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Han Ji Min is a ravishing woman for “High Cut” magazine

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Actress Han Ji Min transformed into a ravishing, elegant woman for her December pictorial with High Cut magazine, showcasing her beauty with short as well as long hair.

Han Ji Min takes on two hairstyles for her pictorial: a long, flowing hairstyle and a sharp pixie cut. Each hairstyle brings out different elements of the actress’ versatile beauty.

In one style, Han Ji Min reddish brown hair cascades down in gentle waves, framing her oval face and contrasting with her milky skin. She gazes out with a sensual expression as one of her hands delicately plays with strands of her hair.

Han Ji Min’s pixie hair draws attention to her defined jawline as she once again looks out with a sensual expression while showing her profile. She pulls down one side of her top, exposing her collarbone and shoulder, further adding to her ravishing concept

Woman Crush Wednesday: “Prime Minister and I’s” Nam Da Jung

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This week on Woman Crush Wednesday, we’re taking a trip to the Blue House and featuring the Prime Minister’s contract wife, Nam Da Jung, in “Prime Minister and I.” As a scandal reporter, she was following the Prime Minister candidate, Kwon Yul, for the next big scoop or an exclusive, but ended up getting caught in a compromising situation. In a sudden whirl of events, the tale was spun that they were in love, and as the hole they dug got deeper and deeper, marriage bells were forced to ring.

But Nam Da Jung becomes a breath of fresh air for the lonely, guilt-ridden Kwon Yul and it isn’t long before real sparks start flying. Even though “Prime Minister and I” ended with 17 episodes, for me, the drama reached its happy ending in Episode 13

Upcoming Korean drama "Drama Festival - The Diary of a Resentful Woman"

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Added the upcoming Korean drama "Drama Festival - The Diary of a Resentful Woman""s page to HanCinema database

"Drama Festival - The Diary of a Resentful Woman" (2014)

Written by Kim Ji-hwan

Network : MBC

With Kim Seul-gi-I, Seo I-an, Chae Soo-bin, Oh Sang-jin, Yoon Jin-wook,...

Resentful woman Kong-ji likes reading more than thinking about getting married. One day, she gets hunted for the first time while she"s swinging with Choon-hyang, by none other than the handsome Magistrate Byeon! Why hasn"t she known love? Kong-ji finally feels the need for someone she must have, but is he good enough? Will he recognize the beauty on the inside and not just the outside? But wait a minute, she"s not great on the inside, either

One. Case debuts with MV for title track “Pathetic Woman”

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One. Case debuts with MV for title track “Pathetic Woman”

Trio One. Case debuted on November 5th with the music video release of their track “Pathetic Woman”. (more…)

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Woman Crush Wednesday: “Dream High’s” Kim Pil Suk

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This week on Woman Crush Wednesday, we’re leaving behind all the leading ladies, such as previous woman crushes Geum Jan Di in “Boys Over Flowers” and Go Eun Chan from “Coffee Prince,” in favor of an often overlooked but very special gal. She can usually be found sitting on the sidelines rather than in the spotlight, but can make just as big of an impact as anybody. She’s not even second lead, but third – if there’s even such a thing in Drama Land. This woman, ladies and gentlemen, is none other than Kim Pil Suk from “Dream High.”

Due to her choice of wardrobe during the Kirin School of Arts audition, Kim Pil Suk is nicknamed Miss Sushi. She’s an overweight girl with an amazing voice, which is problematic for one who wishes for fame

[Video] Added new trailer and stills for the Korean movie "The Woman Upstairs"

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Added new trailer and stills for the upcoming Korean movie "The Woman Upstairs"

"The Woman Upstairs" (2014)Directed by Lee Chan-wookWith Yuri Seo, Park Won-bin, Kim Yoon-jeon,...SynopsisThere"s something inside this woman. She can be heard every night!Unemployed Do-hwan (Park Won-bin) who lives off stock investments is suffering from a riddling noise ever since In-kyeong (Yuri Seo) moved in upstairs. He can"t work or sleep and gets misunderstood by In-kyeong as a perverted psycho but he falls for her more and more. Hwa-jin, who has a crush on Do-hwan, finds out that In-kyeong is a medium and spreads the word. Do-hwan decides to help In-kyeong who is about to get kicked out. The two of them are drawn to each other and start an investment guide towards the apartment residents

SME responds to reports of EXO"s Tao and woman in video

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SM Entertainment has responded to reports concerning EXO"s Tao being filmed hugging and kissing an unknown woman.

The agency stated on October 14, "We"ll be aggressively looking into taking legal action against the media outlets that distorted reports as well as those who distributed the rumors of Tao and his friends saying their goodbyes to one another. Moreover, we will take aggressive action against rumors about the false or distorted information."

Chinese media previously reported on captured footage of what appeared to be Tao hanging out with a group of peers, including a woman he was apparently very close to. There was speculation that the two were dating, while others suggested that it might not be Tao at all. 

EXO"s Tao seen hugging and kissing a woman by Chinese media?

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With the departure of Kris and Luhan from EXO up in the air, it appears all media outlets are keeping a very close eye on the remaining members.  Recently, one Chinese media captured footage of what appeared to be Tao hanging out with a group of peers, one of whom was a woman he was apparently very close to.

The video is garnering a lot of attention as he continuously hugs the woman and even, at one point, appears to lean down and kiss her.  Unsurprisingly, the footage is spreading like wildfire on the internet. 

