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Polaris Entertainment Releases Official Statement with Details Regarding Ladies’ Code Car Accident

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Following the heartbreaking news of the car accident that took the life of Ladies’ Code member EunB, and resulted in the serious injuries of Sojung and Rise, the group’s agency, Polaris Entertainment has offered an official statement with details of the tragic accident:

This is Polaris Entertainment. We are letting you know the current situation concerning Ladies’ Code.

Last night, after completing their schedule in Daegu, the vehicle carrying Ladies’ Code ran into a problem of the rear wheel falling off while on the way back to Seoul, at around 1:30 AM in Suwon. Due to the wheel coming off on the rainy road, the vehicle spun several times before crashing into a guardrail. As a result, member EunB grievously passed away

Ladies" Code"s agency Polaris Entertainment reveals Sojung and RiSe are in surgery

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In light of the Ladies" Code tragic car accident, their agency Polaris Entertainment, spoke to TV Report, revealing that member EunB had passed away and two members, RiSe and Sojung are in critical condition and are currently undergoing surgery.

The agency stated, "There was a car accident because of the rain that fell at dawn. They were moved to the St. Vincent Hospital of the Catholic University of Korea in Suwon, Gyeonggi-do. However, member EunB passed away at the scene of the accident. Members RiSe and Sojung sustained big injuries, so are in the middle of surgery.

After the completion of RiSe and Sojung"s surgery, they must be transferred to a hospital in Seoul

BH Entertainment reports media do not have evidence or contents of alleged video

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Lee Byunghun’s agency, BH Entertainment, reveals that the media did not get confirmation from the police regarding the contents of the alleged blackmail video recordings.

We previously reported that Lee Byunghun was rumored of being blackmailed by two rookie singers; this morning it was revealed that one of those singers is GLAM’s Dahee.

BH Entertainment released a statement on September 2nd regarding the media’s coverage of the alleged video recordings of Lee Byunghun. They stated that the case is still under investigation, so the contents of the video are still unknown. Furthermore, when BH Entertainment checked with police, they said that the media had not confirmed anything through them.

Gangnam Police also stated that they do not know why the media made such reports with no confirmation and that all evidence pertaining to the investigation will remain confidential until the case is closed

YG Entertainment announces new YouTube channel "YG Music"

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YG Entertainment has launched a new YouTube channel called "YG Music"!

The YG Music channel, opened on September 2, features preview tracks by your favorite YG Family artists as instrumental, acapella, or MR versions. The full versions can be downloaded through iTunes

So far, the channel has songs from Taeyang"s second solo album "Rise" and WINNER"s debut album "WINNER 2014 S/S". Visit "YG Music" here!

YG Entertainment’s New Group to be Named iKON, Three Team B Members Already Confirmed

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The press conference for YG Entertainment and Mnet‘s new survival program, “Mix & Match,” took place today, during which YG CEO Yang Hyun Suk revealed the details for the agency’s highly anticipated new boy group.

Yang Hyun Suk announced that the new boy group will be called iKON. According to Yang Hyun Suk, the “c” in “icon” was replaced with a “k” to signify the intent to spread Korea’s culture.

The new boy group will have seven members in total. The six members of Team B and three new trainees from YG Entertainment are competing for those spots on the show. Out of those, three members are already confirmed for iKON- Team B’s B

Which Cube Entertainment Artist Does A Pink’s Naeun Think is the Best Looking?

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This week’s upcoming broadcast of the MBC Every1 reality show “A Pink’s Showtime” will be airing a ‘Telepathy’ special to test the teamwork of the six members of A Pink.

The members will be taking part in a test to see how well they are connected with one another. In the case that all the members provide the same response to a mission given out by the producers, they receive a wish to do anything they want. However, if even one of the members responds differently, they receive nothing.

A Pink’s very first mission of the telepathy test was to choose the most handsome person in the Cube Family (Cube Entertainment), and each draw one facial feature to complete a drawing of his face.

Among the members of BEAST and BTOB, as well as solo singers Huh Gak, Rain, and more, the A Pink members had many candidates to choose from

Crayon Pop, Bob Girls and More to Perform at Chrome Entertainment Concert in Japan

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Talent agency Chrome Entertainment has announced that it will be holding a Japanese concert in October. The event, called the “2014 First Chrome Family in Japan Concert,” will see artists such as Crayon Pop and Bob Girls perform at a venue in Tokyo on October 4.

The popular girl groups will be joined by some of the agency’s other talents, including boy band K-Much and comedy RnB duo Zan Zan.

A spokesperson for Chrome Entertainment hinted that the concert only marked the beginning of Crayon Pop and the other acts’ promotional activities in other Asian countries and beyond.

The representative explained, “This is the first Chrome concert to be held in Japan, so we would like to do our best and put on a good show for the Japanese fans

Actress criticizes ageism in entertainment

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Kim Seong-ryeong says her pessimistic way of thinking has helped her to widen her range as an actress.

During the past few years, actress Kim Seong-ryeong has been actively appearing on both the big and small screens after a six-year break from the entertainment industry, enjoying a second heyday after she made her debut as Miss Korea in 1988.By playing successful and charismatic career women in "THE CHASER - Drama", "Yawang" and "The Heirs", dramas that earned immense popularity nationwide, the 49-year-old actress soon rose to prominence as a role model for middle-aged women in Korea with her flawless skin, fashionable wardrobe and fitness. After successfully finishing the drama series, Kim subsequently chose to star in "The Fatal Encounter" and "The Target" - two of this year"s most highly anticipated movies

SM Entertainment, YG Entertainment, and JYP Entertainment break their own records in terms of sales for 2014

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SM Entertainment, YG Entertainment, and JYP Entertainment has broken their own records again in terms of sales for the first half of 2014!
YG Entertainment and JYP Entertainment had already reported their first-half sales in August, but now SM Entertainment has submitted their report and all 3 of the Big 3 companies" performances have been reported.

