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“Empress Ki” – Episode 19 – 20 Recap

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“Empress Ki” – Episode 19 - 20 Recap by Couch-Kimchi:

I was going insane for new episodes of Empress Ki (and waiting for subs) to the point that I started to forget what this drama was about. (LOL) The award shows were nice, it was fun seeing our cast sitting together, laughing and talking. And it was really nice to see them win! But I wanted to get back to the show, I was up very early to catch both episodes live. Let’s talk about what happened!

The first of our love-triangle to Ki’s rescue is Wang Yoo. He stops Ki-Se and starts to carry her out only to be confronted with Ta Hwan, who demands he put Ki down. When Ta Hwan is informed that Wang Yoo not only has El Terror’s permission but that Ki has been released from servitude, he’s angry and shocked. I loved this because like many of you, I’m tired of seeing Ki serve tea

Empress Ki Ep34 Recap

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Empress Ki Ep34 Recap by thetalkingcupboard.wordpress.com

Seung-nyang stopped right in front of Yoo for a moment of angsty and accusing stare from her side and the guards were ordered to drag her away, but Ta-hwan’s arrival at the throne hall turned out to be a surprise for all of them. Tanashiri expressed her (faked?) relief to see him up and walking, but he’s only interested in what were they doing with Lady Ki. Seung-nyang was happy to have him recovering from the poison and Ta-hwan smiled at her reassuringly. They only had eyes for each other, as if they were the only people in the hall! Still, I feel bad for Yoo, who must felt a pang of sadness upon hearing Seung-nyang’s concern directed towards Ta-hwan

Ha Ji Won Shows a Special Love for Horses on “Empress Ki”

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Actress Ha Ji Won was born in 1978, the Year of the Horse, so it’s no wonder that she has a special bond with horses.

Ha Ji Won has spent a great deal of time with horses on MBC Monday-Tuesday drama’s “Empress Ki,” having had many horse-riding scenes in the early part of the drama. She recently got back into the saddle five months after her last horseback ride last September.

On the February 24 episode of “Empress Ki” (Episode 32), Ha Ji Won’s Seung Nyang went on a horse riding date with Ta Hwan (Ji Chang Wook) to practice for a hunting competition. She showed off the results of special horse riding training she had received at a riding club, drawing her bow while riding her horse quite professionally.

Action scenes require quite a great deal of practice, and while actors may sometimes choose to use a stunt double to minimize risk, Ha Ji Won generally prefers to choose her own scenes

Kdrama Empress Ki Ep 33 Preview

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http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TC5xcfymxf0&feature=player_embedded Kdrama Empress Ki Ep 33 Preview DK: This is father's order. The Emperor and Ki Jai In, both must die. TH: I want you. DK: These two people broke your heart DS: Tonight is the last time. Have all the set ups to kill Ki si completed? TH: Where is she now? Lady Oh?: In the direction of Cheon Ma Lo WY: They've gone to hunt down SN! SN: You want to kill me DS: It probably never occurred to you that the cost of having the Emperor's grace is this cruel Empress Ki Episode 32 Ratings:AGB Nielsen: Nationwide 25

How Does Joo Jin Mo Feel About His Shortened Screen Time on “Empress Ki”?

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Actor Joo Jin Mo currently stars as Wang Yoo on MBC’s Monday-Tuesday sageuk “Empress Ki,” but his screen time has declined recently.

Joo Jin Mo’s role in the 50-episode drama is of fictitious Goryeo king, Wang Yoo, who experiences the pain of being unable to be with the person he loves, Ki Seung Nyang (Ha Ji Won), yet he continues to support her from the shadows.

In the earlier stages of the drama, Wang Yoo and Ki Seung Nyang shared a romance that set hearts racing. However, lately “Empress Ki” has shifted its focus more to Seung Nyang, now Ta Hwan’s (Ji Chang Wook) royal concubine, and Empress Tanashiri (Baek Jin Hee), and the power battle with highly influential Yeon Chul (Jun Gook Hwan).

