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Close battle between "The Night Watchman" and "Secret Door" this week, but which Mon-Tues drama came out on top?

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It was a close battle between "The Night Watchman" and "Secret Door" once again, but it was the former that regained its #1 spot in its time slot this week!

According to AGB Nielsen Media Research, MBC"s The Night Watchman" achieved a 10.2% viewer rating on Tuesday, which is a 0.3% decrease from its previous viewer rating of 10.5% on Monday.

SBS" "Secret Door" rose 2.1% from a 7.9% viewer rating on Monday to a 10.0% viewer rating on Tuesday, and KBS 2TV"s "Finding True Love" rose 0.1% from a 7.6% viewer rating on Monday to a 7.7% viewer rating on Tuesday.

Which Mon-Tues drama would you recommend?

Son Ho Young gets love from Kim Tae Woo"s daughter So Yool on upcoming episode of "Oh! My Baby"

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Son Ho Young won the heart of Kim Tae Woo"s daughter So Yool on the upcoming episode of "Oh! My Baby"!

During a recent filming, the Yool sisters (So Yool & Ji Yool) visited g.o.d at their Daejeon concert and started a 2014 version of "g.o.d"s Infant Diary". Kim Tae Woo"s daughters got love and affection from all their g.o.d uncles, but Son Ho Young was the most popular uncle in So Yool"s eyes. Even when her dad Kim Tae Woo called to her, she didn"t leave Son Ho Young"s side.

Park Joon Hyung commented, "Now I know why Ho Young is the "big mommy"," to which Kim Tae Woo cried out, "I"m your dad!"

Stay tuned for this adorable episode on September 4 at 5 PM KST!

[Spoiler] "Secret Door" Lee Je-hoon takes a bath

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Lee Je-hoon took a bath in "Secret Door".

On the fourth episode of the SBS drama "Secret Door", Lee Seon (Lee Je-hoon) saw his friend being interrogated for treason.

Lee Seon took a bath to hide Seo Ji-dam (Kim Yoo-jeong) who had sneaked into the palace.

In the process, Lee Je-hoon"s abs were revealed.

Meanwhile, "Secret Door" deals with the conflict of Yeong Jo who wanted complete royal power and Prince Sado who wanted an equal world.

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[Video] Added Korean drama "Secret Door" episode 3

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Added episode 3 for the Korean drama "Secret Door"

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"Secret Door" (2014) Directed by Kim Hyeong-sik Written by Yoon Seon-joo Network : SBS With Han Seok-Kyu, Lee Je-hoon, Kim Yoo-jeong, Park Eun-bin, Kim Min-jong, Kim Chang-wan,... 24 episodes - Mon, Tue 22:00 Synopsis A historical about the secret surrounding Crown Prince Sado"s death. Broadcast starting date in Korea : 2014/09/22

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SECRET"s Ji Eun announces upcoming solo mini album "25" produced by Duble Sidekick

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The number "25" and the mysterious project SECRET"s Ji Eun had been hinting at have been confirmed to be for her upcoming 1st solo mini album!

She"s continued to impress us with her solo singles, so it"s expected that she"ll once again treat our ears to great new songs, including the title track "Pretty Age 25" which is the work of Duble Sidekick. Ji Eun previously wrote, "Now it"s the age where I know things", and the meaning of that tweet is now clear as Ji Eun drops her new title track to portray her blossoming from a girl into a woman.

Ji Eun"s 1st mini album, which includes the pre-release track "Don"t Look At Me Like That", will be released on the 14th!

[Drama Review] "High School: Love On" - Episode 9

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Seul Bi tries to console Woo Hyun

Seul Bi walks away with Sunbae and at the last minute, stops and tells him she"s not going back. She takes Woo Hyun back to the shop, but all he does is sleep. Later that night, Seul Bi talks to Sunbae, asking to see Grandma one more time. He says it"s beyond his power. Sung Yeol sees her talking to apparently thin air and asks her who she was talking to. Obviously, she tells him nothing. Friends visit the shop the next morning, but nothing rouses Woo Hyun. Sung Yeol comes by; he and Seul Bi look at recipes, prepare food together, and share a moment. Then two loan sharks burst into the shop and start ransacking the place. Apparently Woo Hyun"s father used the shop as collateral for a high-interest loan, but didn"t pay it back

Taeyeon says the secret to being a top girl group is trust during TaeTiSeo"s interview with "High Cut"

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"High Cut" released pictures of Girls" Generation sub-unit TaeTiSeo recently for their upcoming October issue! The girls look chic and elegant in 2014 autumn and winter wear in Brooklyn, New York for this photo shoot.

In addition, during the interview, Taeyeon was asked about how Girls" Generation kept the number one spot as a girl group. She replied, "Among members and the agency people, we all have pride and trust in Girls" Generation, which is how we got to get this far." This is unsurprisingly raising interest in light of the recent development in Jessica"s status as a member of the group.

In addition, Tiffany responded to the reaction that the girls got even sexier with this album, "Holler." She said, "I wanted to shed the standardized concept

[Spoiler] Added episodes 28 and 29 captures for the Korean drama "Endless Love"

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Added episodes 28 and 29 captures for the Korean drama "Endless Love" (2014)Directed by Lee Hyeon-jikWritten by Nah Yeon-sookNetwork : SBSWith Hwang Jeong-eum, Ryoo Soo-yeong, Jeong Kyeong-ho, Cha In-pyo, Jeong Woong-in, Jeon So-min,...50 episodes - Sat, Sun 21:55SynopsisA drama about Korean politics in the 1980s and the financial situation through the life of a woman.Broadcast starting date in Korea : 2014/06/21


Fujii Mina to have a possible love triangle with Cha Tae Hyun and f(x)"s Victoria in "My Sassy Girl 2"

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Fujii Mina is the next international actress to join the lineup of the upcoming sequel "My Sassy Girl 2"!

