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[Video] Added new poster and comical video preview for the Korean movie "We Are Brothers"

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Added new poster and comical video preview for the upcoming Korean movie "We Are Brothers"

"We Are Brothers" (2014)Directed by Jang JinWith Jo Jin-woong, Kim Seong-gyoon, Kim Yeong-ae, Yoon Jin-i, Lee Hae-yeong-I, Jo Bok-rae,...SynopsisA pair of brothers get separated in an orphanage but reunite years later and set out to find their real mother.Release date in Korea : 2014/10/23

Jiyoung shares a stunning preview cut from her 1st photobook to be released in November

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Jiyoung is getting ready to start her acting career in Japan, and to mark her official debut, she"ll be releasing her first photo book.

Jiyoung announced on her Instagram on September 30, "My first photo book will be released on November 13th #知英物語 #JiyoungStory," along with the photo book cover above.

The idol star made a mature transformation from her cute image as the former maknae of KARA, looking absolutely stunning in the preview cut. As mentioned previously, Jiyoung will make her official acting debut under Japanese entertainment agency Sweet Power and through the upcoming Japanese drama remake "Jigoku Sensei Nube" ("Hell Teacher Nube"), which is set to air every Saturday starting in October

Suh Un and Suh Joon are fascinated by a flashlight in preview cuts for "Superman is Back"

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Lee Hwi Jae"s twins Suh Un and Suh Joon will make viewers smile with their adorable curiosity on the upcoming episode of KBS 2TV"s "Superman is Back"!

The twins" uncle visited their apartment with a flashlight in hand. Suh Un and Suh Joon were fascinated by the light coming from the flashlight, and Suh Un started chasing after the light. He couldn"t stop giggling and falling as he chased after it to the point that Lee Hwi Jae told him, "Suh Un ah! Don"t get too excited!" to calm down his son, who seems to take after his dad.

Stay tuned for this cute scene this Sunday at 7 PM KST!

Juniel reveals preview reaction of comeback track "I Think I"m in Love" and album highlight medley!

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Juniel has revealed a reaction video of her comeback track "I Think I"m in Love" as well as the highlight medley for her first digital single album!

"I Think I"m in Love" is another sweet love song made even sweeter by her soothing vocals, and the single album sounds like its full of perfect romantic melodies. The album is slated to be released on September 29.

Check out Juniel"s highlight medley above and the reaction below!

"Reset" preview: Kim So-hyeon-I and now Cheon Jeong-myeong, a target?

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OCN "Reset" is a thriller about an investigator who"s strict on crime and an unknown figure known as "X", which stars Cheon Jeong-myeong, Kim So-hyeon-I, Park Won-sang, Sin Eun-jeong and others.

On the oncoming episode of the drama, Cha Woo-jin (Cheon Jeong-myeong) is about to face an unavoidable battle with "X".

Woo-jin recalled killing someone by pulling the trigger and passed out on the spot in the fifth episode. Eun-bi, who was being chased by someone, tried her best to get rid of the person following her but fell somewhere on the street and was taken away by a stranger.

Stills of the drama from the sixth episode showed Cheon Jeong-myeong being tied up. Woo-jin remembered being tied up after remembering Jo Bong-hak"s face, then passed out

BTOB drop audio preview for upcoming mini album "MOVE"

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BTOB relentlessly tease for their upcoming return with yet another treat today! We"ve gotten visual teasers until now, but today we get to treat our ears to some upcoming sounds from the talented boy group!

The mini album "MOVE" features 5 songs plus one bonus track, and the members participated in the composing of some of them.

Take a listen to a snippet of their new tunes below as you await the release on the 29th followed by the boys" first solo concert this October and November!

Topp Dogg"s Kidoh drops preview for solo album "Small Album"

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Topp Dogg"s Kidoh dropped the album preview for his upcoming solo debut!

"Small Album" includes a range of smooth and catchy songs, especially title track "Taxi On the Phone," which features his fellow member, Sangdo. In addition, you can see how involved Kidoh has been in the making of his own solo album as he participated in composing, writing lyrics, and more!

The snippets of each song are unfortunately too short! You"ll just have to wait for the full release of his "Small Album" on September 26.

[Video] Added new stills and preview video for the Korean movie "Manhole"

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Added new stills and preview video for the upcoming Korean movie "Manhole"

"Manhole" (2013)Directed by Shin Jae-youngWith Jeong Kyeong-ho, Jeong Yu-mi, Kim Sae-ron, Jo Dal-hwan, Choi Deok-moon,...SynopsisIn a neighborhood in Seoul, 10 or so people disappeared without a trace in a 6 month span. While the neighbors feel nervous about not being able to find a clue about it, hair and blood is found on the lid of a Manhole. What happened down there?Release date in Korea : 2014/10


First match kicks off in the 3rd episode preview of "Mix & Match"

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You might already have your pick for the members joining iKON after the two episodes but the competition among "Mix & Match" participants are just beginning and is getting more and more intense.

