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Korea’s Favorite Actor Ryu Seung Ryong Poses For A Funny Yet Charismatic Pictorial in “First Look”

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Everybody’s favorite actor Ryu Seung Ryong recently posed for a First Look pictorial just before the release of his new movie “The Target.”

Through this pictorial, the actor showed various comical as well as his well-known charismatic expressions.

Netizens and fans who saw the pictures commented, “This is so Ryu Seung Ryong. Dirty but sexy,” “How can we not love him,” “His pictorial pictures are always so funny.”

Ryu Seung Ryong began his acting career in early 2000s but rose to fame after his starring role in the blockbuster movie “All About My Wife” in being the “dirty-sexy neighbor” and in “War of the Arrows.” He subsequently became more loved through his role in “Masquerade” and in early 2013, “Miracle in Cell No

New Drama “Big Man” Starring Kang Ji Hwan Releases New Posters

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Upcoming KBS drama “Big Man” released its posters featuring the main cast members.

The first poster focuses on the lead, Kang Ji Hwan. In the poster we see two different versions of his character, Kang Ji Hyuk. One version is dressed in more casual clothes and he adjusts the tie of his sharper dressed counterpart in the mirror. There are two versions of Kang Ji Hyuk: the raised-from-the-dirt orphan Kang Ji Hyuk and the eldest son of a chaebol family Kang Ji Hyuk.

The second poster shows the main cast members Kang Ji Hwan, Lee Da Hee, Choi Daniel, and Jung So Min. Because of the close ups, only their expressions give hints to what their characters are like.

“Big Man” is the story about a lowly man from the streets who suddenly becomes a part of one of Korea’s richest and most powerful families

‘Dohee-ya’ Starring Bae Doo Na Invited to Cannes Film Festival

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An upcoming film Dohee-ya starring Bae Doo Na, Kim Sae Ron and Song Sae Byeok has been invited to The 67th Cannes Film Festival.

The film has been invited for ‘Un Certain Regard’ section, getting recognition for its uniqueness and originality with qualities in vision and style among the other international films.

Director Hong Sang Soo’s Hahaha (2010) and director Kim Ki Duk’s Arirang (2011) have previously won the ‘Un Certain Regard’ section.

The only debut films that have been invited to the section from Korea are director Yoon Jong Bin’s The Unforgiven (2005) and director Jung Ju Ri’s Dohee-ya.

Director Jung Ju Ri said, “I can’t believe that my first full length film will be shown at Cannes Film Festival

Shin Ji Hoon lends her voice for theme song ‘Happy Ending’ for upcoming animated film ‘Beyond Beyond’

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"K-Pop Star 2"s Shin Ji Hoon lent her angelic voice for the song "Happy Ending" for the upcoming animated film "Beyond Beyond"!

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"Happy Ending" is the theme song for the movie and gives a message of hope with its beautiful melody and lyrics that are express through Shin Ji Hoon"s pure and refined voice.

A Cube DC rep stated, ""Beyond Beyond" is an animated film that is good for your whole family to enjoy at the theater. We thought that Shin Ji Hoon"s version of "Happy Ending" would fit well with the animation and video."

"Beyond Beyond" portrays the story of a little rabbit"s adventure to rescue his mom and the lessons about life he learns along the way

Movie version of Changmin’s starring drama ‘Mimi’ to be screened in theaters across Japan

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It has been reported that TVXQ"s Changmin"s starring drama "Mimi" will be screened in theaters across Japan!

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According to Japanese media outlet Sankei Sports on the 18th, Mnet"s four-part drama "Mimi" will be edited into a movie version to be screened in thirty theaters across Japan starting next month. It"ll be split into two parts with the first part starting its run on May 9th and the latter part hitting theaters on May 16.

