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JYJ’s Kim Junsu’s Twin Follows Brother and Signs Contract with Same Agency

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Looks like the brothers will be labelmates!

Kim Junsu’s twin Kim Moo Young has signed an exclusive contract with C-JeS Entertainment after officially changing his name from Kim Juno.

An agency representative stated, “We have started working with Kim Moo Young not too long ago. After officially changing his name, we have seen him being eager about local promotional activities.”

Kim Moo Young is currently participating in the filming of MBC’s historical drama “Empress Ki” starring Ha Ji Won, Joo Jin Mo, Ji Chang Wook and more. His brother Junsu lent his voice for drama’s soundtrack with emotional ballad “I Love You.”

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SISTAR’s Soyou Sings for Empress Ki OST

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Shining a light on her voice once again, SISTAR’s Soyou participated in the OST for MBC’s Empress Ki.

On January 7, Starship Entertainment stated that Soyou sang the song Just Once, which will be included in the fourth part of the Empress Ki OST.

Just Once was produced by Deux’s Lee Hyun Do, who included very emotional lyrics that fit well with Soyou’s pure and clear voice.

The song will be released on January 7.

Photo Credit: Starship Entertainment

Ji Chang Wook Shows Humility Regarding “Empress Ki” Ratings

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Ji Chang Wook discussed MBC Monday-Tuesday drama “Empress Ki‘s sky high ratings on MBC’s “Section TV.”

The actor appeared on “Section TV” on December 29, and was asked if he knew how popular the drama was. He replied, “Truthfully, I’m in the middle of filming so I don’t really know much.”

Ji Chang Wook said, “Sometimes I receive messages of praise from people around me. When I see those messages, I think, ‘Ah, they are enjoying the drama.’”

He remained humble when discussing “Empress Ki” breaking the 20% ratings barrier. “I think about 1-2% is due to my efforts. 2% out of 20% is 1 out of 10. I think that’s being pretty generous.”

Empress Ki has been doing well in the Monday-Tuesday drama ratings battle, and is not even half way through with a total of 50 episodes planned

“Noonas Over Flowers” Lee Mi Yeon Praises Moon Geun Young and Kim Bum

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Noonas Over Flowers”cast member Lee Mi Yeon recently talked about real-life couple Moon Geun Young and Kim Bum.

On the December 20 broadcast of “Noonas Over Flowers,” Lee Mi Yeon praised actor couple Moon Geun Young and Kim Bum, who recently returned from a backpacking trip across Europe shortly after going public with their relationship.

She said, “Wow. They’re amazing. I personally like Geun Young a lot. She played an evil character in the historical drama series ‘Empress Meyongseong.’ I think actors are all about their gazes and I thought as a child, she had a particularly pretty gaze. When you start off working in the industry at a young age, it’s difficult growing up in the eyes of the public and not be caught up in the fame game, but I don’t think it affected her in the slightest

“Empress Ki” Maintains Strong Ratings, “Prime Minister and I” Viewership Up From Last Week

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Empress Ki” continued to maintain strong ratings this week.

Nielsen Korea report stated that MBC Monday-Tuesday drama “Empress Ki” scored a nationwide rating of 18.8% for its December 17 broadcast. That figure is the same as its previous episode rating on December 16.

While “Empress Ki” remains unrivalled in its number one position, there has been a slight drop from 20.2% and 19.5% ratings for last week’s Monday and Tuesday episodes, respectively.

This Tuesday’s episode of “Empress Ki” saw Ta Hwan (Ji Chang Wook) and Ki Seung Nyang (Ha Ji Won) sharing a drink together. Ta Hwan confessed, “We should have done this sooner.”

The pair showed a different behavior from their normal selves after a couple of drinks

The “Empress Ki” Cast Has a Great Time Behind the Scenes

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Behind-the-scenes stills of “Empress Ki” filming at a banquet hall were recently revealed.

The December 10 episode of MBC’s “Empress Ki” showed Wang Yoo’s (Joo Jin Mo) return to the Yuan palace and a celebratory banquet for their victory.

The banquet scene featured all of the stars of “Empress Ki,” including Joo Jin Mo, Ha Ji Won, Ji Chang Wook, Jo Jae Yoon, Baek Jin Hee, Kim Seo Hyung, Jin Yi Han, and Yoon Ah Jung, among others. Having filmed separately for a long time, the scene was a chance for the stars to get together again on set. The actors who stay in the palace and the soldier actors were all really happy to see each other for the first time in a while, and the set was just full of smiles and a happy energy, all throughout the late filming

Prime Minister and I – Episode 1 Recap

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Prime Minister and I - Episode 1 Recap by Dramabeans:

Next in the KBS rom-com lineup is Prime Minister and I, whose light and breezy tone took me by surprise. I knew to prepare myself for the cute, but I didn’t expect it to also stir the heartstrings in the first hour. There’s promise and potential in a story that moves fairly quickly that contains both heartwarming and funny notes. And damn, a prime minister has never looked this good.

Even though Prime Minister and I took in last place at 5.9% against its competitors (Empress Ki [♥] led the pack with 20.2% and A Warm Word followed with 6.8%), maybe a contract marriage is just the kind of hijinks medicine I need.


