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Brown Eyed Girls’ JeA & Miryo talk about dating on ‘Challenge 1000 Song’

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Brown Eyed Girls" JeA and Miryo talked about dating!

The two were guests on the 13th"s episode of "Challenge 1000 Song". As JeA has already revealed, she"s dating YG Entertainment"s producer Choi Pil Kang. On the show, she said, "My boyfriend is a producer. We"ve been dating publicly for a year and six months."

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When MC Lee Hwi Jae asked, "Are you planning to get married? You"re old enough." She answered, "I want to do more Brown Eyed Girls first." MC Jang Yoon Jung added, "She doesn"t seem like she has marriage plans yet."

Miryo, on the other hand, said, "I was resting well at home during our break

“Superstar K5″ Park Shi Hwan Lost 10kg for His Debut Album

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Revealing a topless teaser, Park Shi Hwan from “Superstar K5” hinted at his upcoming debut album.

The topless teaser photo concept and the decision on the final photo to be used was made by Park Shi Hwan himself. A set official said, “Park Shi Hwan wanted to show that he’s leaving his old self behind, and reveal his determination for the future. While it is a bold decision to be made by a rookie, we’d appreciate it if everyone recognized his hard work, with his lifelong dream of singing ahead of him.”

Park Shi Hwan, through exercise and diet, also lost 10kg (about 22 lbs) for his debut. “With my dream of a debut coming up, I wanted to show my determination with my bare body before I do it with my voice,” said Park.

Park Shi Hwan is the first to release a debut album among the top 10 contestants of “Superstar K5,” and has previously proved his potential as an artist through his song “The Way We Loved” for the drama “Emergency Couple,” which had huge success on online music charts

Song Ji Hyo and Choi Jin Hyuk’s “Emergency Couple” Records Its Best Ratings Yet

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Emergency Couple” has broken its previous ratings with a great margin!

According to ratings agency Nielsen Korea, episode 11 that aired on March 1 recorded average ratings of 4.1%, with peaks as high as 4.8%. As episode 10 attracted merely 3.4% of viewers on average, this is a significant rise. The drama also took the first place among other shows airing at the same time.

On this episode, Oh Jin Hee (Song Ji Hyo) and Oh Chang Min (Choi Jin Hyuk) took small but steady steps towards getting closer again, as they reminisced their life before the divorce. Due to a collarbone fracture, Jin Hee was unable to move her arms freely, thus struggling to eat her meal. To help her out, Chang Min could be seen feeding her in an adorable manner.

The memories they wanted to forget and destroy after getting divorced slowly begun to change into moments that both of them wanted to restore

First Kiss Scene Still Revealed for “Emergency Couple”

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A still from the first kiss scene, although not a reciprocated kiss scene, was revealed by tvN’s “Emergency Couple” drama staff.

The 9th episode left off where Oh Chang Min is unknowingly falling again for Oh Jin Hee. He starts becoming jealous when sparks begin to fly between Choi Jin Hee and Gook Chun Soo, the chief resident of the ER. Actor Choi Jin Hyuk plays the role of Oh Chang Min and actress Song Ji Hyo plays the role of Oh jin Hee.

tvN’s “Emergency Couple” reps released a cut of Oh Chang Min kissing Oh Jin Hee, who is fast asleep, ahead of the episode to be broadcast. On the February 28 broadcast of “Emergency Couple,” Oh Chang Min will start exhibiting childish behaviors due to jealousy, in response to Oh Jin Hee and Gook Chun Soo’s small but budding romance

“Emergency Couple” Episode 10 video Preview

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[0:01] CM: Oh jinhee-ssi [0:02] CM: You have the same surname as me [0:03] JH: Really? [0:14] GCS: You come out with me for awhile. [0:19] {Seeing you hurt, makes me hurt} [0:26] { I think my love only starts now}

Oh… cute couple is getting cuter. I like that they are now focusing on romance and heading towards rebuilding their love. But Oh Chang Min, what creepy thing are you attempting here?

"Jinhee scolds Jinae, but but only ends up hurting herself,
and Changmin who reveals his feelings to Jinhee gets hurt.
That night, Changmin and Jinhee both think about the first time they met, and the day next day is even more awkward...
A car crash victim is brought to the ER, and Changmin and Jinhee both feel sorry for the patient who does not have a guardian

Emergency Couple Episode 3 – 4 Recap

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Emergency Couple Episode 3 - 4 Recap by Couch-Kimchi:

This week offered so much depth and interesting information about what really went wrong between Chang Min and Jin Hee. I know there’s more to see and we personally can’t wait to discover more. When two passionate individuals collide, we can expect a thrill like no other.