"Mimi" portrays the story of popular webtoon writer Minwoo, who is on the search to find the first love Mimi (Moon Ga Young) he lost when he was younger. Changmin portrays both the younger version of Minwoo who falls in love at the tender age of 18 and the older version who lost her

Song Ji Hyo Is the Rising Star of Hallyu in China

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After charming the audience with her humble personality and skillful acting, actress Song Ji Hyo has become one of the hottest Hallyu stars in Chinese-speaking countries.

It all begun with “Running Man.” Together with Yoo Jae Suk, Kim Jong Kook, Haha, and other male members, Song Ji Hyo has entertained the viewers through a number of hilarious episodes. The cast members have travelled around Asia to greet their local fans, and the responses have been particularly hot in China, Taiwan, and Hong Kong.

Recently, Song Ji Hyo has gained popularity through her role on “Emergency Couple.” The drama has been sold to ten countries so far, proving its overseas appeal, and the download rates in Chinese-speaking countries have been extremely high

Korean movie ‘Gyeongju’ releases teaser posters of Shin Min Ah and Park Hae Il

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Director Zhang Lu"s first comedy/melodrama movie "Gyeongju" released the teaser poster for actors Shin Min Ah and Park Hae Il on April 17.

The two are basking in the warm sun for a natural spring look and looking off into the distance. It suggests an interesting romance budding between the two as Park Hae Il"s poster asks, "Can I hold your hand once?" and Shin Min Ah"s poster asks, "Can I touch your ear once?"

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The story outlines the two characters" coincidental meeting at a travel destination as they spend one night and two days in Gyeongju together. The movie will be out in May!

You can also check out a trailer below

A-JAX members to become vampires for new web drama ‘Vampire’s Flower’

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A-JAX"S Jaehyung, Hyeongkon, Seungyub, and Hyojun have been cast in new web drama "Vampire"s Flower" based on a popular internet story on Naver!

Jaehyung will be playing Louie, who falls in love with a human high school student. Hyeongkon will be Louie"s rival and friend (apparently his "frenemy"), Reka, while Seungyub and Hyojun will be the reliable guards, Baek Han and Ah Kan.

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The story centers on the blood-red romance between Louie, who finds the vampire flower, and Seoyoung, who enters the vampire world as his partner. This story became popular as the Korean "Twilight" of sorts, garnering a lot of interest from netizens as a part of the web story "Challenge League" that took place on Naver in early 2013

Entertainment industry puts a hold on various programs, dramas, events, and comebacks in light of the sunken ship tragedy

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In light of the tragic sunken ferry incident in South Korea, most of the entertainment industry will be on hold for the next few days.

Although it was reported early on yesterday that most of the passengers and crew had already been rescued off the ship, it was later revealed that that was not the case. Currently, at time of writing, there are still currently about 290 missing passengers with many of them being high school students who had been on a trip from school to Jeju Island. Rescue efforts are still under way and with many citizens still awaiting the news about the whereabouts of their loved ones, most of the broadcast stations will be concentrating their efforts on covering the incident and its aftermath.

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As such, "M! Countdown" and "Music Bank" have already announced their cancellation for this week

KARA to Hold First Fan Meeting as Three-Member Group

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Girl group KARA (Park Gyuri, Han Seungyeon, Goo Hara) will be holding fan meetings for the first time as a trio.

On May 24, KARA will be meeting with fans at the Seoul Blue Square Samsung Card Hall, and on June 1, the group will be hosting the fan meeting at the Nippon Budokan in Tokyo. The meeting will be held in celebration of the third anniversary of “Kamilia Day.”

This will be KARA first official activity since former members, Nicole and Kang Jiyoung, left the group. The group members plan to talk honestly about their story to fans. They will be giving fans an update on what they have been doing and will connect more closely with fans through various programs and events at the fan meeting. They plan to spend meaningful time with their fans to express their gratitude for sticking with them through their difficult transition

EXO ‘Overdoses’ Fans With Its Charms at Comeback Show

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EXO made its comeback this year with upgraded performance.