SM Entertainment made 129,055,774,822 KRW (approximately 127 million USD) this year, up 20.73% from last year"s 106,893,380,255 KRW (approximately 105 million USD). In terms of business profits, they made 10,171,639,829 KRW (approximately 10 million USD), 16.47% higher than last year. In terms of pure profits, the company suffered a loss of 10,253,914,440 KRW (approximately 10.1 million USD). However, this was not because the company did badly, but because they had to pay an extra 10

YG Entertainment Returns To Its Hip Hop Roots

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(Photo : YG Entertainment ) WINNER"s Minho is drawing comparisons to G-Dragon with "I"m Him."

On August 30, YG Entertainment released the music video for “I"m Him.” “I"m Him” is a solo track, featuring Mino (Minho), from the commercially successful and critically acclaimed WINNER album S/S 2014.

Mino received praise for his rap skills during his participation in the reality show “Who Is Next?” As a member of Team A, he went on to win the competition.

While WINNER leader Kang Seung Yoon established a solo sound which is more Korean pop rock, Mino is clearly one of the showcased rapper of the group.

With his strong flow and ability to compose rhymes, Mino is drawing comparisons to his seniors at YG Entertainment, Big Bang"s G-Dragon and T

BoA Reveals She Owns an SM Entertainment Company Card Used to Buy Food for Juniors

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On the August 29 broadcast of a Chinese variety television program on Jiangsu TV called “Strongest Group,” singer BoA talked about the changes that have occurred since being elected as SM Entertainment’s non-registered director.

When asked about the work that she does as a non-registered director of the company, BoA surprisingly confessed, “There’s not much that I do. However, I received a corporate card to buy food for my juniors.”

The MC then asked Super Junior M’s Zhoumi and f(x)’s Victoria—who were also guests on the show—if BoA has ever bought food for them, to which they both responded that they haven’t yet. After hearing their answer, BoA was asked how she uses the card

Crayon Pop"s label Chrome Entertainment to have its first family concert in Japan

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Chrome Entertainment will be holding its first ever family concert!

The label revealed, "We"re holding the "2014 First Chrome Family in Japan Concert" on October 4th at Japan"s Tokyo"s Shinagawa Stellar Ball." The label is home to most notably Crayon Pop, but also has other acts such as Bob Girls, K-Much, and Zan Zan.

There will be two concerts, one at 1PM and another at 5PM. 20 fans from each concert will have the chance to take pictures with the artists, and fans who attend the 2nd concert will have the chance to shake hands with them.

The label said, "Since it"s Chrome"s first concert in Japan, we"re going to give Japanese fans stages of hit songs as well as a repertoire we have never shown before

Leeteuk reveals it felt awkward to record Super Junior"s album & Heechul picks AOA as his rival on "Entertainment Relay"

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Super Junior met with "Entertainment Relay" at their press conference for their long-awaited comeback with 7th full-length album "MAMACITA"!

Leader Leeteuk shared his thoughts on his return from the military, "I went and came back well. It wasn"t as easy as I thought it would be."

Since it is their first group comeback in two years, the reporter asked the members to recite their roles from when they were rookies for old times" sake. Heechul introduced himself as "Hello, it"s Super Junior"s Cinderella, Heechul", Shindong introduced himself as "Hello, it"s Shindong who"s in charge of being the talented one among Super Junior", and Kyuhyun introduced himself as "Hello, it"s Kyuhyun who joined Super Junior as a new member

2PM"s Taecyeon comments on Nichkhun and Tiffany"s relationship on "Entertainment Relay"

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2PM"s Taecyeon commented on Nichkhun and Tiffany"s relationship, his own dating style, and more on the August 30 edition of KBS 2TV"s "Entertainment Relay"!

On the subject of acting out a romance, reporter Rainbow"s Jisook asked, "Among the members, Nichkhun is in a love-love relationship and who else?," which didn"t fluster Taecyeon who pretended not to hear the question correctly. She asked, "Aren"t you jealous?", and Taecyeon shared, "To be honest, I don"t think there"s much to be jealous about. Even if you go public [with a relationship], they"re all busy so I know that they can"t meet often." When asked about his own dating style, Taecyeon commented, "I don"t know because I"m an idol. [All jokes aside], I think [my dating style] always changes, depending on the person

Hwang Jung Eum to Sign with C-JeS Entertainment

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Actress Hwang Jung Eum has joined the same agency as Choi Min Shik and JYJ.

Hwang Jung Eum has joined C-JeS Entertainment. A entertainment industry insider stated “With Hwang Jung Eum’s contract with her former agency being almost over, the under-the-table competition to land Hwang Jung Eum has been fierce. After considerable deliberation, Hwang Jung Eum chose C-JeS Entertainment.”

Hwang Jung Eum wanted to go to an agency that would allow her to display her talent to the best of her abilities. There is a rumor that she decided to jump over to C-JeS Entertainment as their roster is packed with distinguished actors such as Choi Min Shik, Seol Kyung Goo and Lee Jung Jae.

With the recruitment of Hwang Jung Eum, the level of actresses for C-JeS Entertainment has strengthened