Lee Sun Hee Special of ‘Healing Camp’ with Lee Seung Gi and Baek Ji Young Pulls Viewers

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SBS’ Healing Camp ranked number one for another week with legendary singer Lee Sun Hee as its guest.

The ratings increased from 7.6 to 7.8 with the second half of Lee Sun Hee’s episode airing on Monday night.

Not only did Lee Sun Hee continue to tell her life story through all of her accomplishments, but she also performed her version of Baek Ji Young’s I Won’t Love, bringing a whole new mood to the already sad song. Lee Seung Gi and Baek Ji Young also performed the song on the show for their senior.

Monday, April 14, 2014


1. MBC Empress Ki 25.3
2. SBS God’s Gift – 14 Days 8.5


1. SBS Healing Camp 7

SUJU’s EunhyukDonghae to Release Japanese Album ‘Ride Me’ in Korea

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Super Junior unit group Donghae & Eunhyuk will be releasing its first full length Japanese album Ride Me in Korea on April 16.

The album was released on February 26 in Japan and was received well by ranking number one on Orion’s daily album chart.

Ride Me holds 13 songs, including title track Motorcycle and others such as Oppa, Oppa, I Wanna Dance, Love That I Need and more.

The DVD contains three music videos for Motorcycle, Oppa, Oppa and I wann Dance and also includes the album jacket filming sketch video and music video making film for Motorcycle.

Meanwhile, Eunhyuk & Donghae are currently on Super Junior D&E The 1st Japan Tour 2014 in 8 Japanese cities, holding 22 concerts

Akdong Musicians Sings Out a Meaningful Story in ‘Melted’ MV

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Bringing out its second title song, Akdong Musician released the music video for Melted.

The music video was released on April 14. The meaningful video did not feature the Akdong Musician siblings, but instead casted an entirely different group of actors, who acted out a story about a hitchhiker and the people he captured on his camera during his adventures.

The music video, like the lyrics of the song, held onto the story that if people could just melt their coldness away, the world would be a warmer place.

Photo Credit: YG Entertainment

Lee Sun Hee: “Lee Seo Jin Was Always the Baggage Boy Even Before ‘Grandpa over Flowers’”

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Although actor Lee Seo Jin has been receiving much love for his witty, yet obedient, personality as the official baggage boy for tvN‘s “Grandpa over Flower,” veteran singer Lee Sun Hee revealed that the actor had always acted as the baggage boy even before the hit show.

On the April 14 broadcast of SBS‘ “Healing Camp,” the veteran singer was surprised with the special video appearance of Lee Seo Jin. Despite the unlikely combo, the actor and singer displayed their good friendship.

On this night’s broadcast, Lee Sun Hee said, “Whenever we go overseas, Lee Seo Jin always carries the bags,” stating how the actor had been the original baggage boy long before “Grandpa over Flower.” Furthermore, the singer complimented the actor by adding, “Although he may act cold, Lee Seo Jin is a gentleman

EXO to release Korean and Chinese versions of ‘Overdose’ mini album on the 21st

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EXO will release the two versions of their second mini-album "Overdose" in Korean and Chinese by EXO-K and EXO-M, respectively, on the 21st!

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SM Entertainment stated on the 15th, "As much as EXO will promote in Korea and China as EXO-K and EXO-M for their new album, two versions in Korean and Chinese will be released."

The mini-album consists of a total five tracks including title track "Overdose", as well as "Moonlight", "Thunder", "Run", and "Love Love Love".

But before the mini album release, EXO-K will kick off their comeback stages on "Music Bank" on the 18th, "Music Core" on the 19th, and "Inkigayo" on the 20th. EXO-M will also hold a press conference in China on the 19th and will hold their first comeback stage on CCTV"s "Global Chinese Music" on the 19th

f′s Victoria, 2PM, CN Blue Return from LA

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preview nextview 1/9 preview nextview Victoria is spotted coming out of the gate in a preppy casual look

After performing for K-Pop fans stateside at the LA K-Pop Festival, the stars returned to Korea via the Incheon International Airport on April 14.

Photo credit: Newsen/Lee Han Hyung

Victoria opts for a relaxed fit jean

After performing for K-Pop fans stateside at the LA K-Pop Festival, the stars returned to Korea via the Incheon International Airport on April 14.

Photo credit: Newsen/Lee Han Hyung

Sunglasses are a must at the airport as well

After performing for K-Pop fans stateside at the LA K-Pop Festival, the stars returned to Korea via the Incheon International Airport on April 14

Kim Yeon Ji of the original SeeYa reveals she will be making a comeback

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Talented singer Kim Yeon Ji, who previously was a member of the now disbanded female trio SeeYa, updated fans on April 14 via her current agency"s official homepage.

