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“Melody Of Love” – Mid-Series Review

By in Drama Recap posted Oct February 8th, 2014 No comments

Daily dramas are tricky. They’re usually 100 plus episodes, so many characters you need a flow-chart and are often based on family dynamics. The plus’s are they’re usually only 30 minutes long, which is very easy to fit into my evenings. Since I fast-forward through any parts of the story I’m not interested in – that leaves me with maybe 15 actual minutes of hard-core drama. *kekeke*

Melody of Love, airing on KBS caught my eye because of two of the actors. Baek Sung-hyun, who I remembered from “White Christmas” and “Queen Insoo” and Kim Hye-Ok, who always (and I mean always) plays the screechy, screaming (literally) horrible Mom. I decided to check it out and snoozed my way through the early episodes. Until around episode 30 when it hit me what this drama was about: Two sisters in love with the same man