by going for an "ugly" selfie as well as a sexy pose. Bomi does her best impression of actor Jo In Sung, and they also discuss fashion!

Check out the 5th episode of "Oven Radio" above!

After School"s Nana to make acting debut in Chinese remake of the hit Korean drama "Queen Inhyun"s Man"

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After School"s Nana will be starring in the Chinese remake of the hit Korean drama "Queen Inhyun"s Man".

Hunan TV will be airing the remake, titled "The Empress" Man", next February, and filming will begin this December. Not only is this Nana"s acting debut, but she"s also the sole Korean celebrity cast in the series.

Agency Pledis Entertainment stated, "We"re happy Nana came to participate in this project. This is Nana"s first attempt at acting, and she"s positive about the new challenge. The expectations are high. She wants to work as an actress as well as a singer. The whole script is in Chinese, so she had to prepare a lot."

In other news, Nana is currently starring in the reality series "Roommate".

[Video] Added Korean drama "Pinocchio" episode 6

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Added episode 6 for the Korean drama "Pinocchio"

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"Pinocchio" (2014) Directed by Jo Soo-won, Sin Seung-woo Written by Park Hye-ryeon Network : SBS With Lee Jong-suk, Park Shin-hye, Kim Yeong-kwang, Lee Yoo-bi, Lee Pil-mo, Kang Shin-il,... Wed, Thu 22:00 Synopsis A green drama of reporters who chase after truth and those who spend 24 hours with them while sharing the war together. Broadcast starting date in Korea : 2014/11/12

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tvN’s Upcoming Drama “Valid Love” Receives Great Response from Internal Screening

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The upcoming tvN drama “Valid Love” received overly positive reviews from an internal screening of the first two episodes held recently.

Many drama professionals attended the screening and were fully immersed in the drama for the two hours.

After the screening, one attendee said, “The witty writing and bright characters from ‘My Name is Kim Sam Soon,‘ and the everyday warmth in ‘Alone in Love‘ are all in ‘Valid Love.’ I’m looking forward to the birth of another masterpiece drama.”

Another attendee commented, “It felt like watching a movie, with beautiful cinematography and sentimental music.” Another attendee added, “It was refreshing to watch the actors act in unlikely roles

“Pinocchio” Narrowly Pulls Ahead in Wednesday-Thursday Drama Ratings War

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Current SBS drama “Pinocchio” has edged ahead of rival series “Mr Baek” in the battle of the Wednesday-Thursday dramas.

Figures released on November 28 by Nielsen Korea, an organization that monitors viewer rates show that 10.4 percent of Korean viewers tuned in to watch “Pinocchio” on November 27, which was an increase of 0.2 percent on the ratings for the episode that aired on November 26.

According to Nielsen Korea, MBC‘s “Mr Baek” was ranked as a close second, scoring a viewer rating of 10 percent. “The King’s Face” finished in a distant third place, with a rating of 6.2 percent.

“Pinocchio” began airing on SBS on November 12, and stars actors Lee Jong Suk and Park Shin Hye. The next episode will air at 9:55 p

[First Impressions] Dr. Frost Episode 1

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Take a successful and popular actress, add a splash of jealous rival, and don’t forget a couple shakes of mentally unstable. Shake well. Garnish with a slice of crime-solving psychologist.

Serve cold.

The first episode of OCN’s “Dr. Frost” had all the ingredients of a strong premiere. And with the previews that were so well done, I was really looking forward to this drama as it seemed like a show that would be right up my alley. I felt confident that the story for “Dr. Frost” would be gripping, the characters complex, the story intriguing, and the drama generally entertaining.

Maybe I was expecting too much, but as I reached the end of the episode, I sat back in my chair trying to cleanse my palate of the bitter taste of disappointment.

The Set Up


Recap: The 6th Episode of SBS Drama "Pinocchio"

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 by Jonni:When what we find is not the truth, truth sends a small signal- doubt. Listen to that signal.Episode 6- “The Adventures of 15 Boys” (aka “Two Years’ Vacation”)Cub reporters of every news station are sent out on mawaris. On a mawari, they make the rounds of the police stations, fire stations, hospitals, and courts in their line to find a good story to report. It basically requires that you live out of a suitcase for days on end, never getting enough sleep or food as you beg, plead, hide, eavesdrop, and do all that you can to get that good story before another news station. Newbies arrive at the police station all energetic, clean, and healthy, but it doesn’t take long until all you see are greasy heads, unshaven faces, and dark, sunken eyes.You’re basically a zombie

Pinocchio Episode 6 Review: Lee Jong Suk Watches Park Shin Hye Sleeping

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In Pinocchio, episode 6, Choi Dal Po(played by Lee Jong Suk) watched Choi In Ha(played by Park Shin Hye) sleeping.

Dal Po found In Ha sleeping right next to him and smiled. Previously, he found out that In Ha became a reporter at MSC not because of her mother Song Cha Ok(played by Jin Kyung) but after he left the Quiz TV program 8 years ago. He watched her sleeping with eyes filled with care and love.

Seo Bum Jo(played by Kim Young Gwang) saw this and said, “Would any uncle look at their niece like that?” Dal Po replied, “Mind your own business. You haven’t known In Ha for that long anyway.” Bum Jo said, “I’ve known her for more than you think I have.”

Pinocchio Episode 6 Review: Will Lee Jong Suk Have to Cover His Brother Yoon Gyun Sang’s Murder Case?

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In Pinocchio, episode 6, Choi Dal Po(played by Lee Jong Suk) got information about his brother Ki Jae Myung(played by Yoon Gyun Sang)’s murder case.

Dal Po and Choi In Ha(played by Park Shin Hye) were competing against each other looking for cases to cover at a police station near Han River. As Dal Po became close to one of the policemen, In Ha got mad and yelled at the policeman, “You said there aren’t any small cases to talk about!” The policeman replied, “Yeah because you’re looking for small cases at a serious crime squad!”

An Chan Soo(played by Lee Joo Seung), who was an old friend of Dal Po and also a police, gave Dal Po information about a murder case he was in charge of. However, the two of them had no idea the murder case was done by Jae Myung