Although there is a possibility it is not Tao, there does indeed seem to be a strong resemblance to the EXO member.

What are your thoughts?

"I Am a Man" confirms upcoming "I Am a Woman" special

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KBS 2TV"s "I Am a Man" is confirmed to be preparing an "I Am a Woman" special!

PD Lee Dong Hoon of the talk show hosted by Yoo Jae Suk stated, "The "I Am a Woman" special will be filmed on October 12... The broadcast will air on the 17th at 11:05 PM KST." The special will feature an audience of 100 women who give the original show feedback from a feminine perspective.

The audience members will range from women who"ve only attended all-girls schools, resemble celebrities, are tone deaf, and more. The PD also revealed that they"re currently looking into appropriate female MCs to complement Yoo Jae Suk, Kwon Oh Jong, Jang Dong Min, Lim Won Hee, and Heo Kyung Hwan.

A House And Another Woman May Factor In The Lee Byung Hun Blackmail Case

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The Seoul Prosecutor"s office has stated that while there is enough evidence to prosecute model Lee Ji Yeon and GLAM member Dahee for attempting to blackmail Lee Byung Hun, there is no evidence that the actor and Lee ever had an affair.

Lee Ji Yeon"s lawyers claimed that the model only tried to blackmail the actor as an emotional response to the break up of an alleged three-month-long relationship. The 44-year-old actor, who married actress Lee Min Jung last year, denied that he had a romantic relationship with the 24-year-old model. He said that he knew Lee Ji Yeon and Dahee through a mutual friend and had attempted to distance himself from them when he realized they had financial problems. 

According to the Korea Herald, prosecutors said that the women met Lee Byung Hun at a July 1 dinner gathering and subsequently met him several times later for drinks

Lee Byung-hun had another woman besides Lee Ji-yeon and Dahee

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Apparently there"s a third woman involved with the "5 billion won" case.

According to Dispatch, Lee Byung-hun met Lee Ji-yeon through a friend known as "A". He was with "A" when he met model Lee Ji-yeon who also brought a friend, Dahee from Glam. They met a few more times after that.

Quoting "A", Dispatch said, "The four of them oftenly met for at least 3 months.

Apparently, Lee Byung-hun was with "A" even on the day Lee Ji-yeon and Dahee threatened of releasing his video. Lee Byung-hun asked "A" for help and after a long discussion, they decided it wasn"t going end smoothly and went to the police.

The Seoul Central Court said, "Their crime is grave enough and there is a need for them to be detained" and arrested Lee Ji-yeon and Dahee for attempted threat

Song Ji Hyo talks about her long run on "Running Man" and Gary"s cameo in "Emergency Couple"

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Actress Song Ji Hyo shared how she"s managed to last so long as a cast member of the hit variety show "Running Man" on the Hong Kong show TVB J2"s "Star Talk".

When asked if she doesn"t find "Running Man" tiring, Song Ji Hyo said, "Though it is really tiring, I"ve done "Running Man" for 4 years, so I"m used to it by now. Now I think I can enjoy it. Even if I"m sleepy, I end up enjoying it. I"m able to [act and appear on a variety show at the same time] by choosing to sleep and eat a little less." 

As for her "Running Man" castmate Gary and his appearance on her past drama "Emergency Couple", Song Ji Hyo expressed how thankful she was. She said, "I was so thankful that he gave it his all despite the fact that it was a small role

Actor Choi Jin Hyuk Was Asked Out by Actress Choi Yeo Jin While Filming “Emergency Couple”

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It has been revealed that actress Choi Yeo Jin has made a move on actor Choi Jin Hyuk more than once in the past.

During a recent recording of KBS 2 TV’s variety program “Happy Together,” actors Park Joon Geum and Choi Jin Hyuk, Jewelry’s Yewon and ZE:A’s Kwanghee, along with comedians Park Kyung Lim and Park Soo Hong appeared as guests for the ‘Unrelated Siblings’ special.

On this day, senior actress Park Joon Geum shared a story about an exchange that she witnessed between actors Choi Jin Hyuk and Choi Yeo Jin at the time of filming for the drama “Emergency Couple

Gong Hyojin is a relaxed modern woman for ELLE magazine

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In her most recent photo shoot with ELLE magazine, actress Gong Hyojin took on a casual yet chic style.

Gong Hyojin layered up in a fashion perfect for the Fall/Winter season as she modeled outfits from clothing brand “2econd Floor” for her latest pictorial.

Casually posing in what appears to be a spacious city studio, Gong Hyojin transforms the casual, contemporary clothing into a modern chic style with her slim, tall figure.

In other news, the actress is currently starring in SBS drama “It’s Ok That’s Love” along with Jo Insung. The drama, which airs every Wednesday and Thursday, will air its finale episode in two weeks.

Check out her photos below!

Source: IlyoSeoul and hqkpopgirls

Jay Park reveals what he looks for in a woman + how he acts around a crush

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Singer Jay Park had a lot to say on the August 29 edition of JTBC"s "Witch Hunt". He opened up about what he looked for in the opposite gender and how he acted around a woman he liked.

He said, "For me, I think because I came from America, I find the butt and hips important. I also like smiles. I have an obsession with teeth. I like people who have a bright smile like Kim Yuna. I find it more important to have good body proportions than big boobs."

Sung Si Kyung also asked Jay Park, "Are you the type to flirt with a woman if you have interest in her?"

Jay Park revealed, "When I was younger, I was so shy that I could not even speak to her