Tessieroo: Jin Hee inadvertently shocks Chang Min, he falls to the ground unconscience. Cheon-Soo rushes to his side. He’s placed on a gurney and his shirt is cut open to place electrodes on his chest. *stares, slack-jawed at Jin Hyuk’s massive chest*

Leila: Just as I thought, shocking Chang Min wasn’t intentional. I guess because of the urgency of the moment, all Jin Hee could think of is saving Chang Min

“Emergency Couple” Episode 6 Video Preview

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As if work isn’t hectic enough, Jin Hee has her ex-mom-in-law making it hellish. Unless Jin Hee accidentally injected her with a disease, then she doesn’t deserve to be slapped. At the very least, the incident will make Chang Min realize the extent of Jin Hee’s struggles with his mom during their marriage.

Sources | Credit to uploader | Soompi, c/o saranghaechoiseunghyun | CJ E&M Drama on FB

“Emergency Couple” – Episode 1 – 2 Recap

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“Emergency Couple” – Episode 1 - 2 Recap by Couch-Kimchi:

Tessieroo: It’s here! I’ve been waiting for this! I was thrilled when they announced the actors since I have major Jin “Hyukitis” and I love me some “Ace”. *hee* I was also delighted its airing on tvN – which remains my favorite network. What about you?

Leila: It excites me to see Choi Jin Hyuk in another drama! So I’m more than thrilled to be recapping this with you.

Tessieroo: The basic story is: Oh Jin Hee (Song Ji Hyo) and Oh Chang Min (Choi Jin Hyuk) get married against his family’s wishes, are married one year but divorce. Six years pass before they meet again – discovering they are both interns at the same hospital

TvN’s “Emergency Couple” Experiences Increase in Ratings for Episode 2

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As Choi Jin Hyuk’s character experienced a heart stopping moment, the ratings for tvN’s “Emergency Couple” seemed to have increased as well. The second episode of the cable drama experienced another positive feedback from the viewers as the drama garnered an average rating of 2.7%. However, the highest rating during the drama was recorded at 3.8%, defining “Emergency Couple’s “rising popularity.” The drama ranked first in viewership with women age groups in their 10s through 40s and men age groups in their 10s, 30s, and 40s.

The second episode of “Emergency Couple” showed the battle between ex-husband and wife Choi Jin Hyuk and Song Ji Hyo as they battled it out working in a hospital’s emergency room. However, the episode showed a heart racing moment when an emergency room patient, who was under the surveillance of cops, was able to break free and steal a gun, ultimately pointing it at Choi Jin Hyuk

“You Who Came From the Stars” Episode 3 recap

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You who came feom the stars ep3 RECAP by drama beans

After dragging Song-yi out of her beauty salon confrontation with jealous rival Yura, Min-joon demands to know who the girl in Song-yi’s photo is. He’s already guessed the connection but needs the confirmation: “Who are you?”

A flashback to Joseon takes us to the aftermath of doppelganger Yi-hwa’s kidnapping. She asks him a string of questions about his identity, offering that she believes in other life forms (whether grim reapers or folk-tale creatures), and therefore he can be honest about his origins. Through it all, Min-joon just looks at her with an enigmatic smile.

Song-yi invites Min-joon home with her, wanting to take care of him in exchange for him saving her life, and leads the way

Drama “Big” Episode 8 Recap by Softy

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Starts from K putting the ring on her finger and saying it fitsperfectly. This is yours. SYJ bought it in the past. D: YJ shi did?K: now next to me you can waver – if you keep that on I wont go to youagain. I –KKJ- wont ever love you.

M repeats what CS told her. M: your dad said to get married rightnow? CS: yes. my dad said if you arent going to get married then dontmeet again. M: they should get married later when he comes back. He cantnow. she runs off so CS says doctor seo already came back-you said notto oppose so why are you like that.

K: think of it simply. we are going back to the condition in thepast before we switched. you wanted to marry SYJ. D: I gave up cuz Ithought YJ shi didnt want to. so this is my ring? K: if you want toconfirm what SYJ’s heart was then just get married

Drama “Big” Episode 1 Recap

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GONG YOO as Seo Yoon Jae (Y)

LEE MIN JUNG asGil Da Ran (D)

BAEK SUNG HYUN as Gil Choong Sik – D’s younger brother. (CS)

SUZY as Jang Ma Ri (M)

SHIN WON HO as Kang Kyung Joon (K)
JANG HEE JIN as Lee Se Young. the female doctor who likes YJ. (S)

"Big" Episode 1 Recap

D runs up the stairs and into a church yelling out “I am sorry –excuse me” and gets into an elevator carrying a wedding bouquet and askspeople to be careful saying this is the bride’s bouquet

MBC writer claims staff ate fan given snacks originally meant for SHINee’s Jonghyun

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On April 11, a broadcasting writer for MBC revealed on their personal Facebook that snacks meant for SHINee"s Jonghyun that were sent in from a Polish fan was consumed in his stead by the company"s writers, stirring up some controversy.

The person wrote, "A fan of SHINee"s Jonghyun from Poland sent a lot of presents to MBC. It seems that this innocent fan believed writing "MBC address in front of SHINee"s Jonghyun" will get it to Jonghyun.

