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Kim Soo Hyun Gets Criticized By Netizens for Large Donation

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On April 24, actor Kim Soo Hyun donated 300 million Won to Danwon High School, where many of the high school student victims of the Sewol Ferry tragedy had attended. Kim Soo Hyun requested that the money be used to create a memorial for the deceased students and also support family members, peers, teachers and friends of the victims.

Most netizens have responded favorably to the actor’s heartfelt gesture while others have taken to their Twitter accounts to voice discontentment with the actor’s large donation in comparison to contributions from other celebrities.

One netizen wrote, “It’s great that you donated, but it looks like you’re trying too hard to stand out? Then did Ryu Hyun Jin donate only 100 million won because he didn’t have a lot of money? How tactless. Even if you have a lot of money, donating 100 million is the proper thing to do

#TBT – Throwback Videos of a few Classics

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You know it"s Throwback Thursday when you open your Instagram or Twitter and see numerous hashtags of #TBT followed by pictures from the past. You might also see the occasional picture of a friend on a beach with the hashtag #TakeMeBack.

Taking the same concept, we thought it would be fun to bring back some of the fondest throwback memories of your favorite Kpop artists and see how far they"ve come ...... and some not-so fondest... you"ll see what I mean...

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1) Big Bang - Lies

Tony Soprano used to say "Remember When..." was the lowest form of conversation but I disagree. Looking back at "Lies" now, I can see why Big Bang became the super popular group they are today

Hongki poses with Japanese actor Oguri Shun for ‘AJ’ magazine

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F.T Island"s Hongki posed with popular Japanese actor Oguri Shun (whom most may know from Japan"s "Boys Over Flowers") for the third volume of "AJ" magazine.

This magazine allows stars all over Asia to collaborate and work together for special photo shoots. In this case, Korean singer Hongki posed with Japanese actor Oguri Shun. Previous collaborations include Japanese actress Nagasawa Masami and Taiwanese artist Show Lo.

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For this upcoming May issue, both Hongki and Oguri Shun show off their good looks in clean-cut, matching suits. Their photo shoot and interview cover about 30 pages, which is not limited to just Hongki but also shows the other F

New “You’re All Surrounded” Drama Teaser Introduces Its Good-looking Police Squad

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A second teaser for forthcoming SBS drama “You’re All Surrounded” has been released. Starring Lee Seung Gi and Go Ara (of the hit tvN series “Reply 1994”), the drama is set to hit Korean screens early next month, with its first episode scheduled to air on May 7.

Following the adventures of a four-member police squad, the teaser reveals that the drama will not be bereft of exciting episodes. Making up the rest of the team, nicknamed P4 (P standing for “police”), are actors Ahn Jae Hyun and Park Jung Min.

In one of the scenes from the new teaser, the team’s boss, played by Cha Seung Won, berates the P4 group, telling them, “I have just one thing to tell you. There is no way that you will become detectives!” His pointed comment seems to suggest that he will not be making life easy for P4

Big Star share a drawing for the ‘yellow ribbon’ campaign for Sewol victims

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Big Star became the next celebrities to join the "Yellow Ribbon" campaign and sent their condolences to the Sewol victims and their families.

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Big Star tweeted, "During our overseas activities after completing "Our Neighborhood Arts and Physical Education", we heard about the news of Sewol. We are saddened that all we can do is pray right now. With one heart, we all want to earnestly believe that a miracle will happen right now! We pray that they return to their families alive."

"To the rescue workers who are putting their strength into rescuing them until the late hours... Please don"t lose hope until the end. Everyone, gain strength! We give our condolences to the bereaved families

Jo Seung Woo goes straight into musical ‘Hedwig’ after ‘God’s Gift – 14 Days’

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In the wake of his popularity for his performance in the drama "God"s Gift - 14 Days", Jo Seung Woo revealed he started rehearsing for the upcoming musical "Hedwig" as soon as the drama finished.

Jo Seung Woo had to take part in filming until the very day of the final episode, which aired on April 22. Despite his back-to-back schedule, he participated in practice for "Hedwig" immediately following his completion of the drama.

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One rep told TV Daily on the 23rd, "As soon as Jo Seung Woo finished filming for "God"s Gift - 14 Days", he engaged in practice right away. There are less than three weeks left before the opening of "Hedwig", and he has to stand on stage the first day, so he personally decided he had no time to rest and started practicing without taking a break

Pianist Yoon Han and Composer Yoon Il Sang Release Commemoration Songs for Ferry Victims

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Dedicated to the victims of the ferry tragedy, pianist Yoon Han and compose Yoon Il Sang each released a commemoration song.