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She is expecting to release a new album "Never Land Project" and so, she wrote, "After finishing up promotions as group SeeYa, I returned to school and focused on my studies. I also did the things I could not during promotions and learned the things I wanted.

"Never Land Project" was started by a small acquaintance with composer Kim Se Jin. While we shared old stories and talked about music, our intentions to try working together matched and we reached a mutual understanding."

This will be her first official comeback in four years

Cross Gene set off to find their ‘Amazing -Bad Lady-’ in MV teaser

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The multicultural boy group Cross Gene are back with "Amazing -Bad Lady-" MV teaser to leave fans on the edge of their seats for the boys" return.

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Although the initial release date was thought to be the 14th, it turns out the date indicated the release of this teaser and a guerrilla fan event the boys held to get closer to their fans. The actual release is scheduled for the 21st, but before that, we can get a better idea about their concept with this new MV teaser.

The black and white teaser gives off an old movie vibe and the members seem to be playing detectives in search of this "amazing bad lady".

The song is by composer Andreas Carlsson, and Shinsadong Tiger took part in the arrangement

Brave Brothers reveals the fifth artist for his 10th anniversary collaboration project – Juniel!

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Juniel will be next on board to collaborate with Brave Brothers, for the first time, for new digital single "The Day After"!

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"The Day After" is the next song for Brave Brothers" 10th anniversary collaboration project. It will be a song that anyone who"s experienced a break up will be able to relate to as it describes the memories from the day after drunk dialing an ex.

Juniel is the fifth artist to take part in Brave Brothers" 10th anniversary project series following Lim Chang Jung, 4minute, After School, and Electroboyz.

"The Day After" will literally be released "the day after" today on the 16th KST.

Hello Venus Lends Their Sweet Voices for “Cunning Single Lady” OST

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Girl group Hello Venus has participated in the OST for MBC’s “Cunning Single Lady.”

To cheer on member Yooyoung, who is currently playing the role of Pi Song Hee in the drama, the girls came together to sing a sweet and romantic song for the drama’s OST. Their clear voices along with their smooth rapping will help the viewers to immerse themselves in the emotional mood of the drama.

After finishing recording, Hello Venus commented, “It is an honor to sing for the OST of a drama that our cute maknae Yooyung is appearing on. The song is a perfect match for a happy spring day.”

The upcoming song titled “It Is Just Love” has been produced by production team Red Socks, and it is described as a medium-tempo track with a bright piano and guitar sound

Jaejoong becomes a sexy motorcyclist in still cuts for drama ‘Triangle’

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Who else is excited for the upcoming MBC drama "Triangle," starring three good-looking studs Lee Bum Soo, Jaejoong, and Siwan? To further amp up excitement, the drama released some sexy still cuts of Jaejoong, who transformed into a motorcycle-riding tough boy as the second brother.

These very first still cuts from the drama were released on April 14, showing Jaejoong take on a new role. Previously, he may have played executive or pretty boy characters, but this time, he will be the complete opposite as a "manly man." In the pictures, he wears a leather jacket with stylishly tousled hair as he rides a motorcycle with a charismatic nonchalance.

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A rep said, "Maybe it"s because this is his first time taking on such a role, but he appeared to have personally made a lot of preparations

BoA Surprises Viewers with Special Appearance on “K-Pop Star 3″ Finale

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Singer and previous judge of the show, BoA made an unexpected appearance on the finale of “K-Pop Star 3.”

On the season finale held on April 13, the eyes were on Sam Kim and Bernard Park to find out who would be crowned the third winner of “K-Pop Star.”

At one point of the show, the Top 10 entered the stage one by one while singing BoA’s “One Dream,” which is also the theme song of “K-Pop Star 3.” After all of the contestants had gathered to the stage, everyone was taken by surprise as BoA became the last one to join the group.

Her clear voice and stunning beauty made the audience clap and cheer for the star, and neither could judges Park Jin Young, Yang Hyun Suk, and Yoo Hee Yeol stay still upon seeing BoA enter the stage

Jung sisters Jessica and Krystal bask in the Los Angeles sun

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Girls" Generation"s Jessica and f(x)"s Krystal were spotted on a sisterly date in Los Angeles as the two will be taking part in a global event for luxury brand, Jimmy Choo, on April 15.

Jessica uploaded the pictures onto her Weibo on April 14 along with, "The green grass is so lovely. Always love being in LA ."

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The two appear to be at a grassy park, enjoying the beautiful weather and warm sun in the city. In one picture, Jessica smiles brightly into the camera as Krystal stands in the background with windswept hair, striking a humorous pose.

