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Korean Drama Pride and Prejudice Episode 3 Episode 4 Recap and Screenshots

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by Couch-kimchi:A few details were revealed, we learned more about Yeol-Moo past. We also met her Mom, who is most likely crazy from grief and we learned the reason Yeol-Moo dropped Dong Chi but we’ll need more to understand why she thinks he’s a murderer. Ratings for this drama are strong, beating outSecret Door and Tomorrow’s Cantabile to remain #1 in its time slot. I’m gonna make a wild guess that part of it is due to the power of Baek Jin Hee again.Those of you who watched Empress Ki with me will remember the Korean audience being very vocal in their adoration of this actress, to the point that the script was changed to extend her part. I’m sure Choi Jin Hyuk is loved as well but the very tiny Baek Jin Hee has become a mighty draw on TV when she’s paired with a great script. All those pieces are falling into place with this drama, at least for now

Kdrama Empress Ki Ep37 Video Preview

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http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=z82cNpG5TxY&feature=player_embedded   http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_embedded&v=vqQ59vK5iyU           Kdrama Empress Ki Ep37 Video Preview, Kdrama Empress Ki Ep37 Recap, Kdrama Empress Ki Ep37 Synopsis

Empress Ki Ep35 Recap

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Empress Ki Ep35 Recap by thetalkingcupboard

Seung-nyang continued to have nightmares and showed the new bruise she got on her neck to Taltal (Why am I getting a couple vibe from these two?!). Taltal had ordered for his men to find the shaman in the capital and told Seung-nyang about the tag for the Grim Reaper with her name on it, which would be hidden somewhere around her quarters. The maids conducted a search around her quarters and started digging the compound; however, nothing was found yet. Ta-hwan got to know about the curse after witnessing Seung-nyang having the nightmare and choking him in the process. He also thought that Tanashiri was the only person who would do such thing and he couldn’t stand still, watching her in that kind of suffering

Empress Ki Ep34 Recap

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Empress Ki Ep34 Recap by thetalkingcupboard.wordpress.com

Seung-nyang stopped right in front of Yoo for a moment of angsty and accusing stare from her side and the guards were ordered to drag her away, but Ta-hwan’s arrival at the throne hall turned out to be a surprise for all of them. Tanashiri expressed her (faked?) relief to see him up and walking, but he’s only interested in what were they doing with Lady Ki. Seung-nyang was happy to have him recovering from the poison and Ta-hwan smiled at her reassuringly. They only had eyes for each other, as if they were the only people in the hall! Still, I feel bad for Yoo, who must felt a pang of sadness upon hearing Seung-nyang’s concern directed towards Ta-hwan

Empress Ki Ep 34 Preview English Translation

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DS: I will not spare her!
Evil Maid: A curse that can kill someone
DS: Can we kill that woman Ki?
Evil Maid: Do you know about voo doo? There's an extremely powerful voo doo master
DS: Have we gotten rid of that woman Ki?

TH: I'll wait for you. Wait till the day you will you come to embrace me. Leaving you by my side, I want you. SN: You can only think of how to take your powers back

Kdrama Empress Ki: Eps 28 Recap

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Kdrama Empress Ki: Eps 28 Recap by thetalkingcupboard

As Ta-hwan was holding the unconscious Seung-nyang in his arms, Tanashiri got to know that he went to the library. She wanted to prevent Seung-nyang from leaving the place with him and went there. Seung-nyang woke up and realized that she had lost consciousness for a while. Ta-hwan tried to persuade her into getting out of the library, but she refused to do so and continued to do the copying. He wanted to know what he could do for him, but Seung-nyang made him realize that he could do nothing, even protecting her from the people against her. She told him not to do anything for her, and she would do the same for him.

Tanashiri started to shout outside, calling for Ta-hwan to leave the Inner Court matters to her and not to interfere with her business

Kdrama Empress Ki: Eps 27 Recap

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Kdrama Empress Ki: Eps 27 Recap by thetalkingcupboard

Seung-nyang was ordered to drink the tonic but Empress Dowager dropped by, ordering her not to do so since the tonic contained infertility medicine. Tanashiri said that she did it for the sake of the Imperial family (yeah, RIGHT) and Seung-nyang suddenly took the bowl. Instead of drinking it, she poured it onto the floor. Muahahahaha…what a rebel! Seung-nyang told Tanashiri that if she took it, then she won’t be able to conceive in the future. The Dowager was satisfied with the outcome.

The other concubines were angry that they were tricked into drinking the tonic and Seung-nyang was the only one who was able to escape

Empress Ki: Episode 1 – 2 Recap

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Empress Ki: Episode 1 - 2 recap by daebakdramas

Empress Ki/Hwatu/기황후 started last week after MBC’s previous sageuk drama (and sadly snooze-fest) “Goddess of Fire Jung Yi”. I consider this a one-off recap for now since Empress Ki will be 50 episodes long and I don’t know if I can hold out that long… Sageuks in general tend to lose me after the first 16 episodes

Kdrama “Empress Ki” Episode 11 Preview

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Kdrama “Empress Ki” Episode 11 Preview

Tanashiri: Ensure that Lady Park does not become aware of this. Be careful, always be careful.

SN: Yes, I will keep that in mind. Voice-over (Is this Dangkise?): The water maiden who is helping us...is that [girl]? TH: Why are you not looking at me? This is a command. I said lift your head! TH: From now on there will not be an instance that I will seek that [girl] first! BS: There is definitely something with them. Jeombak-i: I lit up the torch. Eunuch Bang: ?? (Sorry, no matter how hard I try, it's just shkshfksf to my ears =.=;;) WY: Are we being used as shields? Yeonchul: Swords may be used in war, but in politics, the family register is used! (Not sure with this one, but it kind of fits?) TH: Did you come here to laugh at me? Fine, I'd rather you laugh at me to your heart's content

13 Flawlessly Graceful Actresses in their 40’s

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These 13 actresses are incredibly gorgeous and also known for being graceful and classy! Their fame follows them to everything they act in, from movies to dramas, there’s no doubt they’re all amazing successes!

Check out this list titled, “13 Flawlessly Graceful Actresses in their 40’s

13 Flawlessly Graceful Actresses in their 40's

By Koreaboo

These 13 actresses are incredibly gorgeous and also known for being graceful and classy!

Han Ko Eun

By Koreaboo

Han Ko Eun who has just turned 40 is the youngest of these actresses and still holds her own in terms of grace and beauty.

Choi Ji woo

By Koreaboo

Choi Ji Woo is considered one of the pioneers of the Hallyu wave with her role as the main character in dramas such as "Stairway to heaven" and "Winter sonata"

Jun Do Yeon

By Koreaboo

Jun Do Yeon who started her career as everyone's little sister is now considered one of the best actresses in Korea