Joo Jin Mo’s agency commented on February 19, “He’s a person too, and he is bound to feel slightly upset that his importance has been significantly reduced

Kdrama Empress Ki: Eps 28 Recap

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Kdrama Empress Ki: Eps 28 Recap by thetalkingcupboard

As Ta-hwan was holding the unconscious Seung-nyang in his arms, Tanashiri got to know that he went to the library. She wanted to prevent Seung-nyang from leaving the place with him and went there. Seung-nyang woke up and realized that she had lost consciousness for a while. Ta-hwan tried to persuade her into getting out of the library, but she refused to do so and continued to do the copying. He wanted to know what he could do for him, but Seung-nyang made him realize that he could do nothing, even protecting her from the people against her. She told him not to do anything for her, and she would do the same for him.

Tanashiri started to shout outside, calling for Ta-hwan to leave the Inner Court matters to her and not to interfere with her business

‘Empress Qi’ breaks its own record in viewer rating but which Mon-Tues drama was #1 this week?

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"Empress Qi" broke its own record in viewer ratings, maintaining its royal title as the #1 Mon-Tues drama this week!

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According to AGB Nielsen Media Research, the January 14th episode of MBC"s "Empress Qi" achieved a 20.3% viewer rating, breaking its previous record in viewer ratings of 20.2%. It was also a 0.7% increase from its previous viewer rating of 19.6%,

SBS" "Kind Words" came in second place with a 10.2% viewer rating, which is a 0.3% increase from its previous viewer rating of 9.9%. The love triangle between YoonA, Lee Bum Soo, and Yoon Si Yoon also heated up the screen this week, but it wasn"t enough for KBS 2TV"s "Prime Minister and I", which dropped 0

Empress Ki Hits Its New High

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MBC’s Empress Ki reentered the 20s again on Tuesday night, hitting its highest ratings of 20.3 percent. Its previous highest was 20.2 percent.

Empress Ki continues attract viewers with its talented cast and tightly knit story that has grabbed the viewers’ attention since episode one, leaving no room to wonder why the drama maintained its number one stop.

SBS’ A Warm Word also rose with its complicated love lines and affairs. KBS’ Prime Minister and I dropped once again.

Tuesday, January 14, 2014


1. MBC Empress Ki 19.6 →20.3

2. SBS A Warm Word 9.9 →10.2


Ratings Fall for ‘Prime Minister’ Despite Kisses, Serenades and EXO’s Suho

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It isn’t the lowest we′ve seen, but KBS’ Prime Minster and I continued its reign over last place with lower ratings.

On Monday night, Prime Minister and I recorded 6.9 percent in ratings, slipping back from its previous 7.3 percent.

The lowered ratings come from an episode that included a kiss, a special serenade from Lee Bum Soo, and a cameo appearance from EXO’s Suho.

As EXO’s Suho is expected to appear for a longer period of time in the following episodes, perhaps Prime Minster and I will see the EXO effect in the coming days, especially since nothing else seems to be working against such a big rival like MBC′s Empress Ki.

Monday, January 13, 2014



‘Kind Words’ surpasses the 10% viewer rating mark but which Mon-Tues drama came out on top this week?

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The weather is getting colder for many of you, which makes it the perfect time to snuggle up with your favorite drama. "Empress Qi" remained the fan favorite among Mon-Tues dramas this week! 

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According to AGB Nielsen Media Research, the January 7th episode of MBC"s "Empress Qi" ranked #1 with a 19.1% viewer rating, which is a 1.2% increase from its previous viewer rating of 17.9%.

SBS" "Kind Words" has also been stepping up its game with its romance and moved up 1.9% from a 8.6% to 10.5% viewer rating, finally surpassing the double-digit mark. KBS 2TV"s "Prime Minister and I" achieved a 7

“Empress Ki” Maintains Strong Ratings, “Prime Minister and I” Viewership Up From Last Week

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Empress Ki” continued to maintain strong ratings this week.

Nielsen Korea report stated that MBC Monday-Tuesday drama “Empress Ki” scored a nationwide rating of 18.8% for its December 17 broadcast. That figure is the same as its previous episode rating on December 16.