15&’s Park Ji Min: “I Always Go On a Diet But I Never Succeed”

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Girls of 15& recently opened up about taking care of their figures, and the fact that it is not always easy.

Park Ji Min and Baek Ye Rin were guests on KBS CoolFM’s “Cho Jung Chi and Jang Dong Min’s 2 O’Clock” on April 14. Having made their comeback, the two DJs were curious as to whether the duo has gone on a diet to prepare for their activities.

When asked about going on a special diet, Park Ji Min revealed, “I always go on a diet, but I have never succeeded [in losing weight].”

DJ Jang Dong Min joked, “Are you not putting on weight to sing better instead?” to which Park Ji Min responded laughing, “Why are you being like that to me?”

On the contrary, the DJs told Baek Ye Rin, “Shouldn’t you put on some weight? Share the food [when you eat together]

Block B thank fans in video celebrating third anniversary

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After the release of their latest MV for new track "Jackpot," the wild boys of Block B showed their sweet side as they thanked fans in another video marking their third anniversary as a group.

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That"s right! The boys celebrated their third anniversary since debut, standing up and screaming in excitement while relaying the good news. Leader Zico then thanked their fans, BBCs, for supporting them the last three years, promising to pay them back in the next three.

Check out the sweet video above and congratulations to them on this milestone!

Shindong and Shin Dong Yup’s “Beatles Code” to Wrap Up Season 3, Future Uncertain

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MNet’s talk show “Beatles Code 3D” will sadly end its run on April 22, and as of now, there are no news of a new season.

According to a representative of Mnet, the 18th episode of “Beatles Code” airing next week will be its last. Regarding future plans, the source commented, “Uncertain.”

“Beatles Code” aired its first episode in 2010 with Yoon Jong Shin and Yoo Se Yoon chosen as the MCs. After a successful first season, the show was renewed for season two, which recorded decent ratings until MC Tak Jae Hoon was caught up in a controversy regarding illegal gambling, causing the show to end its run.

The third “3D” season has been led by Super Junior’s Shindong and Shin Dong Yup, and the weekly guests have been popular artists and even rookie idols

Jang Mi Hee

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Name: 장미희 / Jang Mi Hee (Jang Mi Hui)
Real name: 장미정 / Jang Mi Jeong
Profession: Actress and university professor
Birthdate: 1958-Jan-27
Height: 166cm
Weight: 49kg
Star sign: Aquarius

TV Shows

Fashion King (SBS, 2012)
Life is Beautiful (SBS, 2010)
Mom Has Grown Horns (KBS2, 2008)
That Summer Typhoon (SBS, 2005)
Prince’s First Love (SBS, 2004)
A Problem At My Younger Brother’s House (SBS, 2003)
Mothers and Sisters (MBC, 2000)


Season in the Sun (2002)

Kikwang to be the first male idol on ‘Witch Hunt’

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B2ST"s Kikwang will be making an appearance on fun variety program "Witch Hunt" as the very first male idol!

Broadcasting reps revealed on April 14 that he was taking part in the show from the first part "Turn on the Green Light" corner to the second part with female panelists, "Turn Off The Green light." The reps said that the filming took place in the JTBC building where he did not refrain from giving honest thoughts and stories.

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People are curious about what kind of 19+ remarks he may make with MCs Shin Dong Yup and Sung Si Kyung as the first male idol on the show. You can find out when the episode airs!

JungGiGo Releases MV Teaser “Want U” Feat. Beenzino

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After sweeping many music charts this year with his duet track “Some,” hip-hop singer JungGiGo is set to release his next track.

A teaser for “Want U” featuring rapper Beenzino was released earlier today, showing a more hip-hop style.

This is not the two musicians’ first time to collaborate either, as they worked together for Junggigo’s first mini album “Pathfinder” in 2012.

For this comeback, JungGiGo will try to shed the sweet romantic image from “Some” and transform into a chic bad guy. His comeback will take place this week on April 17.

After sweeping the charts and music shows together with SISTAR‘s Soyu and the duo’s hit “Some,” Junggigo has quickly become one of the year’s hottest newcomers

Seo In Guk and Lee Hana to join hands in new tvN drama ‘King of High School Life’

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tvN"s new Monday & Tuesday drama "King of High School Life" revealed on April 14 that the leads will be played by Seo In Guk and Lee Hana!

According to the reps, Seo In Guk will be playing Lee Min Suk, an immature high school student and ice hockey player, who suddenly enters a major company as an executive in his brother"s stead. At the company, he meets Lee Hana"s character, Jung Soo Young, who is a female temp at the company with whom he forms a budding romance.

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This will be his first time working with tvN again after his hit series "Reply 1997," making fans widely curious about whether they got another hit on their hands