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Reuters Interviews Yang Hyuk Suk, Predicts YG will Conquer Chinese Fashion and Entertainment Market

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News media giant Reuters recently had an interview with YG Entertainment‘s CEO Yang Hyuk Suk, and commented that “YG will conquer the Chinese fashion and entertainment market.”

In the interview, Yang Hyuk Suk mentioned that “the influence of K-Pop will especially be helpful for YG in China,” and Reuters added, “The investment from France’s luxury corporation LVMH and CEO Yang Hyuk Suk’s business model will help YG branch out from the music business.”

On YG’s collaboration with LVMH and Samsung, Yang Hyuk Suk said, “These relationships are still at the starting point. But we will grow this into win-win situations for both parties in the fashion/makeup industry

YG’s Yang Hyun Suk Gives Bobby the Full Amount of “Show Me the Money” Winnings

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YG trainee Bobby recently took a step closer to his dream, which was to buy his diligent mother a home of her own. This past September 4, Bobby took victory over his fierce competition in the rap survival program “Show Me the Money Season 3.” The prize money that he won was 100 million KRW (which is approximately $100,000 USD). Normally, the management agency would take a portion of this for certain fees that would apply in the process of taking care of the celebrity. However, it’s been revealed that Yang Hyun Suk of YG Entertainment did not take any of the applying fees.

A representative of YG revealed to OSEN on September 6, “As soon as CEO and producer Yang Hyun Suk heard of the news of Bobby’s victory on the show, he immediately ordered us to deposit the entire amount without taking off the agency fees

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Hi Soompiers!

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Yang Hyun Suk Reveals Why He’s so Fixated on Survival Show Formats, Explains Voting System for “Mix & Match”

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YG‘s CEO Yang Hyun Suk revealed why he is so insistent on survival show formats at the press conference for the upcoming YG survival show “Mix & Match.”

When a journalist at the conference asked him if he liked survival show formats, Yang Hyun Suk replied, “I guess you could say that. If you look at it, this world is a competition for survival.”

He further added, “Our singers go on stage and sing but it is all a fight to survive. Through the competitive process before debut, we can learn more about these [trainees], which will help with finding a production right for their image.”

He also explained the voting system for the upcoming show. “With Winner we decided on the final group 100% based on audience votes

Yang Hyun Suk and Epik High Praise B.I for His Outstanding Talent

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YG Entertainment‘s CEO Yang Hyun Suk and hip-hop group Epik High have revealed their strong approval of the rapping and songwriting skills of trainee B.I, who is set to debut as a part of YG’s new male group iKON early next year.

On September 2, the press conference of Mnet and YG’s new survival show “Mix & Match” was held at the Conrad Hotel in Seoul.

During the session, Yang Hyun Suk elaborated on his high expectations for the group, saying, “No matter how talented you are, if you fail to receive good songs, it is impossible to shine. Like BIGBANG, I want to make iKON members idols that have the skills to produce their own albums.”

In regards to B

Yang Hyun Suk reveals new YG group is called iKON + 3 Team B members already confirmed

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YG Entertainment CEO Yang Hyun Suk revealed more details about the new group that will debut following the end of the upcoming survival program "Mix & Match".

At the press conference for "Mix & Match" held on September 2, Yang Hyun Suk announced that the new group will be called iKON. He said, "Instead of iCON, I replaced the C with K to represent K-Pop... I hope iKON will become a group that represents Korea." 

He also revealed that B.I, Bobby, and Kim Jin Hwan of Team B, who lost the chance to debut on last year"s survival show "WIN: Who is Next", have already been set as iKON members. Yang Hyun Suk said, "Team B"s leader B.I, Bobby, and Kim Jin Hwan are already fixed members. The system will feature the other 6 who will compete with 2 being eliminated

“The Three Musketeers” Yang Dong Geun Is the “Joseon Rapper”

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New tvN drama “The Three Musketeers” is currently gaining a foothold among the audience’s hearts, but one particular “Musketeer,” Yang Dong Geun, is winning attention for his portrayal of Heo Seung Po.

On August 30, a video clip collection of Yang Dong Geun, in character as Heo Seung Po and in his appearances as a producer in the rap-survival show “Show Me the Money 3″ was made public. His producer persona in “Show Me the Money” and his delivery of lines as the Joseon warrior Heo Seung Po were edited together, which resulted in a funny clip. You can watch the clip below.

Yang Dong Geun brings a swagger and humor to his portrayal of Heo Seung Po, showing off a screen presence suited to his character and a natural chemistry with the different characters of the cast

Kwak Si-yang makes it big with "Night Flight"

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Kwak Si-yang is making his breakthrough with a movie.

He landed on his first major role in the film "Night Flight" which is due on the 28th.

"Night Flight" deals with the imbalance of society through competition, absence of human rights, discrimination of minority and ranking problems in a suppressed school.

Kwak Si-yang takes on the role of eighteen year-old Yong-joo who is an example student of the school and thinks spending time with friends is precious. He has been best friends with Ki-woong (Lee Jae-joon) since junior high, but they go different ways in high school.

Showing the reality of the dreaded school, "Night Flight" was invited to the 64th Berlin Film Festival in February.

Kwak Si-yang"s talent is well-known enough for director Lee Song-hee-il to pick him up right away

G-Dragon Urges Yang Hyung Suk to Take the Ice Bucket Challenge

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BIGBANG‘s G-Dragon playfully prods his agency CEO, YG Entertainment‘s Yang Hyung Suk, to take his turn at the ice bucket challenge. On August 25, the idol posted a composite picture on this Instagram account.