We open at a banquet hall where preparations are underway, leading up to the arrival of our hero, Prime Minister KWON YUL (Lee Beom-soo) and his wife, NAM DA-JUNG (Yoon-ah), who greet the roomful of dignitaries with a smile

‘Empress Ki’ Ha Ji Won Keeps Her Promise and Holds Champagne Party for Drama Staff

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Ha Ji Won kept her promise that she made for her drama’s TV rating.

Being the lead actress for MBC’s Empress Ki, Ha Ji Won held a champagne party for all the members of cast and staff in celebration of the drama earning over 20% TV ratings.

Empress Ki received TV rating of 20.2% on December 9(based on Nielson Korea).

Ha Ji Won, who had promised to hold a champagne party if the drama earned over 20%, kept her word by inviting over all of the staff to a party on December 10.

A staff of the drama said, “Ha Ji Won has been feeling a lot of pressure and responsibility as the lead actress, but she was able to take a break and look back on the achievements and areas to improve by talking with the staff. It was a meaningful time to share ideas on the future direction of the drama

Ha Ji Won Throws a Champagne Party for “Empress Ki” Staff

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Ha Ji Won, who plays the title role of the MBC drama “Empress Ki,” kept her viewer rating pledge.

During filming Ha Ji Won promised she would throw a champagne party if the viewer rating hit 20%, comforting the producers, who were under a lot of pressure to succeed. The viewer rating pledge was a fun little bet, and a gesture of support by the actress for the cast and crew.

True to her pledge, on December 10, Ha Ji Won threw a champagne party for everyone. With a comfortable break, everyone watched “Empress Ki” together and candidly spoke about what they liked and what was lacking during filming.

Stay tuned for the next episode of “Empress Ki” on December 16!

Check out some photos from the party below!

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Ha Ji Won Reveals Funny Portrait of Herself and Ji Chang Wook from the Set of “Empress Ki”

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Pictures of Ha Ji Won from the set of “Empress Ki” have been released.

She publicized the photos herself on her instagram account on December 10. The two photos show her taking a break from filming. The first picture shows her smiling and laughing in the role of the maiden Ki Seung Nyang, and covering up from the cold with a blanket. She is sitting next to a drawing which depicts the emperor Ta Hwan (played by Ji Chang Wook) standing behind Seung Nyang. The word “ugly” is written above Ta Hwan with an arrow pointing to him, and the word “tearful face” written next to Seung Nyang.

The second photo shows Ha Ji Won outdoors staring intently at her tablet while draped in a fur coat, bringing an interesting mixture of history and present to the photo.

Ha Ji Won is currently playing the love interest of the emperor Ta Hwan of the Yuan Dynasty and Wang Yoo (played by Joo Jin Mo) of the Goryeo Dynasty on “Empress Ki,” which airs Mondays and Tuesdays on MBC

“Prime Minister and I” Ratings Fall Slightly, “Empress Ki” Continues to Lead Monday-Tuesday Line Up

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Despite the mostly positive response to Lee Bum Soo and YoonA‘s “Prime Minister and I,” it continues its third-place position for its second episode, with MBC’s “Empress Ki” continuing its domination of the airwaves.

According to ratings agency, Nielsen Korea, ratings for the December 10 broadcast of MBC Monday-Tuesday drama “Empress Ki” Episode 14 recorded a 19.5% viewership nationwide, a slight drop of 0.7% from Monday’s Episode 13 20.2% rating.

While ratings have wavered slightly, “Empress Ki” has retained its first place ranking since its premiere. SBS and KBS’ ambitious new drama offerings have been unable to overcome the huge momentum that “Empress Ki” has picked up.

The combined viewership of “Kind Words” and “Prime Minister and I,” the two dramas sharing the same time slot as “Empress Ki,” is currently lower than that of “Empress Ki” on its own

JYJ’s Junsu Sings His Heart Out for “Empress Ki” OST

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JYJ‘s Junsu is fast on his way to become the king of OSTs with his latest releease of the track “I Love You” for the drama “Empress Ki” OST.

“I Love You” is written and composed by Jo Young Soo. Used in the background during romantic and heart-breaking scenes in the drama, “I Love You” is sure to enhance the complicated emotions of the love triangle between Ki Seung Nyang (Ha Ji Won), Ta Hwan (Ji Chang Wook), and Wang Yoo (Joo Jin Mo).

Empress Ki is a 50- episode historical drama that has been topping the ratings. The drama follows the complicated life of Empress Ki as she is torn between the Goryeo and Yuan Dynasty, and the men leading each one.

Meanwhile, Junsu, who will be on the stage as the leading role in a musical for the 50th birth celebration of the late Kim Kwang Suk , he will also release a special album under the title of “Musical December 2013 with Kim Junsu” on December 18

JYJ’s Kim Junsu Secretly Sings a New OST for ‘Empress Ki’

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A new song on Empress Ki caught the attention of many drama viewers, as it was sung by JYJ Kim Junsu′s unmistakable voice.