EXO held a showcase titled EXO Comeback Show on April 15 in Jamsil Arena, presenting its new title song Overdose along with its music video.

Opening the stage by performing Wolf and History, the EXO members took turns introducing themselves and greeting the fans before the group performed its hit Growl.

During talk time, EXO was asked about the process of preparing the new album and Baek Hyun answered, “We practiced a lot in order to show new sides of us. There is this one part where D.O has to lie down and the other members have to go on top of him to make a formation. I remember struggling to get the formation right.”

Chan Yeol added, “When we filmed the music video, it was shot in a one-take technique

Pianist Yiruma Receives Standing Ovation During Sold-Out Concert in Singapore

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Yiruma, the internationally-renowned pianist-composer from South Korea was in Singapore to perform publicly for the very first time at The Star Performing Arts Center on April 5. All 5,000 tickets were completely sold out. I was so lucky to be able to watch him perform his beautiful melodies; it was even more meaningful because that day was my birthday!

The soft-spoken pianist has a great sense of humor, surprisingly. After opening the concert with “May Be“, Yiruma stood up to greet the 5,000 strong audience.

“Hi Singapore, hi everyone. Wow! This is really wonderful, it’s very scary. It’s scary, but it’s very exciting to be here in Singapore. Are there any Koreans here? Annyeonghaseyo! I’m composer and pianist Yiruma, it’s so nice to meet you. Thank You!”

“Xie xie (Thank you, in Mandarin), I started with the song called ‘May Be

Kim Ji Won Wants to Change Her Evil Image from ‘The Heirs’

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Kim Ji Won brought up her evil character from The Heirs.

Kim Ji Won recently attended filming for Arirang TV’s Showbiz Korea.

After making her debut through a cellphone commercial with Big Bang in 2010, Kim Ji Won has been making appearances in numerous projects, including MBC’s sitcom High Kick, movie Scary Story, SBS’s The Heirs and more.

About her drama character, Kim Ji Won said, “When I first read the scenario for The Heirs, I thought she was really evil. But the more I read it, the more I started thinking from Rachel’s situation, so I began to feel sympathy for her.”

When asked who is closer to her ideal type between ‘Kim Tan’ and ‘Choi Young Do,’ Kim Ji Won chose ‘Choi Young Do’ without hesitating

Weekly K-Pop Music Chart 2014 – April Week 2

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Lim Chang Jung repeats as No. 1 for the second week in a row with “Ordinary Song.” In another wide open week last week in which different songs were winning on various music shows, “Ordinary Song” was clearly the most consistent song amongst music charts and was able to win again. Congratulations to Lim Chang Jung.

Moving up three spots to No. 2 is Orange Caramel’s “Catallena.” This song dropped to No. 5 last week and was able to rebound three spots up to second this week, just ten points below “Ordinary Song.” Historically, Orange Caramel’s songs have done well and also fared better than After School’s songs on our chart. This time is no exception. Let see if “Catallena” can move up to the top spot next week.

There are four new songs in the top 10, all by non-idol artists

Actress Jung Ryeo Won Takes Pic with Lovely Zhang Ziyi

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Actress Jung Ryeo Won recently took a photo with the globally adored Chinese actress, Zhang Ziyi.

On April 12, Jung Ryeo Won tweeted the photo with the caption, “My goddess…with Zhang Ziyi.”

In the photo, both of the gorgeous actresses are seated on the sofa in what appears to be a VIP lounge area for celebrities. Although the lighting is dim, both women look beautiful in their simple yet elegant attire.

Netizens who saw the photo commented, “The meeting of Korean and Chinese actresses,” “I wonder how these two came to meet each other,” and “They are both simply gorgeous women.”

In other news, Jung Ryeo Won is the MC of Story On Art’s survival program, “Art Star Korea.”

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“Make Your Move” Starring BoA Records Sales of $6.3 Million

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Soon to premiere in the U.S. and Korea, “Make Your Move” has been sold to 54 countries so far.

