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Kang Sung Yun

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Name: 강성연 / Kang Sung Yun (Kang Seong Yeon)
Profession: Actress
Birthdate: 1976-Jul-21
Birthplace: Seoul, South Korea
Height: 167cm
Weight: 48kg
Blood Type: A
Star Sign: Cancer
Talent agency: Olive9 Entertaiment
Hobbies: Listening to music and singing
Education: Han Nam University
Religion: Catholic

TV Series

Wife Returns (SBS, 2009)
Tazza (SBS, 2008)
Single Dad in Love (KBS2, 2008)
New Wise Mother, Good Wife (MBC, 2007)
Let’s Marry (MBC, 2005)
She is Cool (KBS, 2003)
Rookie (SBS, 2000)
Happy Together (SBS, 1999)
Kaist (SBS, 1999)
Forever Yours (MBC, 1998)
Medical Brothers (MBC, 1997)


Soo (2006)
King and the Clown (2005)
Short Time / Lee Daero Can’t Die (2005)

Jung Wook

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Name: 정욱 / Jung Wook (Jeong Wuk)
Profession: Actor
Birthdate: 1938-May-05
Height: 170cm
Weight: 66kg
Star sign: Taurus
Blood type: A
Family: Wife, son and daughter

TV Shows

One Day Suddenly (SBS, 2006)
Ice Girl (KBS2, 2005)
Precious Family (KBS2, 2004)
The Immortal Lee Soon-Shin (KBS1, 2004)
My Fair Lady (SBS, 2003)
Damo (MBC, 2003)
Trio (MBC, 2002)
Flowing River (SBS, 2002)
Her House (MBC, 2001)
Pretty Lady (KBS2, 2001)
Honesty (MBC, 2000)
Mothers and Sisters (MBC, 2000)
Sad Temptation (KBS2, 1999)
Huh Joon (MBC, 1999)
Advocate (MBC, 1998)
Red Azalea (KBS2, 1998)
Love (MBC, 1998)
When She Beckons (KBS2, 1997)
Medical Brothers (MBC, 1997)
Korea Gate (SBS, 1995)
Hotel (MBC, 1995)
Way of Living: Man (SBS, 1994)
Mother’s Sea (MBC, 1993)
Daewongun (MBC, 1990)
The Memoirs of Lady Hyegyeong (MBC, 1988)
Namhan Mountain Castle (MBC, 1986)
First Love (MBC, 1986)
Tree With Deep Roots (MBC, 1983)


A Family (2004)
The Uninvited (2003)

Ratings Rise with Departure from LA for The Heirs

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We love Los Angeles, but leaving it was the best decision SBS’ The Heirs made, and the viewers agree.

Thursday night’s episode brought in 11.5 percent in ratings with progression finally being made between the characters. With Kim Tan’s return to Korea, the story became a bit more complex, creating anticipation for the following episode where, judging from the preview, boys will be chasing after Cha Eun Sang from every other direction.

Also, the picture of Kim Tan’s complex family tree is slowly beginning to be drawn out, unfolding the reason behind the cold relationship between the two Kim brothers.


1. KBS Secret 15.1→15.3

2. SBS The Heirs 10.6→11.5

3. MBC Medical Top Team 7

Kam Woo Sung

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Name: 감우성 / Kam Woo Sung (Gam Wu Seong)
Also known as: Karm Woo Sung
Nickname: Gam Taeng
Profession: Actor
Birthdate: 1970-Oct-01
Birthplace: South Korea
Height: 174cm
Weight: 68kg
Star sign: Libra
Blood type: O
Family: Wife, two older brothers and two older sisters
Education: Soo Yoo Junior High School, Sun Hwa Arts High School, and Seoul University (major in East Asian Art)
Hobbies: Playing billiard and watching films
Kam Woo Sung was born in South Korea to a military family.

TV Shows

King Geunchogo (KBS1, 2010)
Alone in Love (SBS, 2006)
Hyung Jung, I Love You (MBC, 2002)
Stars Rise Even in the Day 낮에도 별은 뜬다 (MBC, 2001)
Say it With Your Eyes (MBC, 2000)
Medical Center (SBS, 2000)
Loving You (MBC, 1999)
Michiko 미찌꼬 (MBC, 1999)
Shy Lover (MBC, 1998)
Song of the Wind (SBS, 1998)
Premonition (MBC, 1997)
Mountain 산 (MBC, 1997)
To Make a Man 남자 만들기 (KBS, 1995)
The White Journey 하얀 여로 (MBC, 1994)
MBC Best Theater – Ep129 ‘하얀 여로’ (MBC, 1994-Mar-25)
Season of the Storm 폭풍의 계절 (MBC, 1993)
Our Paradise 우리들의 천국 (MBC, 1993)
Trumpet Flower 나팔꽃 (MBC, 1993)
MBC Best Theater – Ep102 ‘유년의 삽화’ (MBC, 1993-Aug-27)
MBC Best Theater – Ep79 ‘지난 겨울 우리는’ (MBC, 1993-Feb-19)
Fascination 매혹 (MBC, 1992)
Public Loan 20 Talents 공채 20기 탤런트 (MBC, 1991)