On April 23, Yoon Il Sang posted a soft piano piece titled Please (translated) that he composed while thinking about the victims of the Sewol ferry sinking. In the description of the YouTube video, he wrote, “As I tried to work, I kept thinking about the desperate times that these children hung onto until the very end. I hope that this song will be a small companion as they take their last paths. I’m sorry that this is all I can do for you. I dedicate this small and lacking song. I pray that you will be happy in that place.”

Yoon Han tweeted on April 24, “The quality is not good and I worked hard to draw this while looking at a yellow ribbon, but this is all I could do, so I pray this song for them with hope

LEDApple’s Hanbyul sits down for an inteview with Australia’s ‘SBS Dateline’

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LEDApple"s English-speaking member Hanbyul sat down for a honest interview with Australia"s "SBS Dateline" about the highs and lows of being in the K-pop scene.

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Hanbyul revealed that LEDApple have not been making income because they have yet to reach a good level of popularity, and he lives off the support of his parents. He gave his opinion about how to survive in the K-pop scene and commented that most artists don"t make as much as you think they do.

Check out his informative interview above.

Chinese Variety to Highlight Kim Soo Hyun’s Crying Scenes

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With Kim Soo Hyun’s appearance on a Chinese variety soon to air, Jiangsu TV’s We Who Visited the Stars (translated title) released a preview clip.

The preview shows a quick overview of Kim Soo Hyun’s crying scenes in various projects.

About Kim Soo Hyun’s crying scenes being highlighted in the show, an affiliate of We Who Visited the Stars stated, “When actors act out crying scenes, they sometimes get criticized for their lack of acting abilities. In Kim Soo Hyun’s case, from his debut project MBC’s Kimchee Cheese Smile to his most recent SBS’s You Who Came From the Stars, he was never involved in a controversy regarding his crying acting.”

The affiliate added, “As Kim Soo Hyun’s popularity has been rising in China, more fans have been watching his previous projects

MBLAQ Lee Joon Makes His First Ever Donation to Sewol Victims

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Making his first donation ever, MBLAQ’s Lee Joon sent support for the Sewol ferry victims.

On April 24, the Community Chest of Korea shared that Lee Joon donated 10 million won to the ferry victims.

Lee Joon made the donation quietly but it became known when a staff member called for confirmation.

“The donation came in through his real name Lee Chang Sun, so we didn’t know it was Lee Joon, but we found out when we called to confirm,” said a staff member. “He said that it was his first donation and apologized for the small amount.”

The donation will be used to support the ongoing rescue mission and the victims’ families.

Photo Credit: J.Tune Camp

Lee Min Jung takes viewers through her final filming with Joo Sang Wook in BTS clip for ‘Cunning Single Lady’

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Lee Min Jung shared her final thoughts and gave a peek of her final filming day with Joo Sang Wook on "Cunning Single Lady"!

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Lee Min Jung said, "We started when it was cold, and it has already transitioned into a warm spring. I think we all put our all into the drama. It was a meaningful drama with a lot of things that happened and memories. I"m both relieved yet disappointed now that it"s over. Thank you for loving "Cunning Single Lady" up until now. I will continue to become a hardworking actress. Thank you."

Stay tuned for the "Cunning Single Lady" finale on April 24 KST!

Secret’s Han Sun Hwa Embraces Spring in Vogue Girl

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Han Sun Hwa, part of four-member girl group Secret, recently participated in a pictorial for fashion magazine Vogue Girl.

This is a stark contrast with her image in SBS drama “God’s Gift – 14 Days” where she took on the character Jenny who was a con-artist who exploits the confidence of men with her sex appeal. She was able to show her acting talents through this project.

The concept for this pictorial celebrates spring with “Love, Blossom” theme where she emits the image of a lovely and youthful female. Her soft and flowing brown hair is left uncombed, and she models flower prints and pastel colors.

This issue of Vogue Girl will be released in May.

In other news, member Hyosung is currently planning to release a solo album

E-Sens tells fans that he’s been doing ‘good’ in ‘W Korea’ magazine

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After becoming the catalyst for a rap battle that swept South Korea, E-Sens updated fans on how he"s been doing ever since with "W Korea" magazine.

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E-Sens dropped his new single album "I"m Good" last month, and like the title of his single, he shared that he"s "been doing well." He also looked better than ever as he smiled and blazed with charisma for the camera in casual wear.

Check out his pictorial!