A representative of CJ E&M‘s Film Business Team revealed, “‘Make Your Move’ has been sold to 54 countries, including France, Germany, Australia, Czech Republic, and various countries in South East Asia and Europe, through the 2011 Berlin Film Market and multiple film festivals. The sales results exceed 6.3 million USD.”

The movie depicts the love story of a dance-loving couple, who fall in love through a series of unexpected events. Starring BoA and Derek Hough, the dreamy romance is co-produced by Robert Cort Productions, CJ E&M and SM Entertainment.

The source continued, “‘As a global project combining the talents of Korea’s representative Hallyu stars and Hollywood production, ‘Make You Move’ was planned as a movie targeted at the overseas market

EXO to Return with Another Mnet Reality Show

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If you’ve already started to have EXO withdrawals, no worries because the 12 member boy group will be featuring in their own reality show!

Although late last year the group had their own reality show on MBC Every1 titled, “EXO’s Showtime,” this new reality show on Mnet will be just in time for EXO’s comeback.

Although the first teaser released for the Mnet reality show was vague, fans can expect that the show will follow the lives of the members on and off stage. Furthermore, as EXO’s popularity continues to increase in Korea and overseas, the new reality show will portray the group’s efforts to maintain their identity as one of Korea’s top boy groups.

Titled “xoxo, EXO,” the Mnet reality show will portray the comeback story of the popular 12 member group

Kang So Ra and Park Hae Jin lock eyes with each other in still cuts for ‘Doctor Stranger’

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Lee Jong Suk and Jin Se Yeon are not the only couple with love in the air as Kang So Ra and Park Hae Jin were also shown oozing with chemistry in still cuts for "Doctor Stranger".

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Park Hae Jin plays the role of elite cardiothoracic surgeon Han Jae Joon, and Kang So Ra plays the role of Oh Soo Hyun who is the skilled cardiothoracic surgeon daughter of the hospital"s chairman. The two sweetly locked eyes before going into surgery, hinting at their love-line.

"Doctor Stranger", directed by "City Hunter" and "The Sun of My Master"s PD Jin Hyuk, will portray the story of a genius North Korean defector, Dr. Park Hoon (Lee Jong Suk), who enters Korea"s top hospital and adjusts to life as an outsider in his workplace

‘Three Days’ Rakes in Over 200 Million Views in China

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Three Days has not only ranked number one out of dramas airing on Wednesdays and Thursdays but it has also become a big hit in China.

According to China’s Youku, which has purchased the copyrights to the drama,Three Days has already reached 180 million views as of April 9, before the drama even reached the halfway point.

Three Dayshas also raked in 68 million views on another Chinese streaming site Tudouas of April 9, with the drama earning a total of around 240 million views in the country.

Three Days has also been receiving high ratings. Starting with 9.3 rating, the drama hit a 9.5 rating last week, the highest score for any Korean drama so far.

With the increasing popularity of Three Days, lead actor Park Yoo Chun’s other drama Rooftop Prince has resurfaced on the drama chart again after two years, ranking number 7

Park Shin Hye to embark on a world tour in seven countries

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Park Shin Hye will be heading off on a world tour!

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The "2014 PARK SHIN HYE WORLD TOUR : STORY OF ANGEL" will kick off with Park Shin Hye"s attendance at the "The 2014 DramaFever Awards" and a fan meeting in New York on May 1.

A S.A.L.T. Entertainment rep stated, "We are always thankful for the love in Korea and overseas. Starting in May, [Park Shin Hye] plans to meet more international fans in the U.S., Thailand, China, Japan, Taiwan, Hong Kong, and the Philippines. As Park Shin Hye is a hard worker who prepares a new stage whenever there is an opportunity to communicate with fans, she will perform a variety of stages this year."

Now many of you will get to see just how pretty she is inside-and-out in person! Stay tuned for more details!