C-JeS Entertainment announced on December 10, that “Kim Junsu’s new song I Love You has been revealed through MBC’s Empress Ki on December 9 and it will become available online on December 10.”

Everything from the recording process and airing the new song on the drama was kept a secret, making many drama viewers search for the singer of the new OST when it aired on December 9.

The song ranked number one as the most searched on Naver, Daum and other music sites as soon as it was revealed through the drama.

I Love You is a traditional ballad tune written by the top writer Jo Young Soo and it will be used to set the mood for the love triangle in the drama

‘Prime Minister’ Kicks Off; ‘Empress’ Hits 20 Percent

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Picking up where Marry Him If You Dare left up, KBS’ new drama, Prime Minister and I kicked off.

With Marry Him If You Dare ending at a low 4.1 percent, anything seemed better and Prime Minister and I didn’t disappoint with a 5.9 percent for its debut episode.

It’s too soon to tell if Prime Minister and I will continue rising, but the first episode showed potential to at least grab second place, since SBS A Warm Word raked in 6.8 percent.

Meanwhile, MBC’s Empress Ki broke the 20 percent barrier with 20.2.

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Funny BTS Of “Empress Ki”

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So how much fun are Ha Ji Won and Ji Chang Wook having filming “Empress Ki”? The BTS videos and photos I’ve seen show the entire cast is having a great time. I hope that continues – they have a long ways to go and it’s getting much colder outside. These clips might also explain why so many appear to be on the Ki/Emperor ship, they’re adorable together. I’m still waiting for our Goryeo King to make his appearance a bit closer to Ki. Like, in the same city please? (LOL)

(credit to uploader)

(credit to uploader)

MBC was really late getting subbing done for episode 10 so I’m not expecting it quickly this week. No matter, I’ll get started on my recap. According to the ratings, Empress Ki has been steadily increasing and breaking records for their time slot

‘Ki’ and ‘Mirae’ Both Set New Records

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It’s another day, another week, but the ratings stay constant for Monday’s dramas, as MBC’s Empress Ki continues to rise and KBS’ Marry Him If You Dare continues to fall.

Empress Ki once again set a new record of 17.2, climbing from its rating of 16.9 percent from the previous episode.

Unfortunately for KBS’ Marry Him If You Dare, the drama dropped from 4.7 to 4.5, setting its personal record for lowest numbers.

However, despite discouraging numbers, Marry Him If You Dare continues to reveal new secrets, giving hope that perhaps ratings will start heading up again.

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LOEN Releases Wax’s “Love Wind” MV for “Empress Ki” OST

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On November 19, Loen Entertainment released the MV for the “Empress Ki” OST, “Love Wind” on their Youtube channel. The emotional love ballad was composed by PJ and sung by singer Wax. The song captures the essence of Seung Nyang’s (Empress Ki) struggle for influence and her complicated love story. Wax’s ability to easily transition from a delicate voice to a powerful voice make her the perfect singer for the track.

Empress Ki is a 50 episode historical drama that has been topping the ratings. The drama features the talented and beautiful actress Ha Ji Won as Empress Ki and airs at 10:00PM on Mondays and Thursdays. The drama follows the complicated life of Empress Ki as she is torn between Goryeo and the Yuan Dynasty

‘Ki’ Goes Higher While ‘Mirae’ Goes Lower

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MBC’s Empress Ki and KBS’ Marry Him If You Dare are now at completely opposite ends of spectrum, but setting records in their own way.

On Tuesday night, Empress Ki achieved its highest ratings to date with 16.9 percent, beating out its previous record of 16.3.

On the flip side, Marry Him If You Dare continued to fall, setting its own record for the lowest ratings that it’s received with 4.7 percent.

Here′s to hoping that the only direction these dramas go from now on is up.

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1. MBC Empress Ki 15.5→16.9

2. SBS Suspicious Housekeeper 9.5→9.0


Empress Ki Rises Higher in Numbers

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Nothing can stop MBC’s Empress Ki as the story continues to unfold with a stellar cast.

On Tuesday night, Empress Ki made a new record by receiving 16.3 percent in viewership ratings. The new percentage marked the drama’s highest rating since the first episode.

The drama proved to be a hit since its premiere with a talented cast, a fast-paced but detailed story and excellent directing. Only six episodes into the series, Empress Ki is expected to continue climbing up the ratings chart.

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1. MBC Empress Ki 14.5 →14.5

2. SBS Suspicious Housekeeper 9.3 →9.4


“Empress Ki” Continues to Reign in Ratings

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MBC’s Monday and Tuesday airing drama “Empress Ki” has topped viewership ratings!

According to ratings research company Nielsen Korea, the latest episode of “Empress Ki” that aired on November 11 achieved 14.5% viewership ratings. The episode achieved similarly high ratings last week, placing it as the front runner for most watched dramas that air on Mondays and Tuesdays.

On this particular episode of “Empress Ki,” Ki Seung Nyang (played by actress Ha Ji Won) rescues the injured crown prince, Ta Hwan (played by actor Ji Chang Wook), and they escape from assassins together.

 Other dramas airing in the same time slots achieved the following viewership ratings: SBS’s “The Suspicious Housekeeper” at 9