However, this sincere present was unfortunately delivered to our manager of the same name as Jonghyun, and I bring this sad news that it went into not a snacking Jonghyun but the writers" stomachs. The Polish fan girl must be 10,000 times more upset than I was when I get on the wrong bus. I"ll enjoy the snacks

KBS Plans to Enter the Friday Drama Wars

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As one of the older broadcasters, KBS has one of the most packed schedules of any broadcaster. KBS is represented in pretty much ever genre and time slot, with programs spread across its two channels. However one area that KBS has ignored up till now is the recently popular late Friday night drama slot. That however might soon be changing with reports claiming that KBS plans to join this lucrative time slot.

According to an exclusive report by news media outlet, Edaily, KBS2′s (KBS’s main channel) drama division is currently accepting numerous proposals from producers for a new drama to air during the 10PM time slot on Friday, a timeslot that is currently occupied by a current affairs program.

The reason behind KBS’s sudden interest in the late night Friday time slot is clear to see when you see what the competition is doing during that time slot

Super Junior-M reaches the top of YinYueTai’s charts

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Super Junior-M is at the top of YinYueTai"s charts with "SWING"!

Not only are the boys #1, the boys scored a perfect 100 on Mainland China"s chart for the week of March 24th to March 30th.

"SWING" is Super Junior-M"s comeback after one year and three months since their second album "Break Down". For this promotion the guys take on an upgraded version of the classic "swing" sound and dancing.

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Even better, Donghae and Eunhyuk"s "Motorcycle" has reached #1 on the South Korean chart of the site as well.

Congratulations to Super Junior-M!

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2AM’s Seulong is a hot biker in still cuts for ‘Hotel King’

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2AM"s Seulong channeled his inner bad boy as he nonchalantly posed with a motorcycle for "Hotel King"!

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Seulong looked like the heir of the hotel rather than the hotel employee with his expensive motorcycle worth 10 million KRW (~9,486 USD). His reps revealed that the idol-turned-actor is a motorcycle fanatic in reality as well, "Seulong is the type to normally enjoy riding motorcycles so upon hearing the plans to film this scene, he was very pleased... You will be able to see another charm of Seulong in the drama."

"Hotel King" portrays the story of an heiress, Ah Mo Nae (Lee Da Hae), who lives a sheltered life like a princess but a catastrophe pushes her to do all she can to protect her hotel

So Ji Sub shows off his muscles in a steamy pictorial for ‘High Cut’

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So Ji Sub updated fans on his plans for his next production as well as what he thinks about his rapping skills and fashion sense in an interview with "High Cut" magazine.

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The actor shared, "Whether it"s a film or drama, if it"s a good production then I want to do it right away... Summer might be too soon, but I think I will enter filming around fall or winter if I do... I hope that I meet friends my age who I can come to an understanding with in a big or small production... Whoever is the lead actor, it would be okay for me to be the supporting actor, and I would like to try working that way."

When asked if he"s ever imagined himself appearing on an audition program for singers, So Ji Sub, who has released albums in the past, answered, "No way

Park Ji Hun reveals his wedding photo shoot with his wife

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Singer Park Ji Hun, previously of V.O.S, revealed pictures from his wedding photo shoot with his wife, Seo Myung Sun.

The two met each other in the third year of junior high school as pen pals, registered their marriage in 2010, and already had three adorable sons, but they had yet to have their wedding ceremony!

iWedding, which is preparing Park Ji Hun"s wedding, said in relation to their photo shoot, "As much as Park Ji Hun and his wife Seo Myung Sun already resemble each other, the two took part in the shoot very comfortably. His wife, Seo Myung Sun, was beautiful to the point we could not believe she was the mother of three children and she perfectly captured the essence of a bashful bride so that she received endless compliments from the surrounding people

Clara’s Plans to Set Up Her Own Company May Lead to Potential Legal Issues

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Clara might be getting into some legal issues regarding her management after announcing her intentions to start her own company.

For the time being, Clara’s aunt Han Young Ah is helping her with her management and spoke with MBC Star on March 25. “Clara’s contract with her previous agency, Martinkyle has expired. Rather than being in a big company, Clara will start her own company with the help from her father Lee Seung Kyu,” she said.

However, a particular news agency reported that there are still financial issues that remain with the agency that Clara was in before Martinkyle, which may become a potential problem. According to the report, after Clara joined Martinkyle on June of 2013 for a contracted term of three years and four months, Martinkyle was supposed to send 10 million won per month for a total of 400 million won to Clara’s previous agency

Shindong picks Eunhyuk as the ugliest member in Super Junior

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On the March 18 installment of Mnet"s "Beatles Code 3D", Shindong dished on his other Super Junior members while talking with guests, Girls" Generation.

Shin Dong Yup asked in relation to Super Junior, "Who became the most charismatic these days?"

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After thinking about it for a bit, Shindong said, "Eunhyuk is the ugliest as always. During our training period, Eunhyuk would wear a T-shirt with Batman on it 364 days out of a year."

He added, "Leeteuk always wore cargo pants and during our training period, 10 of them would wear beanies. It made me wonder if a Batman T-shirt, cargo pants, and a beanie signified that you were an SM trainee