‘You’re Surrounded’ continues its chase to catch criminals in second teaser

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The chase to hunt down the bad guys continues in "You"re Surrounded"s second teaser with Cha Seung Won training rookie detectives like Lee Seung Gi, Go Ara, and Ahn Jae Hyun!

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Cha Seung Won starts off the teaser by telling the rookie detectives, "I have only one thing to teach you which is that you guys can never be detectives", expressing his lack of confidence in the rookies at first as they fail to follow through with his guidelines.

As mentioned before, "You"re Surrounded" centers on four rookie police officers in their 20s who had no dreams of becoming investigators, but gradually develop into true police officers. The drama is written by Lee Jung Sun of "Ojakgyo Brothers" and produced by Yoon In Sik of "Giant" and "Incarnation of Money"

Ulala Session sing a remake of hit song ‘Talk of Dreams’ for Joo Young Hoon’s 20th anniversary project

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To celebrate the 20th anniversary of composer Joo Young Hoon, the talented members of Ulala Session have participated in the project album to sing a remake of "Talk of Dreams" by Jang Hye Jin from 1997.

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Despite it only being a single rather than an album, this song was a hit and topped charts with its release and still remains popular to this day. Joo Young Hoon says this is one of his favorite compositions as it is a bit different from some of his other trademark songs.

Ulala Session revealed that this was also one of their favorites and was the song they wanted to sing the most off the composer"s 20th commemorative project album.

So check out the group"s remake of the song above!

‘You Are All Surrounded’ Reveals Clumsy Rookie Cops in New Teaser

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With Three Days wrapping up, a new crowd of cops is headed our way with SBS’ You Are All Surrounded releasing another teaser.

The new teaser was released on April 24, bringing a closer look at the four rookie cops who dream of becoming first class detectives.

Starring Lee Seung Gi, Go Ara, Ahn Jae Hyeon, and Park Jung Min as the rookie cops, You Are All Surrounded is about a new group of detectives who have the best and most fierce detective (Cha Seung Won) as their team leader.

The drama will begin on May 7.

Photo Credit: SBS

Baechigi release two versions of ‘Mirage’, the exciting ending theme to drama ‘Three Days’

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"Three Days" has finally released the song many of its viewers have been curious about as it serves as the ending theme for the drama. The artist behind the song is none other than hip hop duo Baechigi, who have come out with two versions of the song.

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The song is titled "Mirage" and viewers have heard it since the very first episode. To make it more fresh, we"re being treated to not just the ending theme version in the drama but another version with the featuring of singer Kim Bo Kyung.

So check out the two versions above and below!

Jang Geun Suk Voted Top Celebrity Whose Bluff Is Charming

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Although celebrities may appear charming and charismatic on screen, all such image may be a bluff. Yet, people who were able to see past such bluff also viewed such an act as charming in its own way. In a recent poll on DC Inside, actor Jang Geun Suk was voted as the top celebrity who’s bluffing nature was still charismatic.

When asked the question “Which celebrity is still charming despite their bluffing nature?” Jang Geun Suk topped the polls with 24.2% of the 1,402 total votes, receiving 339 votes. Second place was Mnet‘s “Super Star K4” contestant Jung Joon Young who received 23.8% of the total votes by gaining 333 votes. Third place went to actor Kim Bo Sung who is known for his phrase “Loyalty!”

Drama Ratings Stay Constant with Return from Cancellations

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Coming back from where we left off on April 10, ratings appeared to be quite constant.

Wednesday/Thursday dramas returned to broadcast after being canceled in the previous week due to the Sewol ferry sinking accident.

While still praying for the victims and their families, viewers seemed to be waiting to return to normalcy with the ratings for all three dramas just picking up from where they last left off without a huge difference.

SBS’ Three Days led the way with 11.1 percent with MBC’s Cunning Single Lady and KBS’ Golden Cross following with 9.3 and 5.3 percent respectively.

Variety programs on the other hand stayed cancelled with broadcast stations still holding back with 143 people still missing from the ferry as of April 24

CN Blue’s ‘Truth’ Starts Off at #3 on Oricon Charts

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CN Blue’s seventh single Truth has already claimed third place on the Oricon Chart in Japan.

Released on April 23, CN Blue’s new single Truth, according to Oricon Chart, sold 27,372 copies and ranked in third on Oricon Daily Single Chart.

This single is CN Blue’s newest since nine months ago. It includes a total of three songs with Truth and Still composed and written by Jung Yong Hwa, and Heart Song which was made by Lee Jong Hyun.

CN Blue’s Truth was number one on the pre-order chart and now number 3 on the Oricon single chart. It is also number one on the daily sales chart for Tower Records.

Photo Credit: FNC Entertainment