Her agency Dragon Heart Global confirmed, "Fujii Mina will star in "My Sassy Girl 2". Please look forward to it." Fujii Mina will play the role of a woman who has a one-sided crush on Gyun Woo (Cha Tae Hyun), which means a possible love triangle with Cha Tae Hyun and f(x)"s Victoria.

Jo Geun Shik will also direct this highly-anticipated sequel, which is being produced as a joint project between Korean and Chinese companies. The movie is expected to premiere in May of 2015.

Yoo Yun Suk talks about his rivalry between Song Joong Ki, his fanboy love for Sung Yuri, and his past heartaches

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Actor Yoo Yun Suk discussed his fellow actor Song Joong Ki, his one-sided relationship with Sung Yuri, and his past romantic relationships on the latest episode of SBS" "Healing Camp".

Following his introduction as a guest on the show, Yoo Yun Suk revealed that he has been a true fan of Sung Yuri since her Fin.K.L days. He revealed he had treasured her picture in his wallet because she was so "cute."

Sung Yuri started off and said, "I"m acquainted with Yoo Yun Suk." The actor then added, "It"s true. I have been a fan, and now I"ve been signed under the same agency with her. Truthfully, even now if I go near Sung Yuri, I get nervous. In the past, I used to keep a picture of her in my wallet

[Spoiler] "Secret Door" Choi Jae-hwan gets caught by Lee Je-hoon

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Choi Jae-hwan was caught by Lee Je-hoon.

On the third episode of the SBS drama "Secret Door", Lee Seom (Lee Je-hoon) captured Heo Jeong-hoon (Choi Jae-hwan) who held the key to the case.

Lee Seon was investigating the "Sin Heung-bok murder" when he called in all the artists who used to be around Sin Heung-bok (Seo Joon-yeong) to prove that he didn"t plan treason. Heo Jeong-hoon was the only person absent.

Lee Seon tracked Heo Jeong-hoon down thinking he knew something about the case or was a likely suspect.

At the same time, Kim Taek (Kim Chang-wan) found out about Heo Jeong-hoon and was anxious about the fact that there was someone else who knew about the case. He told Sim-bok, "We have to do something before it falls in the prince"s hands"

'Secret Door" First Episode Peaking Interest

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The reactions of viewers with SBS Monday/Tuesday drama "Secret Door" is hot.

On the episode of SBS Monday/Tuesday drama "Secret Door" broadcast on September 22nd, Lee Sun (played by Lee Je Hoon) and Lee Hoo (played by Han Suk Kyu) were a father and son that were getting intertwined for a while in the murder mystery of a legend.

In the opening, Yeong Jo was going to get threatened by the core director Kim Taek (played by Kim Chang Wan) in the future and the plot drew expectation from many. It was also expected that the conflict between Young Jo and the Sado Prince would intensify.

At the first broadcast of "Secret Door"," netizens said, "I really liked "Secret Door" so I was paying attention." "Secret Door" Han Suk Kyu, Lee Je Hoon is the best

B2ST"s Yoseob and 4minute"s Gayoon sing "The Night Watchman"s love theme "Hope"

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Yoseob and Gayoon came together to sing the OST for "The Night Watchman"!

The pair sang "Hope", the love theme song for the MBC drama. The pair are the main vocals for their groups, and their voices harmonize beautifully for the song! The song is a pop ballad that starts with a classic piano melody. Until the chorus, the melody is solely played through the piano and the acoustic guitar, adding more to the mood of the song.

Check out the song above!

[Spoiler] "Endless Love" Hwang Jeong-eum finds out about Seo Hyo-rim

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Seo Hyo-rim"s past has been brought to the surface once again.

On the twenty-ninth episode of the SBS drama "Endless Love", Han Gwang-cheol (Jeong Kyeong-ho) and Seo In-ae (Hwang Jeong-eum) found out about Cheon Hye-jin (Seo Hyo-rim).

Han Gwang-hoon (Ryoo Soo-yeong) took Seo In-hye, who finished talking to Cheon Tae-woong (Cha In-pyo), to Han Gwang-cheol. The three of them planned to find a way to deal with Park Yeong-tae (Jeong Woong-in) who was threatening them.

However, Han Gwang-cheol saw Seo In-ae and said "Didn"t I only ask to see you, brother?" Han Gwang-hoon said, "We need to know anything about Park Yeong-tae together. It"s alright". However, he turned pale when he saw the pictures in a yellow envelope that Han Gwang-cheol handed to him

Juniel claims, "I Think I"m In Love" in her first ever digital single

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Juniel has released her first ever digital single "I Think I"m In Love"!

Her single contains the titular "I Think I"m In Love", and her self-composed tracks "Bug Off" and "Please". The single is her first since she entered her 20s, and she put all of her emotions into the digital single.

"I Think I"m In Love" talks about a couple who"s just started to date, and the sweet melody and lyrics provide energy to whoever"s listening. From there, she goes on to "Bug Off", a warning against a player, and then to "Please", the story of a parting.

Check out her MV above!