The composite picture is drawn in cartoon style, but with the characters’ real faces shown. It features Yang Hyung Suk in a small play pool receive a douse of a bucket of water from G-Dragon and fellow BIGBANG member TOP. G-Dragon wrote the message, “Hyung, hurry up and do it.”

G-Dragon has done his part in the ice bucket challenge, and also already previously donated a generous amount to the cause to celebrate his birthday.

After doing his own challenge, the artist named some very influential people in K-Pop to take it on

WINNER unveils photos from Debut Album 2014 S/S Launching show “Grand Launch” + CEO Yang Hyunsuk answers more questions about WINNER

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Having been held back on Thursday, August 6th (KST), WINNER has quickly revealed a handful of insider photos from the event at Conrad Seoul!

From the photos, fans could see that the setting has been very chic and classic, with black and white being the main colors amidst dim lighting. Albums, photo books, and stands showcasing their brand new fan club name – Inner Circle – were further displayed for fans to take in the full picture of what WINNER has to offer.

The actual event had followed through and through what they have revealed through additional teaser pictures shown just three days ago as well – slick tuxedos, neat invitation cards, and an overall mature atmosphere through the black and white color usage.

The last six photos then show each member – Kang Seungyoon, Kim Jinwoo, Lee Seunghoon, Nam Taehyun, and Song Minho – posing in various charismatic ways at the end of a runway, performing live what they had only shown in their first video teaser for their debut album

[Spoiler] "It"s Okay, That"s Love" Jo In-seong attacked by brother Yang Ik-joon

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Jo In-Seong was attacked by Yang Ik-joon.

On the sixth episode of the SBS drama "It"s Okay, That"s Love", Jang Jae-beom (Yang Ik-joon) terrorized Jang Jae-yeol (Jo In-Seong).

Jo Dong-min (Seong Dong-il) was planning on having an interview to reveal the criminal behind his stepfather"s death. However, after reading Jang Jae-beom"s files, Jo Dong-min realized Jang Jae-yeol had been attacked by his brother before.

Jang Jae-yeol"s friend (Tae Hang-ho) asked Jo Dong-min for help and eventually he went to interview Jang Jae-beom who was headed for Jang Jae-yeol.

Jang Jae-beom hit the back of Jang Jae-yeol"s head as he was going to meet Ji Hae-soo (Gong Hyo-jin) and injected him with truth serum.

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WINNER and Yang Hyun Suk discuss how the new group differs from Big Bang

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Yang Hyun Suk and WINNER both discussed how this new boy group differed from their YG senior group, Big Bang, during the "2014 S/S Grand Launch" on August 6.

Yang Hyun Suk said in general, "Rather than a famous stylist, the boys themselves choose songs that best suit them. The person knows best his own pants and t-shirt size. Big Bang was able to become such a big group not because they"re handsome or good at dancing but because they made their own color very well and had great competitiveness. I plan on giving the future debuting rookies the same time I gave Big Bang."

He then went into the differences: "Rather than a hip hop group, I wanted to make a slightly more emotional and lyrical group like WINNER

Yang Hyun Suk discusses future plans for WINNER + Park Bom and Dara"s variety show talents

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On August 6, the launching show "2014 S/S GRAND LAUNCH" for WINNER"s debut album took place at the Grand Ballroom at the Conrad Seoul Hotel where Yang Hyun Suk spoke about his future plans for the group in front of the media.

He said, "Kang Seung Yoon appeared on MBC sitcom "High Kick 3," and I thought he was good at acting. Honestly, I think YG is branded as a company that is immensely tight fisted when it comes to variety programs. There was that tendency in the cases of Big Bang and 2NE1.

For WINNER, I want to open more pathways. In the case of Jinwoo, he practiced acting for many years in YG and I am considering how it would be if he acted as a part of his personal activities. Taking off the YG veil up to now, WINNER"s true career is singing, but it is their producer"s dream to guide all of their talents by opening them up to every opportunity

Yang Hyun Suk Explains WINNER’s Delayed Debut

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YG Entertainment‘s CEO Yang Hyun Suk spoke up about WINNER‘s delayed debut at the boy group’s debut album launching show held on August 6 at the Conrad Hotel.

After the successful airing of the competition show “WIN: Who Is Next,” contrary to the initial promises of debuting the winning group right after the completion of the show, Yang Hyun Suk pushed back WINNER’s debut until now.

He said, “We needed time to make sure that we created a boy group different from BIGBANG. WINNER is our first boy group in nine years, after BIGBANG. When you are debuting a new boy group, you need time to make sure that they are not similar to their predecessors. We thought that this would factor into the group’s success

Yang Hyun Suk expresses his desire for G-Dragon to get into acting

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During the "2014 S/S GRAND LAUNCH" event for WINNER"s debut album on August 6, YG chief Yang Hyun Suk revealed he had changed his mind about singers solely focusing on just their singing career.

He said, "While as I aged, I came to cast off the belief that artists only need to do just music. I still worry about the future course for 2NE1 and Big Bang. On that point, I think there is a need to try many different things. To tell the truth, I want to make G-Dragon act. However, he says he doesn"t want to. I got T.O.P and Seungri to act because they said they were up for it. If an artist has talents beyond music, I think it is right to nurture them."

Would you like to see G-Dragon acting or do you think he should stick to music?