While “Empress Ki” remains unrivalled in its number one position, there has been a slight drop from 20.2% and 19.5% ratings for last week’s Monday and Tuesday episodes, respectively.

This Tuesday’s episode of “Empress Ki” saw Ta Hwan (Ji Chang Wook) and Ki Seung Nyang (Ha Ji Won) sharing a drink together. Ta Hwan confessed, “We should have done this sooner.”

The pair showed a different behavior from their normal selves after a couple of drinks

“Prime Minister and I” Ratings Fall Slightly, “Empress Ki” Continues to Lead Monday-Tuesday Line Up

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Despite the mostly positive response to Lee Bum Soo and YoonA‘s “Prime Minister and I,” it continues its third-place position for its second episode, with MBC’s “Empress Ki” continuing its domination of the airwaves.

According to ratings agency, Nielsen Korea, ratings for the December 10 broadcast of MBC Monday-Tuesday drama “Empress Ki” Episode 14 recorded a 19.5% viewership nationwide, a slight drop of 0.7% from Monday’s Episode 13 20.2% rating.

While ratings have wavered slightly, “Empress Ki” has retained its first place ranking since its premiere. SBS and KBS’ ambitious new drama offerings have been unable to overcome the huge momentum that “Empress Ki” has picked up.

The combined viewership of “Kind Words” and “Prime Minister and I,” the two dramas sharing the same time slot as “Empress Ki,” is currently lower than that of “Empress Ki” on its own

Funny BTS Of “Empress Ki”

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So how much fun are Ha Ji Won and Ji Chang Wook having filming “Empress Ki”? The BTS videos and photos I’ve seen show the entire cast is having a great time. I hope that continues – they have a long ways to go and it’s getting much colder outside. These clips might also explain why so many appear to be on the Ki/Emperor ship, they’re adorable together. I’m still waiting for our Goryeo King to make his appearance a bit closer to Ki. Like, in the same city please? (LOL)

(credit to uploader)

(credit to uploader)

MBC was really late getting subbing done for episode 10 so I’m not expecting it quickly this week. No matter, I’ll get started on my recap. According to the ratings, Empress Ki has been steadily increasing and breaking records for their time slot

Empress Ki: Episode 1 – 2 Recap

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Empress Ki: Episode 1 - 2 recap by daebakdramas

Empress Ki/Hwatu/기황후 started last week after MBC’s previous sageuk drama (and sadly snooze-fest) “Goddess of Fire Jung Yi”. I consider this a one-off recap for now since Empress Ki will be 50 episodes long and I don’t know if I can hold out that long… Sageuks in general tend to lose me after the first 16 episodes

‘Marry Him If You Dare’ Leaves People Speechless with Final Episode

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It’s finally the end for KBS’ Marry Him If You Dare and people are just plain speechless. Maybe even a little angry, which explains the lowest rating the drama has received during its run.

The final episode of Marry Him If You Dare, or Future Choice/Mirae’s Choice if going by the Korean title, left an open-ended conclusion with Mirae (Yun Eun Hye) not making a choice on who she loves.

With the whole point of the drama revolving around who Mirae will marry, the ending proved to be quite disappointing as both candidates (Lee Dong Gun and Jung Yong Hwa) still had a possibility of being the future husband of Mirae at the of the series.

No love lives were tied and everything remained up in the air, just leaving a small random lesson of ‘follow what your heart tells you’ as it showed the four main characters starting fresh and striving for their new dream careers

LOEN Releases Wax’s “Love Wind” MV for “Empress Ki” OST

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On November 19, Loen Entertainment released the MV for the “Empress Ki” OST, “Love Wind” on their Youtube channel. The emotional love ballad was composed by PJ and sung by singer Wax. The song captures the essence of Seung Nyang’s (Empress Ki) struggle for influence and her complicated love story. Wax’s ability to easily transition from a delicate voice to a powerful voice make her the perfect singer for the track.