Dodo (2009)
My Love (2007)
Big Bang (2007)
The King and the Clown (2005)
Super Family (2005)
Spider Forest (2004)
R-Point (2004)
Marriage is a Crazy Thing (2001)


14th Choon Sa Film Festival: Best Male Actor for “King and the Clown” (2006)
2006 Blue Dragon Film Festival: Best Couple (with Lee Jun Ki) in “King and the Clown”
43rd Grand Bell Awards: Best Leading Actor for “King and the Clown” (2006)
9th Audience Prize: Best Male Actor (2004)
2002 MBC Entertainment Awards: Best Dresser
2002 MBC TV Awards: Best Male Actor
2002 Grimae Film Festival: Best Male Actor for “Marriage is a Crazy Thing”
1st Korea Movie Awards: Best New Actor for “Marriage is a Crazy Thing” (2002)

Lee Young Ae

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Name: 이영애 / Lee Young Ae
Profession: Actress and model
Birthdate: 1971-Jan-31
Birthplace: Seoul, South Korea
Height: 165cm
Weight: 48kg
Blood type: AB
Star sign: Aquarius
Family: Husband and two older brothers
Talent agency: Storm S Company
Education: Hanyang University (German Language and Literature), Chung-ang University (M.A. in Theater and Film)
Languages: Korean, English, and German
Hobbies: Swimming, playing the piano and horseback riding

TV Shows

Dae Jang Geum (MBC, 2003)
Fireworks (SBS, 2000)
Invitation (KBS2, 1999)
Mighty Waves (SBS, 1999)
Food Table of Contents (MBC, 1998)
Advocate (MBC, 1998)
I Survive Reason (내가 사는 이유) (MBC, 1997)
Medical Brothers (MBC, 1997)
Their Embrace (MBC, 1996)
Papa (KBS2, 1996)
Love and Marriage (MBC, 1995)
West Palace (KBS2, 1995)
Asphalt Man (SBS, 1995)
How is Your Husband (SBS, 1993)


Sympathy for Lady Vengeance (2005)
One Fine Spring Day (2001)
Last Present aka The Gift (2001)
Joint Security Area (2000)
First Kiss (1998)
Inch’Allah (1997)


2006 Baeksang Award: Best Actress for “Sympathy For Lady Vengeance”
26th Blue Dragon Awards: Best Actress Award for Sympathy for Lady Vengeance (2005)
2005 International Film Festival of Catalunya: Best Actress for “Sympathy For Lady Vengeance”
2003 MBC Drama Awards, Grand Prize
2001 Pusan Film Critics Awards: Best Actress for “One Fine Spring Day”
2001 Korea Movie & Music Awards: Photogenic Prize for Actress
1999 KBS Drama Awards: Most Popular Actress Award
1998 SBS Drama Awards: Best Actress Award
1997 SBS Drama Awards: Best Actress Award
1996 MBC Drama Awards: Best Actress Award
1995 KBS Drama Awards: Popularity Prize
1994 SBS Drama Awards: Best New Actress

Personal life

On August 24, 2009, She married Jeong Ho Young, a Korean-Americanbusinessman

Jang Dong Gun

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Name: 장동건 / Jang Dong Gun
Profession: Actor, musician and singer
Birthdate: 1972-Mar-07
Birthplace: Yongsan-gu, Seoul, South Korea
Height: 181cm
Weight: 68kg
Star sign: Pisces
Blood type: O
Talent agency: Star M Entertainment
Family: Wife/actress Ko So Young and a son

TV Shows

A Gentleman’s Dignity (SBS, 2012)
All About Eve (MBC, 2000)
Springtime (MBC, 1999)
Ghost (SBS, 1999)
Love (MBC, 1998)
Ready Go! (MBC, 1997)
Model (SBS, 1997)
Myth of a Hero (MBC, 1997)
Medical Brothers (MBC, 1997)
Icing (MBC, 1996)
The Last Game (MBC, 1994)
Il-Ji-Mae (MBC, 1994)
Our Heaven (MBC, 1993)


Good Morning, President (2009)
Laundry Warrior
The Promise (2005)
Typhoon (2005)
Taegukgi (2004)
The Coast Guard (2002)
2009 Lost Memories (2002)
Friend (2001)
The Anarchist (2000)
Nowhere to Hide (1999)
Love Wind Love Song (1999)
First Kiss (1998, cameo)
Holiday in Seoul (1997)
Repechage (1997)


2004 Blue Dragon Film Festival: Best Actor Award for “Taegukgi”
2001 Blue Dragon Film Festival: Most Popular Actor Award
46th Asia-Pacific International Film Festival: Best Supporting Actor for “Friend” (2001)
2000 Blue Dragon Film Festival: Popular Award
1999 Chung-Ryong Movie Festival: Best Supporting Actor Award for “Nowhere to Hide”
1997 Chung-Ryong Movie Festival: New Actor Award for “Repechage”
1997 MBC Drama Awards: Best Actor Award for Medical Brothers
1997 Baek-Sang Arts Awards: Popularity Actor Award
1994 Baek-Sang Arts Awards: TV Drama New Actor Award