A preview of the 3rd episode airing this Thursday shows the members meeting a new participant which will ignite a real competition. This also marks their very 1st match between Bobby"s, JinHwan"s, and B.I"s teams.

For the result of their 1st match, four members will pass and 2 will be eliminated. Don"t miss the intense match this Thursday at 11PM.

Song Il Kook and his triplets have fun in the mud in preview cuts for "Superman is Back"

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Song Il Kook and his triplets Dae Han, Min Guk, and Man Se will be having some fun in the mud on the upcoming episode of KBS 2TV"s "Superman is Back"!

Song Il Kook took the triplets to a mud flat where he connected 3 bins to get his triplets through the mud. However, when the babies saw the mud for the first time, the triplets burst into tears. Song Il Kook tried to get them used to the mud by saying, "It"s okay. It"s not scary," and put some mud on Min Guk"s leg. Viewers know that Min Guk especially hates things going on his skin because of his past experience with atopy, and the triplets ended up crying even more.

Will they get used to the mud? Find out this Sunday!

Choo Sarang and Yuto enjoy their time in Korea in preview cuts for "Superman is Back"

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Choo Sarang and Yuto continued to enjoy their time in Korea in preview cuts for KBS 2TV"s "Superman is Back"!

On the upcoming episode, Sarang and Yuto started joking around with each other since the early morning with Yuto putting his underwear over his head and walking around in it. Sarang then followed along by putting a diaper over her head. Yano Shiho noticed their silly dress code and laughed as she asked, "What are you guys doing?" The couple also showed their adorable affection for each other by hugging each other and more.

The show"s producer stated, "The way Yuto and Sarang took care of each other was like that of couples... Although Sarang"s grandfather told her not to kiss Yuto, they were unable to stop Sarang

Kim So Eun and Song Jae Rim have their first meeting in preview cuts for "We Got Married"

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Kim So Eun and Song Jae Rim had their nerve-wracking yet exciting first meeting in preview cuts for MBC"s "We Got Married"!

According to the staff of the show, Kim So Eun and Song Jae Rim"s first meeting was unique from the start as their meeting took place in total darkness where they were unable to see each other, and were only able to hear their voices.

While still unable to see, Kim So Eun described her ideal type to be someone with an attractive Adam"s apple. Song Jae Rim wasn"t shy to show off his neck and told her to touch it as they stood in the dark. Although Kim So Eun seemed flustered at first, she showed that she wasn"t one to easily obey orders, and Song Jae Rim commented, "She has a strong [personality]

Lee Hwi Jae and his twins enjoy a picnic in preview cuts for "Superman is Back"

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Lee Hwi Jae and his twins Suh Un and Suh Joon will be heading outdoors for a picnic on the upcoming episode of KBS 2TV"s "Superman is Back"!

During the recording for the episode, Lee Hwi Jae took the twins to see the Lonely Tree at Olympic Park, Seoul. They enjoyed a picnic surrounded by beautiful scenery and the sound of children laughing, and Lee Hwi Jae couldn"t have been happier.

That is until Suh Un and Suh Joon started fighting over a monopod or a "selfie stick" when Lee Hwi Jae took it out for a family snapshot, leaving their father at a loss about what to do.

Find out what happens during this picnic this Sunday!

[Video] Added "Truly Pretty" Nam Sang-mi music video and preview video for the Korean movie "Slow Video"

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Added "Truly Pretty" Nam Sang-mi music video and preview video for the upcoming Korean movie "Slow Video"

"Slow Video" (2014)Directed by Kim Yeong-takWith Cha Tae-hyeon, Nam Sang-mi, Oh Dal-soo, Ko Chang-seok, Jin Kyeong, Yooyoung,...SynopsisThis is the second movie made by the Hollywood major 20th Century Fox, directed by Kim Yeong-tak and starring Cha Tae-hyeon from "Hello Ghost".Release date in Korea : 2014/10/02

“My Lovely Girl” Episode 2 Preview

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SBS‘ “My Lovely Girl,” starring Rain and f(x)’s Krystal, has gotten off to somewhat of a decent start in terms or ratings, recording an 8.2 percent for its first episode, although the reviews have been extremely mixed, some calling it a fresh new drama with an interesting main cast and others commenting on the singers’ acting and old-fashioned dialogue.

The first episode, aired on September 17, introduced Lee Hyun Wook (Rain), a man who has put a wall up around himself following the death of his girlfriend, and Yoon Se Na (Krystal), who is working whatever jobs she can land to get by in Seoul, while she chases her dream of music.

When Hyun Wook hears a message left on his late girlfriend’s cell phone by Se Na, he goes on a search for her