Empress Ki is a 50 episode historical drama that has been topping the ratings. The drama features the talented and beautiful actress Ha Ji Won as Empress Ki and airs at 10:00PM on Mondays and Thursdays. The drama follows the complicated life of Empress Ki as she is torn between Goryeo and the Yuan Dynasty

Cable Drama “Basketball” Cut Down to 18 Episodes

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Cable network tvN’s Monday-Tuesday drama “Basketball” will finish its run earlier than expected in December.

A tvN representative stated that “Basketball” was originally slated to have 24 episodes, but it seems that it has been cut down to 18 episodes, and will air its final episode on December 17. The production team recently decided on this change, and is reshooting the final episodes with some revisions.

However, there has been denial of an early end to the series by another party, who stated, “Basketball was initially planned for 18 episodes before independence, and 6 episodes after. However, we decided that there was too much content after independence to be squeezed into 6 episodes, so for the sake of completeness, we decided to end the drama at 18 episodes. We are waiting to see the response to decide on a second season

Lee In

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Name: 이인 / Lee In
Real name: 이준 / Lee Joon (Yi Jun)
Profession: Actor
Birthdate: 1984-Jun-14
Height: 173cm
Weight: 58kg
Star sign: Gemini
Blood type: B

TV Shows

King Geunchogo (KBS1, 2010)
Stone (KBS2, 2010)
Sungkyunkwan Scandal (KBS2, 2010)
Chuno (KBS2, 2010)
Empress Chun Chu (KBS2, 2009)
Glory of Youth (KBS1, 2009)
The Painter of the Wind (MBC, 2008)
Dae Wang Sejong (KBS1, 2008)
Cannot Hate You (SBS, 2007)
Hwang Jin Yi (KBS2, 2006)
Freeze (CGV, 2006)
Drama City episode Pokhara (KBS2, 2005)
Woman Above Flower (SBS, 2005)
Papa Sea (MBC, 2004)
Magic (SBS, 2004)
War of the Roses (MBC, 2004)
The Immortal Lee Soon-Shin (KBS1, 2004)
Sweet 18 (KBS2, 2004)
Present (MBC, 2002)
Sidestreet People (KBS2, 2002)
Empress Myung Sung (KBS2, 2001)
Korea Gate (SBS, 1995)


A Secret Scandal (2007)
Muoi: The Legend of a Portrait (2007)
Father and Son: The Story of Mencius (2004)
The Harmonium in My Memory (1999)
Beautiful Days (1998)


This actor started using the stage name Lee In in the 2009 KBS drama“Glory of Youth

K-Drama OST Roundup: TVXQ Changmin Sings ‘Because I Couldn’t Say I Love You’ For ‘The Night Watchman’s Journal’

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(Photo : MBC, tvN) Changmin appears on "The Night Watchman"s Journal" original soundtrack.

TVXQ’s Max Changmin lends his voice to the part three of the original soundtrack for “The Night Watchman’s Journal” with the stirring love theme “Because I Couldn’t Say I Love You.”

“The Night Watchman’s Journal” also known as “Diary of a Night Watchman” is a fantasy historical drama starring Jung Il Woo (The Moon Embracing the Sun) and TVXQ’s Yunho.

EDEN also appear on part three of the original soundtrack with the soulful track “Come to Me.”

“The Night Watchman’s Journal” airs on MBC on Mondays and Tuesdays in the 22:00 time slot

′You Who Came From the Stars′, ′I Hear Your Voice′ and More are Nominated for the ′2014 Seoul Drama Awards′

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The Seoul Drama Awards Organizing Committee revealed the nominees for the ceremony this year.

The list shows that You Who Came From the Stars, Empress Ki, Reply 1994, Jung Do Jeon and more popular dramas were entered.

Entries were accepted until May 17.

A total of 209 dramas were turned in from over 50 countries, the biggest turnout in the history of the ceremony.

The list includes such globally renowned series as Walking Dead 4, Sherlock 3 and Orphan Black 2.

It also, of course, contains the hit Korean dramas I Hear Your Voice, Master′s Son, Gapdong, Secret Love Affair, and more.

The most competitive category turned out to be the Mini Series category